BHRR's Lincon was ADOPTED May 4th, 2012!

BHRR's Lincoln's hv for a possible BHRR adoption is Friday May 4th! We shall post a status update as we can.

Our Spring Fundraiser is NOW ON!

1st Annual '1-on-1' Special Date With A BHRR Animal Online Auction.

The BHRR Auction will begin at 6:00 AM EST on Saturday April 14th, 2012.
Unfortunately, bids submitted prior to this time cannot be considered.

The BHRR Auction will end at 9:00 PM EST on Thursday April 26th, 2012.

We are still in the process of adding the 'eligible' BHRR doggies, so please visit our website often! WE HAVE 16 DATES so far made available! Date includes a picnic lunch! 🙂

*For more information on each dog available, please visit their dog blog links under each dog's individual bid item details.*

Thanks Louise for the great poster!

Permission Given To Cross-Post!



That BHRR will be at the NEW Pet Valu located in the Kemptville Colonnade Retail Mall(Hwy 43 & 416 – near the new Timmie's & Canadian Tire!), on Saturday April 14th from 10 AM to 3 PM & then again on Sunday April 15th from 11 AM to 4 PM for their Pet Appreciation weekend!

On Saturday – BHRR's Journey and BHRR's Freeze are going to be in attendance plus I shall be bringing Drift to begin his own 'big world' introduction.

On Sunday – BHRR's Hamilton The Newf & BHRR's Hailey shall be in attendance. This shall be good for BHRR's Hailey to also get her back into the 'big world'!

I shall also be doing microchipping for $40 which includes registration – NO APPOINTMENTS NECESSARY!

Looking forward to a great weekend of public awareness/community education on not just BHRR yet; so many other important topics re: animal welfare plus giving our dogs some more fabu experiences! Maybe, some right matched forever loving homes will meet them and consider submittIng an application to adopt. 🙂

Until the end of day on Tuesday April 10th, Luanne of Rusty Dawg Pet Products is hosting the following FUNDRAISER for BHRR through her Arbonne business.

Here is Luanne's Arbonne ONLINE Fundraiser Facebook Page & you can EMAIL HER!

AND here are the details of this Fundraiser of which Lana Burnley-Waters of Pet-errific who has her own Arbonne business shall match each Fundraising Dollar raised by Luanne to then donate to BHRR!

FROM LUANNE AND REMEMBER TO LET LUANNE know that your order is for the BHRR Fundraiser:

April 1-10, 2012

I am hosting an Online Arbonne Party with a portion of my sales being donated to Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services, a wonderful Giant Canine Breed & Equine rescue group in Ottawa area focusing on those with special needs (!

Arbonne is a Swiss company that is over 30 years old. Their products are non-toxic, botanically based and they have something for everyone, ranging from newborns to senior citizens. I can honestly say Arbonne's products are the best I've ever tried! I have switched all my personal care products to Arbonne & my skin and hair have never looked healthier!

Arbonne products are all Vegan Certified. They do not contain animal products/by-products and they have never & will never test on animals! What a great combination to be able to purchase pure, safe & beneficial products that are truly amazing from an animal friendly company and at the same time supporting a great rescue group 🙂 As an added incentive, if you purchase more than $100 retail during the Party your name will go into a draw to win a product of your choice up to a $60 retail value.

This is your chance to try Arbonne's Ultra-Premium, Swiss formulated products & to also support a wonderful rescue group! The party will be open from April 1, 2012 through to, and including, April 10, 2012 with 10% of all sales being donated to BHRR!

If you sign up as a Preferred Client with a minimum order of $180 (which entitles you to a free product of your choice up to $120 retail value for your first order only), I will donate an additonal $5 to BHRR! As a Preferred Client you get a 20% discount off all your orders plus other specials & monthly promotions that are available only to Preferred Clients. The fee is $35 per year with the renewal fee being only $18! You can read more about being a Preferred Client and all the offers that are available here: (scroll down)

If you sign up as a Consultant with a minimum order of $180 (which entitles you to a free product of your choice up to $120 retail value for your first order only), I will donate an additonal $10 to BHRR! As a Consultant you get a 35% discount off all your orders plus other specials, incentives & monthly promotions that are available only to Consultants. You also earn commission on retail orders placed by personally sponsored Preferred Clients! You can read more about being a Consultant and all the offers that are available here: (scroll down)

For those who live in Ottawa area you can take advantage of the Consolidated Shipping option. I will have all the Ottawa orders shipped to my house and the shipping charges will be split up equally amongst all the orders. It's a great way to save on shipping! In order do this you will need to email your order to me with all your info so that I can input it for you.

For those who live outside of Ottawa, you can place your order directly from my Arbonne website – On the right hand side in the Join Arbonne section, click on "Click Here to become part of Arbonne today!" This takes you to the Arbonne Registration page where you can choose to sign up as a Client (free – no discount), Preferred Client ($35 – 20% discount) or Consultant ($95 – 35% discount). After you register you will be taken to the Shop Online page where you will place your order. After you place your order please email me to let me know that your order is part of BHRR's fundraiser.

If you are already an Arbonne Client you can order as usual through Arbonne's website: If you would like to take advantage of the Consolidated shipping please email your order to me, along with your Arbonne ID, so I can input it for you.

Arbonne is a global company so those in Canada, United States, Australia and the UK can place orders!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. My email address is:

Here's a link to a Note I posted on Facebook if you want to know more about becoming a Consultant –

As an added incentive, if you purchase more than $100 retail during the Party your name will go into a draw to win a product of your choice up to a $60 retail value. Pls help me support BHRR and place an order! I know you will not be disappointed with Arbonne's products! They are the best of the best, seriously. They are formulated under the strictest guidelines so they do not contain any toxic chemicals that are typically found in products at the drug stores etc.

BHRR's Lincoln is moving under a PENDING ADOPTION! His blog shall be updated as we can.

Awhile back, I was contacted by a woman named Kathy Radar. She had recently purchased a new vehicle a ‘Journey’ and she had heard about BHRR’s Journey’s story. She contacted me wanting to do a Fundraiser to ‘Fill Up Her Journey For Journey & BHRR Friends’.

This is one reason why we are hosting a special BHRR ‘EXPERIENCE’ Mini Open House in April; for she shall be coming up to BHRR with her friend to drop off her Journey filled with goodies! I thought it would be lovely for her & her friend to meet others involved with BHRR, pass along their own appreciation for her efforts etc. 🙂

For anyone in the London, ON area that would like to participate; please contact Kathy directly. (519) 452-3009 – She is collecting items right up until April 19th inclusive!!!

Journey for JOURNEY campaign poster – Click Link To View Poster! 🙂


On another note; BHRR’s Journey’s recheck on her tail, new weight check plus tail appointment shall be rescheduled for next weekend – Saturday March 31st, 2012.

The Panache Pooch 'SHARE YOUR HEART' Fundraiser for BHRR is running from February 1st – February 29th, inclusive! There are now 34 ITEMS available!

25% of all sales of Amanda's collars/leashes currently listed on her Etsy Store shall come to to BHRR!

When you 'SHARE YOUR HEART'; you will be helping animals in need of BHRR!

EMAIL Amanda

All prices are in CDA $. You might have to change your default to CDA $ if need be. 🙂

AND in honour of BHRR BOD member Mary, Amanda & I wish to have this Fundraiser in Carbon's memory. RIP dear boy. YOU will be so deeply missed!

If you would like to see some of the Panache Pooch collars that we have had over the years, please visit HERE!

Crossposting permission given!


BHRR shall be expanding our adoption area as of April 1st, 2012. Our new adoption area shall include Halifax, N.S. plus the immediate surrounding area – within 2 hours of Halifax, N.S.

This is Phase 1 of our 5 year adoption expansion area plan.

In order for homes to be approved to adopt; all of our current thorough adoption criteria must be met.

I was conversing with someone re: BHRR's Lincoln today and it appears I need to update his blog in respect to his food!

BHRR's Lincoln is now eating about 10 cups of food daily; spread out between two meals and he is still having a mixture of 75% FROMM (Whitefish or Salmon) and 25% of the D/D Salmon from the Vet Hospital.

In looking up the expense report  have for him; it is costing me about $100/month to feed him(I do realise that I get the D/D Salmon from the Vet Hospital at a discount).

He is still hanging a few pounds now more than I would like him BUT WHAT a long road you have come to get to this magnificent weight! 🙂

HERE is the CBC Ottawa Morning radio interview with Anna, myself & BHRR’s Journey that was live/aired on Monday February 13th, 2012! It was re-aired at 5:40 AM on Tuesday February 14th, 2012

The belief in Journey is so warming to feel plus see and once again from my own heart; THANK you to each and every one for helping her!!! I am and remain wonderfully overwhelmed and humbled deeply by such gifts of money and material goods given to her cause!

I have spent a good part of my AM answering emails, discussing what BHRR does, how BHRR does what we do, that we operate out of our home and those of our approved temp foster homes, why BHRR is so successful at what we do plus deeply thanking everyone for the continued support!

Education is so key and BHRR’s Journey continues to teach many about forgiveness, trust, giving, acceptance plus determination!

She is scheduled to head back to the Vet at KAH on Friday February 17th for a recheck on that tail, possible vaccines and another fecal! GO JOURNEY GO!

AND Anna, I am still in awe and inspired by your generous and giving soul!!!

I also finally was able to hear the interview myself! 😉

BHRR's Journey's article in The Ottawa Citizen.

A heartfelt touching warm story of a community being brought together by a GD who was in urgent need and how inspirational, beautiful their supportive efforts including those of Anna with her incredible WOW YUMMY Fundraising Biscuit idea to help save this special GD has been!

AND, Journey is bombing along in her rehabilitation and come April, she should be ready to be placed up for adoption!

SO many believed in you Journey and so many LOVE you!!! YOU are worthy, deserving and no less important than any other dog! 🙂

Some errors including that almost $3,000 in private donations have been sent not $1,000 to date; BHRR is not located in Oxford Mills; Journey is a 'she' not a he plus some of the timeline in the story is in error. BUT, a lovely article overall! 🙂


OTTAWA — When she heard the story of Journey – the emaciated Great Dane found on Highway 401 just before Christmas, close to starvation and covered in bite wounds – Anna Gray-Henschel embarked on a journey of her own. She knew she had to do something to help, but she couldn't have imagined that, more than a month later, she would have baked 20,000 dog biscuits to raise money for his care.

As a dog lover, owner of two Great Danes and someone who recently decided to volunteer at rescue shelters, Gray-Henschel came up with the idea of baking some of her own dogs' favourite cheddar cheese and bacon biscuits and selling them to raise money. The idea had worked when her employer, the RCMP, held fundraising campaigns, so why not try to augment her personal donation toward the poor dog's care? Her goal was to bake 100 dozen and sell them for $3 a dozen. She would then donate all $300 of the proceeds to Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation Services in Oxford Mills, where Journey was convalescing.

Several weeks later, that 100 dozen has become 1,667 dozen and she still has orders for 167 dozen more. By day, she's a director general in the RCMP's national security criminal investigations branch, and every evening she bakes for four hours. Weekends she puts in 12-hour days by the oven.

"My husband has been joking about our hydro bill," she said. "But he's not really complaining."

When she's not baking, she's delivering the biscuits. By the time she fills all her orders, she will have raised $5,600 toward the dog's extensive vet bills, which will likely top $8,000 and include at least one more surgery. If the orders keep coming, she'll keep baking, providing shipping (when necessary), delivery and the baking supplies at her own expense. She hopes to raise $6,000 by Valentine's Day.

"It's just one thing and it's not a big deal, but it shows you can have a huge impact if you do your little thing," she said. "It's such a small thing to do to help rehabilitate this beautiful dog. It's hard to believe someone would do this to her."

The response to Journey's story has been amazing, said Gwendilin Boers, an animal behaviour specialist (she's a PhD candidate in the subject) who runs the shelter and works part-time at the Kanata Animal Hospital.

"We were shocked by her condition," Boers said. "We see some terrible things in rescue, but she's one of the worse cases I have seen in my 16 years of running the rescue."

Journey weighed 74 pounds when a Great Dane at her age should weigh between 110 and 115 pounds. She had fleas, pieces of her ear tips missing, open bite wounds all over her body, a broken tail, frostbite, hypothermia, dehydration and round worms. Boers suspects she was abused. "She was in tragic shape, to say the least."

Boers said the community support had been all the more impressive coming, as it did, just after Christmas.

Journey was brought to the rescue one day after she was found by a Good Samaritan in the freezing rain on the highway near Brockville.

"I'm beyond touched," Boers said, adding that people such as Gray-Henschel had eased the worries about how they would be able to pay the extensive vet bills associated with Journey's recovery. In addition to those who have contributed to the biscuits campaign, private donations have totalled more than $1,000.

"Journey has been a Christmas miracle," Boers said. "She has met every obstacle she has had to overcome with grace and good temperament. She's a very loving dog who has brought so many people together in the spirit of giving. Anna's contribution is just wonderfully overwhelming."

Boers thought it would be June before Journey would be ready for adoption, but, given her progress so far – she now weighs close to 100 pounds – she estimates it will be mid-April.

Donations are being accepted through the Kanata Animal Hospital or by email transfer to Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation is accepting donations through PayPal.


In honor of Gwennie, the Founder of BHRR,  all of us are wishing her a most wonderful and special of birthdays today – February 3rd!

As we have done for the last 2 years as a surprise for Gwennie; if you believe in BHRR; enjoy all the blog updates, pictures, open houses, GD hikes, Gwennie novel posts, her educational articles plus links; please make a donation in support of her rescue efforts.

This fundraiser shall run through until 11:59 PM today – Friday February 3rd, 2012

This blog post was made without Gwennie's awareness as we have managed to do in the past and we hope that once again, she shall be pleasantly surprised!

You can help ease her stress and worries somewhat today about always worrying about money for food to help those in need of the BHRR programs. You can help ease her stress and worries somewhat today about coming up with funds for food by either donating a bag of food or making a donation for food to be bought. You can help ease her stress and worries somewhat today about the mounting food bills for BHRR for beside Vet Bills, this is BHRR's biggest expense.

Together let's make that BHRR 'chain of success' for Gwennie even more strong today!

Email transfer to or via PayPal (account OR even bring a bag of food or cash donation to the upcoming BHRR Open House to help BHRR out! As Gwennie states so often, there is no amount too small.

Several of us approached Gwennie again this year to ask what she wanted for her birthday and once again never did she mention anything for herself. Always her family, friends or the animals.

Please do help us make a birthday very special today for a very special lady who operates a very special Rescue by making a food donation to BHRR.

Total Raised to Date$905 + 6 bags of food

Gwennie's BHRR BIRTHDAY Food Believers & Supporters:



Lana & Warren of Pet-errific

Paula & Serge













BHRR does not adopt out during the XMAS season due to our position that it is not in the best interest of any new addition being added during such a busy, exciting and somewhat stressful time for many.  Quite a few other Rescues, Shelters, Pounds etc. have also begun to follow a similar protocol to what we have been doing.

Our XMAS Shutdown period for this year is from Saturday December 17th, 2011 to Tuesday January 3rd, 2012 inclusive.

During this time, BHRR is available 24/7 as always for requests for assistance of animals in need.

BHRR's 4TH ANNUAL 'JUST IN TIME' FOR XMAS Online Auction shall begin Saturday November 19th @ 7 AM EST and shall run through until Thursday December 1st @ 9 PM EST.

If anyone has any items they would ike to donate inluding services, gift certificates or gift cards; please EMAIL. We will take donations right up until the day the auction shall end. BHRR only hosts three planned Fundraisers a year and every penny goes back to the animals!

We have many bills coming up for some very special animals including BHRR's Bloom and your support would be so appreciated!

Click on the poster for more information!

PERMISSION TO CROSS-POST and if you would like a poster to put up at your work, local businesses etc., please email us for one!



This boy is going to make a home a VERY special addition!!!

While he did not eat well for us last night, today he had 12 cups of food sans problemo! Let's keep it going!!! Right now he is flaked in the main area all content and sleepy from a very busy day of getting 'back into the BHRR groove!' 🙂

Below are two more photos of him! BHRR's Beau was SOOOOOOOOOOO excited to see BHRR's Lincoln come home!

BHRR's Beau & BHRR's Lincoln – November 2011

Sean picked up BHRR's Lincoln this AM from his now former temp foster home to bring to KAH for a re-weigh and a recheck and he weighed….wait for it…..179 pounds!!!!

Everyone thought he looked FANTASTIC! JUST fantastic! No longer is he that emaciated 138.60 pounds(and in fact it was less as he had not been weighed for three days post arrival to BHRR) boy.

He has put on 34.9 pounds since he went to his temp foster home five weeks ago.

This means that he has put on 40.4 pounds since we first weighed him when he came to BHRR!!! AND per my one blog post on July 28th, 2011, I wanted to see him around 175 pounds and per the Vet and in having now gotten my hands on him myself, once he now loses about 5 pounds(I cannot believe that we are saying that he actually needs to lose a few pounds now!!! WHAT a great thing to say!); he shall be the ideal weight for him at this age/time.

As I told his temp foster mom, she gets the 'TEMP FOSTER OF THE YEAR AWARD!'

He was being fed 14 cups a food a day – 7 cups BID and we are going to cut him down to 12 cups – 6 cups BID. 

We shall feed him 75% of FROMM Salmon or FROMM Whitefish and 25% of the D/D Salmon.

He had been switched to eating RAW at his former temp foster home at one point and thriving. So any future adoptive home as that as a great feeding option for him too if they do not wish to feed the only kibble meant for him. 🙂

In regards to his Pred of 25 mg EOD; we obtained some more and we are beginning to wean him off to from 25 mg EOD to 15 mg EOD for 14 days and the work off to zero meds. As mentioned in another blog, BHRR's Lincoln's future adoptive home whomever they shall be will have to realise that he could possibly need a lose dose in the future should he have seasonal allergies. The dose is so low that for a 179 pounds dog; it is virtually non-existent in efficacy level yet we shall wean him off slowly to minimalize any possible side effects.

His coat is Fantabulous! Soft, full and healthy looking and he is SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy!

He has come back into our home happy, relaxed and as if he never left! He has been romping in the fenced in yard and he was so happy to see me….that made my heart just thump!

Now, our job is to ensure that he does not lose more than 5-7 pounds and hopefully, this shall not happen as our home is even more busy and full of lots of the most delightful distractions than before he left.

The only thing that did not happen is that he did not receive his second booster for his DAPP. Somehow, that was missed. I shall get him in for that second booster ASAP.

Sean has just taken some stunning photos of him and two are below and BHRR's Lincoln has some very special news to share very soon! 😉

Deeply indebted to his temp foster home for taking such great care of him these past 5 weeks. THANK YOU!

BHRR's Lincoln – November 19th @ BHRR


‘Spare a Loonie for Bloomy’

Hello Everyone!!

We are now launching the ''Spare a Loonie for Bloomy'' campaign, starting November 1st, 2011 (11-1-11) and running until December 1st, 2011 (12-1-11); We would like to encourage everyone to invite their family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, etc. to donate $1.

Even if you think that $1 won't make a difference, one thousand loonies certainly will! You can drop off the money at DögHaus (5671 Sherbrooke West) in Bloom's piggy bank or donate directly to Bloom's file (100861) at by calling the DMV (514-633-8888).

OR you can donate via Paypal ( or by email transfer to (make sure you send the pw) or by mailing a bank draft out to 'Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabiltation Services(BHRR)' and mail to:

Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation Services(BHRR)
C/O Gwendilin Boers
2425 Totem Ranch Road West
RR#1 Oxford Station, Ontario
K0G 1T0

Many places have 'casual' Fridays and considering choosing BHRR's Bloom's cause for one of those office days!

Please share this message with everyone you know, we can use all the help we can get to reach our goal!

Let's make a change with change!!

**Keep in mind that it costs the DMV money every time they process a credit card transaction, and many companies enforce a $5 minimum rule.***

BHRR's Bloom's Angels:

Bloom's Carnival Fundraiser Angels


Total Raised To Date: $965
Total Needed to Raise: $4,000

We are moving BHRR's Lincoln from our 'BHRR HAVEN DOG' program to back under our 'Available Canines' program for the last time I saw him at his temp foster home, he definitely was putting on weight and once his temp foster home is down to about 28 tabs of Pheno(getting 25 mg EOD still); we shall do a re-weigh and if his weight is up to where we would like to see it(he is eating up to 13 cups a food a day right now! WAHOO!); then he shall be placed as being available for adoption. 🙂

Update from his temp foster home on October 12th, 2011:
"He now runs up the steps and places his face on my stomach and looks up with the best look ever!!!!! And then when you rub his ears he groannnnssss. Lol."

BHRR's Lincoln – October 12th, 2011 – look at his lovey soft coat and nice ear and elbow!
*photo courtesy of T. Vaive

BHRR's Lincoln is eating 75% FROMM whitefish and salmon right now and 25% D/D Salmon. Too much of the D/D Duck was making his stomach wonky. Good to have some as a bit of variety yet duck cannot be part of his staple. We are going to try and get him to 100% FROMM WhiteFish and FROMM Salmon within the next while and after his next recheck that shall include a new weight; see if we can get him completely off the pred too. My gut tells me that we can do this just as I figured that we could get him on to a high quality kibble from an allergy food once his immune system was boosted.

His temp foster home and I are in complete agreement that this boy needs KIDS in his life! He loves his 'kids'. I have two and the temp foster home has two.

The temp foster home also was able to experience first hand during their own Thanksgiving festivities that when things are really busy, he becomes distracted and loses his focus to eat. So, any new home shall have to be aware of this. He has doubled his food intake from BHRR to his temp foster home and actually looks forward to eating his food and then some more! LOL If he is too interested in all that is going on around him, he loses the desire to eat for he is trying to play and do all the other great things he was deprived of in his past.

So, any future approved adoptive home is going to have to be aware:

1) that he needs a quiet place to eat and watch busy family times – Holidays, Special occasions such that BHRR's Lincoln does not suffer and they do not make an extra effort to get him to keep eating

2) that their home cannot be too busy – he is thriving in a home with two children and one other dog and some cats yet cannot be more busy that this!

3) that their home must have a right matched personality fit dog for him to play with, at least one; no more than two preferably

4) that the home works pt, works from home, sem-retired or has flexibility to work at home some days throughout the week or is gone from home no more than 8-8.5 hours per day.

5) that is going to honour the obedience clause in our adoption contract – bonding is not just about affetion building between O. and dog

6) that is going to understand that BHRR's Lincoln could have a flare up of seasonal allergies in his future

7) that BHRR's Lincoln CANNOT have any food other than FROMM Whitefish or FROMM Salmon or D/D Salmon EVER!

8 ) would be nice to see the home have at least one child for BHRR's Lincoln as he LOVES his kids – no less than 8 years of age should the home not have experience with Saints and over the age of 5, if the home has experience with Saints.

9) THAT he is an indoor dog ONLY and shall never ever ever ever again live the life he was being given in his past.

10) a home that shall brush him daily (he loves being brushed!) and wash his neck and lower jaw so that the drool(yes, he drools when he sees food, treats and after drinking) does not crust up and cause him sores

11) that he will be given many soft beds to lay upon – Cosco or Kuranda


On Sunday October 30th, 2011 – Global Pet Foods – Kanata (AND yes, that is BHRR's Lil Linus on the front page with his tongue! LOL) is hosting Photo Sessions for $10 as well as $10 nail trims and they so very kindly have chosen BHRR as their Animal Rescue of choice whereby 50% of the proceeds raised shall come to BHRR!

Nail trims are by appointment ONLY!

Please contact Global Pet Foods – Kanata directly (613) 599-0660 to reserve your nail spot!


Time: 11 AM – 3 PM
Place: Global Pet Foods – Kanata 700 Eagleson Road



BHRR's Lincoln went to his temp foster home today! Another one that I am dearly going to miss yet I know that we shall receive lots of updates and pics! 🙂

So BHRR's Lincoln had his Vet visit tonight. Great news; up in weight…bad news it was only 5 pounds….BUMMER! 🙁 He now weighs 65.5 KGs(144.10 pounds). Day by day we shall go. Eat more BHRR's Lincoln, you have to eat more!!!

Everyone marvelled at his lovely soft fur over his belly, elbows, face and ears! His sweet temperament, laid back 'tude and gentle demeanor sure has impressed so many!!! My heart just throbs with love for this man!!!

He is so happy and looks so good and we have mulled over placing him into a temp foster yet as long as he is on Pred, he really needs to go out every 4-5 hours. Though, his dose is only now a mere 20 mg EOD for the next month and then we shall see about weaning him even further off the pred; he is still drinking and urinating copious amounts. The strange thing is that pred ofter makes dogs hungry and BHRR's Lincoln is so busy living life that food is not a huge part of his agenda each day. He is eating sooooooo much better yet still not up to what he needs to be; especially compared to his activity level.

So, the plan is to keep attempting to get him to eat 3-5 smaller meals a day and wean him off the Pred and after that, if need be, we have a wonderful temp foster home lined up to take him in to see if a more quiet home environment will get him to focus more on eating and less on all the other dogs and activities he can do here! 🙂

As BHRR's Lincoln is doing soooooooo much better, he was given his first boosters tonight.

He shall remain under our Haven Program at this time. He needs to put on a lot more weight before he can be placed up for adoption. We do not desire to see him go to a home before he is really ready and he will need to go to a home that is going to be very patient and understanding of his food habits!!! He definitely has much more of an interest in food now than he has had in the past and he sure wants to eat the other dogs food yet that is a no-no.

I am now giving him hypoallergenic treats(YAY!) without issue and once his autoimmune system is even stronger, I want to see if we could try a FROMM Whitefish or FROMM Salmon with him. I think that as long as he is on a super premium quality food and with any seasonal allergies under control, he should fare well yet I am not going to go down that route until he is at a much better weight.


BHRR's Lincoln is doing great! We are finally getting him to eat more and I have him scheduled in for a recheck appointment tomorrow for a re-weigh and if he has put on enough weight(EVERYTHING crossed!), his boosters! If he has put on enough, we shall move him from our BHRR Haven Program back to our BHRR Adoption program to be placed up for adoption once he reaches a weight that we are happy to see him at.

He is on Salmon food and also I switch him up with some Venison for some variety. He is still not eating where we want him to BUT he is better! Much better! He is taking his Pred EOD(such a low dose 25 mg) and has had no case of the itchies!

He was FANTABULOUS at our recent September 'EXPERIENCE BHRR Mini Open House and this boy really does make my heart thud in love!!!! People marvelled at how well the hair has grown back on his body including his elbows, ears plus belly and how soft his hair is coming in! His ears are about 1/2 the thickness they were and his elbows are no longer beat red. He even has hair growing back in those areas.

He even came with me to do a hv last Thursday night and took all in stride. He really liked doing their stairs too! 😉 I can wash and do his nails without any fuss and he is laid back when he needs to be and has his playful moments when he wants them.

What I was explaining to those that we were doing a hv at; was that he wants love yet is unsure about asking for it at times, especially with strangers due to all the rejection he has received in the past. If you approach him, which was demonstrated that night; he will gladly roll on his side and loves his belly rubbed and if you really get into it with him, he will roll more on his back and get his tummy rubbed!

I am going on an incredible journey with BHRR's Lincoln and I am soooooooooo close to getting my first kiss from him……..being patient………it will come….I know it shall!

So, since his arrival to BHRR; he has gone to TTP one day in July(the 24th), gone on a GD/Honourary GD walk/hike(is even on a youtube video of such posted by the Ottawa Dog Blog!), had a great BHRR Experience Mini Open House, has come to work with me often to hang out at work and has done one hv with me to date as a great representation of BHRR and his Breed! This has been one busy boy and he is going to make a home a FANTASTIC addition!!! He travels great and his a very kind soul. A big ol' teddybear!

As I am calm and confident, he is calm and confident and comfortable with others. He even climbs onto my bed still here and there for a small cuddle and hugs and then leaves to sleep, most often can be found wanting to lay upon the hard floor AND this leads me to what BHRR's Lincoln could use donated from having his own BHRR Buddy – an XL or an XXL Kuranda bed to call his very own. We are trying to continue to teach him about the comforts of soft bedding and beds and he is always letting others (insert polite cough BHRR's Dana) take any bed he was first laying upon and will move to lay upon the hardwood or slate floor. BHRR is down to only 4 Kuranda beds at this time. The other 5 donated have taken their share of wear and tear over the years and we have had to retire them permanently.

Below is a photo of his left ear just before he came to BHRR and the second photo is of his left ear and side from September 17th, our BHRR 'EXPERIENCE' Mini Open House. LOOK at him now! WTG BHRR's Lincoln!!!! My promise to you is that NO one shall ever feed you food that does not agree with you or food that is complete crap AND no one shall neglect you otherwise in not giving you enough food and having your immune system so lowered that any seasonal allergies you have run rampant. When you are ill or hurt, you shall receive prompt medical attention and you shall never lack in what is your right to receive including love, shelter, food, toys, treats and more love and training and more love and even more love!

He is happy and as so many have pointed out; is extremely bonded to me. This is what I noticed best about the Saint Bernard breed, they can bond so fast and hard and shall be extremely loyal. AND the home that we will approve BHRR's Lincoln to adopt will not be getting him, because of his massive size BUT because they will appreciate these gifts he has to give. There are so many out there that have been touched by this boy which include his super fans from the USA to across the province of Ontario and we all will keep his best interest first and foremost. 🙂

BHRR's Lincoln Left Ear & Side of Head July 2011 & BHRR's Lincoln's Left Ear, Side of Head and Body September 17th, 2011
*second photo courtesy of J. DeSantis

BHRR's 4th ANNUAL Dinner Boat Cruise & Live/Silent Auction Fundraiser is being held on Saturday October 1st! We ONLY have 7 tickets left AND you can pay via PayPal (; email transfer to (please ensure that we have the pw) OR Bank Draft! The boat is reserved ONLY for BHRR participants and their guests.

BHRR is still looking for items for our Live & Silent Auction for this Fundraiser. BHRR ONLY hosts 3 planned Fundraisers a year and this is our second fundraiser event for 2011.

BHRR does not receive any corporate or federal/provincial government funding.

If you have any items that you would like to donate to BHRR; pleae email! THANKS so much!!!!!


BHRR's Lincoln attended our latest GD & Honourary GD Walk/Hike that was also featured on the Ottawa Dog Blog – Click here to read the article, view photos and see the video – THANKS again Liz!

He did FANTABULOUS! This boy is extremely well rounded; especially if one thinks about what he has gone through in his very short life. His adoring American Fans/Friends even donated some USD to his cause in his donation coat! YAY!

I also had a two week check-up on BHRR's Lincoln this past Monday August 8th and we have lots of good news to share!

a) Check a peek at the below picture of his ear! This was taken at the Hike on July 31st AND they are even better now! He even has hair growing back all over his body and on his ears

b) His ears and elbows and face are less swollen, less red and more comfortable

c) He has a lot more energy and as a result wants to play and boy, this boy can 'playbow' and bound! LOL

d) As the Pred is working – it has been extended another 30 days for based upon where he had lesions and hair loss plus was so itichy – belly, lower body = seasonal allergies usually & back, ears, rump = food allergies usually; we are keeping him on the pred – very low dose 25 mg SID

e) He is eating better – STILL nowhere where he needs to be and as he is no longer so lethargic and being more active, we are barely maintaining and we want to majorly gain; so this remains a challenge. He is eating up to 5 cups a food a day and he needs to double that at least. He wants to eat. He just wants to eat food that is not his!

f) Until we can better isolate the food allergies, he is on a very strict diet – salmon D/D right now with some wet Salmon thrown in. He was very texture phobe about the tripe…sigh….THANKS Global so much for the donation!!!!

g) He is getting better with the leash manners and thank goodness for this boy can motor along when he wants too! 😉

h) He is more comfortable and confident and each night before he settles in for the night, he asks to come up on the bed and he cuddles with me for about 5-10 minutes. THIS is some major 'awwwww' moments going on!

i) I do not crate BHRR's Lincoln any longer. He is 100% trustworthy in the house!

j) He has gotten along with all dogs, people etc. that he has met to date and between the TAKE THE PLUNGE Event, coming to BHRR, the Hike and hanging out at work etc., he sees a lot of action!

k) Trying an appetite stimulator again was ruled out for it really did not make much of a difference the first time around.

l) Until we can figure things out that is in BHRR's Lincoln's best interest, we are moving him to our BHRR Haven Dog program at this time. This may well change that he will be moved back to be placed up for adoption yet right now he is one immensely special needs boy and we have much to do for him for his rehab to make him 100%. He would make an awesome therapy boy this guy, minus the drool!

m) His coat is coming in so soft and healthy looking as he heals

n) AND bath time is less 'wet' for Gwennie & more 'wet' for BHRR's Lincoln! LOL I wash him with a natural oatmeal based shampoo once a week

o) This week I weaned him off the Benadryl as he had a vast need for some around the 8-8:30 PM timeframe. He is strictly just on the pred right now.

p) He is off all antibiotics and all infections have been cleared up

q) He is continuing to drink more as he is on the pred and we have to ensure that he is let out often enough to urinate

BHRR's Lincoln July 31st, 2011 – GD & Honourary GD Walk/Hike
*Photos courtesy of C. Desjardins and J.  Rheome DeSantis

ANOTHER blog post for BHRR's Lincoln for today as the other one was becoming WAY too long of a Gwennie Novel. cheeky

This way, I can add two more photos of him below from July 24th too! 😉

BHRR's Apollo is going to need some dog beds to call his own – preferably the rectangular ones from Costco or an XL Kuranda Bed. He needs lots of soft surfaces to lay upon and as such a big boy(emaciated yet still big); we have to ensure that he is not laying upon hard surfaces. If you want to be a BHRR Buddy to BHRR's Lincoln, I know that he would be very appreciative and grateful for the 'helping hands'. I have once again gone to the two Costco locations near me with no luck on finding any dog beds at those locales and will try to hit up the one in the Innes area when I can. I have been told that they seem to have plenty!

At the Take The Plunge Event; BHRR's Lincoln truly did not understand the concept of a nice comfy bed and it took some time and some persuading before he figured it all out! WTG! Then he used one for his body and one for his head! LOL

On Tuesday, we also gave him a Mirtazapine as an appetite stimulant to try and get him to show more interest in eating. He is eating about 4 cups of food total per day right now and he needs to be eating close to 12. Small, frequent meals.

I am currently in touch with Louise Peterson – and those in the Great Dane world well know who she is. 🙂 I am purchasing 4 pieces of her amazing talented work and she has offered to donate another piece or two plus pay for s&h so that we can raise some much needed funds.

Thank you to Mary for the collar and leash for BHRR's Lincoln!

BHRR's Lincoln  – July 24th, 2011 – Take The Plunge – His ears…..his poor sweet ears….


BHRR's Lincoln was picked up last Friday by BHRR BOD member M. Leung, temp fostered overnight and then they met Sean on their way in to assist myself at Take the Plunge last weekend. Below are two photos from Take the Plunge on July 24th as BHRR's Broker attended on the Sunday with us.

He learnt that being outdoors can be a good experience and that the hands that touch him can be helping and loving ones, not hurting ones. He was a BIG hit and did awesome! He was only slightly nervous of one person, a large man from another rescue who approached him very head on. The next time they met, all was fine and the man said 'looks like he is more comfortable' to which I replied 'it was how you approached him, he has been fine with everyone and every dog.' Goes to show that even those in Rescue do not always do the 'right' thing when it comes to some situations. No one is perfect!

He was on 1/2 tablet of Pred 50 mg SID for three days and then was suppose to go to Pred 50 Mg 1/2 tablet EOD for 5 days and so on yet in attempting to do that by the time it was evening on Tuesday; he was clearly shaking and scratching. The Vet that we saw recommended giving him a 5 mg Pred to get him through the night and we are back up to 1/2 tablet  SID for the next 20 days or so.

He is on 1500 mg of Cephalexin 500 mg BID and though his face, elbows, legs and eyes are still swollen, it is SOOOOOOOOO much better and as of Sunday, he could actually see again.

He was on Surolan for his ears yet the inside of them are looking really good at this time.

He is washed with an oatmeal based shampoo and THANK you to M. Leung for taking him to her groomer for a shampoo plus to have the tips of his nails trimmed. He was towel dried due to how thin he is and how thin his hair is, what little he has and all the bald raw areas on his body.

He did not like the Hypo Dry that was tried and barely touched the Hypo Wet
He DOES NOT like the Z/D wet or dry
He is now eating the D/D Salmon Wet & Dry and has tried the D/D and does not appear to mind that as well.

We are waiting for some tripe to come in and also possibly to start him on RAW.

He is resting better and is a lot more comfortable. He has been fully integrated with everyone and what a SWEET boy!

His weight at the Vet Hospital was an emaciated 63 KGs( 138.60 pounds) AND it is all relative as his bone structure is massive and he is about 36" at the whithers. He should be weighing 175 if not more with weight and muscle tone.

It is believed by my own Vet that he does have food allergies that were left untreated and he developed lesions, ear infections and as he was not treated for fleas; developed FAD and also due to being fed Ol Roy dog food; clearly was not getting enough to meet his nutritional needs. His body is so painful and hot to the touch. The weight and heaviness of his ears due to his condition is brutal. They are drying up those and the deep scabs are forming. He sometimes opens a few of the lesions up on his ears and body from scratching, rubbing or shaking….but, better and better!

This was not something that happened overnight and it breaks my heart to see the clear neglect of this boy.

In addition to the food allergies, my Vet believes he could also have some seasonal allergies yet one step at a time and one day at a time.

He is being fed 4-5 small meals a day and much prefers to eat at night when it is cooler. A/C or not in our home, it is hot out there!

The skin scrapings taken have indicated that there are not any demodectic mange and the bw that we did has come back showing results indicative of what he is going through with food allergies. His HWT was negative and he is on Revolution at this time and will receive another dose next week – 2 weeks after the first dose and from there we shall go monthly to Sentinel, our preferred method for heartworm preventative and that it protects against hook worms of which Revolution does not.

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Everyone at worked LOVED him on Tuesday and he hung out up at reception! I have some photos I will post soon. I even brought his own drool towel for he makes BHRR's Lily Belle look dainty when he drinks! LOL

BHRR's Lincoln – July 24th, 2011 – Take The Plunge Event – see his poor ears….
*Photos courtesy of C. Desjardins

2 more updates on BHRR's Lincoln's overnight/temp foster home on Friday July 22nd:

First Update:

Lincoln is a lovebug, very friendly and inquisitive.  He walks really nicely on a leash, but I'm not sure whether it's because he's just been in unfamiliar environments with me and wants to stick close.  He squeaks when he's anxious and has barked a few times in the yard with X and Y.  All three barked at the muscial ice cream truck when it circled the court, and no, I did not buy them any LOL!

That's the one thing that I noticed is that he sleeps alot.  It could be just because of his poor condition and he lacks energy, but I remember you also said that it was a way for them to deal with stress.  I brought Lincoln back in first, put him in the crate with his water bowl and food before letting the boys in to be fed.  When all were done, I put up the food bowls and let Lincoln out.  He explored a bit with X following him then he went to sleep and the other two followed suit.

Second Update:

Forgot the most important part. Except for his terrible, terrible ears, Lincoln's head is huge and oh so gorgeous and sweet now that he's clean.  He'sshaken his head a couple of timesand started the raw patches bleeding.

His body condition is poor and his fur is very thin -you can see through to his skin in some places.  Body is very thin with no muscle tonei the hind end.

Large bald patches on his elbowsprobably from lyingon hard surfaces.

And no surprise, he;s a drooler.

Can't wait for you to meet him – you'll fall in love in an instant.  I sure did, and so did a lot of other people today. 

A couple even wanted to adopt him.  I told them it would be a while before he would be available and gave them the BHRR site info to read up on the adoption procedures and invited them to fill in an application if they felt they met the qualifications.

Picture below is from his arrival to BHRR on Saturday July 23rd. Sean took a photo and sent it to me as I was at the TAKE THE PLUNGE Event that day. Everyone at our booth had to have a looksy at the boy that stole the hearts of many as we tried so hard to save him!

BHRR's Lincoln – July 23rd, 2011 – DAY of arrival to BHRR – 2.5 years of age

UPDATE just sent on BHRR's Lincoln from his temp/overnight Foster Home:

"He was an excellent traveller and spent most of the tirip sleeping or looking out the windows. There was nary a peep out of him except for a bit of anxious squeaking at the beginning, but he settled down well as I continued to reassure him that he was good boy and that he was safe. I told him my Lincoln was squeaking and needed to be oiled.

He has been to my boys' groomer, X, who made a special trip back to the store with her husband to bathe him, work out the mats on his poor ears, clean them and do his nails. X said they gave Lincoln a second bath as the rinse water ran off him like a river of mud. They did not blow dry him because of his skin condition, but vigorously towel dried him instead. It took four towels :-). His white parts are now snowy. On our way out eight people commented on what a nice boy he was and asked about his background story.

He has been fully integrated with X and Y. Of course, I had to tell X that Lincoln was a "puppy".

Lincoln has been given his meds and is eating some dinner at this moment. He has drunk a bowl and a half of water, peed three times and had a small bowel movement.

Gwen – I will email you separately about tomorrow."

BHRR's Lincoln – Almost 3 years of age, Saint Bernard, Male, neutered, family surrendered to the SPCA that they had adopted him from about 1-1.5 years ago previously. Terrible ear infections, hair loss and painful lesions on body. O. was actually an animal welfare employee at one time themselves. This continues to prove my position that it MATTERS not one bit what ones career, race, colour, age, sex is etc.; animal cruelty/neglect crosses all over! 🙁

Family was being evicted and going 'camping' was reason for surrender. Family had been advised back in May of 2011 to do a food trial to determine if Lincoln had food allergies yet continued to feed him Ol' Roy.

After seeing two Vets plus a skin specialist; BHRR's Lincoln is now on Prednisone, an allergy food , antibiotics – Cephalexin, given Revolution. In addition to his chronic ear infections, he has demodectic mange as his auto-immune system had been so weakened.

BHRR was contacted to see if we could step up to assist as no other place had to date. After a stressful almost 24 hours, we have had an approved home step up to temp foster – They are going to temp foster BHRR's Benjamin for BHRR. This enable us to commit to assisting BHRR's Lincoln.

He will be picked up from the SPCA later today, temp fostered overnight and met by Sean on Saturday for him to bring back to BHRR. I have an appointment set up with one of my Vets on Tuesday to evaluate him again – do a HWT if needed etc.

The SPCA Branch Manager sent us the following on BHRR's Lincoln:

"Lincoln is a wonderfully nice dog. Gets a long with kids of all ages and other dogs. "


BHRR's Lincoln – left ear & swollen face – July 2011