BHRR’s Potter had some staples put into his leg today to help close up that incision. I AM so touched by how fast the Hospital could take him in and despite my protests, they did not charge me for the visit or staples etc. Thank you from my heart Dr. Liston and your incredible staff! Potter will now be on antibiotics much longer due to how slow he is healing and that he opened up his leg today plus we will remove the staples plus remaining sutures much later than originally planned(this Saturday). He drank about half a bowl full of water at KAH when I brought him back from LAH with me to work. He sure charmed many that crossed his path today! 😀 Now, hoping I can get him to eat. He has lost so much weight. The Vet also mentioned that the Duragesic patch can cause them not to want to eat or drink as much so that was removed today(it was 5 days since I put the last patch on him). Mr. ‘Boxer Boy’ the ‘Potter Man’ is sure keeping me on my toes!