BHRR’s Potter is healing wonderfully from his neuter and I took of his fashionable E-Collar on Tuesday night and he has been really great about not bothering with his incision. The honeymoon period is officially over and the house has become his playground with a newly added close friend BHRR’s Dana! 🙄 We are now doing tethering training and Potter DEFINITELY DOES NOT like being asked to do things he does not want to do and when he does not want to do them. You can tell that he has had zero obedience training and is used to ‘ruling’ his own roost. His leash manners have greatly improved though. He is slowly picking up hand signals and yet still wishes to ‘act’ upon them when he wishes too. He is a very strong personality boy and Sean and I think he is totally NEAT! However; poor Potter has degenerative bone disease plus ‘dry’ joints in addition to beginning to have some of his ‘negative’ behavoural quirks come more to the surface now that the honeymoon period is over. Quirks that I am not comfortable at this time seeing him placed in a home. From the moment he walked into our home; they have been ‘there’ and I am watching them closely and being very proactive on his training. He is fairly quick to want to use his ‘mouth’ (not bite yet he will attempt to mouth you) to express himself when being taken by his collar to go to his crate or be put on a leash or being taken away from something. He is still not overly fond of his crate yet we are getting there. His housebreaking is also getting there. Nighttime is the worst. He is not comfortable going outside at that time. He truly does love everyone and everydog that he has seen and while ‘interested’ in the guinea pigs; he has not exhibited any prey drive at this time. He has shown no resourcing towards humans or dogs with food, treats and is very gentle about taking items from your hand. He will ‘bark’ if he wants a drink of water and another dog is there. He is not used to other dogs allowing him to share a bowl to drink but he will get there. We are huge on sharing at our home. He will also ‘bark’ if a dog has a toy and he wants it. Other than some ‘I am really peeved’ barking in his crate shortly after you put him in(he will be quiet the whole time I am showering or dressing) and go to leave; he is quiet. It has truly been a blast having him here and BHRR’s Potter shall remain as part of our BHRR Haven Program at this time.