BHRR’s Potter
August 2008 – February 14th, 2019

Deaf/Visually Impaired and a LEGEND!

BHRR’s Potter, you beat so many odds…yet, in the end, your failing body could not beat the passing of time. 

I will never forget that day in 2009, when I made the drive with Kinsley to pick you up….

No one wanted you – every rescue that had been contacted did not want you for any number of reasons, we were told – you were natural earred, natural tailed, deaf, visually impaired and had been abused plus neglected.

Well, without even seeing a picture of you, I was already in love like many other dogs that we are contacted to assist….

Broke my heart when I went to pick you up and I promised you then that you would never know another day of anything but helping loving hands.

After getting you, I learned that you had a bite history – perfectly understandable and we knew that you would remain in our Haven program, loved, understood and accepted.

I also knew that you were testing me….the way you looked at me, I knew that you were just waiting to see if I was ‘just like those that you knew in your past.’

You did not have a name for we were told ‘why give a name to just a dumb dog.’ You were allowed to run on the I81 in New York and I cannot believe that you never were hit. Makes me sick to my stomach.

NO wonder transports terrified you for so long. YET, you learned to love car rides and opening up a car door was how we could get you to stop doing your walk-abouts after your ever famous ‘houdini escapes’ that became a huge fav for all of our guests at events here!

AND I knew that you picked up the sign for sitting and so much more so fast yet you needed to know that you could trust me…..

It took one month and one day, I looked over and you were sitting by the treat bin with a half hoping and half defiant look on your face.

Inside, I was welling up with tears at the trust that you so badly wanted to give….outside, I was calm and went over and gave you your treat…..and then another one.

From the kids soccer games – oh man were you a hit! – to dismantling crates to prove to me that you had no need of one, to you deciding when you were ready to integrate with the other dogs and leading the charge thundering with such joy through my house, you have left your mark on our hearts plus home forever.

You are a true legend that at barely three months of being with us, I found a small lump in November 2009 and I was so worried that it may be a MCT and it was. 

Within one week, your leg was amputated at barely one year of age and we were told that you had an 85% chance of it coming back within a year and that you would mostly likely not see your second birthday.

Well, you challenged that! BIG time!

AND you ran faster than the Danes with four legs!

AND, in 2016, that nasty cancer beast came back to try and steal you again from us and you again proved them wrong!

You have beaten the odds in so many ways dear Potterman.

We shall never look at tennis balls in the same way for that was your ‘thing’….the sheer joy you took from a simple tennis ball really made us smile.

AND as much as you loved me, when you could get over Sean’s snoring, you and Sean were true family.

As much as my heart pains me and it surely does….it shatters so much more for Sean and the heart ache that he is experiencing.

You were there for Sean’s own Cancer surgery and as he battles that horrible monster too and to see Sean look over to the bed beside his computer and realise again and again that you are no longer there, makes me sob so much.

While many people spent their Valentine’s Day in a much different way, this day will forever hold special that we were with you in our loving embrace, being able to let you cross over with dignity and adoration in our tears.

It is so distressing to see how much your heart and mind are all there yet your poor failing body could no longer properly support your hind end…you tried, you tried so hard…..

You had spondylosis from before you were 1 and to then add in being a tripod with degenerative myelopathy, this was a fight that would in the end take you away from us……

I feel I never do any of our dogs the true justice they deserve with their memorial posts and yours is no different.

We really cannot believe that another era has ended with your devastating loss…..

You almost made it to age 11….miraculous, I know…yet, we want to be greedy and have had so many more years with you….

We promised you quality of life from the moment you came to us and we refused to be selfish…..we needed to do right by you and this picture taken January 20th, 2019 during one of our BHRR Winter Wonderlands – something you always had to be a part of and they shall also never be the same moving forward! – will hold a special place in our hearts…we will remember how much you loved people and meeting new dogs and your ‘tude!

Your ‘tude shall be missed dear Potterman….you sure packed a WOW punch with your personality plus heart….

Each and every new dog that came into our home, you were always so excited….for about 10 minutes! Then, they were simply enfolded into your heart as a valued member of your family pack.

SO much to remember and no more time left to make new memories with you…that is a horrible blow, that there shall be no more memories made or experiences had with or for you…. 

RIP BHRR’s Potter…..

Sean and BHRR’s Potterman – December 24th, 2018

Part of our traditional Christmas Eve Photo Shoot.

Our 11th Annual ‘JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS’ Online Auction now has 109 amazing items up for bids!

We have just added our last wonderful 12 items!

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We have just added more of Kimberly’s incredible homemade vanilla and also Bailey’s fudge, kitchen towels, 3 x gorgeous The Crazy Dog House Key Chains plus a See Sawyer Run Web Master Harness!

Thank you’s extended once more FROM our hearts to Kimberly, Jan & Uta for their lovely donations!

To learn more and to bid on any of the wonderful gems up for grabs, you have to visit the Auction!

**NOTE: PLEASE note the pick up area(s) for any items you may be interested in. NOT all items can be shipped!**

For anyone that may have an item to donate, please do email It is not too late to consider our cause. All monies raised shall go to the emaciated/severely neglected GD BHRR’s Char!

We remain so devastated that we could not save BHRR’s Bane yet are hoping that you may continue to consider supporting our rescue efforts so that we can help BHRR’s Char.


AND a picture that Sue Barclay took at our BHRR “EXPERIENCE” Mini Open House! BHRR’s Whisper, Skor and of course, no one sees BHRR’s Potter on the couch!

My GD Salt, Mr. Squishie & BHRR’s Potter
February 10th, 2018

Mr. Squishie is getting his beauty rest for tomorrow!

This is my final post of my night as we are in big preparation for tomorrow for our Sweetheart SPA Event at Pet Valu Stittsville!

Mr. Squishie and The Bakers Dozen of BHRR’s Furry Murray shall be on hand to love on our visitors!

They are doing pooch smooch sessions on the famous BHRR Red carpet!

We are also doing dog washes, ear cleanings and nails! Doogie will be on hand with feathers for you or your pet!

We will have some baked goodies for sale – we are baking up a storm right now! – some merchandise for sale and have one of the BHRR famous raffle baskets up for grabs!

For those coming out tomorrow and they have Empties or Canadian Tire $ they would like to donate…we are collecting!

The weather promises to be great in the AM yet in the afternoon, not so pleasant so just as a heads up to those planning on attending. 

AND for those asking, my Salt who has always been there for all the dogs….has stepped up BIG time to help Mr. Squishie after he lost his bff of The Bakers Dozen BHRR’s Carlsberg and so has BHRR’s Potter. 

AND for those who know this ‘tudy boxer, they KNOW that this is huge…..he has taken this DDB puppy under his paw…both of them have.

AND BHRR’s Furry Murray has stepped up hugely in being one of BHRR’s Bookers’ besties when it comes to playing as has Salt. 

From our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, the warmest of good-night wishes being sent!



This is Gwennie!

Many of you may not know this face for she is always hiding from the lime-light.

Today is a very special day for today is Gwennie’s Birthday! 

If it were not for this truly amazing woman, BHRR would not exist and thousands upon thousands of animals/people would not have been helped over the past 22+ years.

The truly broken physically and/or behaviourally…Danes, Giants and Honourary that have been saved thanks to her. Dogs & Horses that many others would not or could not help. 98% of the dogs that come to Gwen are special needs for this was her mandate for BHRR and are often the dogs’ last chance at having a future. AND Gwennie delivers. She gives these dogs the best of everything.

Many friendships would never have been formed if it were not for this great woman either.

She has not only brought many dogs and people together, she is the glue that keeps those links on her BHRR Chain of Success so strong and stable.

She is often giving credit to others, even when it should come to her….content to stay in the background and let others be the focus of attention. Humble, generous, thoughtful and caring, nothing Gwennie would not do for anyone she felt was worthy.

Loyal to a fault and though trust is hard earned, once earned it is steadfast and solid. Break that trust and that is a whole different story! 

Where Gwennie does not take a back seat is when it comes to the animals and people in need. She has no hesitation in standing up for what is right, takes a zero tolerance approach and will go toe to toe in any situation that there is a need.

She has never once waivered in her vision over the past 22+ years for BHRR and has kept BHRR being a highly reputable, responsible and quality filled rescue. No animal lacks for anything and corners are never cut and she has kept BHRR small, personable with having second to none success rates.

She creates miracles every day…..many have born witness to this. She has never shied away from the difficult, heart wrenching and financially demanding animals in need. Even knowing that her heart will be ripped to shreds again and again, Gwennie continues to find strength and heart to save the next in need of her.

These animals are treated like cherished family members and anyone that visits BHRR has seen firsthand how the dogs follow and look for Gwennie. People can see how they look at Gwennie, the trust, the mutual respect, the love that they have. It is a beautiful and humbling thing to witness as these animals learn to be dogs and blossom plus grow under her care.

Time and time again, Gwennie has worked magic and has successfully rehabbed dogs to either be placed up for adoption or kept safe in BHRR’s Haven Program. She has given life to so many, great life.

Gwennie does without to ensure that the animals get everything…the big joke is how Gwennie does not even own a winter coat or boots!

It would be lovely if we could come together as her village and community and donate some funds to help Gwennie continue the extremely important work that she does.

**Email Transfer or PayPal:**

Do also join us in wishing her a wonderful day as we celebrate her!

HAPPY Birthday Gwennie! 

Your Loving BHRR Family/Team

**$410 Donated To Date**

ISO: Human and/or Doggie Treatie Bakers!
Our 5th ANNUAL โ€˜Breaking Bills Bake Onlineโ€™ Auction is coming up fast! Starts Saturday January 20th!
Last year we had 67 incredibly donated yummy items and $1,158 was raised to help Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson! ??
Monies raised in our 2018 extremely unique & 1-of-a-kind annual event shall be divided up between BHRRโ€™s Booker(DDB Puppy with the back broken leg) & our FCE Puppy, The Bakers Dozen of BHRRโ€™s Carlsberg. ?
If anyone may consider donating an item or more of either a Canine and/or Human baked goodie – does not need to be made until after the fundraiser is over – so is fresh! – please do EMAIL
We only host five planned fundraisers a year and this is our first one of 2018.
Thank you deeply from our hearts if you may consider their worthy causes to support!
More details re: our amazing fundraiser can be found in this LINK.

As we head into New Years Eve, here is Sean’s end of year statement.

Sean is Co-Founder and a BHRR BOD Member of BHRR. This photo is of him and BHRR’s Daffodil from our traditional XMAS Even Photo shoot – December 24th, 2017! She remains Available For Adoption!

In Sean’s Words:

‘Here we are again โ€“ at the end of another year. Time to reflect on the great, the good, the bad and the ugly and set our sights on the year to come.

Iโ€™d be remiss if I didnโ€™t specifically take this opportunity to thank everyone who has made a positive contribution to BHRR. I couldnโ€™t possibly name everyone โ€“ but you certainly know who you are!

The contributions youโ€™ve made through time and effort, vet bills, food, auction donations, cleaning supplies, transport, etc. is precisely what allows us to do what we do! We are a community โ€“ and stronger because of it. I offer my most heartfelt thank-you to all of you. I count our interactions with all of you as part of the highlight reel.

So many wonderful people have come into our lives.

Together weโ€™ve done a lot of great things in 2017. There are so many BHRR dogs in forever loving homes, there have been successful events for awareness, education and fundraising. One of the most significant and recent successes for this year is The Bakers Dozen and demonstrates perfectly how everyone came together as strong links on the BHRR โ€œCHAIN OF SUCCESSโ€™ when needed.

This was a huge outpouring of support!

It blows my mind to contemplate the amount of puppy formula that was donated and consumed! This would not have been achievable without the enormous outpouring of support given. Seriously โ€“ the amount of formula we went through would make several mortgage payments look like chump change!

And the uglyโ€ฆโ€ฆ Iโ€™m not generally one to dwell on the negative โ€“ but I think it is important to acknowledge and address what I feel is a growing and unfortunate trend. Let’s address something that is very real yet seldom openly discussed.

A trend not just with us, but across the internet, business and personal interactions all around. Over the past several years, weโ€™ve seen an increasing amount of destructive and abusive interactions.

This year we were subjected to a new low – as at least one person out there already knows – BHRR was subject to a malicious attack. In the end, we were proven/validated to be operating a stellar, highly responsible, excellent and much needed organization for the animals. As this was not based in fact or naive ignorance, they received a cautionary warning and we are now investigating possible further legal venues.

However, our initial response from the actions of this vindictive individual was a โ€˜Wow – never saw that one coming…โ€™

We have hosted regular BHRR events here โ€“ 6 a year for over 2 decades – for peopleโ€™s benefit and for the animal’s of BHRR.

We open up our home to the scrutiny of strangers and, we have done so gladly, and, openly for we have nothing to hide………..

We commit to giving up what could be very precious, valuable coveted family time for the sake of our guests. We feel it is so important for people to witness firsthand what we do and, why we do it and, that we are not like ‘every’ other group or org. out there…..

We have even had people from approved Volunteers, the curious, the interested, stay here overnight, for days and even weeks at a time.

We have always remained full of disclosure and have shared the ups, the downs, the good, the bad and the ugly with all of our followers, supporters, friends and family.

But to the individual responsible for a baseless complaint – thank you so much for putting our family on edge and under the microscope. I can’t tell you how much we appreciated the surprise and shock instead of an open dialogue with anyone who may have had questions or concerns.

So much better to lob a hand grenade from the bushes and run away. This doesnโ€™t feel constructive, or motivated by the best interests of the animals โ€“ this feels very personal and malicious. We are very proud of what weโ€™ve done with our lives โ€“ can you say the same?

While Iโ€™m also not prone to extolling our own efforts – we have dedicated almost 22 years of our life to the protection of animals, particularly the special needs dogs and the giant breeds โ€“ those least likely to be picked up by high turnover rescues. Animals others cannot or will not assist. 99% of those we help are the truly medical and/or behaviourally broken, We are small, personal and dedicated. We’re not trying to be dramatic when we say this โ€“ even those who know us have absolutely no idea the level of personal commitment and sacrifice this has taken from our family. The sheer amount of physical work, the hours night and day, the successes and the heartbreaks.

Responsible/quality rescue is 24/7. We do not โ€˜dabbleโ€™ in rescue, only do the โ€˜funโ€™ things, hang out, visit and then get to go home to relax and enjoy 9 hours of restful sleep. The stress, lack of sleep, financial drain and complete lack of freedom for something as simple as a family vacation – or even a movie or dinner night out is our lives day in and day out and we have done this gladly! The cyberbullying endured, the tens of thousands of pounds of food transported and stacked. Hydro bills โ€“ OVER $1,100/ month and enough laundry โ€“ up to 12 loads daily – to choke a laundry mat.

We’re not looking for the thanks, the praise, the accolades, or parades in our honor. We do this for the dogs, not the recognition or for any โ€˜pats on the backโ€™.

At the same time, we have grown even less tolerant of the abuse, the hand grenades thrown from the sidelines, the armchair quarterbacks who find it so easy to second guess and criticize โ€“ to judge, without ever actually seeking to understand or becoming involved.

Cyberbullying is a very real problem and after much research and conversations held with cyberbullying experts, professors and lawyers, note that regardless of the occupation, paid or volunteer, everyone has the right to work in an environment free from personal threat, free from worry about emotional and/or physical harm and the right to not be bullied. This is punishable by law.

Social media is an amazing thing, it is also an awful thing that so many spanning across a vast amount of businesses, non-profits, other professional venues and personal arenaโ€™s have been enduring some level/form of bullying.

Those who want to blame, point fingers instead of learn and understand, shame on you. Those who want to take shortcuts and then foist their problems on us, shame on you. Those who want to be coddled and told they are doing everything properly when in fact they are the issue, not the animal, shame on you. Those who are turned down for an adoption and respond by spewing accusations, sour grapes and names, shame on you. Since our inception in 1996, we have retained a zero tolerance approach with the amount of nonsense, armchair quarterbacks and negativity endured.

Setting our sights on the year(s) to come โ€“ whatโ€™s next for Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services? Same wonderful people โ€“ same Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services โ€“ same strong rescue mission. Absolutely nothing will change 
overnight โ€“ we will continue to do what we have always done. We continue to help the next dog in need โ€“ we continue to place adoptable dogs into their right matched forever homes and we continue to provide a safe haven for those animals that need us.

Over the coming years – we will gradually transition to our long held vision of more of a haven program (which is already a large part of what we do). We will always focus on the giant breeds and canines/horses with special needs. These are the ones that need us โ€“ these are the ones we feel we can provide the greatest benefit to with our education, experience, knowledge and heart.

As of January 2018, one of our changes shall be to our adoption areaโ€™s covered โ€“ we will adopt up to an including the Barrie and Cambridge, Ontario areaโ€™s from our location and into Quebec, we will cover up to the Montreal area. We will still rescue all across the world.

Over the next year, will also be implementing an โ€˜Advisory Round Table Boardโ€™ of like-minded BHRR approved Volunteers in addition to our BHRR BOD Team.

We will be adding two more BHRR approved Volunteers to our Community Education Liaison Member Team too.

I look forward to working with all of our supporters in 2018 โ€“ let us do as many wonderful things this coming year together as we were able to accomplish in 2017!

BHRR Co-Founder
BHRR BOD Team Member’


BHRR does not adopt out during the XMAS season due to our position that it is not in the best interest of any new addition being added during such a busy, exciting and somewhat stressful time for many.

Quite a few other Rescues, Shelters, Pounds etc. have also begun to follow a similar protocol to what we have been doing for 2 decades.

Our XMAS Shut down period for this year is from Friday December 22nd, 2018 to Wednesday January 3rd, 2018 inclusive.

Any applications received during this time will be processed/reviewed as of Thursday January 4th, 2018!

During this time, BHRR is always available 24/7 for requests for assistance of animals in need and we shall then network accordingly for as the local Great Dane/Giant Breed Rescue since 1996, the welfare of the animals are our top priority. We do not wish to see any animal end up in a disreputable place of which sadly there are far too many out there. 

Thank you for your continued understanding โ€“ The BHRR Team

AND thank you to Xandria for surprising us so wonderfully wiith this fabu photo! 

BHRR shall be closed for the intake of adoption applications and shall not approve any adoptions from Monday October 23rd to Wednesday November 1st inclusive.

We do not adopt out around the Halloween season and many other Rescues, shelters, pounds etc. have also begun to follow a similar protocol.

We do not believe it is in the best interest of the animals in our program, especially for dark coloured dogs.

During this time, BHRR is available 24/7 as always for requests for assistance of animals in need and will network these requests to r/q organisations for we remain closed for intake. 

This photo is of BHRR’s Navy. 

Sunday July 9th @ Pet Valu Stittsville – Our 10th Annual Microchip/Nail Trim & BBQ Fundraiser AND So Much More!
*No appointments necessary

2017 marks our 10th year of hosting this exciting event!

BHRR has been precedent setting in the community in seeing more cats & dogs microchipped to give them the best chance possible to get home should they be lost or stolen.

More information in link above and in poster!

We know many have been patiently….or, not so patiently waiting!!!

Here is the SECOND installment of our 2016 Traditional December 24th XMAS Eve Photo’s!

As most dogs remain in their approved Temp Fosters, not all doggies could have their photo’s done BUT, we got those that we could! We will be posting over the next few days over 50 photo’s of BHRR doggies & a few of our own!

We have had quite a few come back for the Holidays as their families are travelling.

ALWAYS a blast for us at BHRR!

We cannot SHOUT out enough big thanks of our deepest appreciation to ALL those that stepped up to be part of our 14th ANNUAL SS to the BHRR dogs!

Another amazing successful year THANKS to so many angels that made it possible!!!

We only had 1 person not send their SS’s yet, as we had other kind plus thoughtful generous people send extra goodies to help cover any that were missed, we are so BLESSED to say that, each BHRR dog had something special to call their own this XMAS!!!

Many of these dogs are experiencing their very first XMAS of love, shelter, with enough food and, tons of helping hands, not hurtful or neglectful ones…. THANK you’s being sent out again to every wonderful and lovely Secret Santa that made this possible!!!

I am inspired by your caring, giving and, incredibly beautiful hearts!!! A million thank youโ€™s being sent again!


Gentle Reminder!

We are at Pet Valu Hazdeldean this Saturday November 26th from 10 AM – 4 PM for our last community education and public awareness event of 2016!

We are looking at bringing BHRR’s Kaos, BHRR’s Steam and BHRR’s Whisper for our famous Red Carpet Pooch Smooch Sessions!

We will be doing nails, ear cleanings and dog baths – ALL inside too!

More details in poster!



*CORRECTION: Location Address is: 5919 PERTH STREET, Richmond, Ontario*

Our next microchip clinic is being hosted with Dr. Zak at Pet Valu Richmond on Saturday September 10th!

Dr. Zak has now been with us for 8 microchip clinics to date and this is #9!
*No appointments necessary
*We are inside so rain or shine!
*10 AM – 4 PM

Our accreditation per CVO requirements to host this microchip clinic shall also be posted.

We shall also be doing dog baths, ear cleanings, nails for cats & dogs and will have some merchandise for sale! Come meet some of the big dawgs of BHRR! More details in poster.

All monies raised shall go towards helping to pay off the bills for BHRR’s Dyson’s partial tail amputation that is scheduled for September 8th.

BHRR has been precedent setting/instrumental over the past almost 10 years with our Microchip Clinics in our efforts of having more dogs/cats hopefully find their way home should they become lost or stolen by being chipped.

IMG_1494 CVO_Temporary_Facility_Certificate (1)

My two surgical patients last night. ๐Ÿ™‚

BHRR’s Potter is doing so well! The histiopathology should be back next week as to what type of soft tissue sarcoma this is. He has now had $845.00 donated extremely generously and kindly to his bills at KAH.

There really are no words meaningful enough to tell all of his angels what their beautiful hearts of well wishes, caring words and the financial donations have meant! We feel truly privileged to walk among such really inspirational people….thank you!

Kanata Animal Hospital is open again to 8 pm if anyone may consider a donation towards his bills. I will post the new total of those shortly. 613-836-2848 or donations can be made via email transfer to or via PayPal to We remain deeply touched and humbled by so many. Potter you are one loved dude!!!

In this picture, BHRR’s Potter is here with one of my own Danes, my Big Blue Bronson, and he was diagnosed as some now know, shortly before his 9th Birthday at the beginning of June with an oral mass squamous cell carcinoma. Long story that is still being written yet he went in for his own surgery yesterday and had a good post op first night…. ๐Ÿ™‚

Next week, BHRR’s Dyson is having his partial tail amputation so our recovery area at BHRR is a busy one right now.

Both the Potterman and Bronson are enjoying the two fish tanks, the couch, the futon bed and the wall to wall windows, not to mention all the hands of love and laps to rest on by the Boerskins as they heal. ๐Ÿ˜€ Sean and I took turns resting/sleeping with them last night. ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Friday from us to you!


BHRR’s Potter’s leg post-op.


After some *excitement* BHRR’s Potter is now in his emergency surgery…..

He is in excellent hands and on behalf of him and Sean, please accept our deepest thanks for all of the well wishes, thoughts and blessings plus financial donations to his cause.

The good news is that his lungs are clear in the x-Ray’s!

Will post an update as soon as I can.

Kanata Animal Hospital is open to 8 pm if anyone wishes to call them directly to make a donation over the phone to his increasing bills. 613-836-2848.

Email transfers can be sent to or via PayPal to

Going to breathe easier when he is home again….

BHRR’s Potters’ Angels: Donated to Date: $845.00 Vet Bills To Date: $1,292.90
Ms. Milne
The Maracle Family
Kerchak’s Gma


BHRR’s Potter’s lab report diagnosis of a soft tissue sarcoma


If has been a tough afternoon here…. ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

BHRR’s Potter’s biopsy results are back….when I was told at work, I felt the tears well up, spill over and felt such pain over the news. Telling Sean was heartbreaking…..the sun rises and sets on this one of a kind BHRR Haven Dog for Sean.

The Pathologist has diagnosed a soft tissue sarcoma for our miracle boxer boy BHRR’s Potter ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ Very devastating news to us and I know to all that equally love this amazing special needs Boxer. Per his Vet this is an *unpredictable* cancer and while it excises well, it can behave in any manner of ways….we are going to keep taking it one step at a time.

He is now scheduled for emergency surgery on Wednesday at Kanata Animal Hospital. We will also do pre-op bloodwork and x-Ray his lungs to see if it there is any metastasis.

This boy beat the most unbelievable odds almost 7 years ago when his back left leg had to be removed due to an aggressive MCT and to think that Cancer is now trying to tear him away again from his fans, friends & fam is crushing.

It has been an afternoon of many tears and now with swollen eyes, I am pushing aside all of my fears for him and know that as always we have no right to ask of anyone to consider making a donation to help with his continuing Vet Bills yet our coffers are so tight…..we have BHRR’s Dyson’s partial tail amputation coming up also on September 8th.

If anyone may consider a kind donation, no amount too small to help the Potterman, you can contact Kanata Animal Hospital directly at 613-836-2848 and make a donation over the phone via Amex, Visa or MasterCard. In person they will take cash or debit.

He has an account under *Potter* under the Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services account. I am posting his cytology results in the comment section.

Email transfer to or via PayPal to are other venues to make a donation.

I cannot imagine a world without this personality filled Dog and Sean/I are hoping that some may consider his upcoming battle one that is worthy/deserving of support…..

If anyone could beat Cancer a second time, I know it would be BHRR’s Potter!!!

I am hoping, wishing, begging and pleading on bended knees for the love to shine Potter’s way.

Thank you in advance for reading our plea…..BHRR’s Potter -we posted an update on him here on Friday also thanks you so very much….

AND what is equally important are thoughts of well wishes and blessings to come his way too! He is a one of a kind deaf tripod Boxer who makes so many laugh daily with his antics…..


Many will recognise this big personality filled face!!! We were at the Vet last night for his annual and to check out a mass he has on his left front leg.
*that is one of my own deaf/visually impaired Danes head in the pic – Salt* ๐Ÿ˜€This is BHRR’s Potter, the miracle deaf boxer we were asked to assist just over 7 years ago due to our expertise with special needs dogs. Shortly after coming to us, we had to do a leg amputation due to cancer(back left) and this young man at only the age of barely 1 was given an 85% chance of the cancer coming back within 8 months post amputation….

Well, Potterman has something to say about that and he is now 8 years young!! Yup! 8 years!!

He has remained in our Haven program as after he arrived, we learned of a bite history – not his fault – he was neglected and abused and left to run loose at will on the I-81 in New York. He was called *dummy* and *stupid* and no one realised or cared that he was simply deaf and confused plus scared.

Well, this handsome Boxer’s life is now one of sneaking on couches, full of Potter ‘tude to the other dogs during events here, and where once vehicles truly terrified him, he would do anything to get out on one of his walk-abouts for a car ride! He has gone to many a soccer game and played soccer at the end of the games with all the kids and happily popped his share of soccer balls! :p

This boy brought me to tears when he first arrived….I watched three people work to get him into my truck when I went to pick him up and it broke my heart and for the first month, he had this look on his face that I knew that if I did not do things right, any trust he may give would never happen. I knew he was brilliant – he completely dismantled a crate within half an hour of arriving home with me, even folding the crate nicely!

In typical bully breed style he was strong minded and opinionated yet I knew that he was full of such love and heart and a real comedian also.

In that first month, I knew he had come to learn many hands signals as I own deafies myself and we have our share in rescue at any given time – it is one of our areas of expertise – yet, I never pushed or forced and was patient.

Almost one month to the day he arrived, I felt eyes staring at me and I look over and Potterman was sitting by the treat bin and looking at me. I felt the tears well up for in that moment I knew that I had been given a gift….he had given me trust that he felt I would not hurt him or force him and it was beautiful!!

Fast forward to his Vet visit last night and he continues to weigh a solid lean muscled consistent 64.9 pounds!

We are also not going to put the cart before the horse and are going to wait to see what comes back on the needle biopsies we did last night. We may have to do tissue biopsies for not much could be obtained on the fine needles and we are going to take it one step at a time. Cancer cannot be ruled out yet baby steps….

His spondylosis is getting slowly worse over the years yet, even as an 8 year old tripod, he can still run circles around most of the other dogs here!! ๐Ÿ˜€

He is happy and so loved!

14066341_1107940362606127_4061251203610016437_o 14067875_1107936392606524_3202490850638463990_o

We are just 5 SLEEPIES away to our biggest Fundraiser Event of the year. ๐Ÿ™‚ July 10th!

Thank you to everyone that is making this a most promising and exciting event again for 2016!

What has traditionally been the largest microchip fundraiser in Canada!

Kanata Animal Hospital’s 9th ANNUAL Microchip, Nail Trim & BBQ Fundraiser!

There shall also be ear cleaning, a silent auction table, baked goodies for humans, doggie treats, Canine Water Wellness shall be there, Pet Valu shall have our dog cooling/treat station again in 2016, Pet photography, Face-painting and so much more!

Come meet some of the big dawgs of BHRR! ๐Ÿ˜€

No appointments necessary!
Rain or Shine!
9 AM – 4 PM
440 Hazeldean Road

Here is an update on what we are still needing:

BHRR is in search of the following items for our event for 2016!!!
Thank you in advance for any consideration!!
1) Volunteers to put up posters in their local community including training facilities, work, friends, family, neighbours etc. Please email
2) Donations of pop, bottled water, & small bags of chips.
3) NEED DRAW PRIZES! Please email
4) Bags of ICE! ICE! ICE!
5) Silent Auction Items
6) Human Bakers
7) Dog Treat Bakers
8) Gift cards – please email
9) Coolers to borrow for pop/juice/ice
10) Tables
11) Chairs
12) 1 more Tent – I have three, PV Stittville will have one, CWW will have one, Doogie will have one, The Maracle Family will have one.
***This event is such a great time!***

Here is the Facebook Event Page to join and stay updated! ๐Ÿ™‚

microchip2016 (Medium)

***UPDATE: 27 NEW Items Added Tuesday March 22nd to the Facebook Silent Auction***

The detailed rules of this Silent Auction are posted in the first photo in this album.

As many are now aware, Sean has been diagnosed with a retro-peritoneal liposarcoma.

The current size of it is 8.2 cm x 10 cm x 21 cm. This is an extremely RARE cancer – less than 1%.

A short medical summary:

His third CT scan, this one on his chest has come back at this time clear of any enlarged lymph nodes and metastasis. His MRI not only confirmed that this was a complex surgery yet was even more complicated than once thought – ONLY two surgeries like he needs has ever been done to date by his two expert surgical oncologists.

His surgical team shall be upwards to 20 people now including his two surgical oncologists, his urologist and his ortho specialist plus supporting nursing team. His surgery is expected to be ~10-12 hours in length.

We now have a surgery date set of March 23rd.

We know that his one ureter is compromised, and that he may lose his one kidney. We know that he will have part of his colon removed and that his femoral nerve is at high risk of damage and./or removal. He will need to have his Psoas muscle completely removed and his Iliacus muscle will be partially removed.

He will also need to have the hernia repaired – the mass/tumour has herniated down his thigh and into his groin area.

They will send the whole mass/tumour off to histiopathology.

While we should be celebrating our 20th anniversary of operating BHRR, instead BHRR now faces an uncertain future. BHRR does not receive any corporate, provincial or federal government support. We operate on the kindness of donations, adoption fees and we do several yearly fundraisers. However, 60% of the payment towards BHRR’s expenses comes from the pockets of Sean and myself.

All of this is to say that we are not looking for sympathy or anyone to feel sorry for us.

Instead, what we are hoping to do to help ensure the future of BHRR is raise some monies to help with bills over the next three months for BHRR that we have always covered ourselves as Sean shall not be working and I myself am taking a month off without pay from my behavioural work plus shifts at the Hospital.

One way that we are hoping to cover bills is to do at least one Facebook silent auction. If anyone has an item or items that they would like to donate to this cause, please do email

If anyone wishes to make an independent monetary donation, they can do so via email transfer to or via PayPal to – Please use the ‘Friends & Family’ option so that we are not charged fees.

*The BHRR Auction will begin NOW
*The BHRR Auction will end at 9 PM EST on Sunday March 27th, 2016
*All bid prices are in Canadian funds.
*Bids must be done in $2.00 or Greater increments.

Any questions, please do email or call (613) 725-4279

As many know, BHRR is a Great Dane & Giant Breed Rescue that focuses strongly on the special needs and has been around since 1996. We are federally registered and are an all Volunteer Rescue. We also work with Equines.

We have a second to none adoption success rate and also provide a safe haven for animals that are deemed unadoptable due to medical and/or behavioural reasons. BHRR also has a program that works with the homeless and their pets each XMAS – Operation D.O.G. – Donating our Goodness plus we have a Helping Haven of Hope and Happiness that works with women/children and their pets in domestic abuse situations. We have been operating these two programs for over 15 years as part of our way of continuing to help animals and people in our community.

We are a unique one of a kind program out there like none other.

While we should be celebrating our 20th anniversary of operating BHRR, instead BHRR now faces an uncertain future. BHRR does not receive any corporate, provincial or federal government support. We operate on the kindness of donations, adoption fees and we do several yearly fundraisers. However, 60% of the payment towards BHRR’s expenses comes from the pockets of Sean and myself.

With our wish to ensure that every penny that comes to BHRR goes direct to them for food and Vet bills or items of comfort like dog beds, Sean & I have been covering 100% exclusively all the rescue hydro bills -$1,040/month, Phone, Gas for transports, home-visits and vet visits etc. We cover almost 50% of all the food bills out of our own pockets – BHRR goes through almost 120 pounds of dog food a day. Vet Bills are the same.

As some are now aware, in September of 2015, my husband Sean was found to have a mass. It took until January of 2016 for the experts to diagnose said mass for he has an extremely rare cancer.

Sean has been diagnosed with a retro-peritoneal liposarcoma.

The current size of his mass is 8.2 cm x 10 cm x 21 cm. This is an extremely RARE cancer – less than 1%.

To further complicate matters, this mass has herniated down into his thigh and groin severely compromising his ureter and femoral nerve. He has had three CT scans of which his latest has shown that to date his chest remains clear of metastasis and his lymph nodes are not enlarged. His MRI has shown that his case is extremely complicated and the surgery he shall specifically require, scheduled for March 23rd has ONLY ever been done twice before by the two expert surgical oncologists assigned to him.

All of this is to say that we are not looking for sympathy or anyone to feel sorry for us.

Instead, what we are hoping to do to help ensure the future of BHRR is raise some monies to help with bills over the next three months for BHRR that we have always covered ourselves as Sean shall not be working and I myself am taking a month off without pay from my behavioural work plus shifts at the Hospital.

One way that we are hoping to cover bills is to do at least one Facebook silent auction. If anyone has an item or items that they would like to donate to this cause, please do email

If anyone wishes to make an independent monetary donation, they can do so via email transfer to or via PayPal to – Please use the ‘Friends & Family’ option so that we are not charged fees.

Since Sean’s mass was first discovered in September, BHRR has remained operating with top notch quality hosting successful events such as our annual creative ‘Dine with the Dogs’, BHRR mini Open Houses, BHRR ‘Private’ Experiences, community education and public awareness events and even our annual XMAS ‘Chain of Success’ Potluck.

We have successfully rehabbed and adopted quite a few dogs and assisted many other groups also during this time.

The quality and stellar standard of care of the animals’ in our care has continued without interruption and as the date nears for Sean and I to stop work as he prepares to head into his 10-12 hour surgery on the 23rd of March, it is time to now ask the BHRR village and our community to please consider helping us continue to help those in need of our programs so that we can get through the next 12 weeks.

We want BHRR to be around another 20 years and we hope that people will consider a donation to help with the expenses of the next three months.

BHRR has only taken in three new deserving dogs since January 2016 and hopes to continue with assisting more dogs once Sean’s surgery is over etc.

Thank you in advance for reading this novel….

This is a picture of my husband Sean….BHRR would not be here today without him and please do keep him in your best wishes.

We sincerely hope we can host a couple of successful auctions on with your help!!



BHRR shall be closed from Tuesday March 22nd, 2016 to Sunday April 3rd, 2016 inclusive to the intake of adoption applications for processing.

Any applications received during that time will be reviewed in the order that they were received as of Monday April 4th, 2016.

Thanks for your understanding!

COMING up in four sleepies! Saturday February 13th & Sunday February 14th!

BHRR’s Steam and BHRR’s Flame shall be with us on Saturday and Sunday’s BIG DAWGS are as of yet TBA!

This is our FIRST Community Education and Public Awareness event of 2016! We have not been out since November of 2015!

No appointments are necessary and we are microchipping Saturday and Sunday and more details can be found in the poster below.

Cats and Dogs have to be minimally 8 weeks of age.

Thanks Regan and PV Kanata for hosting us that weekend! So touched as always to have your support!

BHRR Poster (Medium)


My last post of my night is to wish all those having to be on the road tomorrow a safe drive. The weather is suppose to be icky!

BHRR’s Potter(our BHRR Haven Tripod, Deaf Boxer) recommends to all if they can to stay at home and snuggle!

These photo’s were taken by the Maracle family at our recent first BHRR “EXPERIENCE” Mini Open House of 2016. Thank you!

He will be turning 8 miracle years old this year for he has made it clear to all of his Vet team that Cancer is NOT going to steal him away from all those that adore him and his ‘tude!

He was not expected to live to see his 2nd Birthday…and we are so grateful and blessed that he is still here keeping all on their toes!

His own spondylosis has been wrecking some havoc on his body and some arthritis also yet, he continues to go strong.

He wishes everyone a good night!


ISO: Bakers! Our 3rd Annual “Breaking Bills Bake’ Online Auction begins Saturday January 16th, 2016 and shall run through until Sunday January 24th, 2016!

We are in search of bakers for human and/or doggie treats for this unique online auction!

All items do not need to be baked until the end of the auction to ensure freshness!

Last year we had 41 amazing goodies up for grabs! We are hoping for an equally wonderfully successful fundraiser to help a most deserving dog in our Great Dane Rescue.

If anyone may consider donating a baked goodie to our creative fundraiser, please do email Please do NOT post on this thread for your kind and generous offer may be missed!

All monies raised shall go towards BHRR’ Mavie’s Vet Bills. He was back at KAH on the 14th of Decemberย for a post op recheck and to exam the swelling that has begun to develop again on that left front leg of his. ย He was back to not eating as well and dropping weight again. Clear signs that something is brewing…..

His had swollen lymph nodes yet was not demonstrating a fever. He is back on the Baytril 150 mg – 3 Tablets BID and that is a cost of almost $300 for just over 8 days. We are also running more bloodwork.

So, our Iron Man is not yet out of the woods………..

Thanks in advance for any consideration………

bakingbills2015 (Medium)

BHRR’s Potter’s Annual Christmas Eve XMAS Photo with Mason.


My last post of my night as I have much still left to prepare for what we hope is a wonderfully busy day at PV Hazeldean – Our last community education event of 2015!!!

This is BHRR’s Potter, one of our BHRR Haven Dogs – our DEAF tripod Honourary GD/Giant of BHRR! He has not only survived yet thrived against all odds and is now a miraculous 6 years of age!

He wants to thank his super special Secret Santa’s – Annette and Cathy – for spoiling him this Christmas!

Sean could not wait until XMAS before giving him his pressies!

THANK you again to everyone that is participating in our 13th year of hosting this wildly successful AND deeply touching program!



BHRR does not adopt out during the XMAS season due to our position that it is not in the best interest of any new addition being added during such a busy, exciting and somewhat stressful time for many.

Quite a few other Rescues, Shelters, Pounds etc. have also begun to follow a similar protocol to what we have been doing for so many years.

Our XMAS Shut down period for this year is from Thursday December 17th, 2015 to Tuesday January 5th, 2016 inclusive.

Any applications received during this time will be processed/reviewed on Wednesday January 6th, 2016!

During this time, BHRR is available 24/7 as always for requests for assistance of animals in need and will do intake.

Thank you for your continued understanding โ€“ The BHRR Team

BHRR’s 8th ANNUAL ‘JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS’ Online Auction has now begun!

Runs through to Thursday December 3rd @ 8 PM EST!

Over 50 items listed to date and some more to come!

Please consider helping us help BHRR’s Mavie!

If anyone has any items that they would like to donate, please do email FOR we would be so appreciative. We only host 5 planned Fundraisers a year and BHRR’s Mavie is going to deeply benefit from all money raised in this auction.

He has his surgery scheduled to remove that left front leg implant on Tuesday November 24th with his wonderful ortho specialist. He had a sudden rejection/infection to that left implant recently and now that the Baytril(almost $600 for 16 days worth of treatment) has worked its magic on the infection, he is ‘good to go’ for surgery!

It SOON shall be time! You have been asking and patiently waiting…..get your thinking caps on!ย 

It shall soon be time to sign-up for our 4th(FOURTH) ANNUAL GIVE it โ€˜UPโ€™ 4 Autumn Event!

The deserving BHRR doggie in 2015 to benefit from this one-of-a-kind unique Fundraiser is BHRR’s Baby Kaos. Past years have seen BHRR’s Lord Stafford, BHRR’s Breen and of course, BHRR’s Autumn benefit from the kindness of others!

This Fundraiser shall run from Tuesday November 3rd, 2015 @ 12:01 AM to Tuesday November 17th, 2015 @ 11:59 PM.

WHAT will you consider to ‘give up’ for 14 days to help BHRR’s Baby Kaos?’

Please do EMAIL us with what you are ‘giving up’ to participate! We hope you may join us in ‘giving something up’ to help raise monies for BHRR’s Baby Kaos!

In the past some have given up treats or coffee and put that money away to donate, others are giving up what the money they would have spent on lessons such as riding or tennis(or putting the equivalent in a jar to donate!) AND, others have put in their jar, donations for cravings that they have – chocolate, cigarettes etc. Feel free to be creative!

More information to be found on the poster below and here is the link with all the details!

Thank you Barry for this outstanding poster!

give it up for autumn - 2015 (Medium)

Come VISIT us at PV Stittsville(1250 Main Street, Stittsville) for some HOWL-O-Ween Fun!

Saturday October 24th 10:00 AM โ€“ 4:00 PM &ย 
Sunday October 25th 11:00 AM โ€“ 4:00 PM
Dog Baths $15,ย 
Nails $10,ย 
Ear Cleaning $10,ย 
Microchips $40ย including registration – Cats/Dogs must be minimally 8 weeks of age
Merchandise for Sale!ย 
Visit some of the โ€˜big dawgsโ€™ of BHRR! Dogs TBA
*No Appointments necessary!ย 

**BHRR is still in search of a few approved Volunteers to lend a hand Saturday and/or Sunday! Please email if you can help!**

All monies raised shall go towards paying off our current accumulated Vet Bills for amazing deserving dogs like BHRR’s Kaos, BHRR’s Raven and just this past week BHRR’s Porridge.

howlween (Medium)


From Monday October 19th to Monday November 2nd, 2015 inclusive, BHRR will not be open for adoptions or the intake of adoption applications.

We do not adopt out around the Halloween season and many others Rescues, shelters, pounds etc. have also begun to follow a similar protocol.


We do not believe it is in the best interest of the animals in our program, especially for dark coloured dogs.

During this time, BHRR is available 24/7 as always for requests for assistance of animals in need.

NOTICE: BHRR shall be closed from today to Wednesday September 23rd, inclusive. Our facebook page shall also be unpublished during that time for thanks to an incredible angel dream team network of our solid top notch beautiful strong village and community, we are making a dream come true for an extremely special young lady.

Any adoption applications that come in during this time shall be processed in the order they arrive upon the re-opening of BHRR.

ONLY urgent requests for assistance shall be replied to as we are here 24/7 to help the Danes and other Giants in need! All non urgent matters will be addressed upon the re-opening of BHRR.

Requests can be emailed to or or text to 613-725-4279 or calls can be made to the same number.

For any offers of items for our September 26th Annual Dine With THE BHRR DOGGIES Event, – looking for brochures, pens, pencils, key chains, promo materials for 40 Loot bags – AND more auction items, please do email We would be beyond grateful for any consideration to our cause.

We are a small group and host very few planned fundraisers a year and would embrace any gift certificates or other items for human, animal – cat, dog, horse, bird etc. – with such sincere gratitude plus appreciation. Thank you from our hearts in advance!

We are also going to stop our unique 2016 BHRR calendar sales at this time. If you have not yet ordered yours, we shall see if we have any left when we re-open to be purchased.

I leave all with this great photo of BHRR’s Salem below from her special picnic play date with the Maracle family! Thank you for the photo!


This Saturday!

Global Pet Foods – Hintonburg very kindly asked if we would do one of our popular mini microchip clinics at their location and we shall be at their lovely location

Saturday August 22nd from 10 am – 4 pm!
*No appointments necessary

*Microchips $40 includes registration
*Nails $10
*Ear Cleaning $10
*Face Painting and Feathers by the ever talented and kind Dee Dick
*Famous Pooch Smooch Red Carpet Sessions $5
*Merchandise from sale
*Some baked goodies

We are still ISO: Three approved BHRR Volunteers to help out this day! Please email if interested!

THANK you Global Pet Foods – Hintonburg for this great opportunity to see more cats/dogs(minimum 8 weeks of age) microchipped!

All monies raised shall go to BHRR’s Kaos’ mounting Vet Bills. He is the 6 week old Great Dane puppy that we were asked to assist that has a growth plate fracture and a knee concern.

AND here is the event page to join!


HERE is the poster! To our 8th Annual KAH/BHRR Microchip/Nail Trim & BBQ Fundraiser being hosted at Kanata Animal Hospital on Sunday July 12th from 8 AM – 4 PM.
*No Appointments necessary
*Dogs/Cats need to be minimally 8 weeks to be microchipped
*Bake table
*Silent Auction
*Face-Painting & MORE!

microchop2015 (Medium)


Microchips $40 includes registration – for cats, dogs – minimum age is 8 weeks
Nails $10
Ear Cleaning 410

Saturday: BHRR Dogs Attending: BHRR’s Herbie-licious, The Love Bug, BHRR’s Angel Noelle and BHRR’s Riot
Sunday: BHRR’s Dogs Attending: BHRR’s Salem, BHRR’s Liberty and possibly BHRR’s Hercules – the third dog is not yet 100% determined.

petvaluPAWS2015 (Medium)

GENTLE Reminder:
BHRR's Gretta's angels have been working quietly plus hard behind the scenes on a special Fundraiser event to help raise some much needed monies to help her with the bills from her cruciate repair surgery and rehab journey.
Thanks is appreciatively extended to Pet Valu – Manotick for helping us, AND, for hosting this event on Sunday February 15th, 2015 from 10 AM – 4 PM
This is the 'Grooming For Gretta – Sweetheart Spa' Fundraiser!
No APPOINTMENTS necessary!
BHRR is still ISO: two more approved BHRR Volunteers willing and open to helping lend a hand that day! 
This is not a community education or public awareness event for BHRR yet, we will have some merchandise for sale such as our signature leash sleeves plus magnets. smile emoticon
Please email
THANKS once again MUST be shouted out to BHRR BOD member B. Cole for such an amazing poster!

sweetheart spa (Medium)

Back in December, Fran from Global Pet Foods Bank Street (1176 Bank Street) phoned plus emailed us to inquire as to our thoughts in being the rescue to benefit from the annual Global 'Show Us Your Heart' Campaign.
Fran said that they have been following some of the great work that BHRR has been doing and, wanted to direct funds raised during their annual campaign in 2015, our way. 
To say that we felt humbled and deeply honoured, was putting it lightly. We feel so privileged to have been chosen by Global Pet Foods Bank Street, out of so many out there in the community doing such much needed and essential work helping animals…….
This exciting campaign begins January 31st and shall run through to February 14th, 2015
If you visit their store, you can make a donation in any amount you desire, and, you can write your name or that of your beloved pet(s) on a beautiful red heart and, it will be displayed with such pride and thanks at their store!
All monies raised shall go towards BHRR's Gretta's Vet Bills – she took a bad fall at her approved temp foster home and, we have to now repair the cruciate in her back left leg. Her surgery is January 29th at Liston Animal Hospital. It was the first surgical date we could get…….
Thank you Global Pet Foods Bank Street AGAIN for selecting our small r/q Rescue to support……be it $5 or $50 or more that is raised during your annual campaign, it will mean the world to us!!! AND, to BHRR's Gretta!
Barry, thank you SO much again for working with me on this poster. It is gorgeous!

showusyourheart - new (Medium)

Our 2nd ANNUAL 'Breaking Bills Baking' Online Auction' starts TODAY – Saturday January 17th, @ 7 AM EST!

We will have 40 extremely generously donated and, delicious items. THANKS to all the baking angels that are making this annual event possible!!!
All monies raised in this Annual Fundraiser shall go towards BHRR's Maverick's Vet Bills. His current Bills are over $15,300.00 which includes three leg surgeries.
To read more details about the auction(those darn rules!) and, to view the items up for grabs so far….please visit the below link and scroll down the page…….Our latest new delectable array of items include Rice Krispies, Macaroons and, at least 5 l of the special pasta sauce that we served at our annual September "DINE WITH THE BHRR DOGGIES' event.

If anyone else would like to donate a baked goodie or goodies, it is NOT too late…all items do not have to be made until the auction is over to ensure freshness for the winner(s), please do email

Already 2015 is shaping up to be another extremely busy year for the special animals in need of us, as we have the Male Blue GD with the untreated broken leg and, have another Dane – BHRR's Gretta that will require a cruciate repair(Surgery is on January 29th) NOT to mention The Lord Stafford and his continued mounting Vet Bills.

We were able to assist 16 dogs in 2014, and, 24 dogs in 2013. We will assist as many as we can responsibly take on with quality and, resources in 2015.

THANK you Barry for working with me on this gorgeous poster!!!!
bakingbills (Medium)

We will be out to visit around 11 AM on Saturday ourselves to get some photos' and, I am hoping to bring BHRR's Ichabod Crane, BHRR's Zayna and BHRR's Salem for their very first XMAS photo's!
I heard a rumor that BHRR's Mav 'could' also put in a celebrity appearance!

Poster - Message (HTML) _2014-11-24_23-41-11

BHRR does not adopt out during the XMAS season due to our position that it is not in the best interest of any new addition being added during such a busy, exciting and somewhat stressful time for many.
Quite a few other Rescues, Shelters, Pounds etc. have also begun to follow a similar protocol to what we have been doing for so many years.
Our XMAS Shut down period for this year is from Monday December 15th, 2014 to Tuesday January 6th 2015 inclusive.
Any applications received during this time will be processed/reviewed on Wednesday January 7th, 2015!
During this time, BHRR is available 24/7 as always for requests for assistance of animals in need and will do intake.
Thank you for your continued understanding – The BHRR Team

How blessed are we that Chuck Desjardins Photography and, Pet Valu Innes & Belcourt(3838 Innes Road, Orleans, Ontario) chose our group as one of the two(Collie Rescue Network is the other r/q group) to benefit from their Christmas Photo's Fundraiser!
Photo's $15 Each OR 2 for $20
Date: Sunday December 7th, 2014
Time: 11 AM – 4 PM
***This is not a community education event yet, we shall be heading on our to just hang and bring some of the BHRR dawgs to thank people!

Xmas Photo Campaign 2014 brochure final

BHRR's Stafford will be ready on his red carpet with roses in paw to hand out to his first 24 smoochers! I even heard that he may wear a bow tie!
BHRR's Maverick and BHRR's Ichabod Crane are also coming.

pet valu poster - stafford (Medium)

BHRR's Ichabod is figuring out the 'fresh meat' of our BHRR "EXPERIENCE" Mini Open Houses well! LOL You can see how emaciated he still is. BUT, we are working on it!!
His friends(The Lion Kings, BHRR's Flint & BHRR's Potter) are showing him 'how' it is done yet, we will have to work on the jumping! ๐Ÿ˜‰
AND, the 'fresh meat' in this photo coming up the steps is BHRR Approved Volunteer, Bruce M.
Photo courtesy of S. Dowler

BHRR fun Nov 23, 2014 027 (Medium)

BHRR's 3rd ANNUAL unique 'GIVE IT UP 4 AUTUMN' Fundraiser shall benefit BHRR's Stafford!

WHAT will you 'give up' for 14 days to help BHRR's Stafford?'
Please do EMAIL us with what you are 'giving up' to participate! Some are giving up chips, wine, coffee, another is giving up chocolate, AND, one person is going to even put in their jar, donations for cravings that they have for the chocolate they are giving up. Feel free to be creative! ๐Ÿ™‚

UPDATE: We have 21 participants so far!
Starts November 4th! Please consider 'giving something up' for a 14 day period and, then donating the funds saved to BHRR's Stafford's bills!


A file is set up at Kanata Animal Hospital (613) 836-2848 and they will take Visa, M/C and AMEX over the phone under the account of ‘Birch Haven Rescue’ for ‘Stafford’. They will take Debit or Cash in person at 440 Hazeldean Road in Kanata, Ontario

You can also mail donations via a Bank Draft to:

Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services C/O Gwendilin Boers 2425 Totem Ranch Road West RR#1 Oxford Station, Ontario K0G 1T0

OR email transfer to

OR via PayPal to (please use the ‘gift’ option OR the ‘friends and family’ option) OR we shall have to pay service charge fees

give it up for autumn - stafford (Medium)

Please consider going to the Helping Ottawa Fur Kids Facebook Page and, 'liking' our photo and, then putting in the comment section 'this amazing rescue gets my vote!' Contest ENDS Wednesday October 22nd at NOON and, each of the 6 rescues participating will receive a monetary donation, based upon where they rank upon the close of the contest. THANKS in advance for your consideration!

BHRR shall be attending our THIRD of ONLY four community education & public awareness events for this year, on October 4th & October 5th! The last community education/public awareness event that we attended was in May!
Pet Valu Stittsville so very kindly has invited us back in 2014 to be at their locale on October 4th & October 5th for their 'THANKS FOR GIVING' Event and, shall help us host some great activities!
AND, we will have BHRR doggies in attendance! Please visit the below link to find out which amazing BHRR doggies are coming which day!
From October 1st – October 16th, Pet Valu Stittsville will be selling 'Paper Pumpkins' for a donation and, your name and/or that of your pet(s), will be proudly displayed on said pumpkin put up at Pet Valu! Pet Valu will also be collecting material donations for BHRR during this time – we are in need of xpens(36" & 48"), Pinesol, Paper Towels, Lysol Wipes, Costco Dog Beds and, bath mats!
BHRR is still seeking 1 BHRR approved Volunteers to hang with us and zee big dawgs on the Saturday and one to hang with us on the Sunday! Please do email
Thank you's must be extended from my heart to Bre and her fabu staff at Pet Valu Stittsville, to Melissa of Groomingdale's who is donated all nail trims and grinds(Friday/Saturday/Sunday) to BHRR AND, also to Ashley of AMB Photography!
AND, last but never least, thank you again to BHRR BOD member Barry for working with me on this great poster!

Thanksgiving1 (Medium)

HERE is our poster for our NEXT Microchip Clinic! PV Innes & Belcourt, Orleans contacted us months ago to see if we would host one of our established Microchip Clinics at their locale. Honored again to be able to have the opportunity to chip more dogs & cats to help ensure they have a better chance of finding their way home if they are lost or stolen. SO important to microchip!

PV Innes & Belcourt, Orleans, Microchip & Nail Trim happening on Sunday September 21st, 2014!
*NO appointments Necessary
**Cats & Dogs – as long as they can comfortably be held
*RAIN OR SHINE – We are indoors that day!

BHRR PV Sept 21 Lg

HAPPENING TODAY! Sunday July 13th!!! DO not forget mark your calendars!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ RAIN OR SHINE!!!

BHRR ONLY hosts 4 planned Fundraisers a year. This is our 2nd one of 2014.
We know and accept that for the first time ever, that we shall be seeing some showers in 2014. BOO! ๐Ÿ™
AND, we are prepared for the weather to make your day a blast! ๐Ÿ™‚

AND Microchips, Nails per our protocol plus the Silent Auction & BOW WOW Butchers shall be inside the Hospital.
We have 8 tents with a spare on hand to keep everyone dry for ALL the outside activities! ๐Ÿ™‚

Microchips for cats/dogs & Nails for cats, dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits etc! ๐Ÿ™‚

Rogers Community Cruiser shall be in attendance 9:30 – 11:30 AM with complimentary coffee/timbits

Dr. Amy Jewiss shall be present from 10 AM – 2 PM to discuss acupuncture and other services she now offers at Kanata Animal Hospital

Daryl of BOW WOW Butchers WILL also be in attendance!

Facebook 'PRE-EVENT' Mini Auction – 7 For 7! – AUCTION ENDED JULY 12th AT 12 NOON EST!

FaceBook Online Auction Album can be found HERE
There are 7 items(in honor of this being our 7th YEAR hosting this one of a kind Fundraiser) AND, shall be hosted for 7 days, that shall be available for bidding as of Saturday July 5th!
*The BHRR Auction will begin at 6:00 AM EST on Saturday July 5th, 2014. Unfortunately, bids submitted prior to this time cannot be considered.
*The BHRR Auction will end at NOON(12) PM EST on Saturday July 12th, 2014.
*All bid prices are in Canadian funds.
*Bids must be done in $2.00 or Greater increments.
*S&H is available on all but one Item – Item #3
Any questions, please do email or call (613) 725-4279

FINAL (Medium)


We are at PV Hazeldean – 457 Hazeldean Road on Saturday May 3rd from 10 AM – 3 PM!

This is s ONLY our second Community Education & Public Awareness Event for 2014 and, we are ONLY doing a total of 4!

MORE Details HERE!

In attendance representing BHRR shall be:

BHRR's Ethel
BHRR's Groves
& I will be bringing my own GD Matrix – I am neutering him on Friday and, so, he is going to be on Gwennie watch!

UPDATE: Below is the lovely board that Bre of PV Stittsville has put together in support of PAWS for BHRR!
Total of PAWS/Event Sales/Donations as of April 30th, 2014 – THANK YOU to all of the supporters: $5,140
*The goal that PV Stittsville has set for the month that includes the April 12/13 activity weekend: $5,000

We shall be bringing: Saturday April 12th, – BHRR's Flint,  BHRR's Noelle and BHRR's Leroy
We shall be bringing: Sunday April 13th – BHRR's Torque, Mr. Bubbles and BHRR's Treasure

AND, the councilor shall be at PV Stittsville for around 11 AM – 12:30 PM along with the paper!

AND, we will be doing doggy tattoos for a $5 donation!
**Blow pens and stencils and non toxic materials to be used


ON Saturday April 12th – BHRR will be at their Store from 10 AM – 3 PM with BHRR Dogs TBD!
ON Sunday April 13th – BHRR will be at their Store from 11 AM – 4 PM with BHRR Dogs TBD!

MARK your calendars! HERE is the poster for PV Stittsville's annual PAWS Event! BHRR was so incredibly touched to have been chosen again in 2014 to be the recipients of this event! ๐Ÿ™‚ If anyone wishes to have a copy of this poster to help crosspost and share this event, PLEASE EMAIL

We would be so grateful for all the assistance in getting the word out!

For the whole month of April, PV Stittsville(1250 Stittsville Main), for your kind and giving donation, will have 'PAWS' that your name OR your pet(s) name will be written on and put up in their store in BIG appreciation. Funds from this Event will be used to help pay for BHRR's Purse Puppy, Coach who has been diagnosed at this time with at minimum, a congenital heart condition AND BHRR's Porridge, diagnosed with a nasal tumor.

BHRR shall only be making a maximum of 6 Public Awareness & Community Education appearances in 2014 and this is our first! ๐Ÿ™‚ We are booked for four to date, and, one more is in the works! COME on out, visit with us, some of the BIG DAWGS of BHRR and, have some fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

BHRR shall be at PV Stittsville on Saturday April 12th(10-3 PM) & Sunday April 13(11-4)!

FOR more details of this MUST ATTEND Event, please visit HERE!

Thanks to BHRR BOD member Barry once again, for hammering out with me this incredible poster! So talented!!! AND, thank you being publicly extended to our much loved extended fam at PV Stittsville for inviting us back again in 2014!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

petvaluPAWS2014 (Medium)

HERE is the poster for our 3rd ANNUAL BHRR 'Special 1-on-1-Date' With A BHRR Dog Online Auction –
ENDS Thursday April 24th @ 9 PM EST! Details HERE!

  • The BHRR Auction will begin at 6:00 AM EST on Saturday April 12th, 2014.
    Unfortunately, bids submitted prior to this time cannot be considered.
  • The BHRR Auction will end at 9:00 PM EST on Thursday April 24th, 2014.
    The highest bid on an item will be determined based on the time of the email sent as recorded by the time marked by our ISP

Winners to be located in the Ottawa, Kanata, Gatineau, Orleans, Kemptville, Prescott, Brockville, Kingston areas ONLY

THANK you BHRR BOD member Barry AGAIN for this awesome poster!!! So talented!

If anyone would like to help us crosspost this event and share this poster, please EMAIL!

picnic (Medium)

GENTLE REMINDER & UPDATEThis event will NOW also be used to also help BHRR’s Porridge – Rushed into KAH March 19th for when I returned from being out of the country, he was not well. He had dropped 3 KGs(6.6 pounds) – he is down to 74 KGs, had a nasal discharge, flared nostrils, no temp yet, belly breathing and could not breathe with his mouth closed, had not drank anything in over 24 hours, minimal eating, lethargic, swollen lymph nodes and, could not rest on his side(his fav resting spot).

PORRIDGE VET RESULTS TO DATE: Full exam done, lungs sounded ok, did a full blood work up including a heart blood test(awaiting results, we could not use Dormitor(if he did have a heart condition, this would be not in his best interest) to sedate for x-rays and the Torb barely took his anxiety edge off(we were not able to do his nails as he needs the Dorm also to sedate him) and, we could only get the right lat for x-rays yet, the heart on that side look almost completely normal. There was no noticeable bulge or significant enlargement yet, we had to take four shots to get his full chest and lungs just of the one side and the left side could not be completed at this time. We took biopsies of his lymph nodes, heart rate was elevated. The staff there noted how poor his energy level was from his norm ‘must maim with my happy tail and enthusiasm hyper harle happy boy ‘tude’ and while, he did eat some wet canned food, he had a hard time trying to eat anything dry and could only take one dry piece of T/D that was offered to him. The Vet has prescribed Doxy for him 4 tabs BID of the 100 mg IN case it may be infection related yet, he would not be presented ‘classically’ if that were the case. Yet, we are being proactive from all angles.

He went down hill so fast while I was away and, I thank all for monitoring him and I have trusted and do trust that those that were here, did keep his best interest at heart and, did not see fit to bring him in. I was completely ok for hi to go in for peace of mind and, I had been told that he was eating and drinking well and energy level was ok, no nasal discharge and lungs were clear(one person here is a nurse). In discussing him in more depth tonight with some of the wonderful souls that were here, it was noted that a weight loss had been seen, that drinking levels had gone down and energy level had changed. He was apparently fine and completely normal up to late last week and, I arrived home on Tuesday early afternoon. Whatever he has, it is aggressive….. ๐Ÿ™

AND, in the 24+ hours that I have been home, his condition from there worsened further and, I jumped in bringing him in ASAP. Even called KAH to change his appointment to an earlier time slot.

Possible diagnosis at this time range from early heart to early lymphoma to early nasal tumor. Good case scenario, an infection of some sort.

AND, here is the PV Stittsville, Nail Trim Event Poster! $15 for grinds/$10 for Trims on Saturday March 22nd from 10 am – 5 pm, and, all money shall benefit BHRR’s Coach, our ‘heart’ boy!

Purse Puppy Coach shall be coming with me after my work shift on March 22nd,ย  – around 2:30 PM to visit and thank all those that will be there AND, he will be doing ‘KUDDLES 4 KASH’ to also help raise some money for his bills. AND, for those that have had the pleasure of hugging this boy, he is DELIGHTFUL! I may also bring BHRR’s Angel Noelle or perhaps BHRR’s Torque! ๐Ÿ™‚

On Tuesday March 4th, BHRRโ€™s Purse Puppy’s Coach weight was 14.9 KGs(37.78 pounds)! Since his arrival into Rescue, he has put on 34.28 pounds! ๐Ÿ™‚ In just 14 weeks! ๐Ÿ™‚

I have a huge blog post to make from this Vet visit and then coming back the next day for emergency x-rays and an ECG (the results were suppose to be back within 24 hours….) and, from there, the next steps for him. I have the report from the one Vet to post and, I have passed along all information and details to PVAR who have the other two puppies and who adopted the mom. At the minimum, it is believed that he has a congenital condition. ๐Ÿ™ AND, the chances that HE is the only one in that large litter to have this condition is slim to none.

As I am heading offline for the next week+, blog updates will be to a minimum to none – SORRY! ๐Ÿ™ I am going out of the country and later this year, also plan on going back out of the country as I have been invited to Costa Rica and Nicarauga to assist/train/mentor in a spay/neuter clinic and, to work with the strays etc. over there.ย  So, I will post as I can and, thanks to all that follow the blogs!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, we just have to have those right matched forever loving homes find all of these great BHRR doggies that are AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! ๐Ÿ™‚

Nailtrim (Medium)

Please consider heading to PV Stittsville to participate in our FIRST EVER(Annual or Bi-Annual – not decided as of yet) $5(Five) 4 Food Fundraiser – February 1st to February 28th inclusive!
$1,518.00 DONATED To Date as of February 22nd, 2014!

I want to thank PV Stittsville immensely for being so open and supportive for BHRR to have our unique and creative Fundraiser at their lovely store! All money donated is being used to buy Dog Food from their store. As the generous, kind and extremely thoughtful donations are coming in, the incredible staff at PV Stittsville are using the funds to buy dog food as we are in our food crisis now. Sean has already gone in to pick up what food has been bought to date and, I will be in on Saturday to pick up the next bags that thanks to the community's big hearts, more is continuing to be able to be purchased.

We are hoping that this Fundraiser shall be successful! We are so happy to be showing our own hearts in turn to the store that is making this all possible and to buy all the food we can with the monies that come in. THANK YOU to the village that is surrounding BHRR and, PV Stittsville!!

AND, the 2nd annual PV Stittsville Secret Admirer Sweetheart Knuckle Bones Event is in full swing! 11 have already been purchased to donate to the animals(each BHRR dog has a photo attached to one bone) of BHRR! TY! TY! Be sure to visit PV Stittsville, while BHRR DOGGIES LAST! ๐Ÿ™‚
**As OF FEBRUARY 15th, 2014, ALL BHRR DOGGIES HAVE A Secret Admirer Sweetheart Knuckle Bone!**

AND thank you to BHRR BOD member Barry Cole for working with me again on this fabu poster!

feb five for food-3b

OUR FIRST OF 2014* FOOD = LIFE for the animals of BHRR!
PLEASE consider our cause and donate a bag or funds for food! We thank you from our hearts for any consideration!
PLEASE EMAIL IF YOU CAN HELP US with our dog food fund/needs!


LESS than 6 hours to get your chance to bid/win on our first ever ‘Breaking Bills Bake’ Online Auction!
All items will be baked fresh! ENDS tonight(Thursday January 23rd @ 9 PM EST)

We have 32 amazing items up for grabs and this, shall be a yearly Fundraiser for BHRR moving forward!

BAKE SALE ONLINE Auction to assist with BHRR’s Angel Noelle’s(the beaten/abused puppy that was also picked up and thrown and had her one leg/elbow broken and was never treated that required a leg amputation) Vet Bills has begun!
Please consider participating and crossposting. THANK YOU!

She also has a YouCaring Fundraiser page!

BHRRโ€™s Angel Noelleโ€™s โ€˜BREAKING BILLS BAKEโ€™ Online Auction Fundraiser
*Items do not need to be baked until the Online Auction is over. ๐Ÿ™‚
ONLINE AUCTION: STARTS January 18th, 2014(7 AM EST) & ENDS January 23rd, 2014(9 PM EST) โ€“ We have 32 items to date!

Thank you to EACH person who has stepped up to help us with sharing this request for donations for this fundraiser, offering to make an item, sending those very precious notes of support and kindness AND, in believing in this very special ‘angel’! As always, thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU! What a brutal start to 2014, we have had at BHRR. ๐Ÿ™ With being in a food crisis, BHRR’s Angel Noelle’s amputation and, BHRR’s Blooms’ gas bloat. ๐Ÿ™

All monies raised in this Online Auction shall go towards paying for BHRRโ€™s Angel Noelleโ€™s Bills.

This sweet Rottiex puppy used to live in a crackhouse. She lived a life of constant abuse and, at 12 weeks of age, she was abused, picked up and thrown. Her leg/elbow was broken and left untreated for another 12 weeks. She received no medical treatment during this time as my leg worked to try and heal on its own. I was terrifed and in extreme pain.

On Christmas Eve, an โ€˜angelโ€™ contacted Gwen and, asked if Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabiltition(BHRR) could assist. BHRR immediately stepped up and another โ€˜angelโ€™ came to her rescue and took her from this very bad place as โ€˜because I whimpered in painโ€™, the Owners wanted me gone ASAP and would have killed me if I had stayed with them.

On Monday January 13th, 2014, her leg was amputated and her bills will be close to $5,000 once all of her rehab is finished. She still has to have post-off follow-ups/exams, vaccines, physiotherapy etc.



Here is a copy of a post that I made on our Birch Haven Facebook Page. For those that are inquiring as to ‘where’ the page went.

As we have many followers that are not on facebook, this is a post that can be ignored. ๐Ÿ™‚ For those that do follow us on facebook and, missed this post, here is a copy….

This is the final post as part of the ‘end of year statement’ for the BHRR BOD….that absolute privilege has fallen upon my typing fingers…

So much to say, a Gwennie Novel that would be a Gwennie chapter to truly capture it all!!

It has been an incredible year for BHRR, 13 WOW adoptions, so many faces put to names of lovely folks near and far, friendships plus relationships that have strengthened further and increased those links on that BHRR CHAIN OF SUCCESS, new kind and beautiful faces that have chosen our cause to support and believe in, the miracles of so many that were considered by several to be ‘lost causes’, r/q rescues working side by side making an much bigger positive difference to animals out there in need, the laughs, the smiles, the fun(Yes, r/q rescue can be fun!), the public education and community education events, play dates and play visits, the fundraisers(the crossposting!) the walks/hikes, the animals plus people that have touched us to the core and made our hearts just burst in warmth and happiness, the donations of lifesaving food and, other material items, the financial hand to help pay for much needed bills and more dog food, the driving and the more driving and the more driving, and yes, the hugs!
We thank each you that has been there and we look forward to what we hope promises to be an even better year for all ahead. We are NOTHING without you…..AND, to my BHRR BOD, thank you!

It has been such a hard year in others ways, and we take those important life lessons learned and will work that much more diligently in making better decisions/choices in 2014 and onward….we are focused in letting go of the things that we cannot change and that are unhealthy in the name of r/q rescuing.
We endeavour to practise what we preach, research, stay updated and keep walking the talk!
We have cried and still do cry over those that shall no longer be with us – human and animal and, candles are lit in the most honourable plus respectful silence of those that we can no longer physically touch and talk to and embrace……We miss you and, we are better in the having been touched by you…..

We thank all those that have assisted us in not changing BHRR yet, in continuing to help make it a better version of itself! I stand up and applaud each of you and then, I kneel down in the most humblest of thanks in turn, for I appreciate each and every gesture from a dollar to an encouraging word to helping to do nails or helping me to keep making dogs more well balanced and set-up for success! You may not think you have done much, yet, you have…especially on those dark trench days….

2014 MARKS year #18 for our small r/q Rescue and, that moves me into an announcement that I have been slowly sharing with people over the past few months….

The BHRR BOD has been discussing this for close to a 1 year now….

As of 11:59 PM on Wednesday January 1st, 2014; we shall be unpublishing our page….and, deactivating the BHRR BOD account.

This was not an easy step to take by any means for we understand how key networking and social media is….this page has brought us soooooooooooo much goodness and kindness and, we go into this knowing that we shall find ourselves most likely struggling even more financially and with food needs than we ever have had to date…..13 dogs were adopted in 2013, 17 in 2012 and this page is to be credited with these success stories…..

We are a small group and like many groups, we are Volunteers and lead busy lives outside of r/q rescue and, in frequent discussions with members of the BHRR BOD, the bandwidth is just not there right now for me to keep up the pace of this page plus what so many have originally been attracted plus loved about BHRR, the detailed blogs…that is very much a ‘signature’ BHRR arena and, it has had to take a backseat more often than I would have liked in 2013.

2014, is also year of much excitement(and some stress!) in my own professional and personal life – I will be defending in 2014 in re: to my PhD that I have worked pt on for too many years now…, I am furthering my training to do more work internationally with strays, street dogs and spay/neuter clinics and teaching and being mentored….I have been invited to Costa Rica and Nicaragua and, I will also begin to shadow at other Hospitals to increase my own skill set and education with qualifications plus experience. AND, I also look forward to my time at the ES when I can get there. As a result, I shall also be deleting/deactivating my personal account. Barry, Catalina and Mary will remain our eyes and ears out there in fb land.

My priority has always been to the animals under our authority and being hands on and keeping our success rates unparalled out there….that, shall not change.

It is my sincerest of wishes that by this time next year, we can publish this page again….it has become such a staple to my day and, I look forward to coming back to post of daily tips and questions and quotes and all things BHRR plus beyond to help other groups also network their own events/animals and throw our support into their corner!

I have sincerely enjoyed sharing the ups and the downs as part of our commitment to full disclosure and that, we are only perfect in our imperfections as humans….

So, it is will deepest regret that this shall be my last post on this page for some time……..

The BHRR BOD is still trying to figure out how best put forth our requests for assistance and right now, we shall go back to using the website for postings…so, please do visit uswww.birchhaven.orgย for YOU are the real hearts and souls of BHRR, along with the animals…..

May love, happiness and health find their way and stay with you and yours in 2014….that is my wish for you!

Raising my glass to all of you in a toast of my heart to you!

FROM myself, words truly do fail me with how beautiful these cards are plus the stamps AND Anna’s heart…..Thank you! THANK YOU!

From Anna G-h:

“We are delighted to announce that we have note-cards and matching stamps (domestic permanent) available with all funds donated to Birch Haven to assist in vetting and food costs. Each are 4 for $5. Please let me(Anna) know if you would like to order any. We can mail free of charge once we have received payment for your order. These are blank inside so are perfect for many occasions.”

Anna can be contacted at: OR email HERE.

Payment can be made via PayPal ‘GIFT’ or via email transfer.

Simply stunning! The person in the photo for those that are not aware is Anna’s husband, Peter and the two lovely Danes are Kaitlyn and Kassie. ๐Ÿ™‚



This is not a community education or public awareness event YET, I plan on showing up with some of the BHRR doggies to hang and visit AND thank ALL that show up!

NOTE: THERE shall also be $10 NAIL Trims with all proceeds coming to BHRR!

santa paws (Medium)


BHRR does not adopt out during the XMAS season due to our position that it is not in the best interest of any new addition being added during such a busy, exciting and somewhat stressful time for many.

Quite a few other Rescues, Shelters, Pounds etc. have also begun to follow a similar protocol to what we have been doing for so many years.

Our XMAS Shutdown period for this year is from Saturday December 14th, 2013 to Tuesday January 7th 2013 inclusive.

During this time, BHRR is available 24/7 as always for requests for assistance of animals in need.

Thank you for your continued understanding – The BHRR Team

Our 6th ANNUAL 'JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS' Online Auction HAS started! ๐Ÿ™‚ We NOW have 87 items posted – LINK BELOW – and more to come daily! This is not a facebook auction. As we have supporters not on fb, we use a wp plug-in app on our home website.

YOU have to go visit daily to see just what is there! ๐Ÿ™‚ THANKS to all that have donated so kindly, generously and the animals thank you too! ๐Ÿ™‚

The BHRR Auction began at 7:00 AM EST on Saturday November 23rd, 2013.

The BHRR Auction will end at 9:00 PM EST on Thursday December 5th, 2013

BHRR's PotterMan AKA The Dude With The 'Tude had his annual tonight AND he weighed a super, fantastic, fabu, wonderful, well muscled hunk of handsome LOVE 29.2 KGs(64.24 pounds!).

He received A+ all around from cuteness to uber friendliness to well mannered to being told he was one healthy Boxer!

For those that have not yet had the absolute honour – his words NOT mine! – in meeting him as of yet, THIS is one boy that will steal your heart and your soul from how full of personality he is to the incredible and miraculous journey he has taken in his short life.

He spent the first 11 months of his life(he is a deaf boxer) running loose on the I-81 in New York. Finally Animal Control was able to get his very abusive and neglectful owners to sign him over. As no group contacted seemed to want a deaf, natural earred and natural tailed Boxer, BHRR was contacted as a last resort and well…..of COURSE we wanted him!

Just three months after his arrival, I noticed a small lump on his leg and two days later, I had the biopsy and AND just four days after that, I had his leg removed. At his young age, being a white boxer, I *knew* this was not good and yes, it was a MCT and the pathology came back as a Grade III and I was told that he had an 85% chance of the Cancer coming back within the first 8 months and that he most likely would not live out the year.

THIS boy went through his healing struggles from being smart enough to figure out how cold would 'freeze' his cone and when he came inside, if he 'bashed' it against anything, it would shatter LOL to having had to put buttons(yes, BUTTONS in his third surgery to try and get the stump to heal properly).

He survived a vicious dog attack as well(not one of ours) and he really has had NINE lives AND he is making the most of them!

HE has gone from being terrified of collars and being touched and fearful of cars to associating them with GREAT and FUN and delightful things AND anyone that has been to a BHRR 'EXPERIENCE Mini Open House' knows about his being an expert escape artist to the best lap warmer around!

BHRR's Potter, SO many are surrounding you and SHOUTING out a most wonderful 5th year of not just living life yet, MAKING a life so full of quality and 'on your toes fun'…..

THE boxer that was said to not live to see his second Birthday has turned 5 and had a great annual!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND yes, he did get ice cream!

HE is a HUGE fav for many at BHRR!

IMG_2165 (Medium)
BHRR's Potter – December 25th, 2012

A short time ago, I received an email from the most talented and I want to say also, very beautiful and special Liz Bradley of The Ottawa Dog Blog.

As many are aware, there was a voting contest recently for the Most Influential Dog Blog online and the competition was quite tough AND, thanks to such an incredible surrounding community The Ottawa Dog Blog WON! By taking 60% of the votes!

HUGE Congratulations Liz & Jane!!! Extremely well deserved! Your blog is quite important and valued deeply by so many and you make a BIG difference daily with all your efforts! I have loved watching your amazing 'baby' grow plus develop!

AND, what so humbly surprised me(AND, made me grab yet, another tissue…this time with a welling up of good tears!), was that Liz/Jane was awarded a lifesaving generous gift of $500 donation to the charity of her choice AND they chose BHRR!! As they have posted about, there are SO many great r/q Rescues deserving and in need and, I am touched, humbled and feel privileged to have our small rescue chosen to be the recipient of such an incredible gesture……Just honoured! Immensely!

There really needs to be more words to express THANK YOU! I am MORE thank thankful! I am genuinely appreciative plus grateful and filled with intense gratitude…….


"It was a difficult decision as to the charity who we would pick to receive the donation as all of the Ottawa charities work so hard.

We decided on Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation to receive the $500 donation! BHRR is an amazing rescue who is in need of money to feed the large and giant breeds they rescue – this money will go a long way towards food and vet bills for them!

Thank you again to all who voted. I am so very proud to live in this great city surrounded by fellow dog lovers.

With love and belly rubs,
Liz (and Jane)"

**Could I please ask our fans/supporters/family/friends to take a moment and go over and CONGRATULATE Liz/Jane immensely and tell them HOW uber awesome they are with what they do daily!!!**

AND, here is what I wrote on their lovely Blog post!

HUGE Congratulations Liz & Jane!!! Extremely well deserved! Your blog is quite important and valued deeply by so many and you make a BIG difference daily with all your efforts! I have loved watching your amazing ‘baby’ grow plus develop!

As Liz/Jane have posted, there are SO many great r/q Rescues deserving and in need and, I am touched, humbled and feel immensely privileged to have had our small rescue of Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services chosen to be the recipient of such an incredible gesture……Just honoured! Immensely!

I also wish to publicly thank Camp Cookstown from my heart, for having such a great contest, for helping to get the word out regarding so many fantastic online blogs and for supporting the work done in animal rescue with this very generous and lifesaving gift of $500.

There really needs to be more words to express THANK YOU! I am MORE thank thankful! I am genuinely appreciative plus humbled and filled with intense gratitude…….


Thank you sooooooooooo much to Ginnette & CJ for having us back again this year!!!
I absolutely LOVE this event! LOVE LOVE LOVE!
Saturday July 27th
Time: 10 AM – 3 PM
Min. $10 Donation
*Microchips $40 includes registration, merchandise AND Nail Trims too!
*Thanks to BHRR BOD member Barry for working with me on this poster!

dirty dog**

COMING UP ON Sunday July 14th, 2013! Our 6th ANNUAL KAH/BHRR Microchip/Nail Trim & BBQ Fundraiser!
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

In 2012, we did 56 MICROCHIPS(ALL by qualified Veterinary professionals) & 94 nail trims!

We shall have our silent auction table again, human plus doggie baked table, draws, facepainting, caricatures AND so much more!

NO APPOINTMENTS necessary! For more information, please visit HERE:

OR follow all the exciting updates on our BHRR/KAH Facebook EVENT PAGE!


Thank you in advance for any consideration!!


1) More volunteers to put up posters in their local community including training facilities
2) People open to emailing and promoting this event poster at their work and with friends, family and neighbours. I can email the poster to all willing to assist. ๐Ÿ™‚
3) Donations of pop, juice, bottled water & hotdogs/buns & hamburger/buns
4) NEED MORE DRAW PRIZES! Please email
6) NEED MORE Silent Auction Items
7) Gift cards – please email
8) We need people to assist us with cross-posting this event and getting the word out! We have some huge Vet bills right now and more in the pipe.

PLEASE EMAIL if you can assist with any of the above!

***This event is such a great time!***

THANK you again to BHRR's Cosette's fabu mom for working with members of the BHRR BOD on this poster!

Katoby Distribution is having their FIRST even Campaign For Rescue Voting Contest!

This contest was created via nominations and on Monday July 1st, BHRR received an email regarding this voting contest and what a surprise PLUS honour to note that we were one of the organizations chosen to participate!

They have 4 prize packs totaling over $4000 in valuable food and products to give to the rescue groups you think deserve it! Top 3 dog rescues and the top cat rescue will each win a prize pack (as determined by votes). One lucky voter will also receive a price pack worth over $250!

Voting ends July 15 at noon – one vote per day per person!

Barking Bone Designs – Custom Pet Art has been so generous and kind and will donate up to February 17th, 2013$5.00 of the sales of every personalized accessory, key chain or necklace!

PLEASE make sure that you mention Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation Services(BHRR) when you order!

Colours and sayings can be changed easily!

S&H is ONLY $2 in Canada for one item and $3 for two!

BHRR has some new urgent animal medical cases in the pipe….the funds raised will deeply assist!

EMAIL for more information and to have Sarah answer any questions you may have!!!

THANK YOU Sarah!!!!


Anna Gray-Henschel is going to be selling her famous homemade 'TREATS' that includes BHRR's Journey Heart Biscuits to help raise funds for Genesis Dog Rescue and also for BHRR. Her Danelets shall have their own delightful selection and there shall also be a variety named after BHRR's Kyo.

Please visit her PAGE to see all the wonderful yummy details and to express your truest heartfelt thanks and appreciation to her in hosting this Fundraiser.

Purchase for your doggies, family and friends' doggies, for your favorite r/q Rescues etc. ๐Ÿ™‚

From my own home and on behalf of all the doggies again in need of BHRR, THANK you Anna! I sound like a broken record yet, it is true! What a gem you are!

The Gift Certificates are good for up to one year from purchase!

DEADLINE is February 8th, 2013 to get in your orders so that they can be received by Valentine's Day! ๐Ÿ™‚

UPDATE Wednesday December 19th, 2012:

THEY HAVE RESTARTED THE FOOD VOTING CONTEST from scratch AND it began Tuesday December 18th, 2012 @ NOON AND shall END Thursday December 20th @ NOON!

PLEASE CONSIDER VOTING! You do not need to enter your email address or register, just one click of a button! AND please consider sharing. WE are in FIRST place by only TEN VOTES!




BHRR could use your DAILY Vote, yes, DAILY Vote up until Sunday December 16th before midnight to help us win some dog foodfor the BHRR animals.


As many know, BHRR goes through 120 pounds of dog food in ONE single day. YOUR DAILY vote for Birch Haven Rescue once a day until Sunday just before midnight, could help us win some food for the dogs. SO, please do consider voting and do remember to come back daily to vote!!!!

The incredible folks at La Maison Du Chien have kindly offered to donate $1100 worth of pet food to a deserving area rescue!

BHRR is currently in FIRST place by ONLY ONE VOTE…….AND as always, we would share with any other r/q groups in need……ALWAYS! We believe in working together to help as many animals as possible!

We do not have a regular food sponsor for donations of food and the cost of food per month can be over $4,000.

Thank you in advance for any consideration………

UPDATE Wednesday December 12th, 2012:

There seems to be a voting 'glitch' and some can and others cannot vote more than once YET, please do keep trying to vote DAILY and do share as BHRR could really really really use your assistance!

UPDATE: Friday December 14th, 2012:

You need to clear your cache/cookies on your iPhone(go to "Settings", then "Safari", then 'Clear Cookies/Cache' to be able to vote again daily AND you need to clear your cache on whatever browser you are using on your home or work computers to be able to vote again daily.

BHRR has slipped to SECOND place and this contest end Sunday just before Midnight! Please vote and share! ๐Ÿ™‚

UPDATE Sunday December 16th, 2012:


As many are aware from the public blanket statement posts I was making, as soon as I understood what was able to really occur with the voting in the food contest, I contacted MDB. This was not resulting in a fair contest to all r/q Rescues involved.

We have been in conversation for the last few days re: this contest and per the positioning of BHRR, we will only wish to operate with continued integrity plus honesty and no food is worth any compromising of that.

Either we all are able to vote once a day, only ever once, or multiple times daily. What was happening was not equal or fair to all involved. BHRR and it was so important that MDB be made aware of what was happening.

I am aware that they did a reset a couple of days ago to try and have people being able to only vote once every 24 hours and some could and others still could not vote again.

We have continued to support MDB in any successful resolution they felt was necessary and per their public post today, they have decided to do a reset from scratch – starting over.

I thank EACH of our supporters and believers that have campaigned so hard to assist the animals of BHRR and in sharing! ๐Ÿ™‚ No words can tell you how much this has meant to BHRR for we do go through 120 POUNDS of dog food PER DAY.

AND good luck to all participating for round two!

BHRR's 5th ANNUAL "JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS" Online Auction is ON NOW UNTIL Thursday December 6th @ 9:00 PM EST!

We currently have 122 very exciting items up for grabs! MORE being added throughout the last day of this auction! ๐Ÿ™‚

All monies raised shall go to the care of animals in need of BHRR and also assist the two new Saint Bernards headed our way!

In preparation in having to do some emergency fundraising for BHRR's Autumn's ever growing mounting bills that shall include having several surgeries, we are going to be offering up  a small  BHRR's Autumn's EMERGENCY Online Auction

Auction details and how to bid can be found HERE – ITEMS can be added at any time – so, please check back!

Starts 6:00 AM EST on Monday October 29th, 2012
Ends 10:00 PM EST on Monday November 5th, 2012

NOTE: BHRR's Autumn's EMERGENCY ONLINE AUCTION does not replace our 5th ANNUAL 'JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS' ONLINE Auction to commence on Saturday November 24th, 2012!

Here is another VIDEO from today – fall at BHRR  – Wednesday October 17th, 2012.

I wanted to capture BHRR's Blossom's body condition as she looks today and could not help but capture some of the other BHRR lovelies too! ๐Ÿ™‚

DOESN'T BHRR's Blossom look fabu extreme now!!! NO longer that 57 pound Great Dane that first arrived into Rescue on September 7th, 2012!

WTG BHRR's Blossom!!!!

COME ON OUT TO SEE US THIS SATURDAY AUGUST 11th @ the Critter Jungle in Ottawa, Ontario!

RAIN OR SHINE! We shall be there! So, bring your dirty dawg and we shall wash plus towel dry for you!

We shall also have some items for sale to help raise much needed funds for the animals in need of BHRR.

AND it looks like the rain is going to be there BUT so shall we! ๐Ÿ™‚ We are all going to be wet anyway! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here is a video taken tonight of some of the BHRR gang and our own. I have spent my day immersed with the animals for maximum dog therapy to try and help soothe my heart and soul over our most recent and shocking sudden loss of BHRR's Hamilton The Newf. ๐Ÿ™ We feel like we are in a walking nightmare and most of the day has been a blur yet; all of us here have been trying to stay super busy and keep our minds plus bodies occupied so as to not think………….all of us are still reeling in shock.

This video of how well BHRR's Dozer and so many others are doing including BHRR's Ani & BHRR's Cosette and BHRR's Jetta really help find purpose to why I get up in the morning and what I look forward to each day.


Our 5th Annual BHRR/KAH MIcrochip/Nail Trim & BBQ Fundraiser being held at Kanata Animal Hospital from 8 AM – 4 PM (NO appointments necessary) is coming up fast!

If you would like a copy of this stunning poster to crosspost via email or post up at work, your local training facility, petstore, etc., please EMAIL

This is BHRR's biggest Fundraiser of every year!

Thank you being extended to Shirley again for such a fabulous poster!!!! Thank you so much once more for working with me on this!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Please 'click' on the poster for more details/information! ๐Ÿ™‚

AND to stay updated on the latest developments, join our BHRR Facebook EVENT PAGE!

VIDEO #2 with BHRR's Rambo, BHRR's Veteran, BHRR's Hamilton the Newf, BHRR's Rain with BHRR's Goliath etc.

In watching this video, I noted that BHRR's Veteran was limping. His back right leg is a bit tender and swollen. He is now on crate rest and Deramaxx and will re-visit the Vet if needed.

Our Spring Fundraiser is NOW ON!

1st Annual '1-on-1' Special Date With A BHRR Animal Online Auction.

The BHRR Auction will begin at 6:00 AM EST on Saturday April 14th, 2012.
Unfortunately, bids submitted prior to this time cannot be considered.

The BHRR Auction will end at 9:00 PM EST on Thursday April 26th, 2012.

We are still in the process of adding the 'eligible' BHRR doggies, so please visit our website often! WE HAVE 16 DATES so far made available! Date includes a picnic lunch! ๐Ÿ™‚

*For more information on each dog available, please visit their dog blog links under each dog's individual bid item details.*

Thanks Louise for the great poster!

Permission Given To Cross-Post!



That BHRR will be at the NEW Pet Valu located in the Kemptville Colonnade Retail Mall(Hwy 43 & 416 – near the new Timmie's & Canadian Tire!), on Saturday April 14th from 10 AM to 3 PM & then again on Sunday April 15th from 11 AM to 4 PM for their Pet Appreciation weekend!

On Saturday – BHRR's Journey and BHRR's Freeze are going to be in attendance plus I shall be bringing Drift to begin his own 'big world' introduction.

On Sunday – BHRR's Hamilton The Newf & BHRR's Hailey shall be in attendance. This shall be good for BHRR's Hailey to also get her back into the 'big world'!

I shall also be doing microchipping for $40 which includes registration – NO APPOINTMENTS NECESSARY!

Looking forward to a great weekend of public awareness/community education on not just BHRR yet; so many other important topics re: animal welfare plus giving our dogs some more fabu experiences! Maybe, some right matched forever loving homes will meet them and consider submittIng an application to adopt. ๐Ÿ™‚

Until the end of day on Tuesday April 10th, Luanne of Rusty Dawg Pet Products is hosting the following FUNDRAISER for BHRR through her Arbonne business.

Here is Luanne's Arbonne ONLINE Fundraiser Facebook Page & you can EMAIL HER!

AND here are the details of this Fundraiser of which Lana Burnley-Waters of Pet-errific who has her own Arbonne business shall match each Fundraising Dollar raised by Luanne to then donate to BHRR!

FROM LUANNE AND REMEMBER TO LET LUANNE know that your order is for the BHRR Fundraiser:

April 1-10, 2012

I am hosting an Online Arbonne Party with a portion of my sales being donated to Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services, a wonderful Giant Canine Breed & Equine rescue group in Ottawa area focusing on those with special needs (!

Arbonne is a Swiss company that is over 30 years old. Their products are non-toxic, botanically based and they have something for everyone, ranging from newborns to senior citizens. I can honestly say Arbonne's products are the best I've ever tried! I have switched all my personal care products to Arbonne & my skin and hair have never looked healthier!

Arbonne products are all Vegan Certified. They do not contain animal products/by-products and they have never & will never test on animals! What a great combination to be able to purchase pure, safe & beneficial products that are truly amazing from an animal friendly company and at the same time supporting a great rescue group ๐Ÿ™‚ As an added incentive, if you purchase more than $100 retail during the Party your name will go into a draw to win a product of your choice up to a $60 retail value.

This is your chance to try Arbonne's Ultra-Premium, Swiss formulated products & to also support a wonderful rescue group! The party will be open from April 1, 2012 through to, and including, April 10, 2012 with 10% of all sales being donated to BHRR!

If you sign up as a Preferred Client with a minimum order of $180 (which entitles you to a free product of your choice up to $120 retail value for your first order only), I will donate an additonal $5 to BHRR! As a Preferred Client you get a 20% discount off all your orders plus other specials & monthly promotions that are available only to Preferred Clients. The fee is $35 per year with the renewal fee being only $18! You can read more about being a Preferred Client and all the offers that are available here: (scroll down)

If you sign up as a Consultant with a minimum order of $180 (which entitles you to a free product of your choice up to $120 retail value for your first order only), I will donate an additonal $10 to BHRR! As a Consultant you get a 35% discount off all your orders plus other specials, incentives & monthly promotions that are available only to Consultants. You also earn commission on retail orders placed by personally sponsored Preferred Clients! You can read more about being a Consultant and all the offers that are available here: (scroll down)

For those who live in Ottawa area you can take advantage of the Consolidated Shipping option. I will have all the Ottawa orders shipped to my house and the shipping charges will be split up equally amongst all the orders. It's a great way to save on shipping! In order do this you will need to email your order to me with all your info so that I can input it for you.

For those who live outside of Ottawa, you can place your order directly from my Arbonne website – On the right hand side in the Join Arbonne section, click on "Click Here to become part of Arbonne today!" This takes you to the Arbonne Registration page where you can choose to sign up as a Client (free – no discount), Preferred Client ($35 – 20% discount) or Consultant ($95 – 35% discount). After you register you will be taken to the Shop Online page where you will place your order. After you place your order please email me to let me know that your order is part of BHRR's fundraiser.

If you are already an Arbonne Client you can order as usual through Arbonne's website: If you would like to take advantage of the Consolidated shipping please email your order to me, along with your Arbonne ID, so I can input it for you.

Arbonne is a global company so those in Canada, United States, Australia and the UK can place orders!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. My email address is:

Here's a link to a Note I posted on Facebook if you want to know more about becoming a Consultant –

As an added incentive, if you purchase more than $100 retail during the Party your name will go into a draw to win a product of your choice up to a $60 retail value. Pls help me support BHRR and place an order! I know you will not be disappointed with Arbonne's products! They are the best of the best, seriously. They are formulated under the strictest guidelines so they do not contain any toxic chemicals that are typically found in products at the drug stores etc.

Today, I was able to get a really great look under BHRR's Rambo's chin and clean it up nicely. He does have some puppy acne yet he has a cut there. Later today, I then receieved a nice email from one of the transporters who sent along the following; which explains the cut. BHRR's Rambo is now on some antibiotics for that chin.

Hello: I was one of the first persons to drive Rambo to Chatham from Windsor along with Cindy, Rambo cut his chin on a fence minutes before we picked him up. When I got him the staff peson was cleaning his chin where he jumped on her and hit the fence. She had blood on her jacket and when I asked her what happened she said Rambo jumped up on her and hit the fence she was sitting next to and cut his chin. The Wehs staff cleaned his chin and then within minutes we picked him up. Hopefully the cut didn't become infected so soon. Thank you for taking this great dog and as I read your blog about him he sure is in good hands. 

He is also a HUGE crate escapee! So, he has three carabeeners on his crate now! Today, he had a lot of offleash time in the fenced in yard and has been successfully integrated with most of the dogs here. He had a grand time playing with BHRR's Gretta, BHRR's Rain & BHRR's Potter. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is a VIDEO #1!
Here is VIDEO #2!
Here is VIDEO #3!

AND only twice today, did he leap and jump to grab that leash direct from my hand and arm. He is getting the message, that this is not appropriate.

Awhile back, I was contacted by a woman named Kathy Radar. She had recently purchased a new vehicle a ‘Journey’ and she had heard about BHRR’s Journey’s story. She contacted me wanting to do a Fundraiser to ‘Fill Up Her Journey For Journey & BHRR Friends’.

This is one reason why we are hosting a special BHRR ‘EXPERIENCE’ Mini Open House in April; for she shall be coming up to BHRR with her friend to drop off her Journey filled with goodies! I thought it would be lovely for her & her friend to meet others involved with BHRR, pass along their own appreciation for her efforts etc. ๐Ÿ™‚

For anyone in the London, ON area that would like to participate; please contact Kathy directly. (519) 452-3009 – She is collecting items right up until April 19th inclusive!!!

Journey for JOURNEY campaign poster – Click Link To View Poster! ๐Ÿ™‚


On another note; BHRR’s Journey’s recheck on her tail, new weight check plus tail appointment shall be rescheduled for next weekend – Saturday March 31st, 2012.

Here is a VIDEO of a few of the BHRR doggies – BHRR's Gretta, BHRR's Bloom, BHRR's Freedom, BHRR's Adele puts in a cameo appearance as does BHRR's Potter

The Panache Pooch 'SHARE YOUR HEART' Fundraiser for BHRR is running from February 1st – February 29th, inclusive! There are now 34 ITEMS available!

25% of all sales of Amanda's collars/leashes currently listed on her Etsy Store shall come to to BHRR!

When you 'SHARE YOUR HEART'; you will be helping animals in need of BHRR!

EMAIL Amanda

All prices are in CDA $. You might have to change your default to CDA $ if need be. ๐Ÿ™‚

AND in honour of BHRR BOD member Mary, Amanda & I wish to have this Fundraiser in Carbon's memory. RIP dear boy. YOU will be so deeply missed!

If you would like to see some of the Panache Pooch collars that we have had over the years, please visit HERE!

Crossposting permission given!


HERE is the CBC Ottawa Morning radio interview with Anna, myself & BHRR’s Journey that was live/aired on Monday February 13th, 2012! It was re-aired at 5:40 AM on Tuesday February 14th, 2012

The belief in Journey is so warming to feel plus see and once again from my own heart; THANK you to each and every one for helping her!!! I am and remain wonderfully overwhelmed and humbled deeply by such gifts of money and material goods given to her cause!

I have spent a good part of my AM answering emails, discussing what BHRR does, how BHRR does what we do, that we operate out of our home and those of our approved temp foster homes, why BHRR is so successful at what we do plus deeply thanking everyone for the continued support!

Education is so key and BHRR’s Journey continues to teach many about forgiveness, trust, giving, acceptance plus determination!

She is scheduled to head back to the Vet at KAH on Friday February 17th for a recheck on that tail, possible vaccines and another fecal! GO JOURNEY GO!

AND Anna, I am still in awe and inspired by your generous and giving soul!!!

I also finally was able to hear the interview myself! ๐Ÿ˜‰

BHRR's Journey's article in The Ottawa Citizen.

A heartfelt touching warm story of a community being brought together by a GD who was in urgent need and how inspirational, beautiful their supportive efforts including those of Anna with her incredible WOW YUMMY Fundraising Biscuit idea to help save this special GD has been!

AND, Journey is bombing along in her rehabilitation and come April, she should be ready to be placed up for adoption!

SO many believed in you Journey and so many LOVE you!!! YOU are worthy, deserving and no less important than any other dog! ๐Ÿ™‚

Some errors including that almost $3,000 in private donations have been sent not $1,000 to date; BHRR is not located in Oxford Mills; Journey is a 'she' not a he plus some of the timeline in the story is in error. BUT, a lovely article overall! ๐Ÿ™‚


OTTAWA — When she heard the story of Journey – the emaciated Great Dane found on Highway 401 just before Christmas, close to starvation and covered in bite wounds – Anna Gray-Henschel embarked on a journey of her own. She knew she had to do something to help, but she couldn't have imagined that, more than a month later, she would have baked 20,000 dog biscuits to raise money for his care.

As a dog lover, owner of two Great Danes and someone who recently decided to volunteer at rescue shelters, Gray-Henschel came up with the idea of baking some of her own dogs' favourite cheddar cheese and bacon biscuits and selling them to raise money. The idea had worked when her employer, the RCMP, held fundraising campaigns, so why not try to augment her personal donation toward the poor dog's care? Her goal was to bake 100 dozen and sell them for $3 a dozen. She would then donate all $300 of the proceeds to Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation Services in Oxford Mills, where Journey was convalescing.

Several weeks later, that 100 dozen has become 1,667 dozen and she still has orders for 167 dozen more. By day, she's a director general in the RCMP's national security criminal investigations branch, and every evening she bakes for four hours. Weekends she puts in 12-hour days by the oven.

"My husband has been joking about our hydro bill," she said. "But he's not really complaining."

When she's not baking, she's delivering the biscuits. By the time she fills all her orders, she will have raised $5,600 toward the dog's extensive vet bills, which will likely top $8,000 and include at least one more surgery. If the orders keep coming, she'll keep baking, providing shipping (when necessary), delivery and the baking supplies at her own expense. She hopes to raise $6,000 by Valentine's Day.

"It's just one thing and it's not a big deal, but it shows you can have a huge impact if you do your little thing," she said. "It's such a small thing to do to help rehabilitate this beautiful dog. It's hard to believe someone would do this to her."

The response to Journey's story has been amazing, said Gwendilin Boers, an animal behaviour specialist (she's a PhD candidate in the subject) who runs the shelter and works part-time at the Kanata Animal Hospital.

"We were shocked by her condition," Boers said. "We see some terrible things in rescue, but she's one of the worse cases I have seen in my 16 years of running the rescue."

Journey weighed 74 pounds when a Great Dane at her age should weigh between 110 and 115 pounds. She had fleas, pieces of her ear tips missing, open bite wounds all over her body, a broken tail, frostbite, hypothermia, dehydration and round worms. Boers suspects she was abused. "She was in tragic shape, to say the least."

Boers said the community support had been all the more impressive coming, as it did, just after Christmas.

Journey was brought to the rescue one day after she was found by a Good Samaritan in the freezing rain on the highway near Brockville.

"I'm beyond touched," Boers said, adding that people such as Gray-Henschel had eased the worries about how they would be able to pay the extensive vet bills associated with Journey's recovery. In addition to those who have contributed to the biscuits campaign, private donations have totalled more than $1,000.

"Journey has been a Christmas miracle," Boers said. "She has met every obstacle she has had to overcome with grace and good temperament. She's a very loving dog who has brought so many people together in the spirit of giving. Anna's contribution is just wonderfully overwhelming."

Boers thought it would be June before Journey would be ready for adoption, but, given her progress so far – she now weighs close to 100 pounds – she estimates it will be mid-April.

Donations are being accepted through the Kanata Animal Hospital or by email transfer to Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation is accepting donations through PayPal.


In honor of Gwennie, the Founder of BHRR,  all of us are wishing her a most wonderful and special of birthdays today – February 3rd!

As we have done for the last 2 years as a surprise for Gwennie; if you believe in BHRR; enjoy all the blog updates, pictures, open houses, GD hikes, Gwennie novel posts, her educational articles plus links; please make a donation in support of her rescue efforts.

This fundraiser shall run through until 11:59 PM today – Friday February 3rd, 2012

This blog post was made without Gwennie's awareness as we have managed to do in the past and we hope that once again, she shall be pleasantly surprised!

You can help ease her stress and worries somewhat today about always worrying about money for food to help those in need of the BHRR programs. You can help ease her stress and worries somewhat today about coming up with funds for food by either donating a bag of food or making a donation for food to be bought. You can help ease her stress and worries somewhat today about the mounting food bills for BHRR for beside Vet Bills, this is BHRR's biggest expense.

Together let's make that BHRR 'chain of success' for Gwennie even more strong today!

Email transfer to or via PayPal (account OR even bring a bag of food or cash donation to the upcoming BHRR Open House to help BHRR out! As Gwennie states so often, there is no amount too small.

Several of us approached Gwennie again this year to ask what she wanted for her birthday and once again never did she mention anything for herself. Always her family, friends or the animals.

Please do help us make a birthday very special today for a very special lady who operates a very special Rescue by making a food donation to BHRR.

Total Raised to Date$905 + 6 bags of food

Gwennie's BHRR BIRTHDAY Food Believers & Supporters:



Lana & Warren of Pet-errific

Paula & Serge













BHRR's 4TH ANNUAL 'JUST IN TIME' FOR XMAS Online Auction shall begin Saturday November 19th @ 7 AM EST and shall run through until Thursday December 1st @ 9 PM EST.

If anyone has any items they would ike to donate inluding services, gift certificates or gift cards; please EMAIL. We will take donations right up until the day the auction shall end. BHRR only hosts three planned Fundraisers a year and every penny goes back to the animals!

We have many bills coming up for some very special animals including BHRR's Bloom and your support would be so appreciated!

Click on the poster for more information!

PERMISSION TO CROSS-POST and if you would like a poster to put up at your work, local businesses etc., please email us for one!


‘Spare a Loonie for Bloomy’

Hello Everyone!!

We are now launching the ''Spare a Loonie for Bloomy'' campaign, starting November 1st, 2011 (11-1-11) and running until December 1st, 2011 (12-1-11); We would like to encourage everyone to invite their family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, etc. to donate $1.

Even if you think that $1 won't make a difference, one thousand loonies certainly will! You can drop off the money at DögHaus (5671 Sherbrooke West) in Bloom's piggy bank or donate directly to Bloom's file (100861) at by calling the DMV (514-633-8888).

OR you can donate via Paypal ( or by email transfer to (make sure you send the pw) or by mailing a bank draft out to 'Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabiltation Services(BHRR)' and mail to:

Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation Services(BHRR)
C/O Gwendilin Boers
2425 Totem Ranch Road West
RR#1 Oxford Station, Ontario
K0G 1T0

Many places have 'casual' Fridays and considering choosing BHRR's Bloom's cause for one of those office days!

Please share this message with everyone you know, we can use all the help we can get to reach our goal!

Let's make a change with change!!

**Keep in mind that it costs the DMV money every time they process a credit card transaction, and many companies enforce a $5 minimum rule.***

BHRR's Bloom's Angels:

Bloom's Carnival Fundraiser Angels


Total Raised To Date: $965
Total Needed to Raise: $4,000

On Sunday October 30th, 2011 – Global Pet Foods – Kanata (AND yes, that is BHRR's Lil Linus on the front page with his tongue! LOL) is hosting Photo Sessions for $10 as well as $10 nail trims and they so very kindly have chosen BHRR as their Animal Rescue of choice whereby 50% of the proceeds raised shall come to BHRR!

Nail trims are by appointment ONLY!

Please contact Global Pet Foods – Kanata directly (613) 599-0660 to reserve your nail spot!


Time: 11 AM – 3 PM
Place: Global Pet Foods – Kanata 700 Eagleson Road



BHRR's 4th ANNUAL Dinner Boat Cruise & Live/Silent Auction Fundraiser is being held on Saturday October 1st! We ONLY have 7 tickets left AND you can pay via PayPal (; email transfer to (please ensure that we have the pw) OR Bank Draft! The boat is reserved ONLY for BHRR participants and their guests.

BHRR is still looking for items for our Live & Silent Auction for this Fundraiser. BHRR ONLY hosts 3 planned Fundraisers a year and this is our second fundraiser event for 2011.

BHRR does not receive any corporate or federal/provincial government funding.

If you have any items that you would like to donate to BHRR; pleae email! THANKS so much!!!!!


JUST two SLEEPIES until the 4th ANNUAL KAH/BHRR Microchip/Nail Trim & BBQ Fundraiser being held at Kanata Animal Hospital – 440 Hazeldean Road in Kanata, Ontario on Sunday July 17th, 2011

Time: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM


There will also be Pet Photos, Caricatures, Face Painting, Free Draws, Human Bake Table, Doggie Treats, Leashes, Collars, BHRR Bracelets, Tug Ropes and more!

Microchips$40 – For Cats & Dogs
Nail Trims$10 – For Cats, Dogs, Guinea Pigs & Rabbits

The Rogers Community Cruiser shall be on hand from 10:00 AM – Noon with free timbits & coffee

Complimentary Behavoural/Training Consult Sessions to be had with the Founder of BHRR & Animal Behavoural Student G. Boers

The microchips are from 24PetWatch and they meet the requirements of the revised Canadian standard for electronic identification of companion animals. These microchips are also accepted by the CKC. Animal microchips are about the size of a grain of rice and are typically implanted just beneath the skin between the shoulder blades.

Every year millions of lost and abandoned animals are taken in by shelters, pounds, humane societies, SPCA's and rescue organizations. Of these animals only about 15% of dogs and 5% of the cats (estimated numbers) are ever returned to their homes. The primary reason that the statistics are so low is, because the pets are unidentifiable. Microchipping provides the only truly permanent method of identifying your pet(dogs and cats-especially outdoor one's!) and networking the animal back to their owners. If you want to improve your cat or dog's chances of getting home; microchipping is your best option.

Out of 20 dogs gone missing in our area, only 7 have been found to date; of which 4 were microchipped.

This is the largest Mircochip Fundraiser in CANADA!

Here is a picture of BHRR's Potter with just one of the 27 amazing registered attendees from our June 25th BHRR 'EXPERIENCE' Mini Open Houses! Our next one shall be in September and if you are interested, please email to register. We only take 30 registratrants and we are already 9!

June 25th, 2011 – BHRR 'EXPERIENCE' Mini Open House
*Photo courtesy of J. Rheome DeSantis

BHRR wants to stress the following:

All of our adoption mandates, processes plus policies are clearly posted on both our PetFinder and Home Website. Additionally, our application is very detailed in respect to the same and each animals' blog on both PetFinder and on our Home Website; advises to become familar with our adoption criteria, before submitting an application to be reviewed.

If for any reason you do not agree to what BHRR requires of a BHRR adoptive home; pleae do not apply. This includes not being in support of our non-refundable application fee, our mandatory obedience clause, requiring a signed letter of permission from a landperson if renting,  no adoptions to homes with children under the age of 9, that we are a Special Needs focused based Rescue, that you refuse to keep pets safe, refuse to alter any non-show pets etc.

BHRR's requirements are written very specifically and are explicit in detail for anyone visiting our sites. We are always most happy to answer any questions, yet will only do so to those that are courteous in their manner plus approach.

BHRR is a highly reputable/quality registered NPO operated by an ALL Volunteer team, without any salaried employees and many of us have families plus full time Careers and other commitments outside of Rescue. I am deeply disturbed by what members of the BOD of BHRR had to address recently over an application that was submitted for review.  I feel for those BHRR members that took on the responsibility to continue to try and educate and be professional when this application was declined. Here I was sitting in emerg waiting to address clearly broken bones and am most unappreciative to witness what was sent BHRR's way after this application was declined in a professional manner with much explanation as to the reasons why their application could not proceed.

If they had just read and respected what was clearly posted, they would be well aware that we are not going to make ANY EXCEPTIONS on very important clauses, clauses that has given BHRR a second to none adoption success rate of 100% in over 10 years of operating and now is 99% as we are in our 15+ year.

In addition, your occupation as what has been stated before, is no indication that you are going to take proper care of an animal. BHRR's Lexi and BHRR's Hailey both came from a very bad domestic abuse situation where they were sorely mistreated and the one Owner is a promimant member of his own community. Abuse is not limited to specific Careers, race, colour or creed. It knows no boundaries. ๐Ÿ™

You might believe you are a wonderful home yet the application process is our way of getting to know you and to determine if your home would qualify for a BHRR animal. All members of BHRR are part of our extended family and we are always seeking to have new approved Volunteers and Homes join us!

Please refer to:


In summary; PLEASE DO NOT apply to be considered if you do not meet these very detailed and visible mandates plus clauses and respect them.

Rescue is hard enough in trying to save animals in need and their wellbeing remains one of our top priorities.



LAST Gentle Reminder: The FACEBOOK BHRR Discussion Group has MOVED to! –


This is just a last gentle reminder that our Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation Services(BHRR) Group has moved!


With the 'upgrade' and 'archiving' of the current discussion groups on Facebook, we believe that the needs of our Rescue & Rehab organization cannot sufficiently be met any longer and hence the change to a BHRR FAN PAGE Format.

As of June 1st; the current Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation Services(BHRR) Facebook DISCUSSION GROUP had all members deleted and then the group was permanently disabled and so as of the evening of Thursday May 5th, 2011 we have since moved to a Facebook Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation Services(BHRR) FAN PAGE format instead.

Our BHRR FAN Page is very interactive, user friendly and fosters great networking plus social friendships and it also feeds into our BHRR Twitter account! We already have had some good discussions with insightful comments happening!

So, to stay abreast of all things uniquely BHRR including requests for assistance, Event/Fundraiser Announcements, upcoming 'EXPERIENCE' Open Houses, GD & Honourary GD Walks/Hikes INCLUDING any Lost & Found Animals, interesting tidbits, Animal Welfare topics, courtesy postings for other reputable/quality organizations/groups, community events etc.; do come and 'LIKE' our Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation Services(BHRR) FAN PAGE –

Sorry for any inconvenience caused! ๐Ÿ™ is the URL to crosspost! As of now, we have 226 Supporters & counting! Thanks for joining the migration! ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks everyone for your understanding plus patience as we make this necessary transition to continue to have the best network in place to continue to assist animals in need of our programs with your strong 'CHAIN OF SUCCESS' support!

The BHRR Team

Since we have launched our NEW Facebook BHRR FAN PAGE , (see below blog); BHRR is going to be implementing some changes to our blog posts currently being made on here, our home website. With how wonderfully interactive plus informatively laid out our NEW Facebook BHRR FAN PAGE is, we shall no longer be doing as many posts on the Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation Services home website blogs yet instead posting on our BHRR FAN PAGE almost exclusively! Our BHRR FAN Page is very interactive, user friendly and fosters great networking plus social friendships and it also feeds into our BHRR Twitter account!

So, to stay abreast of all things uniquely BHRR including requests for assistance, Event/Fundraiser Announcements, upcoming 'EXPERIENCE' Open Houses, GD & Honourary GD Walks/Hikes INCLUDING any Lost & Found Animals, interesting tidbits, Animal Welfare topics, courtesy postings for other organizations, community events etc.; do come and 'LIKE' our Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation Services(BHRR) FAN PAGE

As of June 1st; the current Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation Services(BHRR) Facebook DISCUSSION GROUP shall have all members deleted and then the group permanently disabled/deleted and so as of the evening of Thursday May 5th, 2011 we have since moved to a Facebook Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation Services(BHRR) FAN PAGE format instead.

All 256 members of our current BHRR DISCUSSION Group have now been notified of the change to our NEW Facebook BHRR FAN PAGE and we shall send out another notice as a gentle reminder a couple of days before deleting all members from the old Discussion 'GROUP'.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused! :( is the URL to crosspost! As of now, we have 132 Supporters & counting! Thanks for joining the migration! :)

Please inform those you know that follow us on the BHRR DISCUSSION GROUP that this GROUP will be deleted as of June 1st, 2011. We have so many that still have not moved over, so please help us get the word out! Please re-direct them to our NEW FACEBOOK BHRR FAN PAGE! Please come on over and 'LIKE' us!

Thanks everyone for your understanding plus patience as we make this necessary transition to continue to have the best network in place to continue to assist animals in need of our programs with your strong 'CHAIN OF SUCCESS' support!



My water bottle went MIA this AM. Hmmmmmm, guess who took it????!!

BHRR's Potter – Doesn't he look MARVELOUS!

As of June 1st; the current Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation Services(BHRR) Facebook DISCUSSION GROUP shall have all members deleted and then the group permanently disabled/deleted.

Since the evening of Thursday May 5th, 2011 we have since moved to a Facebook Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation Services(BHRR) 'Like' FAN PAGE format instead.

The current DISCUSSION groups are going to be archived & even for those that qualify to 'upgrade', groups shall lose the ability to 'interact' with all members. We depend on that important function to save animals in need through our posts for urgent requests and to update our supporting members on BHRR news.

All 256 members of our current BHRR DISCUSSION Group have now been notified of the change to our NEW Facebook BHRR 'LIKE' FAN PAGE FORMAT and we shall send out another notice as a gentle reminder a couple of days before deleting all members from the old Discussion 'GROUP'.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused! :( is the URL to crosspost! As of now, we have 96 Supporters & counting! Thanks for joining the migration! :)

Please inform those you know that follow us on the BHRR DISCUSSION GROUP that this GROUP will be deleted as of June 1st, 2011. We have so many that still have not moved over, so please help us get the word out! Please re-direct them to our NEW FACEBOOK BHRR FAN PAGE! Please come on over and 'LIKE' us!

Thanks everyone for your understanding plus patience as we make this necessary transition to continue to have the best network in place to continue to assist animals in need of our programs with your strong 'CHAIN OF SUCCESS' support!


Here are the May availability dates/times for play dates, day trips and play trips for the BHRR dogs for our approved BHRR Volunteers to consider.

Please email if interested in giving a BHRR animal extra BLAST of a time social/training experiences!

Monday May 2nd – Anytime between 2 PM – 8 PM
Tuesday May 2nd – Anytime between 2 PM – 8 PM
Wednesday May 4th – Anytime between 2 PM – 8 PM
Tuesday May 10th – Anytime between 2 PM – 8 PM
Wednesday May 11th – Anytime between 2 PM – 8 PM
Friday May 13th – Anytime between 2 PM – 8 PM
Saturday May 14th – Anytime between 8 AM – 4 PM
Monday May 16th – Anytime between 2 PM – 8 PM
Tuesday May 17th – Anytime between 2 PM – 8 PM
Friday May 20th – Anytime between 2 PM – 8 PM
Saturday May 21st – Anytime between 8 AM – 4 PM
Tuesday May 24th – Anytime between 2 PM – 8 PM
Wednesday May 25th – Anytime between 2 PM – 8 PM

When we arrived back home from Vacation on March 22nd, we noticed that BHRR's Potter's one eye was not looking so good, was oozing plus red and that he had an eye infection and from there; we have now had to treat BHRR's Hailey, BHRR's Windsor, BHRR's Benjamin and Bleach in quick succession who have also ended up with eye infections. Thank goodness for well stocked animal first aid kits!

As soon as we noticed BHRR's Potter's eye that night we arrived home; we have been able to properly contain it and ensure minimal contamination/infection.  Now that things look pretty much back to normal for us having to treat the animals – TID daily for up to 10 days with eye medication plus antibtioics BID and cleaning eyes – time can be spent on updating pictures and blogs! ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are the April availability dates for play dates, day trips and play dates for the BHRR dogs for our approved BHRR Volunteers to consider. BHRR's Lily Belle is not on this list as she is currently under a "PENDING ADOPTION" and we should know by end of Monday April 4th, that status of her application. Thanks everyone for your continued patience!


Friday April 1st – Anytime between Noon – 8 PM
Saturday April 2nd – Anytime between 8 AM – 4 PM
Wednesday April 6th – Anytime between 4 PM – 8 PM
Monday April 11th – Anytime between Noon – 8 PM
Wednesday April 13th – Anytime between 4 PM – 8 PM
Friday April 15th – Anytime between 4 PM – 8 PM
Saturday April 16th – Anytime between 8 AM – 4 PM
Monday April 18th – Anytime between Noon – 8 PM
Tuesday April 19th – Anytime between Noon – 8 PM
Wednesday April 20th – Anytime between 4 PM – 8 PM
Saturday April 23rd – Anytime between 8 AM – 4 PM
Monday April 25th – Anytime between Noon – 8 PM
Wednesday April 27th – Anytime between 4 PM – 8 PM
Friday April 29th – Anytime between 4 PM – 8 PM
Saturday April 30th – Anytime between 8 AM – 4 PM

Please email if interested in giving a BHRR animal extra BLAST of a time social/training experiences!



Thank you to all that helped raise much needed monies for both of our Rescues!



Two Ontario Great Dane Rescues – Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services(BHRR) & Danes in Distress(DiD) have come together to host this 2011 High Bid "War" to benefit animals in need of both of our programs.

These amazing pair of Hockey Tickets are to the Toronto Maple Leafs vs. the Ottawa Senators game being held on Saturday April 2nd, 2011 at Scotiabank Place in Ottawa starting at 7:00 PM.

These seats are in the 100L- Section 109 Row C and are fantabulous seats! The value on these pair of tickets are $400+ CDA.


The ‘HELP SCORE FOR THE BHRR & DID ANIMALS HOCKEY hig' Bid 'War' began on Wednesday March 23rd @ 8:00 AM EST and shall end on Tuesday March 29th @ 9:00 PM EST.

Tickets can be couriered at no cost to the winner for their convenience to their place of business or home.

To bid on the Sens vs. Leafs tickets, please email with your full name, address, phone number including area code, and please indicate your bid amount.

Bidding shall start at $100 and the website shall be updated regularly.

Note: Payment for the winning bidder must come direct to BHRR and BHRR will ONLY accept a payment of M/C OR VISA OR AMEX OR email transfer to (please ensure that we have the password).

Danes in Distress(DiD) shall NOT be accepting any payment for these Hockey bid tickets and will be directing all interest to BHRR. Any payment made direct to DiD shall be considered a donation and not as payment for these Hockey tickets for this Fundraiser.

Note: BHRR shall NOT accept any PayPal payment per their rules & regulations. Any monies sent via that method will be considered a donation.

Note: BHRR shall NOT accept personal checks.


After confirmation of receipt of payment sent to BHRR, BHRR will make arrangements to get your winning tickets to you ASAP.

Our deepest thanks being sent out in advance to everyone for your consideration in participating to help both BHRR and DiD continue to save animals in need of assistance! By showing your support, you are representing a wonderful effort to a great cause!

  • The BHRR Auction will begin at 8:00 AM EST on Wednesday March 23rd, 2011. Unfortunately, bids submitted prior to this time cannot be considered.
  • The BHRR Auction will end at 9:00 PM EST on Tuesday March 29nd, 2011. The highest bid on these tickets will be determined based on the time of the email sent as recorded by the time marked by our ISP.
  • High bidders will be identified each day ONLY by their first name and last initial.
  • All bid prices are in Canadian funds.
  • Bids must be done in $5.00 or Greater increments.
  • When bidding please include your first and last name plus a phone number that you can be reached at if necessary.
  • All Bidders must be at LEAST 18 years of age or older.
  • All bids are considered final and binding, please do not bid if you do not intend to follow through on payment. Also, please do not bid on behalf of anyone else without their explicit written permission. The owner of the email will be considered the bidder and responsible/accountable for the bid/payment should their email be the winning bidder.
  • High Bidder will be posted every day of the BHRR Auction and on the final Auction day; the bids shall be updated with postings made regularly until the BHRR Auction closes.
  • If you wish to leave a "maximum" bid as you will not be around to monitor the auction closely yourself, please indicate that in your email when making your bid. Only emailed bids will be accepted.
  • FULL payment is required within 24 hours of being notified of being the winner.
  • Should you be in default of not honouring your bid(which really affects the animals the most), the next person with the highest bid shall be offered the Tickets as the winner.
  • There are NO Returns or Exchanges and BHRR is not responsible for the condition of the Hockey Tickets upon receipt to the winner(s).

About Taxes: You are not actually buying these tickets in this online auction. What you are doing is making a donation and then receiving the item in turn as a thank you. All taxes have been paid on the items you are bidding on.


The BHRR & DiD Teams

The ‘BHRR’ Experience – One Volunteers Blog

Below is a note that the approved BHRR Volunteer wrote on her fb wall about her BHRR 'EXPERIENCE' in taking care of BHRR/our home while I had my first family vacation in almost 6 years. With her permission, it has been posted below. As I say so often to others plus posted this as a response to her fb wall post:

"AND I would love to 'share' your note with others interested in BHRR – either by adopting, volunteering, learning more about our stellar programs etc. – with your permission. I could never say any words better than what those themselves that are involved could say about the BHRR 'EXPERIENCE'. It is all of you that are the 'voice' making that 'CHAIN OF SUCCESS' so strong…"


Day 12 – Novice in Rescue , My Adventure at BHRR – Home coming for all

by Suzanne Desjardins on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 9:13pm


Is there ever anything sweeter than being home ???? I am very certain Gwen,Sean and kids feel the same…I have made some personal journeys in life but this is one for the bucket list 4sure …

I  will never think of rescue in another way except wow, the work involved is just staggering ….and i wasn't even training or rehabbing…..just reinforcing.  BUT the REWARDS are PRICELESS………

If anyone reading this note or my prior notes wonders how they too could be involved…DONATE DONATE DONATE…The amount of food that i fed over the 12 days was mind boggling …FOOD is life for this small respectable,reputable ONE OF A KIND rescue ….so the next time time you are in the pet store or grocery store , buy a bag and and let Gwen know you have food……..Towels, sheets, comforters, pinesol, treats, ALL very much needed …………..

I had tears in my eyes as I left today… there are several that I loved prior to this, and they have cemeted themselves in my heart forever…Potter, Soul and Albert, his trust in me was moving….Bleach is AMAZING for a deaf/blind puppy ….the way he motors around is nothin short of WOW………

 Gwen…. I thank you …………


'HELP SCORE FOR THE BHRR & DID ANIMALS' HOCKEY RAFFLE – ONLY 350 Tickets available – *ENDS Wednesday @ 9:00 PM EST

*CONGRATULATIONS TO D. Harbin of Ottawa, ON & to all in participating to raise funds for GD Rescue!*

Two Ontario Great Dane Rescues – Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services(BHRR) & Danes in Distress(DID) have come together to host this 2011 Hockey Raffle to benefit animals in need of both of our programs.

These amazing pair of Hockey Tickets are to the Toronto Maple Leafs vs. the Ottawa Senators game being held on Saturday April 2nd, 2011 at Scotiabank Place in Ottawa starting at 7:00 PM.

These seats are in the 100L- Section 109 Row O and are excellent seats! The value on these pair of tickets are $400+ CDA.

Furthermore, a Parking Voucher for free regular parking is included for the winner's added bonus!

Furthermore, Linda @ PJ Quigley's located @ 250 Greenbank Road donated a pre-game dinner for 2 (up to $25) to the winner!


We shall ONLY be selling 350 tickets and they are $10.00 each or 3 for $25.00.

The ‘HELP SCORE FOR THE BHRR & DID ANIMALS HOCKEY RAFFLE’ ticket sales began on Monday February 21st @ 8:00 AM EST and shall end on Wednesday March 9th @ 9:00 PM EST.

The draw shall take place on Thursday March 10th @ 8:00 AM EST and the tickets can be couriered at no cost to the winner for their convenience to their place of business or home.

To purchase your raffle tickets, please email with your full name, address, phone number including area code, number of tickets you would like to buy and please indicate your method of payment.

Note: All payments for raffle tickets must come direct to BHRR and BHRR will ONLY accept payments of M/C OR VISA OR AMEX OR email transfer to (please ensure that we have the password).

Danes in Distress(DID) shall NOT be accepting any payments for these Hockey raffle tickets and will be directing all interest to BHRR. Any payments made direct to DID shall be considered a donation and not as payment for Hockey raffle tickets for this Fundraiser.

Note: BHRR shall NOT accept PayPal payments per their rules & regulations. Any monies sent via that method will be considered a donation.

Note: BHRR shall NOT accept personal checks.


Note: Odds of winning are based upon total number of raffle tickets sold.

After confirmation of receipt of payment sent to BHRR, BHRR will email a copy of your raffle ticket(s) in a pdf format with your individual raffle tracking ticket number(s).

Our deepest thanks being sent out in advance to everyone for your consideration in participating to help both BHRR and DID continue to save animals in need of assistance! By showing your support, you are representing a wonderful effort to a great cause!



The BHRR & DID Teams

BHRR mourns the February 18th, 2011 loss of a treasured friend to many – Victim to Bloat/Tort.
Trice, beloved best friend of BHRR Board of Director member Barry.
As per Barry's wishes, Trice has been laid to eternal rest at BHRR, missed by all.
May all those that have been touched by Trice, cherish the incredible gifts that he has bestowed upon them.

Though Barry has requested that any donations in honour of Trice's memory be sent to BHRR; I would like to respectfully ask of each and every person that has had the special pleasure of being blessed to be touched by Trice; to share a photo and/or memory Barry's way. AND to please pass along your support of heart plus caring.

This was not the week it should have been for either one of them when they travelled up from the east coast earier that day. Trice was to come to BHRR for training/tweaking and the week was to be full of fun GD/Human hikes/walks, good training sessions, fantastic play dates, lots of laughter and tons of great memories with friends to warm the heart plus soul. 

I am blessed myself to have been called and upon directing all to meet me at AVAH; to have had the 'gift' of opportunity to pass along my good-byes and tears of heart ache on the night of his passing. This is a dog that I very much adored, has made me a better behavoural expert/trainer plus person and he has touched me very deeply since he plus Barry first crossed my path many years ago. To say that I love the 'Trices' of the world is putting it lightly. I live with a "Trice", I understand/accept the 'Trices' of the world and I feel truly fortunate to have had my life touched by this special Trice!

His loss has affected so many and I know that CH. Dyceman is completely crushed not to have had the opportunity and experiences that should have been theirs during the week that Trice was to be at BHRR. Trice was truly Dyce's best of friends and it has been a week of deep mourning for all……

A portrait of Trice by Barclay Guinn Fine Arts (an example of Barclay's work that had been shown at our 2009 BHRR Boat Cruise Fundraiser)
& BHRR's Kingston with Trice – August 28th, 2009(one of my fav pictures).

Honouring my 'promise!' 2 Pictures of BHRR's Potter from February 2nd, 2011 – 'WINTER WONDERLAND DAY' @ BHRR!

BHRR's Potter

I have had not one, not two but THREE people email me to 'make' a deal! LOL AND that deal is that they will purchase tickets to our currently running BHRR/DiD Hockey Raffle Fundraiser in exchange for me posting new pictures of the dogs! Let me think about this…..UHMMMM! OK! YOU are on!!! Let the picture posting and raffle tickets sales go on! ๐Ÿ˜€

Perhaps, it might make others consider participating such that we can raise much needed funds NOT just for BHRR yet also for another Ontario GD Rescue – DiD(the oldest operating GD Rescue in Ontario at that!). Each penny that is raised is so desperately needed by both of our organizations and please, please, please do consider participating. Even if you are not  a Hockey Fan or would be able to attend the game on April 2nd yourself, purchasing a raffle ticket or two or three; MAKES a great gift for another!

These are fantastic tickets – 100 L, a Parking Voucher is included PLUS a very generous $25 pre-dinner for 2 at P.J's Quigley's on Greenbank in Ontario has been donated by Linda Price. We shall be selling Raffle Tickets until March 9th, 2011 @ 9:00 PM EST.



Current donation update stats for BHRR's Potter are below. We owe almost another $1,000 to completely pay off his current bills. Please consider supporting him and thank you so much in advance!!!


Please do continue to him in your thoughts and donations can still be made to KAH (Kanata Animal Hospital) by calling (613) 836-2848 or by PayPal or by email transfer to

KAH will take Visa, M/C and AMEX over the phone and will then mail you a receipt.

Total Raised to Date: $1,363.97
Vet Bills to Date: $3,400 and Rising
Remaining OWING on Bills at Kanata Animal Hospital: $844.53

Potters Angels:

Alex & Karen
Dan & Isabelle
Gwen personally paid to date – $1,161.55

In honor of Gwennie, the Founder of BHRR, wishing her a most wonderful and special of birthdays today – February 3rd, 2011

If you believe in BHRR; enjoy all the blog updates, pictures, open houses, GD hikes, Gwennie novel posts, her educational articles plus links; please make a donation in support of her rescue efforts. This fundraiser shall run through until 11:59 PM today – Thursday February 3rd, 2011

This blog post was made without Gwennie's awareness, so imagine her surprise when she sees this later today!

You can help ease her stress and concerns a bit today about always worrying about money to save those in need of the programs she has worked so hard for. You can help ease her stress and concerns a bit today about coming up with funds for food and other essentials for the animals. You can help ease her stress and concerns a bit today about the mounting bills for BHRR. Together let's make that BHRR 'chain of success' for Gwennie even more strong today!

Email transfer to, PayPal (account or even call Kanata Animal Hospital (613) 836-2848 and make a donation on to the Birch Haven Rescue account with your Visa, Mastercard or Amex. A receipt will be mailed to your attention. As Gwennie states so often, there is no amount too small.

I recently asked Gwennie what she wanted for her birthday and not once did she mention anything for herself. Always her family, friends or animals. Help us make a birthday very special today for Gwennie by making a donation to BHRR.

Total Raised to Date$385 & 14 Days of Dog Food & New Logo for Behavoural/Training/Gwennie's Dog Boot Camp Programs
*PayPal took $1.03 in fees

Gwennie's BHRR Believers & Supporters:

Mason*donated his bi-weekly allowance
Kinsley*donated her bi-weekly allowance
Alex & Karen
Global Pet Foods – Kanata – 10 Days of Dog Food
Simone – On BHRR's Potter Bills @ Kanata Animal Hospital
Lisa – 13 KG bag of Natural Balance Dog Food
James – Bag of Dog Food
Jan & Her Boyz
Luanne of Rusty Dawg Pet Products

Current donation update stats for BHRR's Potter are below. We owe almost another $1,000 to completely pay off his current bills. Please consider supporting him and thank you so much in advance!!!


Please do continue to him in your thoughts and donations can still be made to KAH (Kanata Animal Hospital) by calling (613) 836-2848 or by PayPal or by email transfer to

KAH will take Visa, M/C and AMEX over the phone and will then mail you a receipt.

Total Raised to Date: $1,303.97
Vet Bills to Date: $3,300 and Rising
Remaining OWING on Bills at Kanata Animal Hospital: $932.37

Potters Angels:

Alex & Karen
Dan & Isabelle
Gwen personally paid to date – $1,161.55

Today was 'WINTER WONDERLAND' Day at BHRR on our almost 148 acres after receiving 20 cm of snow and 10 more cm on the way! Below are two pictures! I will post all the individual pictures on the dog's own blogs ASAP. I was out with them myself on three different occasions for about an hour each time. WHAT a blast of a day! Now, that nighttime has come, the temperatures are dropping and the snow is turning more to ice pellets. Time for some nice warmth in front of the fireplaces and snuggles!

BHRR's 'WINTER WONDERLAND' Day! – February 2nd, 2011 – Name the dogs? LOL

Now, that things are becoming a bit more settled at BHRR, if any of our approved BHRR Volunteers are willing to take a BHRR animal for a Playdate, day trip or play day; here are the February 2011 Dates/times available:

Friday February 4th – Between 4 PM & 8 PM
Saturday February 5th – Between 8 AM & 4 PM
Monday February 7th – Between Noon & 8 PM
Tuesday February 8th – Between Noon & 8 PM
Wednesday February 9th – Between 9 AM & 4 PM
Monday February 14th – Between 4 PM & 8 PM*DO YOU WANT TO BE A BHRR Animals' 'Valentine' today! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰
Friday February 18th – Between Noon & 8 PM
Monday February 22nd – Between Noon & 8 PM
Wednesday February 23rd – Between 9 AM & 4 PM
Friday February 25th – Between Noon & 8 PM
Saturday February 26th – Between 8 AM & 4 PM


*Note: BHRR's 'Big' Ben is NOT AVAILALBLE at this time for Playdates. New Arrival to BHRR on January 29th, 2011*

Please email if you are interested in helping give a BHRR animal more social experiences plus a great time!

On Friday January 21st, while Sean/I were watching BHRR's Potter outside doing a little playing(more just standing and doing some mouth wrestling as his back and neck are still quite stiff) with a couple of the dogs; he made a bit of  a cry and layed down. He did not desire to get up. In concern,  Sean carried him inside and we looked him all over. We saw a bit of swelling surrounding his stump and penis/ groin area yet no marks which we knew we would not find anyway as we were both right there watching things and there was no rough play grabbing etc. to BHRR's Potter whatsover by any of the other dogs. He was also not bumped nor did any dog run into him.

We took him into the Hospital and the Vet diagnosed BHRR's Potter with 'latent' or delayed trauma exhibition. They feel that all the deep trauma that was inside of BHRR's Potter from when he was attacked(livers/kidneys) is now just starting to come out. We were told that the playing etc. that he did do was not a factor for BHRR's Potter has been doing some mouth playing with other dogs and also has trotted himself in the fenced in yard without previous concern as he was healing from his attack back in December. We also drained another 5 cc's from his seroma and I picked up more Amoxicillin on Saturday from LAH for him.

Below are two pictures from Sunday January 23rd of his stump and groin area. The bruising began to come out in full force as of the Saturday. The Vet assures us that as long as BHRR's Potter is eating, drinking, his last urine results came back normal, pooping fine; no fever , vomiting etc.; that he will be ok. If for any reason, it will be necessary, we shall do an ultrasound, more X-Rays and the Vet said extreme would be an exporatory. ๐Ÿ™

His Vet Bills are extensive and to us, plus so many; BHRR's Potter worth is priceless and we can only hope that people shall consider to donate. BHRR is not in a great financial position(YET we shall continue helping with your support) to assist more dogs as our total bills at this time is almost $10,000. Please consider making a donation.

We also would like to extend an invitation to people that are thinking about helping BHRR's Potter or even BHRR; to contact us about attending our next BHRR 'EXPERIENCE' Mini Open House in February so that dogs like BHRR's Potter can express to you themselves what it would mean to have your support. I do not think I could ever be as passionate as the dogs themselves when people meet them and see just how important their donations are in their lives. Your donations make a difference and that difference can and does mean LIFE. That truly is a great 'gift' and even $5.00 is not too little and if you have already donated, and would like to do so again; we are humbly thankful and BHRR's Potter would probably bestow upon you some kisses(I tend to be the ONLY one that he is stingy with and makes *me* work for them! LOL) of eternal gratitude.

Please do continue to him in your thoughts and donations can still be made to KAH (Kanata Animal Hospital) by calling (613) 836-2848 or by PayPal or by email transfer to

KAH will take Visa, M/C and AMEX over the phone and will then mail you a receipt.

Total Raised to Date: $1,120
Vet Bills to Date: $3,300 and Rising
Remaining OWING on Bills at Kanata Animal Hospital: $984.54

Potters Angels:

Alex & Karen
Dan & Isabelle

BHRR's Potter – Stump/Groin Area & inside leg of his stump – January 23rd, 2011

BHRR BOD Member Barry's 'Special 30th Birthday Request for BHRR' –

Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services Board of Director Member, Barry Cole is celebrating his 30th Birthday today. Here is his posted request:

"Can't believe I'm 30 today!! Not that im expecting presents but would appreciate Donations to help a GREAT rescue continue to do their amazing work!!"

Will keep a running public total of all monies raised in his honour to continue to help animals in need of BHRR!

Thanks in advance for the consideration!

Total Raised to Date: $165 – PayPal took $2.34 in fees


Barry's Birthday BHRR Buddies:


Mason*donated his bi-weekly alllowance
Kinsley*donated her bi-weekly allowance
Suzanne & Chuck
LT & Lil Linus(Jan)

I brought BHRR's Potter back into KAH today. Another almost 5 cc's was drained from his seroma and his antibiotics have been changed to Clavamox 375 mg BID for another week of treatment. His weight was 28.4 KGs(62.48 pounds) and so we are a bit down from his last weight. He is eating fairly well and is much more active than he has been, so perhaps just a 'wiggly' scale moment.

I also talked to a neurologist surrounding his seizures and they assured me that they do not believe them to be related to his 'trauma'. They stated that if this was the case, he should have been having seizures much closer to the time after his attack. Yet, there is no 'for sure' answer either way. He has not had another one to date and we continue to monitor plus journal at this time.

He had a playful moment last night, this time with BHRR's Hailey and this is his second playful moment since his attack. His first was with PPSS. ๐Ÿ™‚

AND as fyi to everyone that has been wondering if the GD that attacked him has been put down by the Breeder/Owner, the answer is that the last I had heard was 'no'. ๐Ÿ™


Please do continue to him in your thoughts and donations can still be made to KAH (Kanata Animal Hospital) by calling (613) 836-2848 or by PayPal or by email transfer to We still have a very steep bill to pay off and BHRR is not in a position to assist any other animals until such time as our bills are greatly lowered.

KAH will take Visa, M/C and AMEX over the phone and will then mail you a receipt. They will take Debit or Cash in person.

Total Raised to Date: $1,143.97
Vet Bills to Date: $3,100 and Rising
Remaining OWING on Bills at Kanata Animal Hospital ONLY: $1,024.27

Potters Angels:

Alex & Karen
Dan & Isabelle

As of the evening of December 30th, 2010; BHRR's Potter has begun to have seizures. He had one on that evening and then another one the evening of December 31st, 2010. In conversing with one of his Vets, the plan is to monitor for now. I shall also be bringing him in next week as we will need to drain that seroma again. He is around that age (almost 2.5 years now) that I often begin to see SN's begin to seize.

I brought BHRR's Potter into work with me today to have that 'lump' looked at and the Vet also agreed that she did not feel it was very seroma like and doubted that they would get any fluid out of it. BUT, over 20ccs was able to be taken out and the rest is a hard lump believed to be 'delayed' trauma. BHRR's Potter shall be on another extended round of Amoxicillin for the Vet stated that as long as he is getting these seroma/lumps; he needs to be on antibiotics. So, he will be on another 4 days after this current dose ends tomorrow.

BHRR's Potter weighed 28.7 KGs(63.14 pounds), so he is almost back up to his 'normal' weight range! YAY!

We also did another UA on BHRR's Potter and initial outlook appears to show some elevated white blood cells, did a HWT plus a manicure/pedicure. I will post the final results on his UA when I have them all.

Please do continue to him in your thoughts and donations can still be made to KAH (Kanata Animal Hospital) by calling (613) 836-2848 or by PayPal or by email transfer to

KAH will take Visa, M/C and AMEX over the phone and will then mail you a receipt.

Total Raised to Date: $1,120
Vet Bills to Date: $3,000 and Rising
Remaining OWING on Bills at Kanata Animal Hospital ONLY: $932.02

Potters Angels:

Alex & Karen
Dan & Isabelle

BHRR's Potter – December 23rd – right side of chest & December 24th with Mason(10) &  Kinsley (7)

Per our 'tradition' at BHRR/Home; we like to take pictures of the kids and/or dogs in front of our XMAS tree or just 'candids' and I have added some for December 24th & December 25th to his slideshow with a couple also posted below.

The unfortunate thing is that he has developed a large lump on the right side(the same side that we had the seroma drained from last week) and it is bothering him. He shall be heading back to the Vet to have this rechecked. This lump has come up quite fast yet it is not strictly fluid filled but quite hard and very irregularly shaped.

Please do continue to him in your thoughts and donations can still be made to KAH (Kanata Animal Hospital) by calling (613) 836-2848 or by PayPal or by email transfer to

KAH will take Visa, M/C and AMEX over the phone and will then mail you a receipt.

Total Raised to Date: $1,010
Vet Bills to Date: $2,700 and Rising
Remaining OWING on Bills at Kanata Animal Hospital ONLY: $912

Potters Angels:

Alex & Karen
Dan & Isabelle

December 24th(left) & December 25th(right) – HOW he slept with his SS Stocking! It was hard sneaking his goodies in but we did it!

Below is a picture from December 23rd, 2010 of BHRR's Potters throat & also a photo from December 24th of the back of BHRR's Potter's head, left ear etc. Though, he will possess some nasty scars, he is healing nicely from his attack 2 weeks ago. As per what we posted on the BHRR FB Group today; Sean & I are so emotionally filled over having BHRR's Potter here to celebrate XMAS and I know that BHRR's Potter is eternally grateful for all the support shown during his fight to survive after being viciously attacked.


Total Raised to Date: $1,010
Vet Bills to Date: $2,700 and Rising
Remaining OWING on Bills at Kanata Animal Hospital ONLY: $912

Potters Angels:

Alex & Karen
Dan & Isabelle

BHRR's Potter – December 23rd, 2010 – Photo of throat & December 24th, 2010 Photo of back of head, neck and left ear

BHRR does not adopt out during the XMAS season due to our position that it is not in the best interest of a new addition being added during such a busy, exciting and somewhat stressful time for many. Our XMAS Shutdown period for this year is from Saturday December 18th, 2010 to Monday January 3rd, 2011 inclusive.

Update: December 22nd, 2010 @ 10:23 AM: I have scheduled BHRR's Potter to go back to LAH(Liston Animal Hospital) today as he has developed(possible seroma) a pocket of fluid around part of his right side(chest) quite suddenly. The worry is that it could be a pocket of internal bleeding that has drained from what we saw in one of his latest X-Ray. Sean and I are going to continue to stay 'real' and calm and the fact that he is eating, drinking and sleeping much better are all positive signs. I also wish to have a recheck just before XMAS and to see if they want to extend him on his antibiotics. He has not co-operated as of yet to allow me to bring in a new UA sample to be tested. 'SHY' bladder syndrome! We are also going to get a current weight on him to see how he is faring. Keep him in your thoughts and donations can still be made to KAH (Kanata Animal Hospital) by calling (613) 836-2848 or by PayPal or by email transfer to KAH will take Visa, M/C and AMEX over the phone and will then mail you a receipt.

Sean plus I are all indebted to everyone that has given off themselves in donations, kind words and caring hearts during this very tenuous time.

Picture below is of BHRR's Potter & Sean having a nap together on December 19th, 2010.

Update: December 22nd, 2010 @ 5:33 PM: The Vet confirmed that it is a seroma(phewwwww!) and they drained 11 ccs. She believes that perhaps BHRR's Potter bumped himself or was a wee bit too active and that is why he developed a seroma. She also extended his antibiotics of Amoxicillin another week. His weight was 27.7 KGS(60.94 pounds) so we are still thin. Should the seroma come back, I will bring him back to work with me when I am at KAH on Friday December 24th to have it drained again. It shall be good going into the XMAS holidays on a positive note and hoping that he just keeps getting better! Miracle boy and one that is so very special to SOOOOOOOO many!

Total Raised to Date: $1,010
Vet Bills to Date: $2,700 and Rising
Remaining OWING on Bills at Kanata Animal Hospital ONLY: $912

Potters Angels:

Alex & Karen
Dan & Isabelle

BHRR's Potter & Sean – December 19th – You can see how thin he still his

I am going to add two pictures below from December 15th shortly after I took his IV out. I also wanted to post what BHRR's Potter's CPK levels were re: kidney damage and high range is listed as being 595 and BHRR's Potter's was over 176,000. His Vet at KAH had this re-analyzed as it was so 'off' the charts and the levels came back the same. If BHRR's Potter will co-operate with me tomorrow AM, I shall bring in another UA now that he has been off fluids for a few days to see what we are looking at re: levels etc. Now, that we are in the 'cautiously' optimistic category with him, I now have a bit more free time to post the following re: his situation.

1) BHRR's Potter was attacked by an almost 115 pound Great Dane
2) This Great Dane was not one of ours
3) This Great Dane is not a behavoural or training Client of mine either
4) The person who owns/bred this Great Dane donated $50 towards his Vet Care

There is still some question as to whether or not he does have some underlying liver and/or kidney issues that have developed since his last bw(when his leg was amputated) for the results we seem to be getting do not all appear to lead towards what one would find from just trauma

Injuries / Diagnosis:

2 x 1 cm deep wounds – one to his chest and one to his neck; which the Vet decided not to suture
1 broken rib
Bite marks mostly to left ear, chest, belly, side and neck with some on his stump
Severely shaken
Neck injury/trauma
Throat injury/trauma
LIver injury/trauma
Kidney injury/trauma
Internal bleeding
Fluid compressing his lungs
At least one tooth knocked out – lower front
Upon presentation to LAH – suspected pneumothorax
Developed Sepsis, Rhabdomyolysis, became Hypothermic, presenting as if having advanced liver disease, allergic reaction to tuna

*Long term damage to his liver, kidneys and neck is as of yet unknown.

Total Raised to Date: $815
Vet Bills to Date: $2,500 and Rising
Remaining OWING on Bills at Kanata Animal Hospital ONLY: $889

Potters Angels:

Alex & Karen

BHRR's Potter – December 15th, 2010

Update: December 16th, 2010 @ 6:20 PM: As of last night, I was able to pull his IV line and I am adding 2 photos below from December 14th, 2010. One thing that Dr. Liston did point out that I have not yet posted was that in the one X-Ray taken of BHRR's Potter; you can see arthritis in his spine. Dr. Liston says that this is very common in Boxers and that he has seen some Boxers whose spines are completely fused. I was able to see this X-Ray for myself when I was at LAH on Tuesday.

Last night BHRR's Potter slept in our bedroom. THIS was the first time since Thursday that he has been able to go into our master bedroom. All I can say was that it FELT so good!!!!


Total Raised to Date: $765
Vet Bills to Date: $2,500 and Rising
Remaining OWING on Bills at Kanata Animal Hospital ONLY: $700+

Potters Angels:

Alex & Karen

BHRR's Potter – December 14th, 2010 – Mobile with his IV bag & then also eating plus drinking some!

Update: December 14th @ 10:46 PM: BHRR's Potter had a bit of a setback and he is now on fluids until tomorrow and we shall have a recheck with Dr. Liston tomorrow AM. We will re-assess then and determine the next step. His Vet at KAH recommended another UA to be done once he is off fluids for a couple of days to see what his kidney function is like and all three of his Vets feel that his liver should be 'ok'. Only time shall tell. In being at LAH today – I went in an paid off the balance remaining at LAH so if anyone still wishes to make a donation; you can do so direct at KAH (613) 836-2848 or by PayPal or by email transfer to About $700+ is left remaining between donations and what Sean & I have paid off with our own savings. He is still eating and peeing and drinking every 2 hours and we are stil lin desperate need of duvets, comforters and towels. Please email if you can assist us!


Total Raised to Date: $745
Vet Bills to Date: $2,500 and Rising
Remaining OWING on Bills at Kanata Animal Hospital ONLY: $700+

Potters Angels:

Alex & Karen

BHRR's Potter – December 13th, 2010

Update: December 13th @ 12:20 AM: HE ate! He ate! Not much. Only about 1/2 -1/3 of a small dessert plate of boiled hamburger and rice BUT he ate! He much preferred the hamburger over the rice and then he became tired for this was after going outside, urinating, being carried back inside, standing and then drinking some water and then standing some more. Being up for almost a hour is very exhausting for BHRR's Potter right now yet I could have almost cried I was sooooooooooooo happy! Sean and Mason were grinning like fools from ear to ear(do not tell them I said this! LOL). I am just getting ready to change his bag of fluids once again and take him outside as we take him out every 2 hours. We are in a routine and tag teaming mode that is running like a well oiled machine. BHRR's Potter will then be up for an hour after urinating, having a drink, standing for a bit and we shall see if he will eat again and then he will rest for an hour and we begin the routine all over again. Other than some stool being passed while we were collecting urine by cysto on Saturday, he has not had a bm since Thursday. The x-rays yesterday showed he had some stool and if he is eating, hopefully, we can get his bowels to begin to work again. He had his Amoxicillin at just past 10 PM and keep those prayers coming! He is very clinical yet Sean and I feel like a small miracle has just happened! Will update more as I can. I have some pictures from Friday night to also post.

Update: December 13th, @ 2:32 PM:  Dr. Liston is amazed at how well he is doing!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Dr. Liston thought it could take a week or more to see these kinds of results *if* BHRR's Potter even had lived that long. He was given a 20% survival rate at one point. ๐Ÿ™  Dr. Liston thought his lungs still sound pretty harsh. PCV is 35(normal!), temp is 38. Repeated X-rays, got a new pain patch to change for tomorrow. Xrays look good with just some fluid showing under the skin on his chest as we already knew. Wants him on fluids for another 24 hours as he was not sure if he was looking a bit jaundiced or was it just from the fluids draining.  He was not convinced BHRR's Potter is actually jaundiced.  Rate is 40 ml/hour until tomorrow.  Between drinking and the IV fluids feels that should help flush more. Changed his IV to his other front leg. We did not offer him anything to eat or drink just before going to Steve. Honestly, I truly believe that the corn syrup helped!!! He was more perky and from there he began to eat!!! Dr. Liston does not want him on Deramaxx due to the condition of his liver and kidneys. Colour of urine is pretty much normal. Some sneezing since his allergic reaction and Steve believes this to be from his allergic reaction and post nasal drip. Happens mostly after drinking. Still no bowel movement yet that will come. ๐Ÿ™‚ We have begun to offer him softened kibble with hamburger/rice mixed in and he ate some. We shall do a recheck tomorrow with Dr. Liston. We have to see how things play out in the longer term yet we can now go from hourly goals to 12 hour goals!!!! BHRR's Potter is taking another journey in becoming another miracle. Between donations and what we have put down at LAH; we only owe another $530.02 at LAH. The balance owing is at KAH(Kanata Animal Hospital). We owe almost $700 at this time still at Kanata Animal Hospital(KAH). THANKS so much everyone for the prayers, thoughts, donations and caring. Sean and I have discussed with family and friends who have been most understanding that instead of gifts to them, we shall be using those monies to pay for BHRR's Potter bills. As our children compromise and have made their own share of sacrifices in order for BHRR to operate to the stellar level it is; Sean plus I will be giving them the XMAS that we still planned on given them. Sean has delayed his trip to N.B. (was suppose to be leave around 3 AM on either Sunday or Monday AM depending on weather) and we are taking it one day at a time as to how his bi-annual trip to visit his parents with the kids will go. Sean and I have also agreed that we will use whatever monies we would put towards a small gift to each other at XMAS for BHRR's Potter, so we can begin to really pay down his bills ASAP. Until we pay down the bills that we currently have, BHRR is not in a position to assist any more animals in need.

Donations can be made in the following ways:

LAH directly (613) 591-0966 to donate by M/C or Visa; KAH directly (613) 836-2848  to donate by Via or M/C or AMEX; PayPal or by email transfer to


Total Raised to Date: $745
Vet Bills to Date: $2,500 and Rising
Remaining OWING on Bills: $1,200+

Potters Angels:

Alex & Karen

BHRR's Potter – December 10th, 2010

Update December 12th @ 7:08 PM: Some of BHRR's workup from yesterday – PCV was 55 when presented on Friday, now 40 ie 24 hours on iv fluids, No change in these results post 24 hours- intravenous fluids, baytril and ampicillin. Hydromorphone given as analgesic iv. Red tinged urine- wine like ie not resembling hematuria running the urinalysis. more X-rays done on both chest & also abdomen.

Latest diagnosis is that he has rhabdomyolysis. He is presenting as if he has advanced liver disease yet is not jaundiced. As of today, he is drinking and he is out urinating every 2 hours and the colour is more a concentrated yellow instead of a port wine colour. All day yesterday at KAH and last night until about 7:30 AM today; he was at 155 ml/hour on his pump and I lowered him to 100 this AM. He is walking on his own to go outside and then back inside(we carry him up the stairs) and is drinking every two hours(he has had a few accidents in his sleep) yet he has shown no signs of eating. He is losing weight fast – 27.2 KGs as of yesterday down from being over 30 KS and is looking more anorexic. His respiration level is now at 24 which is down from the 42 from yesterday. I was taking his body temp almost every hour at KAH yesterday and by the time we left; it was 38 degrees and we have done well in maintaining that temp throughout the night and day(two heaters, blankets, towels, comforters, duvets being put into the dryer as well as heating pads/bottles). We are washing duvets/comforters round the clock and he is going through them faster than we can keep up with the demand and we are reaching out to see if anybody out there has any to spare to donate to BHRR's Potter. We will drive to meet you if need be so that you are not inconvenienced in any way. is our email.

In offering him up some canned tuna per a Vets recommendation(something super smelly) – BHRR's Potter reacted to the juice that we used to ensure that his latest antibiotic washed down and his one side of his lip and face swelled up – the side that I had put the syringe of tuna juice in. He has not had any reaction in the past to fish yet we are not going to go down that route again. Due to his clinical state, we did give him Benadryl which his Vet agreed was not a good idea due to the sedation effect it can have in addition to some reports of vomiting and diarrhea in some patients. In talking to one of his Vets(she called and emailed today), she recommended to put honey or corn syrup in his water for his sugar levels. Dried electrolyte powder was also suggested in addition to what he is getting through his IV fluids. Boiled hamburger/rice and canned gastro food to not avail. HE has to eat……he is getting weaker. We are still treating him aggressively for sepsis and he is just so critical.

HE is alive and has surpassed all odds to date….miracle making boy yet again. Keep those thoughts coming and if anyone can spare even $5.00 both LAH (613)591-0966 and KAH (613) 836-2848 will be more than happy to take your call or see you in person. PayPal or email transfer to are other options. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

He is back at LAH(Liston Animal Hospital) tomorrow AM for 9:30 AM. Should his liver and kidney levels not have made any change or have increased, Sean plus I will have to make a heartwrenching decision re: his quality of life and that his prognosis shall not be positive. We will not allow him to die from renal system failure, severe cluster seizures, cardiac arrest and just 'waste' away in not eating as a form of any death sentences for him. We love him too much and have tried to do all that we can to give him the best fighting chance possible. Quality of life…..quality of life.

Total Raised to Date: $745.00
Vet Bills to Date: $2,000 and Rising

Potters Angels:

Alex & Karen


Update: December 11th @12:22 AM: I am just back as Sean called me to say that BHRR's Potter stood up on his own. We managed to get him outside yet he was too weak to stand long on his own and did not pee. THOUGHT, he might yet sadly not and it is so cold outside. Carried him back in(WHAT an incredibly brave and awesome boy Potter is) and got him settled. He wants to go into the masterbedroom. This is his 'safe' spot and 'den'. It was the same when he had his leg amputated. He spent one night in the triage area and that was it. He was determined that he was going on our kingsize bed and we debated about doing this for him tonight yet felt that he really should stay where he is, even if we took all the other dogs out of the room. I know he might rest better and feel more comfortable, mentally yet we want him quiet and completely undisturbed as possible. In fact, we do not even have him in our usual 'triage' area. We have him in the rec room downstairs. A place he likes to visit yet not stay long. We made the next hour and we are on to the 1:00 AM goal. Please pray that he will feel better come the AM and want to eat a little something……I have both his Baytril and Amoxicillin in pill format and they are to be given with food. If he shall not eat, I will see at KAH about giving him his meds via his IV.

Total Raised to Date: $695.00
Vet Bills to Date: $2,000 and Rising

Potters Angels:

Alex & Karen

**URGENT**BHRR's Potter rushed to Liston Animal Hospital this AM – Friday Dec. 10 – Need to raise $500 as 'good' faith deposit

**All monies from our ONLINE AUCTION plus BHRR's Koops' Adoption fee have been going towards BHRR's Storms Bloat Bills & though we know it is XMAS & that we truly have no 'right' asking for help at this time; we are urging with tears in our eyes for you to consider calling LAH directly (613) 591-0966 to donate by M/C or Visa; or PayPal or to email transfer to

**Though we know we can have a payment plan, we need to put down something as a 'good' faith deposit.

***PLEASE Keep him in your hearts and thoughts.


I will update as we can…..

Update: December 10th @ 9:00 AM – BHRR's Potter is in for X-Rays, has been put on fluids, antibitotics and his prognosis is not looking optimistic at this time. Talked to KAH as well and they are on 'alert' in case we have to transfer him. His bills could easily be in the thousands and thousands and we will gladly pay every last penny. Will continue to update as I can.

Update: December 10th @ 9:22 AMWaiting on results from X-Rays and also have talked to Alta Vista plus left a message on their internal specialist line re: estimates.

Update: December 10th @ 10:21 AM – BHRR's Potter is in the beginnings of septic shock, high doses of Baytril and fluids are being given, X-Rays were clear other than some fluid in the chest which is believed to have drained from his neck. His kidney and liver levels are also very elevated. His PCV(Packed Cell Volume) was 55. At this time, he shall be staying at LAH until 5:30 PM and we shall re-do bw and I shall be taking home bags of fluid plus an IV pump from KAH and the plan at this time is to bring him home later tonight. He will be monitored at home, round the clock as there are no staff 24/7 at LAH or KAH. He shall not have need to head to an emergency hospital at this time and surgery does not look like it is needed right now but we are well aware that this could change. Prognosis is still not great for him yet better than what it was since we have the results of his X-Rays. I am scheduled to bring him back to LAH for 9:30 AM on Monday for a re-evaluation, a repeat of bw and X-Rays. Keep him in your thoughts and I shall update as I can and thank you extended as well to every one that is considering contributing to his Care at LAH. (613) 591-0966. They will take M/C and Visa over the phone.

Update: December 10th @ 4:12 AM – BHRR's Potter's prognosis is still listed as critical. He is now on two types of heavy doses of antibiotics – Amoxicillin & Baytril and due to his dehydration level plus sepsis; up to 3 times maintenance – 120. I have put Alta Vista on 'alert' that I might need to bring him in at any point during the night and shall also be bringing him back with me to KAH tomorrow for monitoring throughout the day and if we need to go back up to 120 maintenance plus do another PCV and  more X-Rays. The key is that we need him to begin to eat a bit and tomorrow we can begin anti-imflamm(50 mg) SID. I am at home ill today with Mason who is also sick and have been setting up all that Sean brought home to prepare for BHRR's Potter to come home. He did try to get up on his feet as I was talking to the Vet around 4 PM despite having been given lots of hydro. His body temp is very low and heating pads are been used to try and regulate him to a more normal temperature. For anyone wishing to make a donation direct to LAH (613) 591-0966, they are open to 6 PM tonight and open to 2 PM tomorrow plus closed on Sunday. As he shall be coming back to KAH with me tomorrow AM – we are taking it hour by hour; you can also donate direct to Kanata Animal Hospital (613) 836-2848 by Visa or M/C or AMEX. Kanata Animal Hospital is open until 8 PM tonight and then Saturday 8:30 AM  – 4 PM.

Update: December 10th @ 6:33 PM – Sean is on his way home with BHRR's Potter right now. His is more stable yet very groggy from the hydro and praying that we can make each hour a 'good' one and that he will bounce back. Tomorrow AM; we can begin to try and offer him some food, he needs to eat and at 9:30 AM he is scheduled in at KAH for a repeat PCV(Packed Cell Volume) and full CBC, recheck and possible X-Rays. He shall then remain at KAH for the day and come home after my shift ends at 4 PM. Please please please keep him in your thoughts and donations can still be made to LAH (613) 591-0966 as there is still monies outstanding and donations can also be made to KAH (613) 836-2848 for he shall be under their care tomorrow. On Monday, god willing, BHRR's Potter shall still be alive and we are scheduled back at LAH for 9:30 AM for another recheck and more bw – PCV and X-Rays; so donations can continue via LAH or PayPal or to email transfer of Today, I feel like one of the most blessed people in the world by the demonstation of kindness from others that truly have given so much of themselves in time, donations, thoughts, supporting words and blessings for BHRR's Potter. We are grateful and indebted to EACH one of you. Special thanks extended to LAH at this time and Dr. McKenna for everything plus their wonderful staff in getting us in so fast and taking such great care of BHRR's Potter. BAKED goodies galore next week headed their way!

Update: December 10th @ 7:13 PM: BHRR's Potter is now home. He is more pink and stable than when he left here this AM yet his breathing is so laboured. Will be monitoring closely and if he deteriotes in any way, I shall head to Alta Vista's 24 hour Emergency Clinic. I have him all hooked up with a maintenance flow x 2 – 80 ml/hour. Though he is groggy on the hydro; his eyes follow myself and Sean. My heart is heavy with such worry and pain over his condition. We are taking it one hour at a time. Sean and I put a new coat of finish down on our floors twice a year and we generally do this before Sean goes to N.B. with the kids(Summer & December) and this December we shall not be doing them for that money about $200 will be put towards BHRR's Potter's Vet Care. Sean and the kids are scheduled to leave around 3 AM on Monday and we will play all of this by ear at this time. Flying solo, it will be hard to give all the animals what they need plus deserve plus BHRR's Potter. I also wish to try and limit my exposure to BHRR's Potter(AS much as I want to do otherwise) as I am riddled with germs from being ill as is Mason at this time. There are no words for each one of you for your kind hearts, generous nature and caring manners…..I shall never be able to repay each of you in turn for all that you are doing for BHRR's Potter. ALL of you are amazing!

Update: December 10th @ 11:50 PM: I have just 'tag teamed' with Sean so that I can spend some time with the rest of our wonderful canines and to check on my sleeping kids. Mason is still not feeling great himself and I am not far behind him in the 'ick' department. We have made the last '4' goals of an hour each yet BHRR's Potter is not faring well at all. ๐Ÿ™ It has been quite the effort to try and keep his temp regulated. I changed his bag of fluids a couple of hours ago. Though, his gums are pinker than they were this AM, I still find them pale. YET, what melted my heart is that what BHRR's Potter likes to do best is lay his head in your lap and put a least one paw on your(believe we have a picture posted of this from February) and I know that he does not love his face and head touched overly much(past abuse). So, when I stopped petting his shoulder and leg(which he loves BUT not those toes so much! LOL); he actually batted me with his paw and his tail gave one lift and drop. My heart just melted. He did the same for Sean as we transitioned. Next goal, midnight, goal after that 1:00 AM, goal after that 2:00 AM. When I am at KAH tomorrow, we shall pull this line out and put another one in on his other front leg to help minimize swelling to the one leg etc. Sean and I are honestly terrified about his prognosis YET he has fought this far and I have to be real in saying that I am concerned about what his PCV, CBC and X-rays will say tomorrow. Dr. Liston feels that the sooner we can try to get him up and moving the better yet other than pulling himself into a more comfortable position, he has been prone. I know that part of his current discomfort is also related to him most likely having to pee and as he is housebroken, this is causing him distress. Yet, we tried once to see if we could get him up to no avail and that is hard unto itself for he is pain all over and I even had to cut off his collar earlier due to edema. What is most troublesome is his breathing and how it is up and down and Sean and I are prepared at a moment's notice to rush him into Alta Vista Emerg. Please hug all your loved ones tonight and say a special prayer for a very special boy named Potter. We do not know what tomorrow may bring and he might well have seen his last sunrise and set…….

All additional posts on updates on BHRR's Potter shall be made solely on his own blog.

Total Raised to Date: $645.00
Vet Bills to Date: $2,000 and Rising

Potters Angels:

Alex & Karen



The BHRR ONLINE Auction shall END on Thursday December 2nd, 2010 @ 9 PM EST

This is BHRR's last organized Fundraiser of 2010 and our next planned organized Fundraiser at this time is not until July of 2011, so each penny raised will be desperately needed to allow us to keep helping animals in need of our BHRR programs.

*To donate gift certificates, baskets, handmade crafts or any other items – Email BHRR (

*We have 153 Items to date!!!!

Permission to Cross Post is given!

From Friday October 22nd to Friday November 5th inclusive, BHRR will not be open for adoptions or the intake of adoption applications. We do not adopt out around the Halloween season and many others Rescues, shelters, pounds etc. have also begun to follow a similar protocol to what we have been doing. We do not believe it is on the best interest of the animals in our program, especially for dark coloured dogs.

During this time, BHRR is available 24/7 as always for requests for assistance of animals in need.

BHRR is in its 3rd food crisis of 2010. We only have about 30 days worth of dog food left and we currently have 23 dogs under our authority between our BHRR Rescue/Rehabilitation Program, BHRR Adoption Program, BHRR Haven Dog Program & BHRR Foster/Perma-Foster Program.
BHRR is currently going through 600 pounds of dog food a month at a cost of a minimum of $825.00+ tax for the food.
Please consider donating to assist…. PayPal( or email transfer or check to ‘Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services’ and mail to:

Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services
C/O Gwendilin Boers
2425 Totem Ranch Road West
RR#1 Oxford Station, Ontario
K0G 1T0

September 19th, 2010$262.24 Donated to Date & 1,422.50 pounds of dog food since August 2010

If I were to hand out ‘NAIL TRIMMING’ Awards of Excellence, it would have to be BHRR’s Storm first with BHRR’s Apollo, BHRR’s Albert, BHRR’s Ava Marie and BHRR’s Hamilton The Newf all being a close second. OMG! These dogs are extremely easy dogs to do….what a dream! Bringing up in third place would have to be BHRR’s Shiva & BHRR’s Dana and just a smidge behind them would be BHRR’s Potter. If all the dogs were that easy, I would be doing nails every week and not every 2-3 weeks! LOL Coming in 4th would be BHRR’s Windsor, BHRR’s Koop and them BHRR’s Lily Belle. BHRR’s Porridge is still a ‘work’ in progress since he had his really bad experience with that tech student. BUT, I can now do his back feet myself most days and I know in time, he will be ‘ok’ again.

For those that might not be aware, BHRR’s Ava Marie is a Great Dane that came into BHRR on March 7th weighing 191.80 pounds and had two blown cruciates. After losing almost 40 pounds, BHRR’s Ava Marie had her first cruciate repair surgery on May 21st, 2010 at Liston Animal Hospital. After then battling a case of pneumonia since June 30th; Ava Marie is now well enough to have her second cruciate repair surgery, which has been scheduled for Friday August 13th @ Liston Animal Hospital.

With all the kindness shown to date with direct donations; we now ONLY have another $1,289.25 left to raise for this surgery.

To help BHRR’s Ava Marie; she is hosting an Online Auction which began on Saturday July 31st @ 7:00 AM and will run through until Friday August 13th @ 9:00 PM EST.

Louise Peterson, Lindsay Claire, Longaberger and many other items up for grabs! To date, we have 75 items and if you would like to donate an item, please do email Gwen. The more items we have – gift cards, gift baskets, throws, custom creations or work etc., the more $ we could possibly raise for BHRR’s Ava Marie.

Funds raised shall go towards the remaining $1,309.25 needed for Ava Marie’s 2nd cruciate surgery!

Permission given to cross-post!

Should you prefer to make a donation instead to her Bills; even $5.00 is not too little; you can donate by email transfer to or by PayPal(account is OR you can write a check/MO or Bank Draft out to โ€˜Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services’ with BHRR’s Ava in the memo section and mail to:

Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services
C/O Gwendilin Boers
2425 Totem Ranch Road West
RR#1 Oxford Station, Ontario
K0G 1T0

OR you can call Liston Animal Hospital at (613) 591-0966 to pay on Ava Marie’s Bill directly by Visa or M/C – Ava’s bill is under the account name of โ€˜Ava Boers.’ Dr. Liston was the Vet that also performed both BHRR’s Jaxson’s and BHRR’s Potter’s leg amputations in 2009 plus did BHRR’s Apollo’s own cruciate/meniscal surgery on July 2nd, 2010.

Thank you so much in advance for your consideration!

I just have to post very happily that BHRR’s Potter gave me my very second kiss not that long ago while I was snuggling in bed…LIFE is good! ๐Ÿ˜›

Today, I received the most perfect of gifts ever to receive in this life! As so many know, BHRR’s Potter will kiss almost anyone…..except me…….and it has taken over a year BUT, I guess I finally ‘earned’ what BHRR’s Potter was looking from me and I was bestowed my first kiss from him as I was laying in bed this AM. I had let the dogs out and just left the front door open so they could mill around in the early AM sunshine and went back to bed to lay down a bit. The next thing I knew within minutes of laying down, BHRR’s Potter had jumped up on the bed and he was in one of his spunky playful moods and when he gets like this which is not overly often, you had better watch out for he just pushes his head and body into you and rolls and twists his wiry muscled body around in his joyful abandonment. AND while he has come a very long way with the ‘gentle’ with his mouth during such moments of play, he still can be a bit rough and accidentally pinch your skin. BUT, what he then did was just lift up his head and lean into me and gave me the sweetest of kisses and I just wanted to jump up and down in sheer joy!!!! It took me a whole month after his arrival to BHRR in July of 2009 to earn enough of his trust and respect before he would finally ‘obey’ and sit upon command and it has taken a whole year for him to feel like I was worthy of a kiss. Many people say that *I* belong to him and if Sean or Mason holds him while I have to go to the bathroom at a soccer game, he wants to be with me and the same for any community awareness presentations YET for all that he loves and is bonded to me, something was not ‘quite’ there for him to go to the next level with me and today, it was like experiencing an ‘invisible’ sigh that he is not going to be going anywhere, his finally feeling back up to snuff in health and he trusts that I am not going to hurt, abandon or betray him and that feeling is very special that we finally have reached a point that he can truly relax and feel safe. Having spent the first 11+ months of his life unloved and abused, no matter how much he has come to care for us, somehow; he still was holding a part of himself back from me and maybe he thought that between Sean and myself, I was the one with the power to decide if he lived or not, felt pain or not, ate or not(yet we have had Sean feeding him for the last many months in the main floor area), yet I not only ‘sense’ a change in Potter yet ‘feel’ it and he is just that much more in his element and settled. It is almost an intangible and hard to explain BUT I feel it and he is expressing it and though I only received the one kiss, it was soooooooooooo worth any wait to know that I am meeting up to his standards of how he feels he should be treated, respected and handled. AND believe me, I respect this boy, adore this boy with all of his quirks…..Today was a gooooooooood day indeed! Also, in filing away some pictures; I came across two from XMAS that I would like to post, one of him kissing Mason and one of him kissing Sean and one day, I want my own picture of him kissing me!!!

BHRR’s Potter – XMAS 2009 & in the 2nd picture that is his tongue all the way up touching Sean’s nose!

We look forward in seeing many of our BHRR supporters and fans of the BHRR animals attend our 3rd ANNUAL Microchip/Nail Trim & BBQ Fundraiser being held tomorrow – Sunday July 18th!ย  8 AM – 5 PM at Kanata Animal Hospital located at 440 Hazeldean Road! *RAIN or SHINE! Pet Photos, draws including a $350USD Bracelet, Tug Ropes, Leashes, Collars, Homemade Dog Treats all part of the BHRR/KAH Experience!

On Tuesday June 8th, Soccer began again for the summer for our kids and BHRR’s Potter just sensed it!!! He made it clear that he was not going to be left behind and planted his butt sitting at the front door beside the kids bags. He is just obsessed with balls of all kinds with tennis plus soccer balls being his all time favourite! Yet, when he comes to the soccer fields, he is so incredible with his self-control plus restraint in not trying to pull my arm off to get to all the soccer balls and to also play with the kids! He is given a soccer ball at the end of the game and just has a blast and I am so happy to have him still here with us to enjoy the games again this year!!! He often can be found sitting in my lap or quietly laying on the ground watching the soccer games. So many recognized him and it was amazing how open and honest the kids were with what had happened to his leg and how reserved and ‘will stare when I think no one is looking’ the adults would be. Sooooooooooo, I just walked with Potter and when I would ‘catch’ someone’s eye, I would ask if they would like to pet Potter, tell them who Potter was, that he was deaf, how we communicate with him and what happened with his leg. By the end of the 1.5 hours, not sure how many parents were watching the soccer gamesย  ๐Ÿ˜› ย  – 7 fields(14 teams) just in my daughters age range alone as that was where I was sitting and Sean was with Mason in the ‘big gang’ soccer fileds. After the soccer games, Sean & I took the kids out for a rare ice cream treat and Potter was a big hit at the Kemptville Dairy Barn, with many coming up to him and saying they saw him on the soccer fields earlier. The only incident came when a lady and her partner drove in and they had a GS and a Cocker and I was not liking the body language of the GS nor the Cocker. However; the man kept the GS on a tight lead and was quite responsible. The woman however; comes right up to us and says, ‘hey, can they play’ as I jump up and pull Potter to safety for just as she is saying this, her Cocker lunges and snarls for Potter. AND good ‘ol’ Potter who just loves all people and dogs and being a special needs(deaf) and therefore finding it a bit harder to read other dogs ‘cues’ for he cannot ‘hear’ the dog and ‘read’ the body language as effectively due to being deaf(getting much better with training at BHRR) and that he had limited social training and interaction before he came to BHRR; he is still learning much about reading other dogs body cues etc.; just wanted to play and ‘box’ the Cocker. AND as she said ‘oh’ and then turned away dragging her Cocker, I said to Sean….’watch this’ and the woman while saying ‘no, to her Cocker; just enabled the dog by picking the dog up and coddling it for demonstrating inappropriate behavour. She kissed and snuggled it and I could only stand there and shake my head slightly. It is so common to see people do this, especially with small dogs for many( NOT ALL yet many) truly do not believe that those small/toy dogs also need proper training. As for Potter, he was most disappointed that he was not allowed to play!!! BHRR’s Potter was scheduled for his annual Tuesday June 29th yet I canceled it due to a conflict and will reschedule for another date when I am back to work at KAH on this Monday. He is not due until early July as is for vaccines.ย I also hope to get back to updating blogs/pictures within the next few days as this past week has been most stressful with some important family matters to tend too. We thank everyone for their continued support shown.

I have the biggest relief in being able to post that yes, BHRR’s Potter had 2 benign histriocytomas! As of today, there was only one still quite prominant on his stump area, the other virtually had been removed in his biopsy and as posted previously, while I know that this shall not be the last ‘scare’ with him due to his history with the Big C, my knees are truly weak with relief over finally receiving this news. YAY! YAY! YAY!

I have added 2 new pictures to BHRR’s Potter’s slideshow from March 13th, 2010. I am slowly catching up in adding those pictures of him! I wish I was the also the bearer of better news YET I am staying optimistic at this time. Last night, Sean and I found two lumps near/side/above Potter’s hip on the side that he had his leg amputated back on November 20th, 2009. ๐Ÿ™ We are now 7 months post-op….just 7 months and per research discussed with various of his Vets; growth rate reported indicates that dogs that have tumors that grow greater than 1 cm per week have only a 25% chance of living an additional 30 weeks. Potter’s MCT last November was very aggressive, fast growing and it happened at such a young age. It was first noticed on the Saturday November 14th and we had his leg amputated on the Friday Nocember 20th. We were aware that his prognosis was that he had up to a 50% chance of having another MCT grow in the same area and 80% chance of another MCT within the first year based upon his specific situation of age, breed, type of MCT etc. The natural behavior of mast cells suggests prognosis of this tumor depends on the species, breed, histologic grade, tumor location, clinical stage and growth rate.ย Many dogs have developed another MCT at a distant cutaneous site yet Potter’s bumps/lumps are on the same side and area of his limb amputation. Those MCT’s found on other dogs with distant cutaneous MCT’s were considered to be de novo tumors (rather than cutaneous metastases, which have not been reported) and were diagnosed from 2 months to 4 years later, with a median time to diagnosis of about 1 year. Metastasis was rare, occurring in fewer than 3% of dogs. At this time, I am going to continue to remain calm, positive and take it one step at a time. Could be some type of benign bumps, lumps or growths such as a benign histiocytomas(which Boxers are prone too) and are most often seen in dogs <3(of which Potter is not yet 2) that can look the same as a MCT and everything crossed for Potter. I am also well aware that this will not be the first ‘scare’ for all of us with Potter based upon his breed and history with a MCT. Keep him in your thoughts! We are also still trying to raise another $1,122 to pay for the rest of his Vet/Rehab care for his Potter’s Path. Please consider supporting Potter! He is one of the neatest dogs you shall ever have the pleasure of meeting!!!

BHRR’s Potter & Mason (9) – March 13th, 2010 – 1.5 years old

I have added new photos from February 25th, 2010 to BHRR’s Potter’s slideshow #32 – #35. I have so many more to add. This boy is soooooooooooo photogenic! LOL He just ‘works’ it for the camera…..well, ok, he does not have to work hard as he is just so positively adorable, his ‘quirky’ ‘tude and all! He makes me fall more in love with the Boxer Breed daily! Of course, there shall only ever be one Potter AND gosh, he just makes me smile! I am also adding one photo below taken from February 25th, when BHRR BOD member B. Cole was visiting. This photo is of B. Cole with BHRR’s Potter with a Check of $560 – This is what I have called our ‘BHRR Photo of Appreciation to Global Pet Foods – Kanata’ and we sent it to Karla/Shawn of Global Pet Foods – Kanata as a memorial thanks for their Calendar Fundraiser that brought in a grand total of – $1,874.75 to BHRR! I want to thank everyone profusely that has continued to send in funds for BHRR’s Potter’s Path as we still are trying to raise another $1,122 to pay off the remainder of his Vet/Rehab bills. I also wished to say that in the last few weeks, I have noticed a considerable change in Potter. He is even more happy and energetic and full of life and this gives me the best of hopes that we have kicked the ‘BIG C’ in the tush finally and that he is going to be able to live a much longer and quality filled life than at once hoped for. Everything crossed for this boy! What we do know for sure that if we had not removed his leg last November 20th, 2009; that he would now be dead. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ It was such an aggressive MCT. For the couple of people that have felt that we have not done the best for Potter by taking off his leg and felt that we should have put him to sleep instead, I invite you to come to one of our BHRR Mini Open Houses(we have one coming up in June) and meet him for yourself, or come to one of ‘his’ soccer games(gosh, he is going to be so excited as SOCCER is Potter’s thing!) when they start again for the kids or come to one of our GD/Honourary GD Walks/Hikes and then tell me after spending just five minutes in his presence(I think it will take a lot less time for Potter to work his magic) if you felt he was not just as deserving as any other dog in need out there of the best that life can offer. I am sorry that you feel that it was ‘cruel’ or not ‘humane’ to remove his leg, yet I am sure if Potter could talk, he would tell you much differently. I look in Potter’s eyes daily and I could never imagine ever saying to him, ‘I am sorry but… do not deserve to have a chance at living, so I have to put you to sleep.’ When BHRR committed to taking in Potter last July, that is exactly what we committed to; we became committed to Potter. It was not his fault he was born deaf(also something that bothered these same few btw that contacted us) and NOR was it his fault that he developed a very aggressive MCT. BHRR is about not just Giant Breeds, yet those that are Special Needs and we are going to continue to help where we can and I do not think that one person that has already met Potter and to many that have not yet met him; that they would/do feel that he is not worthy of living NOR that he does not now live a fantabulous life! He can run faster than many 4 legged dogs and boy, there has yet to be a tennis ball that can best Potter! AND having three legs, most definitely has not stopped him from getting up on to our kingsize bed or being one of the first to his food bowl or call ‘shotgun’ at the car as he arrived there first….or……or…. ๐Ÿ˜€ AND to those that he has graced with kisses, he will have you at the moment of ‘the smooch’! AND being deaf, that means nothing, at least to Potter and to people like me…he listens much better than many ‘hearing’ dogs I know out there owned by others plus being deaf is no reflection on his intelligence level or ability to learn.ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰

BHRR`s Potter – February 25th, 2010 with BHRR BOD Member B. Cole

OK! I will add one more photo below of BHRR’s Potter from February 17th, 2010 for now! This photo is also in his slideshow. He is one of the most photogenic pooches ever!!!!! He and BHRR`s Barkley are also fast friends and I have to be careful about their interactions for they want to play and that is not good for BHRR`s Barkley right now. It has been many many many months since his `quirk` has reared up and recently when I was going to put the kids on the bus and he did not wish to go into the house; I had to go and grab a leash and put it on his collar to bring him outside for he was not going to go quietly by me just taking his collar. GOOBER! AND to clarify again, BHRR`s Potter is a deaf white with brindle boxer with natural ears and tail. He is not an ABD or a Pitx etc. AND he has me completely enraptured with the Boxer breed just as BHRR`s Jaxson had me in complete adoration of the ABD breed!

BHRR`s Potter – February 17th, 2010

I have added new pictures to BHRR’s Potters slideshow # 28 – #33 from February 16th & February 17th and have many more to go yet it is a start for all of FANS to see how he is progressing! We still have about $1,200 left to pay off on his Potter’s Path Vet/Rehab Bills and any consideration as always is beyond appreciated. I am posting two pictures below of BHRR’s Potter from February 16th and he shall once again be a BHRR ambassador for our upcoming community awareness speaking opportunity, this time being held at W.O. Mitchell Public School in Kanata, Ontario tomorrow.

BHRR’s Potter – February 16th, 2010 – LOVES his tennis balls and he is still healing – 3 months post amputation & getting there!

I am so proud to say that Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation Services(BHRR) has met all the pre-approval compliance requirements for PayPal as a registered non-profit/charity organization!!!! I faxed over 40 pages of documentation including CRA forms, Banking and Legal information plus contacts last Saturday March 6th and today, I have heard back that all is in order from their extensive review and BHRR is now PRE-APPROVED as we move to our next status level from our registered non-profit to registered charity with the CRA to continue to collect much needed funds/donations via PayPal (account is

Additionally, per their User Policy Agreement; their policy includes a restriction on activities that involve an entry fee and a prize, such as raffles, drawings or lotteries. Therefore, just a HUGE reminder that for our upcoming Spring Fever Basket Raffle; please note that we will NOT accept payment for these raffle tickets via PayPal. BHRR will ONLY take Visa/MC/Amex/Cash/Email Transfer to or Check/MO/Bank Draft to โ€˜Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation Services’ for this raffle that shall commence on Friday March 19th.


HELP SCORE FOR THE BHRR ANIMALS RAFFLE – ONLY 300 Tickets available – *ENDS February 25th

On February 5th, BHRR Inc. was donated an amazing pair of Hockey Tickets to the Toronto Maple Leafs vs. the Montreal Canadians(The Habs) on Saturday March 20th at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto starting at 7:00 PM. The seats are just inside the blue line – Row 12 section 107 and are excellent seats! The value on these pair of tickets is $400 CDA.

We shall only be selling 300 tickets and they are $10.00 each or 3 for $25.00. The ‘HELP SCORE FOR THE BHRR INC. ANIMALS RAFFLE’ ticket sales shall begin on Tuesday February 9th starting at 8:00 AM EST and shall end on Thursday February 25th at 9:00 PM EST. The draw shall take place on Friday February 26th at 8:00 AM EST and the tickets can be couriered at no cost to the winner for their convenience to their place of business or home.

To purchase your raffle tickets, please email Gwen with your full name, phone number including area code, number of tickets you would like to buy and please indicate your method of payment.

Our deepest of thanks being sent out again to the generous donors of these WOW! Toronto vs. Montreal Hockey tickets to help BHRR Inc. continue to help animals in need of our program(s)!


B. Element of Ottawa, Ontario! CONGRATULATIONS! ย 

128 tickets SOLD & $1,120 raised!
Deepest of thanks being sent to everyone who has supported BHRR in this raffle! The funds raised has enabled us to purchase enough food to bring our resources to over 40 days(as of February 26th) AND to lower our current Vet bills to $2,700+

BHRR’s Windsor and BHRR’s Potter came with me to Holy Cross PS yesterday to watch my son do a school project presentation of which he had decided to do on BHRR. He called it โ€˜the amazing work my mom does’ and I could not have been more proud. He โ€˜brought’ the house down with his emotion and heart. Sean also attended and this was the first time Sean has attended one of our community awareness opportunity speeches and it was just perfect! By an unanimous vote; Mason was chosen to now present in front of his whole school on March 2nd. Last year, he did a speech on myself and showing Great Danes and I am really touched that he has a true empathy and appreciation for the animals here. BHRR’s Windsor was not so happy with the car ride but the yummy treat plus toy he was given during Mason’s presentation plus all those kids loving on him more than made the trip worthwhile I bet! ๐Ÿ˜› Other than one moment when he and BHRR’s Windsor want to โ€˜get it on’ with the playing, both were awesome. BHRR’s Potter is becoming quite the pro in attending such events and he plus Windsor shall both be at our February 25th BHRR Presentation at W.O. Mitchell PS in Kanata. Two of our approved Volunteers are going to also be in attendance and that will be wonderful to have their hands to love on the dogs while I talk. I also hope they will be open to answering questions! We really feel blessed at BHRR by the support given! The only thing I forgot is our camera to take a picture of Mason and the dogs together at his school. I am looking for one approved BHRR Volunteer to attend with me on March 2nd at Holy Cross PS in Kemptville, Ontario, Time yet TBD and if you are interested, please email me. I have quite a few new pictures of Potter to add! Some have been added to our BHRR FB group already. One wee girl said she was so sad about Potter being deaf plus losing his leg and I asked her does ‘Potter look sad, unhappy, not well?’ and she said ‘no’ and I explained about how deafness seems to bother people rather than the dogs and that Potter is doing great without his leg and that he now has a great chance of quality of life plus since his rescue he is now happy and has a home. I showed her plus the class how we communicate with Potter and the surprise on their faces was clear to see. I explained how deaf people have names and jobs and they are ‘normal’ and the same applies to deaf dogs. For some reason, some of the kids felt that being deaf meant ‘stupid’ and I said that deafness is not related to brain power. These dogs as with so many deaf people are brilliant! We talked about names giving them identity and how important it is to be able to communicate with any dog, deaf or not. They saw how Potter knew when I was talking to him vs Windsor and how he responded to when he name was used. I told her how we live in a multi-deaf dog household and how each dog knows, hearing or not; when we talk to them over another. She felt so much better after this and I mentioned that often when people adopt dogs they ‘try’ to make it up to them that they were abused or neglected and that is a big mistake. You can ruin so many dogs that way and love is only part of the essential ingredients to having a happy, healthy rescue as part of your home. We see quite a few of our dogs that have been adopted become extremely overweight as their owners give them treat upon treat and so much food and I know I have blogged about it before; you are not doing them any service. You are shortening their life span and hurting their hearts plus joints. Great Danes should be on the lean side and you should faintly see those last two ribs. Or to stop the NILIF training and to allow the dog to run ranshank over your house because you ‘feel’ bad for what they went through, is not good. When we adopt our dogs, they are happy, healthy and doing fantastic. One only needs to carry on with the strong foundations created here to ensure the best life they can for their adoptive pets. They do not need people’s pity. They need understanding, consistency and structure plus the proper care which yes, of course includes tons of love. YET there is so much more to it than just love. We could not live in our sizeable multi-dog home if we took the approach that quite a few do with their dogs. We would be the ones sleeping on the dog beds and they in our kingsize bed! ๐Ÿ˜‰ This little girl really ‘got’ the message and thanked me for taking the time to explain things. She said that she wants to rescue when she is older and would like to volunteer for BHRR! ๐Ÿ™‚ On my part, I walked away yet again loving how honest and straight forward kids can be with their questions and if you answer them just as candidly plus truthfully; a great dialogue can be had! Some adults feel that kids asking certain questions are wrong or disrespectful. To me it is ‘how’ the question is asked and most kids have no ‘hidden’ agenda. They are just simply curious and want to know. We also discussed cancer a bit and I am sure that we could have been there for hours if it were not for the kids requiring to attend their French class.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the open dialogue that a q&a presents plus letting the kids touch the dogs and experience some of the wonderfulness of these creatures that I do every day. Thanks being sent out to our son Mason and his class plus his teachers for allowing us to participate in his school project.

I wanted to post a INCREDIBLE note of public thanks to everyone that has supported BHRR Inc. for my `milestone`Birthday on February 3rd, 2010. An amazing $435.00 was raised in one day with the Gwennie’s 40th โ€˜Fight’ to Help the Animals Drive’ – Feb. 3rd, 2010 – Surprise for Gwennie’s 40th Birthday – *Goal $400 and a total of $858.00 has been raised from that Fundraiser plus those have sent in funds or attended a surprise bash for me on February 6th. I just cannot thank people enough for their continued belief in what BHRR Inc. represents and in reaching out to support our program(s) for animals in need. We were able to bring up our food resources to 60+ days and bring down our current Vet Bills to just over $3,200 with your donations. My most heartfelt appreciation and gratitude is sent out to everyone for this kindness shown. We are truly humbled…..

BHRR Inc’s Potter came with myself and two wonderful BHRR Inc. Volunteers on February 2nd to Ashbury College as part of a Community Volunteer Fair Event we were asked to participate in. It was such a great time! This is the first one that we have been able to attend since the summer of 2006 when we did the Port Hope Pet Expo. We are hoping that we can take on more of these Human Education/Community Awareness Opportunities moving forward. Both BHRR Inc’s Porridge and BHRR’s Inc. Potter were very popular. We only brought 50 Volunteer Appications and we went through them all before the Event was over! BHRR Inc’s next Community Event is a Human Education/Community Awareness Speaking opportunity being held on Thursday February 25th at a W.O. Mitchell Public School in Kanata, Ontario. We are still looking for one BHRR Inc. Approved Volunteer to come join myself from 10:30 AM for about one hour; to assist with the animals that shall be joining us and perhaps if they feel comfortable; in answering any questions. Please email Gwen if you are interested and can help out!

On Wednesday February 3rd, 2010 there shall be a Fundraiser Dive whereby we are asking people that visit/hit the BHRR Inc. website to consider donating at least $5.00 in honour of Gwen’s milestone Birthday.

We are calling it ‘Gwennie’s 40th ‘Fight’ to Help the Animals Drive’ Our goal is to see if we can raise $400 in one day as a surprise to Gwen to help ease a bit her constant worry about much needed funds required in her fight to continue to save animals in need. Already 2010 is shaping up to be a really bad year for the requests for assistance have been many to date. If we take the average number of people that visit the BHRR Inc. site daily; 135; and each person donated just $5.00, the difference that can make to animals in need of this organization that Gwen founded back in 1996 would be big. If you believe in what BHRR Inc. represents our grateful thanks being extended to you for your consideration to help Gwennie continue with her vision of BHRR Inc. and to help even more animals deserving of a better chance of life. Updates will be posted throughout the day on the BHRR FB Group and on the BHRR Inc. website.

You can pay by PayPal or email transfer to

The BHRR Inc. โ€˜I Believe’ Team


I know many have been waiting for this update! I took BHRR’s Potter in to see his Vet on December 23rd, 2009 as I wanted a recheck just before the XMAS holidays and he also came with me while I had my new car detailed(THANKS again Chuck!) and to Global Pet Foods – Kanata to drop off some XMAS cookies for the wonderful team there. He received a great Vet Visit! The Vet believed that within a week, I could remove the remainder of the 4 buttons and take his collar off. However, this was not to be. As of January 20th, 2010; BHRR’s Potter is still wearing his collar AND I think we need to have shares in that e-collar business!!! AND he is still on antibiotics. We did remove the remaining 4 buttons just after XMAS and he is very very very slowly healing(granulating) and then just after BHRR’s Albert came in, in mounting Potter before we could stop him, he raked a nail and tore open part of his healed area like paper. As posted in BHRR’s Alberts blog; the Vet did say that his experience with Boxers has been, including his own that they could be healed and even if a few weeks goes by, they can re-injure and tear open the healed wounds like it was not even healed to begin with. I have added pictures #22 – 27 to his slideshow from December 24th, 2009 – January 18th, 2010. I am also added two pictures below from December 24th and two more from January 13th plus January 18th, 2010 and have updated Potter’s Path with new pictures from December 24th, 2009, January 13th, 2010 and January 18th, 2010. We still have $1,200 in outstanding Bills for BHRR’s Potter and please consider donating for your contributions help us continue to help dogs like Potter! The last weight I got on BHRR’s Potter was 27 KGs(59.4 pounds) and this was December 23rd, 2009 SO we are slowly getting him back up to speed. I so adore this boy! We are keeping things ‘real’ and are very aware that he most likely will develop more MCT’s and that his life expectancy will not be as long as many other Boxers but we will take this one day at a time and he at least has a chance at a quality filled life THANKS to all of you for your support!

December 24th, 2009- *35 days after left hind leg amputation

BHRR’s Potter’s Leg – January 13th, 2010 & January 18th, 2010 *7 weeks & almost 2 months since amputation

I want to express our deepest of thanks to Liz Bradley of The Ottawa Dog Blog who posted a very heartwarming post on her blog on January 13th, 2010 on behalf of The BHRR Team in regards to our food shortage. What a touching surprise. For the next week; we will post the total of food plus monetary and other donations that come our way. Even a $5.00 contribution to BHRR is huge, so please do not feel that something might be too small to donate. Your $5.00 adds to someone else’s which adds to another person’s and together, we can do great things with your kindness! This past year has been a really bad one for food for BHRR. This is the third food shortage we have hit since last spring and the requests for assistance are increasing. BHRR cannot commit to more Giant Breeds at this time without more monetary and food resources at our disposal.ย  ๐Ÿ˜ฅ It really does tear me up to think of the dogs that are being kept outside in this cold weather without shelter or food, those that are being abused with starvation, being beaten, being forced to have litter upon litter, those that are living in physical pain as they have injuries or illnesses left untreated, the emotional abuse etc. and I say this because it is the reality of what is happening out there; and not to just be dramatic. BHRR can do so much more if you would just consider supporting us. Please…. Think what it costs to feed your one or two or even three dogs and times that by 10 for the animals that are or will be here by next Tuesday with BHRR’s Minday and Albert arriving. PLUS we have another 22 Great Danes that are under BHRR’s authority in the USA by the Court having asked Gwen in March of 2009 if she would assist them for otherwise; their fates would be even more unknown; as they await the court date to decide their future due to a hoarding seizure. All have needed to be fully vetted, more than half are also on Thyroid medications AND should the court rule in the dogs favour; all will need to be altered. This was a huge undertaking by BHRR as we are a very small Rescue yet we could not turn our backs on them. The great thing is that should the ‘good’ guys win; 20 of them have homes to call their own permanently and we think they all might be foster failures when the time comes! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yet our adoption fees are only a few hundred dollars and BHRR spends over $2,450 just in food alone per month at this time. Here is a link to our REALITY page. This is why BHRR exists.

Total $ Raised to Date: $485.00
Food Raised to Date: 200 pounds of dog food from Pam at Global Pet Foods – Ancaster
Other Donations:

After coming out of a meeting a short while ago, I opened up my email and I saw funds donated to BHRR for Food. AND when I popped on my FB Page, I saw that a friend of ours; who is celebrating a birthday today; has asked that people donate to BHRR for his birthday. As I wrote in his wall; I could have just reached through the computer and hugged him. BHRR has enough food for the next 8-9 days maximum. Today, when donations come in via PayPal or email transfer to OR when someone sends us an email indicating that they will donate a bag of food; we will put the tally here to show our true public appreciation of emotion to everyone that contributed to helping BHRR save lives for as many hear me saying so often; ‘FOOD IS/MEANS LIFE’ to BHRR.

For my birthday please consider donating even $5 to BHRR they are in a major FOOD CRISIS*****Please consider donatating a Bag of food to Birch Haven Rescue andRehabilitation Services or paypal funds would also be greatlyappreciated……….birchhaven.orgย 

Total Received To Date From The ‘Birthday’ Food Angels:

Monetary Donations: $200.00

I feel that this is an important blog to make as many people seem to be under the ‘myth’ that Giant Breeds only live to between 5-7 years of age. With the recent commitment by BHRR to two Great Danes, aged 6 and approximately 7; we have received several emails from people asking ‘why’ would we want to help two dogs that would be dead soon as Danes only live to up to 7. That just took me aback somewhat. We have had Danes live up to over 12.5+ years of age and have friends that own Great Danes 10, 11, 12 etc. Our Maggi lived to almost 9, Dragon almost 8. AND yes, we have had Danes that we lost at 5.5 months of age, 11 months of age, 3.5 years of age. We had one friend lose hers at 15 and another one at age 17. There is no crystal ball that will tell you how long your precious pet will live yet with today’s increased knowledge of better nutrition, exercise plus vetting, Giant Breeds are living longer and higher quality lives than ever before. Many people, experienced with Giant Breeds will say 8-10 years for life expectency, others 10-12 yet the reality is that when you open up your heart to a Giant Breed, you know that they are not going to live to 20 or 22 years of age like quite a few smaller dogs. With their giant sized hearts and bodies, living takes it toll yet in those years these incredible creatures are with us; they pack so much life into what time they do have on this earth if given the chance and BHRR is about helping the next one in need; not turning their back on a Dane because some feel they are ‘too’ old and we are wasting much needed time plus resources including a spot in our program to them. One person stated that they would not contribute any funds to our program(s) for much needed food as we are planning on assisting BHRR’s Albert and BHRR’s Mindy. I guess this person was not around when we assisted 8 year old BHRR’s Olivia and she lived to just over 12 years of age; passing away in 2009. OR BHRR’s Sampson George or BHRR’s Arlo or…or…or… BHRR will not turn away a Dane because they are black(big black dog syndrome), blind, deaf, senior etc. and while we are in great need of funds to purchase food or food donations themselves; we are not going to say ‘no’ to helping Danes in need of BHRR because someone refuses to believe that all wonderful dogs in need of rescue are deserving of great lives. I am saddended by this position and hope that this attempt to educate the public is understood and that opening up your heart to adopting a Giant Breed in need means just that; opening up your heart to a Giant Breed in need for however wonderfully long(and we hope it is) or short it might be. Just think, these dogs are often housebroken, past the teething/destruction stages, many can have some obedience and that means leash manners and for anyone that has gone through the puppy stages; many can attest to many a sleepless night, yet another pee or other ‘pressie’ in the house; having to buy a new pair of gloves, shoes etc., the sometimes socket wrenching yanking on the leash, the jumping up and getting fat lips or black eyes. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Puppies are great, without a doubt yet so are those 3 year olds and those 6 year olds and those loveable greying faced Seniors. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Saying to me to not help an older dog in need is like saying to me to not help a deaf dog or a blind dog or a dog like BHRR’s Jaxson who needed a leg amputation or…..or….or….it just not going to happen. BHRR focuses on the SN’s for a reason and all of our supporters, volunteers, adopters etc. believe in our program(s) and understand why we do what we do. As for the others, I am truly sorry that you cannot see past age, eyes, ears, colour etc. to what really matters.

On December 8th, I brought BHRR’s Potter back in to see the Vet. The decision was to try and close up his 3+”gaping surgical site with buttons(6 of them) and I continue to just be so impressed plus touched by the incredible quality of care that Potter has been receiving. Not only would the Vet not bill me for the procedure; he also gave me extra antibiotics to continue Potter on his course of meds for another 2 weeks. The Vet told me that this was his contribution towards Potter’s rehab and our program. We are humbled yet again by all the kindness that has been shown to the animals under our care. AND those buttons are an extremely resourceful idea and they are sooooooooooooo working!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ They provide just enough room for some tension on Potter’s stump when he sits or lies down while at the same time, is holding the wound site together enough to continue to promote healing. The Vet did say that Potter is healing even slower than he would like to see but he is healing and we are on the right track!!! I cannot add enough exclamation points to this blog!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ While Potter is still not eating or drinking great overall; he had a fantastic meal recently plus three weeks to the date that his leg was amputated; this past Friday; he actually wanted to play a bit! WOOHOOOOOO! On Saturday, he also showed some ‘spunk’ and wanted to play again a bit. Potter’s Path has been a very difficult one to date for him and while many have said how great of a job we have been doing with him; it is truly Potter that has the most toughest of one to travel. For me, re-arranging my work schedules with Clients, Rescue etc., staying up around the clock as needed, tending to his amputation area; ensuring that he is getting all that he needs when he needs it and lots of support, love and cuddles has been a true honour. I feel blessed to be here for Potter and with every groan or moan of discomfort he makes; I try to stay strong on the inside and say ‘he is alive and healing slowly but still healing’….’he is alive and still here and fighting the biggest battle ever and whatever he needs, we are going to give it to him’ and ‘as long as Potter wants to fight; we are going to fight with him’…and..and…and…and…and that is nothing for me to do. It is Potter that is doing the hardest part and whatever we can do to ease this path he has to travel; we are going to do it. As much as Sean tries to assist AND he never gives himself enough credit; Potter is reluctant to be tended to by him; so Sean has picked up some of the slack I have had to let go on a few other things to give Potter as much as he needs. With Potter’s amputation, it has been a true ‘test’ of how far he has come with his temperament since he first came to us in July of 2009. This is the dog that would try and grab at you in putting a collar or leash on him or to put him in a crate and doing nails was like WWIII and now, I can get him to lie gently on his side all by myself and tend to his amputation area. I have to clean that area up to 5 times a day and I can manually give him his antibiotics(something that I would not have even attempted back in July) as due to his lack of eating well; it is the only way to get them inside of him and gosh, this dog has come a long way and I well know why he was the way he was(complete lack of socialization and training and yes, some abuse); and truly while the home treated him so badly might not feel he is a loss to them HE is a HUGE HUGE HUGE gain in our lives. When I come home from work or just from putting the kids on the bus, he whole back end wiggles so much that he loses his balance he is just that happy to see me, his little sideways twists and turns as he expresses himself; the full body wag in excitement and those eyes….OMG! Those eyes! Potter’s eyes are so full of expression and the black….so black. I keep telling people ‘do not look into the eyes’ of many of the dogs here or with those they have adopted as they need to keep up the NILIF; especially in the beginning of the animals in their home; for you will be lost and for me that is Potter ๐Ÿ˜› Sigh…those eyes of his are just the deepest, darkest pool of emotions that he has of yet to fully unleash and let me in but I see them and he allows me to see more and more as time goes on. I hope that everyone that has supported Potter but has not yet had the deepest of pleasures of meeting him; will. He is that ‘neat’ of a boy and while sometimes, I have sat down and looked at him and wondered if he understands why we have done what we have done in trying to save his life and give him the best chance possible of living the best of lives ever; I think I ‘feel’ his answer. No matter how bad things have gotten for Potter over these past 3 weeks; he has had a ‘gleam’ in his eyes and it is that gleam that tells me that he is not leaving this earth without giving everything he has to this battle against Cancer. AND no matter if Potter lives another 8 days, 8 weeks or 8 years; my promise to him is that I am not leaving his side. After losing Jaxson; I am just that much more protective of Potter and I wish I could promise Potter that I won’t fail him as I feel that I did with Jaxson in not being able to save Jaxson in the end. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ I have posted new slides of Potter #18 – #21 and I have updated his Potter’s Path page with pictures post-surgery from November 30th & December 8th, 2009. I am also going to post a couple of pictures below, so that people can truly see why BHRR exists and that every penny you donate goes right to the animals to allow us to continue to help these amazing creatures live a life they are deserving and have the right to live. I have BHRR’s Potter scheduled to go back to the Vet this Wednesday December 23rd just to see what he thinks as we head into the Holiday Season. As good as I feel about where things are slowly heading; I really would like to get my Vet’s view on Potter’s healing progress too. For the first time since he leg was amputated, I am feeling truly positive that Potter is finally on the right track.

November 30th, 2009 – 10 days post-amputation(staples added) & December 8th, 2009 – 18 days post-amputation(buttons added)

I am bringing BHRR’s Potter back to the Vet today. He is still not doing as well as we could hope. As of Friday, his leg swelled up and he now has about a 3″+ gaping hole on his stump. We continue with the antibiotics(Ceph plus Clavamox) and I will see what the Vet says in regards to his situation. He is still not eating nor drinking well. I will obtain a current weight on him today. Keep him in your thoughts. Sweet Potter’s Vet Bills are over $3,000 now and we will continue to help him fight this ‘good’ fight for he is having some really good days mixed in with his daily struggle to keep trying to heal and not slide downhill. He is still quite happy even though he is understandably more quiet than his old personality+ filled self and Potter’s one true joy right now is car rides. I take him everywhere I can for he just loves his car rides(still nervous of transports and shakes a bit)! He is quite upset when I leave to go to work and he cannot come.

The final total raised in the 2009 BHRR’s 2nd Annual Online Auction is $2,295.00! Sean and I are just blown away by the support shown and to everyone that has donated and/or cross-posted and/or bid etc. on this BHRR event, THANK YOU SO MUCH! In 2008, we had 52 items up for bidding($1,291.00 raised) and in 2009; we had 120 items and with your strong belief in what we do at BHRR; we can continue to help those animals in need of our programs. For those that have won something in this auction; you should have been contacted by now and if you did not receive your email of congrats with payment details, please email Gwen.

Gentle reminder that per the posted BHRR rules; payment was to have been received by ‘Gift’ Option via PayPal, Email Transfer or Cash within 48 hours of notification. It is the animals that will do without and be ‘affected’ the most by anyone that might choose not to be honourable with their winning bids. We had 1 winner for a total of $75.00 that defaulted on her bid, Betina Bouchard.

Due to the amount of time this is taking to sort out; the blogs of the BHRR animals remain un-updated.

From Monday December 21st, 2009 to Monday January 4th, 2010 inclusive, BHRR will not be open for adoptions or the intake of adoption applications. We do not adopt out around the Holiday season and many others Rescues, shelters, pounds etc. have also begun to follow a similar protocol. We do not believe it is on the best interest of the animals in our program. During this time, BHRR is available 24/7 as always for requests for assistance of animals in need.

BHRR’s Potter had some staples put into his leg today to help close up that incision. I AM so touched by how fast the Hospital could take him in and despite my protests, they did not charge me for the visit or staples etc. Thank you from my heart Dr. Liston and your incredible staff! Potter will now be on antibiotics much longer due to how slow he is healing and that he opened up his leg today plus we will remove the staples plus remaining sutures much later than originally planned(this Saturday). He drank about half a bowl full of water at KAH when I brought him back from LAH with me to work. He sure charmed many that crossed his path today! ๐Ÿ˜€ Now, hoping I can get him to eat. He has lost so much weight. The Vet also mentioned that the Duragesic patch can cause them not to want to eat or drink as much so that was removed today(it was 5 days since I put the last patch on him). Mr. ‘Boxer Boy’ the ‘Potter Man’ is sure keeping me on my toes!

Potter was a BAD MONKEY today and while I was out putting the kids on the bus, he somehow cracked his collar and then rubbed at his incision with the jagged edges and well; I came home to quite the blood bath. I have an appointment to put in a couple of staples later today to see if we can close up part of that incision. We were doing SOOOOOOOOO well too. He only had one small area that was still slightly infected and everything was healing slowly. The Vet is so correct in saying that Boxers heal very very very slowly! He is still not eating or drinking well and since I have come home last night, he has barely had a bite of food and I have yet to see him take some water. He is just losing weight and that is so worrisome. He needs his strength.

The great news is that I managed to get Potter to eat much better on Wednesday, several times and to also drink water on 3 separate occasions. His fever is no longer around 40 degrees yet is still running at a low grade. The bad news is that his leg is infected in a couple of spots. I have added Clavamox to his antibiotic regime and continue to try and keep the area clean and dry yet have found that since a drain was not put in this time; it has been harder plus more difficult on Potter too. So, we are taking things in 12 hour periods right now with his progress. We are still hoping to raise $125.00 to pay off the rest of this one bill. We still have another Vet Bill off $500.00+ to pay off for his X-Rays, BW, FNA, UA, Exam, another Duragesic Pain Patch etc.

If BHRR’s Potter does not begin to eat and drink more by Thursday, I shall be bringing him in. As of Tuesday, he has eaten and drank little; certainly a lot less than when when he first began to eat after his amputation. I shall change his Pain Patch later today and see if that is what is affecting him. I know that as soon as his collar is off to eat; he only wants to go at his stump, the poor thing. He is figuring out how to drink with the collar on yet if he knockes the bowl off; he scares himself and that is a huge set back.

The Global Pet Foods – Kanata Calendar Voting Contest has now ended and the design for the 2010 Calendar is currently being worked on. Winners shall be revealed shortly! There shall only be 150 Calendars for sale and you can pre-order through Karla/Shawn at Global Pet Foods – Kanata or if you require s&h; you can contact Gwen. Calendars are $15.00 each and S&H is $5.00.

BHRR’s Jaxson – November 14th, 2009 *Photo courtesy of Sue Bird

Due to how uncomfortable BHRR’s Potter has been I talked to 2 Vets yesterday in respect to his pain management. It was decided to add 30 mg of Tramadol BID to see if that will help him with his comfort level. He is still getting 50 MG of Deramaxx BID and has the Fentanyl patch. I brought home a new Fentanyl 75 patch to replace his current one either later tonight or on Wednesday. I would like to see him drink a bit more yet he is doing really well otherwise. He has been the very generous recipient of $1,153.00 raised to date for his Vet Bills and we are trying to raise $775.00 to pay off his remaining one Vet Bill by Friday November 27th, 2009. Please consider helping Potter along his Potter’s Path of healing.

BHRR’s Potter had a fairly good night on Friday. He had his first shot of Hydromorphone at 9:50 PM(that last hour was pretty tough on him) and then another shot at almost 3:00 AM on Saturday. At 7:30 AM, he was still not up on his feet; so I took the E-Collar off to get him up and that was the trick! He was up and ready to go outside, had a huge pee, a poop, drank a bit of water and ate a small amount. The one thing that Dr. Liston mentioned that he did this time was that as he was tying off the nerves etc., he shot them with a local anaesthetic to help Potter. The only thing was his almost 40 degree temp. The trauma of the lep ampuation could have caused this yet most likely the histamine being released from the MCT and I called Dr. Liston and it was decided to put him on Benadrly 50 MG BID(he had been given a Benadryl injection for 60 mg during his surgery) for the next 3 days. His Saturday was understandably fitful and he ate a bit more and drank some and continued to pee well. It is taking him a bit, understandably to find his ‘balance’ to go to the bathroom. Sunday saw him still quite uncomfortable and beginning to wish to ‘get’ at the bandage that the Vet had put on his stump and on Sunday night, we removed the bandage(The Vet said when I went to take him home that if Potter got the bandage off within an hour or so post surgery or we took it off within 3 days, all was fine). I am going to be calling the Vet Hospital today to give them an update and to also discuss other pain options for between the Deramaxx and the Duragesic patch, Potter is still very much in some pain. We have now made it past the post – op, 12 hour, 24 hour and 48 hour milestones and we forge forward in making it past the 72 hour milestone right now. Thanks so much to everyone that has donated to date AND we only have $815.00 left to raise by Friday November 27th, 2009 to pay off this bill. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider helping us to continue helping Potter along his path to healing. Below is a picture of Potter from November 22nd, shortly after we took his bandage off. HE has been so amazing in allowing me to clean the area etc. It is a lot less swollen than it was and after another very up and down night(from Saturday onward; he did not wish to stay with Sean in the ‘triage’ zone we had set-up) on my bed; we are up and at it for, hopefully an even better Monday for him! There is not one person out there that would not be hardpressed to feel such depth of emotion for Potter as he heals over his amputation. Statistics give him a high probability of having another MCT develop and please keep him in your thoughts, blessings and consider helping him. I will also be discussing with the Vet about chemo/radiation. I wish to additional thank his newest angels for donating a special soft bed and some treats etc. to his Potter’s Path. He really enjoyed getting out to have a wee visit with all of you last night!

BHRR’s Potter – November 22nd, 2009 – 48 hours after leg amputation

By Friday, BHRR’s Potter was running a low grade fever, his WBC was slightly elevated, he had not eaten since Wednesday, the MCT had almost doubled since Wednesday, he was lethargic(and those that know Potter KNOW how energetic and happy he is) and slept all day Thursday PLUS he had lost almost 1 KG(2.2 pounds) since Wednesday night. Potter weighed 27.7 KGs(60.94 pounds) today. I brought him in for his amputation Friday afternoon and his surgery began around 1:00 PM. He was out of surgery by just past 4:30 PM and I brought him home by 7:00 PM. I gave him an injection of Hydromorphone at 9:50 PM for the pain was getting quite strong for him and the goal was to try and get him to last between 9 PM – 10 PM before giving him more Hydro and so he did great. I have another injection that I can give him between 3 AM – 4 AM on Saturday. He is now back in la lal land and I also treated him for shock. His body temp was quite low at the Hospital so when I got him home; lots of towels and blankets from the dryer to help regulate his temperature. He is much better now and our next goal is getting him to the post-12 hour surgery mark. Small milestones one at a time as he moves along his Potter’s Path of healing. We have raised $1,113.00 for his surgery and I put down another $400 today myself and we have only $815.00 to raise by Friday November 27th, 2009 to pay his one Vet Bill. We will also need discuss chemo/raditation requirements etc. Please consider opening up your hearts in helping Potter along his path. I am adding two pictures below of Potter from Friday night. Potter was assessed by 4 Vets who all believed(as I didย  myself) that his best chances of survival prognostically was to have his leg amputated. Boxers are prone to MCT’s and they can be very aggressive as this one was in Potter’s case.

BHRR’s Potter – Leg Hind Leg Amputation Due to MCT – November 20th, 2009

BHRR’s presurgical bw has come back and it is fine at this time….sigh of relief. I just talked to my one Vet in respect to his bw. I shall be bringing the X-Ray disc and the FNA slides with me tomorrow and a copy of his bw will be faxed over to Liston Animal Hospital.

UPDATED TOTAL: $1,053.00 raised to date AND $875.00 to be paid off by November 27th, 2009 Please help Potter along his Path to healing!

I just talked to the Vet and BHRR’s Potter is scheduled to go in for surgery tomorrow. As the Vet is in appointments in the AM, his surgery will not be until the afternoon. From talking to the Vet, who has had a lot of experience with mast cells in Boxers; he says that they can be quite aggressive in this breed and though he would wish that the location of the mast cell was lower; at least it is not right up near the hip and it is a back leg. The lower the location of the mast cell on the leg, the more that the Vet will have to work with. Even today, the mast cell was larger than it was yesterday. So, please keep BHRR’s Potter in your thoughts and please please please consider helping us to help him have the best shot at a long quality filled life.

I ended up bringing BHRR’s Potter to the Vet on Wednesday night instead of November 23rd. I had been increasingly concerned about the growth on Potter’s left inner thigh and my suspicions were proven sadly correct. BHRR’s Potter has a Mast Cell Tumour. I have since created Potter’s Path Fundraiser Page for Potter requires a left hind leg amputation to give him a chance of living any quality of life moving forward. ๐Ÿ™ Time is of the essence here and I am trying to get Potter into the same Vet that amputated BHRR’s Jaxsons left front leg plus shoulder blade on September 25th, 2009. I will be calling him first thing later today(now that we are almost 1:30 AM here) to see if I can get Potter in on Friday November 20th, 2009. We did pre-surgical bw, a FNA, UA and X-rays on Potter to date and his lungs are clear as of now. His weight was 28.4 KG(62.48 pounds) and the Vet says that his heart sounds fine and she thinks Potter might have a condition similar to Postural or Orthostatic hypotension that causes him to feel faint or dizzy and become short of breath from doing something too fast or much in his excitement or stress. I have also added new slides #10-#17 to Potter’s slideshow.

There is much urgency at this time to try and raise enough funds to put down a deposit for BHRR’s Potters surgery. We are trying to come up with between $500 – $750 in just under 24 hours so that we can have his surgery on Friday November 20th. We never dreamed we would be having to do another leg amputation so soon after BHRR’s Jaxson yet here we are and we are desperate to give BHRR’s Potter the best fighting chance possible to not have the cancer spread and for him to lose his life.

Please please please please consider donating to allow us to try and save BHRR’s Potter and allow him to travel along his Potter’s Path freely and without pain.

I just wanted to post that I have an appointment for BHRR’s Potter to see the Vet on November 23rd. I am not liking his difficulty to obtain adquate perfusion of late. When Sean and I recently cut his nails, he went quite blue/purple on us and then at our last BHRR Mini Open House for 2009; Potter had more than one moment that his lips and gums went quite pale. More than one guest at our home was also witness to this. ๐Ÿ™ I shall also be looking into a growth that we found over the weekend on his left inner thigh. I will update his blog as I know more.

This week has found more than the usual pressure put on BHRR and we continue to thank family and friends for their support and understanding as Mason and us too; mourn the loss of his sweet LHL(Long Hair Lenny). Additionally, there is much to be updated with pictures and blog posts on the Canines and I hope to be on that soon for our house has been riddled with sickness; I being one of the more healthy of the house yet ‘Mom’ was very much in demand. We also would like to politely re-iterate that our BHRR’s Online Auction does not commence until November 21st @ย  7:00 AM and any bids before that time, unfortunately, cannot be considered. In 2010, we may go back to an ‘invisible’ format until right before the auction launches to lessen any confusion and to perhaps reduce the amount of influx emails from a couple of people. We had hoped that by having this page on display the public would have the opportunity to see what is being offered up for bidding before our auction began.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚ We also would like to again profusely thank those that have made donations to this auction!

BHRR will re-open again to the intake of inquiries plus applications of animals in our progam(s) as of Saturday November 7th.ย 

OK! November playdates, daytrips and playtrips for the BHRR animals are listed below. Please contact Gwen if you are an approved BHRR Volunteer and would like to take a cutie out for some extra socialization plus spoiling and just learning more about what fun it is to be a dog!

Monday November 2nd – Anytime between 2 PM – 8 PM
Wednesday November 4th – Anytime between 2 PM – 8 PM
Friday November 6th – Anytime between 2 PMย  – 8 PM
Monday November 9th – Anytime between 2 PM – 8 PM
Wednesday November 11th – Anytime between 2 PM – 8 PM
Friday November 13th – Anytime between 2 PM – 8 PM
Monday November 16th – Anytime between 4 PM – 8 PM
Wednesday November 18th – Anytime between 4PM – 8 PM
Monday November 23rd – Anytime between 4 PM – 8 PM
Saturday November 28th – Anytime between 8 AM – 4 PM

From Friday October 23rd to Friday November 6th inclusive, BHRR will not be open for adoptions or the intake of adoption applications. We do not adopt out around the Halloween season and many others Rescues, shelters, pounds etc. have also begun to follow a similar protocol. We do not believe it is on the best interest of the animals in our program, especially for dark coloured dogs. During this time, BHRR is available 24/7 as always for requests for assistance of animals in need.

We wish to extend our deepest thanks to Mary for donating a Medium size Kuranda Bed for BHRR’s Potter. THANK you so much!

BHRR’s Potter is doing great! I am very pleased with his obedience progress and we are now working on that ‘gentle’ command as he can get playing rough! We are still having some ‘bumps’ with the name thing and he is stubborn and I love him so much for his ability to feel totally comfortable in expressing that to me. ๐Ÿ˜› He is so much better at the ‘watch me’ command and we are getting there. For a dog that has had very little social teachings/interactions plus obedience, he is rocking! He is also fully housebroken now and not just in my own home! WOOHOO! He is so much like a two year old for if he is not happy(like when he wants to drink out of the water bowl and another dog is there or if he wants on the bed and another dog is where Potter wishes to go); he makes this whiny high pitched sound/bark. ๐Ÿ™„ He is also will show his vocal displeasure now that he cannot 100% roll the ‘bear cub’ around at will! LOL The wee bear cub is getting closer to Potter’s size now and things are on more of a even ground and Potter is having some ‘Napoleon’ syndrome coming out! LOL I have also discovered that Potter loves Nibs Liquorice(THANKS kids!). He will do anything for a small piece!!! AND I have learnt that PPSS is the same. Dogs like Bronson who are ‘texture’ phobes do not. What an interesting little experiment that turned out to be! I would love to see Potter go out on some more playdates, daytrips and playtrips to keep him going on his wonderful social development. I have added a new slide from the September 26th, 2009 Open House and am posting it below for it is simply PRECIOUS! Sean most certainly has been enjoying having these ‘bully’ breeds(AKA Honourary Great Danes) in our home too!ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰

BHRR’s Potter – September 26th, 2009 – BHRR’s Mini Open House
*photo courtesy of C. Desjardins

Here are the October ‘PlayDates’, ‘DayTrips’ & ‘PlayTrips’ for our approved BHRR Volunteer Homes. Please email Gwen if any or our approved BHRR Volunteers are interested/available in taking a BHRR doggie out and about for some extra spoiling pleasure!

Monday October 5th – 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Wednesday October 7th – 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Saturday October 10th – 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Wednesday October 14th – 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Friday October 16th – 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Wednesday October 21st – 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Saturday October 24th – 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Wednesday October 28th – 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Friday October 30th – 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Just want to put out an ‘official’ word that our blogs are updated regularly with new pictures when possible and all animals listed are ‘current’ in their status be it as a Haven Dog or Available For Adoption. Not sure where the confusion is lying for we received another vm today from someone who was ‘not’ sure if the animals listed here were current in their ‘status’. BHRR is always open to feedback and if we could be doing something better with our website, blogs etc., please do let us know!

OK! As promised and requested ๐Ÿ˜‰ , I am posting dates for our approved Volunteers for possible playdates, daytrips and playdays. Please contact Gwen if you might be interested! As we head into the fall with the beginning of the school year plus the return of many of our ‘Summer’ Break Volunteers; we should be in a much better position on this front yet BHRR can always use more Volunteers for our animals including our Therapy plus Humane Education visits plus speeches. A Volunteer/Foster Application can be downloaded, completed and returned to BHRR. We are always in need of more approved Foster homes. The more approved homes we have, the more animals we can continue to assist.

Saturday September 5th(anytime between 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM); Tuesday September 8th(4 PM – 8:00 PM); Tuesday September 15th(4 PM – 8:00 PM) & Saturday September 19th(anytime between 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM).

We are also looking for approved BHRR Volunteers that might like to come out on Friday September 25th, 2009 as part of the Ashbury College Leadership Through Volunteering Day. We shall be doing Humane Education plus having hands on time including grooming with the Giant Breed Canines and Equines at BHRR. If you are interested, please contact Gwen

As it is almost 2:45 AM, I was thinking of falling into bed for a few yet then, I decided to give the doggies a treat before bed and now I JUST had to post this update on BHRR’s Potter. Potter has been with us for a month and slowly yet surely, I have been gaining not just his trust but I have finally been earning some of Potters’ respect. You truly have to prove yourself to Potter as being worthy and this is not done by force or punishment. It is done with patience, time, consistency, love, training and more time and more patience and more training and more consistency and more love. Potter has mastered many hand signal commands such as ‘come’, ‘lie down’, ‘move over’, ‘off’, ‘good’, ‘no’, ‘gentle’ etc. yet he has refused to ‘sit’ and even to acknowledge the name of ‘Potter’. However; just awhile ago; Potter ‘sat’ without any hesitation! THAT is huge! I could also tell by his face and his eyes, that he did not want a ‘big’ deal made but I still patted him, praised him, showed such happy body language yet held off on the giant squeezing hug plus kiss. ๐Ÿ˜‰ He also earned that treat! NOW, on to the name thing. GOOD boy Potter! He truly is such a neat boy!

We are just so appreciative of all those stepping forward to assist us at BHRR with extra playdates, daytrips and playdays! I would love to see BHRR’s Abbi, Lil Linus, Parker, Potter and Mazda get in some more over the next while. For this upcoming week; I am looking at Wedneday August 26th(4-8 PM), Thursday August 27th(4-8 PM) or even Sunday August 30th(noon onward). For the following week; I am looking at Tuesday September 1st(4 – 8 PM) at this time. Will post more dates as I can. Please do email mail Gwen if you might be interested. On behalf of all of the animals here; thank you so much for your continued support.

I have finally added a picture slideshow for BHRR’s Potter! Slides # 1 – 6 are from July 13th, 2009 and Slides #7 & #8 are from July 14th, 2009. Once I ‘catch’ up, it will be time to add new and current photos! ๐Ÿ˜› He has put on about 15 pounds to date and still has a ways to go yet is looking so much better, especially with his muscle development. ๐Ÿ™‚ His new best friend is BHRR’s Kingston and gosh, at night; they are like two wee vampires; waking up and going on a ‘frenzy’! HOLY! LOL Calm and quite good during the day yet as soon as evening hits; WATCH out world! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think Potter just loves having someone smaller than him around BUT not for too long for the weight that I got on Kingston today was 21.4 pounds! ๐Ÿ˜› Several other people have been able to witness first hand; the behavoural quirks that I have been referencing and it is much more understood by others ‘why’ BHRR’s Potter shall remain as part of our Haven program at this time. AND the number one word that everyone seems to come up with to describe Potter is the same one that Sean plus myself use….NEAT! LOL He truly is a neat character and we love him, flaws and all for no one is perfect(but we are working on getting him as close to that as possible!ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰ )ย  and he is a product of his breeding and past environment NOT by his choice. Once more people can understand this; they can hopefully; see Potter for ‘all’ that he is and not just parts or pieces; for all together; he makes up this NEAT boy!

We wish to post that BHRR continues to Rescue and take request for assistance ALL across North America. There seemed to be some question as to our continued ‘locale’ of Rescue assistance due to a number of recent groups opening up their doors in areas that BHRR has been a huge part in helping out in the past. This does not change anything for BHRR. I have been involved in Rescue for over 22 years and BHRR has been around for almost 14; since I first founded this organization back in 1996. We are still here and we still continue to be where we are needed, when we are needed.

I feel almost compelled to write this blog post for BHRR’s Lil Linus and BHRR’s Potter. I am not sure why people feel that a ‘deaf’ dog does not need a need a name, because they are deaf. To me, that is like saying, we should not name our deaf children or address our hard of hearing or deaf elders anymore by name etc. A name is an identity and if one is living in a home with multi dogs; especially deaf one’s(we live with 3 right at the present and our now almost 10.5+ year old Kona is almost deaf); using a dog’s name is very important. When I do training, I train the dogs as individuals, small groups and in larger groups. If I am doing recall training, even in my larged fenced in yard; if I want Lil Linus or Soul to come to me, I use their ‘name’. If I want Potter(he is working on his name) to come over Soul or Linus; I signal his name. I am not in agreement with those that say that it is not important to name your deaf dog. While my dogs might have chosen different names if they could ๐Ÿ˜‰ ; their names are no less important to them or to me. When I signal Lil Linus`s name, his tail wags and the same applies to Soul and each knows when I am `speaking`to them over the other or if I am communicating to both. They are proud of their own identities and how it makes them feel unique and special just as each hearing dog feels unique and special with their own names. I find it hard to understand why people, especially those that say they are knowledgeable about deaf dogs etc., would feel that it means nothing to give a deaf dog a name and so a name is not important. To me, it is also a huge safety thing in regards to teaching emergency stops, recalls etc. They learn their names as much as they learn the `watch me`command; right from the get go. The other thing that I wish to address in regards to `deaf dogs`is that they do not HAVE to always go to a home that already has a hearing dog. That is also not necessarily true. Just as many hearing dogs do well in a home by themselves as the only dog; the same goes with deaf dogs. We have placed many a deaf dog as the only dog in the home and we have also placed many a deaf dog in a home that already has a deaf dog as their only dog. OWNING a deaf dog is not necessarily any harder than owning a hearing dog. My biggest piece of feedback when it comes to owning a deaf dog; is that one CANNOT be lazy. You cannot just `call out` to ask your dog to get their nose out of the garbage or to put that shoe down that they are walking off with it. That is why it is so important to teach them the `watch me`command. Deaf dogs learn equally as fast, if not faster than some hearing dogs and they are not dumb, stupid and not all deafies have visual impairments or health issues either. When it comes to Boxers; just as with Great Danes; `white`is not albino; that does not exist in these breeds. It is estimated that about 18-20% of all Boxers are white and they can be hearing or deaf and they make just as lovely and wonderful of pets as does their hearing counterparts. Each parent must carry for the `white`gene for it to be passed on to create a `white`boxer. As with Great Danes, many deaf boxers can be found having a lot of white about the face, head and ears. What bothers humans about dogs being deaf; does not bother the deaf dog. Dogs that are born deaf, do not know any different and dogs that lose their hearing as they are older, can also be taught hand signals(I teach them at all ages); touch training, light training, scent training and vibration training(we do not do vibration collars here) but use floors and door jams in order to continue to have a great quality of life in a world that no longer is `hearing`to them. ๐Ÿ˜Ž I also teach a regular course that is specifically for owners and their deaf dogs; and just as I do in that course; I am going to state it here; education is key.

BHRR’s Potter is healing wonderfully from his neuter and I took of his fashionable E-Collar on Tuesday night and he has been really great about not bothering with his incision. The honeymoon period is officially over and the house has become his playground with a newly added close friend BHRR’s Dana! ๐Ÿ™„ We are now doing tethering training and Potter DEFINITELY DOES NOT like being asked to do things he does not want to do and when he does not want to do them. You can tell that he has had zero obedience training and is used to ‘ruling’ his own roost. His leash manners have greatly improved though. He is slowly picking up hand signals and yet still wishes to ‘act’ upon them when he wishes too. He is a very strong personality boy and Sean and I think he is totally NEAT! However; poor Potter has degenerative bone disease plus ‘dry’ joints in addition to beginning to have some of his ‘negative’ behavoural quirks come more to the surface now that the honeymoon period is over. Quirks that I am not comfortable at this time seeing him placed in a home. From the moment he walked into our home; they have been ‘there’ and I am watching them closely and being very proactive on his training. He is fairly quick to want to use his ‘mouth’ (not bite yet he will attempt to mouth you) to express himself when being taken by his collar to go to his crate or be put on a leash or being taken away from something. He is still not overly fond of his crate yet we are getting there. His housebreaking is also getting there. Nighttime is the worst. He is not comfortable going outside at that time. He truly does love everyone and everydog that he has seen and while ‘interested’ in the guinea pigs; he has not exhibited any prey drive at this time. He has shown no resourcing towards humans or dogs with food, treats and is very gentle about taking items from your hand. He will ‘bark’ if he wants a drink of water and another dog is there. He is not used to other dogs allowing him to share a bowl to drink but he will get there. We are huge on sharing at our home. He will also ‘bark’ if a dog has a toy and he wants it. Other than some ‘I am really peeved’ barking in his crate shortly after you put him in(he will be quiet the whole time I am showering or dressing) and go to leave; he is quiet. It has truly been a blast having him here and BHRR’s Potter shall remain as part of our BHRR Haven Program at this time.

Thank you to everyone for continuing to offer up prayers and blessings of support and strength as we went through the unimaginable on Friday July 24th. As per my worry posted in BHRR’s Potter’s Blog on July 22nd, I rushed in with our Grayson Dane’s Babyz Dragonz(almost 8 and BLK’s Maggi’s bestest of friends) just after 11:30 AM on July 24th as he was bloating and after valiantly trying to save him for almost 3 hours; I humanely let him go. Thank you to Dr. Adams, Kenda, April, Marie and Dave at Kanata Animal Hospital for working with me so hard in trying to save him. We honestly thought we โ€˜got’ him in time yet with his advanced age and vascular system; he just kept continuing to fill up with gas and with each digital X-Ray we took after working on him; we began to see his torsion and his spleen had been pushed way down and over. He was not well when I arrived with him; but we truly felt we got him turned around yet sadly, he was becoming more weak and shocky. When one loses one pet, it is truly heartwrenching; two pets, devastating; but in having lost three of our own Great Danes in a week; I feel just sick and even my hands are shaking from my own shock. I truly thought my knees were going to buckle at one point and the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life is tell my 6 year old daughter that I could not save her beloved โ€˜Babyz Dragonz’. 22 years without a bloat in one of our own Great Danes and we have now had two in one week plus the tragic loss of BHRR’s KB/JB. BHRR shall remain in a shutdown mode as we continue to stumble and struggle our way through these devastating tragedies. I am also seriously considering moving BHRR’s Mazda to an approved Volunteer or Adopter home for the next while for with my worries about Dragon after his bf Maggi bloated; and then we ended up losing him; I remain extremely concerned……… ๐Ÿ˜ฅ I have spent quite some time talking to some of my Show Mentors and many have told me that in their own multi-dog kennels/homes; they have gone through losses like this or have had friends who have. Apparently,a nightmare of this type is not as uncommon as one would have thought or even had hoped would be the case. Armed with this information; it makes me just that much more determined to stay proactive with the wellbeing plus health of all those that are in our home and hearts. I watched Dragon like a hawk the whole week since his bf Maggi bloated; yet I still could not save him in the end. I also remain watching our 10+ year old Kona; NewfX too but she seems to be bouncing back somewhat at this time. Maggi was a really close friend of hers too. Kona is the last of the FANTABULOUS ‘5’ in our home. She is also the last of the FANTASTIC ‘4’ that we moved into this house with back in August of 1999.

Potter was neutered today plus had a nail trim and he weighed 26.90 KGs(59.18 pounds) and so is putting on weight really nicely. I am so pleased. Still a bit thin though yet getting there and he was a HUGE HUGE HUGE hit at the Hospital and went through his neuter like a ‘tough’ soul. The funny thing was that when all the anesthetic wore off; he was MAD! OMG! He was not happy in his run!!!! Too funny! He was quite vocal to all that would listen about his unhappiness about being stuck in a run! I put a collar on him for I just had this feeling and sure enough; every chance he got; he wanted to go for his incision, so he is now sporting the latest in fashionable E-Collars! ๐Ÿ˜‰ He is now resting well after a small bite to eat for supper on my bed and has adjusted well to his collar BUT I am not stoooopid enough to think that he is going to ‘give’ in so gracelessly after only attempting to take it off a few times. ๐Ÿ˜‰ As Sean and I shall be two ships passing in the night tomorrow afternoon; the little monkey boy might be coming to work with me to hang out, so that he can be watched by someone most of the time! He and Tain shared the back seat, snoozing away as they both had really busy days and after some brief attempts of them both wanting to play(Tain has been showing since last Friday); both settled down to snuggle and rest. HUGE congrats extended to TAIN again on such a great show day and thank you to Barry plus Amine in picking Tain up so that Sean and I could have time this AM after the children went to daycamp to lay BHRR’s KB/JB to proper rest near BLK’s Maggi. Once some time has past, I will decide which flowers or flowering bushes shall best honour our two very precious Great Danes. The past 5 days have been a huge series of ups(Tain’s very impressive wins) and crashing lows with our devastating losses. Thank you again to all that have been there for us. We are blessed! Things remain very sombre in our home as all the dogs are mourning and are confused plus ‘lost’ themselves. This next while shall be a quite time at our home and we shall be focused on the healing process for both humans plus our dogs. Mazda continues to just walk around aimlessly looking and crying for KB/JB and Dragon(our almost 8 year old Great Dane) appears to be most ‘hit’ along with our almost 10.5 year old Newfx Kona; over Maggi’s loss. It breaks our hearts to see them like this….Thank you everyone again for continuing to respect our need for time and some space to get everyone back up on their feet and moving forward with the healing of hearts, souls plus spirits.

We appreciate the understanding of everyone that we are requesting some private time over the next while. With the loss of our sweet precious BLK’s Maggi on July 17th to bloat; we are now battling a new wave of pain with us having to let go BHRR’s KB/JB just before 6:00 PM tonight. I received a call while I was at the Lombardy shows around 4:30 PM from Sean that KB/JB was not doing well. From talking to Sean, it sounded like a stroke or seizure and I rushed off to meet Sean as he headed to the hospital. Sean’s initial worry was that it was bloat(I completely understand his fear as Maggi bloated on Friday while I was at home but Sean was at work and has had no real experience with bloat) yet from asking him questions and then seeing KB/JB myself and the Vet concurred, he had most likely had a stroke and that is why he lost control of his legs, especially in the hind end. When I felt his legs and feet, they were stone cold. We knew that we would only have a short more while with him due to his aggressive osteosarcoma yet we did not think that we would lose him like this. So, thank you to everyone for respecting our need for some privacy to properly mourn the losses of our incredible and amazing Danes; BLK’s Maggi(January 1st, 2001 – July 17th, 2009) & BHRR’s KB/JB(August 2002 – July 21st, 2009). The last four days have been just a walking nightmare for our home. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ We sit in stunned pain right now.

BHRR’s Potter was 54.12 pounds(24.6 KGs) at the Vet’s last Wednesday and the Vet confirmed that he does have a bit of eye infection and mild entropion, with the right eye being the worst. His HWT has come back negative and I am awaiting the results of his bw plus fecal. I am moving Potter to the Haven Dog program at this time until we learn more about his hips/hind end. His housebreaking took a huge turn for the worse on Thursday yet we seem to be back on track and he is ‘getting’ it. He has also managed to dismantle and fold completely the same crate again(after we thought we had things all figured….) and I came home from the shows today(CONGRATS again to TAIN for taking WD/BOW today!); he was happy as a lark cuddled on my bed with Dyce and Dragon with crate completely dismantled plus folded up…. ๐Ÿ™„ We do not attempt to feed him in a crate any longer for he just will barely eat. He is eating much better from a small stool and has no resourcing towards humans or dogs. He is also very gentle about taking treats from our hands. He is truly a really neat little boy! He is still scheduled to be neutered this Wednesday and I have finished up his first round of de-worming. His best friends continue to be the ‘three P’s’ – PPSS, Porridge and Parker! He just had to figure out how to ‘work’ around Mr. Parkers’ wicked paws! LOL

BHRR’s Potter came with me to Kinsley’s soccer game Tuesday night and he spent most of his time, snuggled on my lap on the chair! He did FANTASTIC yet again! I think he is becoming a ‘soccer’ fan between Mason’s game and now Kinsley’s! His leash manners continue to improve but when he sees another dog; WOW! He just runs right to the end of the leash and then stands on his hind legs and stares. He just loves other dogs. He has been superb around the guinea pigs here too. He has not had one accident in the house today and he is eating a bit better than when he first arrived. Getting him into the crate remains a bit of a challenge yet he is settling in better and better each time. I thought I would share some new pictures of him and how BHRR’s Dana legacy of the ‘heck with the leather couch’ rule lives on…sigh!!!! ๐Ÿ˜› I also meant to post in my last Gwennie Novel that he is quite stiff in the hind end and if need be, we shall do some X-Rays. There was one elderly gentleman at the soccer game tonight who was just positively enamored with Potter and he said that ‘he felt Potter with the whole hip thing’ going on! Those two were so much fun to watch! The man called Potter a ‘mini horse’ so I guess he never met a Great Dane before! ๐Ÿ˜‰ He asked if Potter would be in attendance next Tuesday and who could resist that kind of question!!! Potter has a huge fascination with balls and that seems to be the only toy, other than a cuz that he is interested in. I would like to keep my children’s soccer balls inflated, so I shall have to buy Potter his own collection! I also want to thank Sean for staying behind tonight and not going to Kinsley’s game to fix up one part of our fencing where my perennials live. Potter is small enough to go through to that area whereas the Giant Breeds cannot and he has ‘walked about’ three times and now, it is all fixed up and his one attempt to go through was effectively thrawted!!!! THANKS Sean!!!!

BHRR’s Potter – July 14th, 2009 – hmmmm, settling in????

As many are aware; I drove to New York yesterday to pick up BHRR’s Potter. I also learned some more about him; his last home was his original home and the Animal Control has known about his plight since he was weeks old and it took this long for them to get them to sign him over. They also used to call him ‘Dumbo’ thinking it was funny and because they thought he was dumb. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ It took two full grown women to ‘wrangle’ this boy from one vehicle to another; he is so ‘out there with no manners’! I picked him up for 11:30 AM and I have to say that by the time he came to my son’s soccer last night(Potter figured out how to dismantle the crate he was in….NOT even Dana could do that and he had it nice and folded up within half an hour of being put into it….); and based upon his personality; I knew he would be MORE than fine to go to Soccer; and his ‘out of control’ leash manners were gone and he would sit pretty much when I asked him too. He made NOT one peep at the game and either just sat or watched the kids play and he loves the soccer balls though! He could NOT get enough attention from everyone that he saw and it barely took 5 minutes before a person came up to us; and she did not ask if Potter was a ‘PitBull’; she accused me of him being a PitBull…sigh… In my attempts to correctly educate her; I knew it was falling on deaf ears; and even her friend was trying to explain about how wonderful MANY pitties are and that it is the owners/breeders… Potter has natural ears and his tail has not been docked and I have known my share of amazing PitBulls and so, she gave Potter a great compliment! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Potter had been integrated with both PPSS and Abbi(MAN! Was she excited to see someone smaller than her! Potter is 26″) and after he dismantled his crate while I was putting a load of laundry in; he had made the decision that he wanted to be integrated with everyone; for I came upstairs to a nicely folded up crate and all the dogs thundering around the house and outside and inside again; with Potter leading the charge…. ๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿ˜› I knew that he had been living with 8 other dogs without any issues and in just meeting him; that tail is nonstop wagging(I cannot wait for all to meet this cutie for he is going to STEAL your heart with his charm and those deep dark brown eyes!); so I was not worried about his ‘escape’. I had never used this crate before; it was a donation; yet it is the same as one of our other smaller crates and never had an issue with it! So, we can dispell any thoughts by his previous owners about his level of intelligence, for he managed to figure out how it came apart, and pulled in just the right pressure spots to fold it down and I should have taken a picture; it was as if it had just come out of the box; he had it arranged perfectly! He is not fully housebroken at this time; yet we are working on that; he will pee outside and we will get there with the pooping. He is not a fan of his crate and so Gwennie’s Doggie Boot camp as begun in full swing. When he is quiet he gets to come out and he has certainly made himself at home by jumping up on the bed. He has really bonded with both myself and Sean and he is very pack oriented. He is most happiest when we are both together. Sean could not believe the change already in him from when he first came home to when we left the Soccer field. Potter is thriving under rules, routine and guidance and is already beginning to ‘watch’ me and he knows ‘come’ and we are working on that ‘sit’. He understands ‘no’ yet mostly disregards it and we will get there. He is so affectionate yet is hesitant about asking for it; BUT as soon as you give him some encouragement; he can put a Dane to shame with his ‘body lean’s’. He has not even been here 24 hours and I cannot imagine how my home was like before him. He has just fit in SOOOOOOOO well! He had a great night and I am so excited about working with him and learning from him. It has been years since we had a Boxer in our home and it is perfect that he is deaf; for one of the ‘Special Needs’ classes that I am currently teaching has 4 deaf boxers in it; so he is going to fit in just fine.ย  ๐Ÿ˜Ž His colouring is actually white with four brindle patches(one in each his ear and one on the base of his tail and one on his side). He is coming to the Vet with me tomorrow and I shall do his bw for neutering(I would like to see about another 10+ pounds on him right now and it is muscle that he needs; he is SOOOOOO lacking in muscle) and we will also do a HWT test. I would like to find out what his current weight is for his Vaccine certificate just says ‘over 50 pounds'(yet even I can carry him with ease). His Rescuer was just so kind as he came with all of his vaccines; his HC and they also gave him a flea treatment. I am de-worming him now and will bring in a fecal tomorrow. His is a ‘bit’ itchy and has some dry areas around his neck that if you rub just right; gets his one leg moving. We will do a skin scraping if needed and I have him on a super premium food. His left back foot has quite the ‘scar’ on it; and I have my speculations on what might have caused that. I am sure that I am missing something here yet wanted to post a ‘Gwennie’ update(I have much to do with all of the dogs blogs etc. now that our Fundraiser is over) and yes, I shall post some pictures so that people can get an idea of just how ‘heart’ pulling this sweetie is! As much as I would have liked to have brought him into BHRR before the micrcochip clinic Fundraiser; for he needs a chip and a new collar; it was not in his best interest to have done so. I now have the time that he needs of me to give him all that is necessary and more! I have been inundated with inquiries on BHRR’s Potter and I am truly just taken aback by the number of people who want him and they ‘do not know’ anything about him. We only place per best matched personality fit and even when it comes to a Foster home; if we go down that route; the home must be within the 2 hour driving distance from us. We thank all that have contacted us; yet we are not going to consider homes(if/when he should be up for adoption) that are not in align with our BHRR mandates, policies, processes plus procedures; that are clearly stated on both of our websites. Just because BHRR’s Potter is not a Giant Breed; does not change how we operate BHRR. We have rescued many a large or smaller breed canine over the years and truly; we are a bit surprised by what has been sent our way in respect to this boy. It is because BHRR is who we are that this boy is even here(so many turn their backs on the SN’s) and we are not going to compromise our standards. This boys’ future was very questionable until we were asked to step up and we shall do ‘right’ by him. Welcome to BHRR’s latest ‘honourary’ Great Dane! Besides needing a new collar and microchip; BHRR’s Potter shall also require some ‘Boxer’ size toys! He is loving the cuzes right now and his leash….ย  ๐Ÿ˜†

BHRR’s Potter – July 13th, 2009 – Almost one year of age & 26″

My son has come up with a really great name(he had actually wanted to name Hamilton The Newf this name….) for this Boxer Boy; Potter and it is has really grown on me. The letter for signing is not going to be confused(I was almost thinking of a ‘R’ name since one had been suggested to me already) with Lil Linus’s nor Soul’s; so I think we are going to ‘go’ for it. I have learnt even more about this boy in that it has taken over a month of hard work from his current Rescuer to convince the home to surrender him to her and at one time; he apparently was running free and almost was killed by vehicles and they did not seem concerned over this. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ So, BHRR’s Potter is going to be his name and he is almost 1 year of age from what I have been told. He will have his Rabies before I pick him up(he needs that to cross the border) and a Valid Health Certificate. I have also scheduled an exam with the Vet for July 16th and I will do his presurgical bw at that time; barring any reason why we could not do it at that time. BHRR’s Potter would then be neutered on July 23rd. Cannot wait to meet the ‘little’ Dane! ๐Ÿ˜‰ NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!!!

So, I shall be picking up this boy(he does not even have a name, poor thing!) on Monday around 11:30 AM in NY. He is currently being kenneled by another Rescuer at her place. He was an owner surrender. He is also not neutered, mostly white with some black spots and is a Boxer AKA now a `BHRR`s Honourary Great Dane`! ๐Ÿ˜›

BHRR has been asked to take in what I am going to refer to as an ‘honourary’ Great Dane. ๐Ÿ™‚

He is a one year old, deaf Boxer. Assisting the Special Needs is our ‘special’ focus at BHRR and he needs help.

He will be coming from NY and when I know more, I shall post more. I would dearly love to assist this boy(the home just had no idea on how to train and work with him; so he does whatever he wants right now) and I will most likely be looking for a foster home in my area after he is here, settled, assessed and fully vetted.

If anyone is open to considering assisting BHRR with this boy(as I get more information; I will post); please contact Gwen.