The final total raised in the 2009 BHRR’s 2nd Annual Online Auction is $2,295.00! Sean and I are just blown away by the support shown and to everyone that has donated and/or cross-posted and/or bid etc. on this BHRR event, THANK YOU SO MUCH! In 2008, we had 52 items up for bidding($1,291.00 raised) and in 2009; we had 120 items and with your strong belief in what we do at BHRR; we can continue to help those animals in need of our programs. For those that have won something in this auction; you should have been contacted by now and if you did not receive your email of congrats with payment details, please email Gwen.

Gentle reminder that per the posted BHRR rules; payment was to have been received by ‘Gift’ Option via PayPal, Email Transfer or Cash within 48 hours of notification. It is the animals that will do without and be ‘affected’ the most by anyone that might choose not to be honourable with their winning bids. We had 1 winner for a total of $75.00 that defaulted on her bid, Betina Bouchard.

Due to the amount of time this is taking to sort out; the blogs of the BHRR animals remain un-updated.