BHRR’s Sawyer!
ADOPTED September 7th, 2019

9 years ago this lovely couple came into our lives and adopted a Saint named BHRR’s Moose(they changed his name to Tristin). 

Sadly. he passed away earlier in 2019 yet, lived the life of a king in their caring home.

He had a brother back then named Noah that passed away and then was given a new brother named Emmett to be his bff.

Emmett was very lonely when Tristin(BHRR’s Moose) passed away and when his family was ready to adopt again, BHRR’s Sawyer was who they were interested in.

Yesterday, was the home-visit and THANKS to Bob/Hazel for temp fostering BHRR’s Sawyer for the last shy of 3 months and for their wonderful hospitality!

Such a small world as the night before the home-visit the approved adoptive home and Kinsley/I were all at the same drive-in and had no idea! 

Some things are meant to be and this was another example of how patiently waiting for that right matched personality fit home paid off BIG time! He and we have waited almost 1.5 years for this beautiful moment to occur!

I have already received several updates on how happy everyone is!

Bob/Hazel – thank you for all that you and BHRR’s Torque(now known as Neo) plus BHRR’s Holden did for BHRR’s Sawyer while temp fostering him!

Thank you for opening up your hearts and home to temp foster him so I could save BHRR’s Lily and take her directly into my own home.

Thank you for your generous natures in covering his food, buying him a new collar and leash and in taking such amazing care of him.

Thank you to BHRR’s Sawyer’s forever loving adoptive home for considering to adopt from BHRR again!

We well remember that day when you came to our home 9 years ago and considering either BHRR’s Lilly Belle or BHRR’s Moose as a great match fit for your family.

Thank you for giving BHRR’s Moose an incredible life and thank you for being part of the BHRR ‘CHAIN OF SUCCESS’ Village and now giving BHRR’s Sawyer endless possibiliities in his own future to reach his full potential!

He is magnificent and deserves all of the incredible things that the world can offer him.

It was a bittersweet home-visit and fostering is not easy….it is bloody hard and it really does take special people to be able to do it.

Almost 420 times now I have fostered and have had to let go……and it does not get any easier….

Yet, it means that we can help another in need of our highly specialised programs when the time is right…..and that is important that while we cannot help them all, we can help another…..

BHRR’s Sawyer was adoption #418 for BHRR since our inception in 1996. Quality, not quantity with each and every one…..

Happy Sunday to all!

BHRR’s Sawyer (Saint/Pyr) is moving under a PENDING ADOPTION!

We shall update as we can…..

BHRR’s Sawyer!

His foster home calls him Mr. Magoo! 

They also have said the following:

“He’s very sweet and kookie, very mischievous eyes”

I want to thank his temp foster home immensely for temp fostering him!

He remains AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION to that right matched forever loving home and several members of the BHRR BOD have begun to discuss moving him to our Haven Program.

Yet, for the time being, he remains up for adoption……

An update on BHRR’s Sawyer from his temp foster home!

“Things are going well! Sawyer is a very good boy. He’s had a few jealous moments with the chocolate we’re babysitting but that cleared up once we started banning the chocolate from getting on the couch. 

He has become a barker. He barks at noises outside, he barks at his reflection on the patio door at night. But maybe he’s still getting used to suburban life. 

We are working on his walking on leash manners. He’s  pretty respectful but likes to stop and smell EVERYTHING and will pull if he wants to go somewhere. But for the most part he will come back to you when you pull him back. 

We are now allowing him out of the crate when we go out and he has been a super star!! No incidents or accidents or getting into things. Today was the longest at ~5 hours and no problems. 

He and Neo have their routine of rambunctious play while Bob walks Holden in the morning, then we take him and Neo out for their morning walk after that. He and Neo play very well together!

We’ve had a few people over and my mom and her boyfriend stayed over one night…. Sawyer is still quite unsure at first and does a lot of barking but we tell them to ignore him and in about 15 minutes he’s right beside them getting pets and snuggles. Just takes a little bit for him to make sure the humans are fine. 

He’s amazing with other dogs and wants to meet them and make friends. It’s their owners he’s not quite sure about. 

All is VERY good!  He is such a sweetheart!!”


A VIDEO of BHRR’s Sawyer 

BHRR’s Sawyer(Saint/Pyr) having a blast with his ‘big’ Foster Brothers – boyz that were adopted from BHRR. 

Thank you SO much again to Mr. Sawyer’s amazing temp foster home for the video and in taking great care of him! 

BHRR’s Sawyer remains Available For Adoption to that right matched personality fit home.

BHRR utilises an extremely thorough adoption process to determine if one of our dogs are a right matched personality fit for a home.

BHRR’s Sawyer!
2 years of age

Look at that mug!!!

He is settling in very well at his approved temp foster home.

Per his amazing temp foster home:

“He is a ham, he’s so sweet… he’s a lumbering goof.. he seems happy no matter his surroundings.
He is fascinated by the cat, they managed to smell each other’s noses yesterday…”

THANK you for sending this handsome photo of him! 

He remains AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION to that right matched forever loving home.

To anyone interested in him, please do read his extremely detailed blog plus our adoption processes, policies and procedures.

If you then feel that you may qualify to adopt him, you are more than welcome to submit an application to the BHRR BOD to review.

This is my last post of my night! After working almost 24 hours at my new job over the weekend, I am beat! 

From our home, good night wishes being sent from our home to our friends, family and supporters!

SMALL UPDATE: From his approved temp foster family: 

‘Sawyer is a very good boy! Flaked out on the floor now. 
He met the cat and wanted to play.’

UPDATE: BHRR’s Sawyer is now all tucked into his own fabu Approved temp foster home! 

A home that has also adopted twice from us in the past, so he is in excellent hands! 


AND we are on our way shortly!

To see if this is a right matched personality fit temp foster home for BHRR’s Sawyer(Saint/Pyr)!

Today, is also his 2nd Birthday! 

We will update as we can.

NOTE: We are also still seeking already approved BHRR temp foster homes for:

1) BHRR’s Miss Hollywood (BoxerX)
2) BHRR’s Char (Great Dane)
3) BHRR’s Oliver(Great Dane/Irish Wolfhound)

All four BHRR dogs remain Available For Adoption!


Our adoption application contract is very clear about the proactive/preventative type of vetting that we require to approve a home and so, we have placed BHRR’s Sawyer back up as being available for adoption.

BHRR’s Sawyer is moving under a PENDING ADOPTION!

We shall update as we can.

BHRR’s Sawyer!
He had his annual tonight and weighed a solid 60.2kgs(132.44 pounds).
He was amazing!
For a boy that can be nervous out and about in strange situations, he really was a big rock star!
He is so friendly and affectionate to those that he trusts and just needs a few moments to just relax and soak up the atmosphere.
When he is in his element he is a real ham and he was showing that side off tonight in the exam room. Such a hoot! A bit of show-off actually! LOL
Sharing the hand shakes, the drool and the loving! 
He was great around all the people, other dogs and even a cat. He was only unsure of a really tall gentleman that was there and only gave a very soft, almost unheard release of air that could barely be described as a ‘woof’.
He reassured beautifully and felt most safe snuggled between my arms/legs WHICH I did not allow him to do for longer than a moment, as I do not enable inappropriate behaviour.
We have worked long and hard for him to stand comfortably and with the proper level and amount of confidence and he responded so wonderfully tonight!
His Vet commented on his lovely coat and how gentle he was to take treats. 
Great car ride in, great vet visit and what a great dog!
On a side note; per my post last night, please do be patient as I work to co-ordinate all of the auction items.
I do have other careers and a family and many rescue priorities and am only one person. So, please do bear with me as I am doing my very best to make sure all winners are reached out to by Sunday night.
So, I promise to make contact with you. 

Our 11th Annual ‘JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS’ Online Auction now has 109 amazing items up for bids!

We have just added our last wonderful 12 items!

Auction ends TOMORROW – Thursday November 29th @ 9 PM EST!

We have just added more of Kimberly’s incredible homemade vanilla and also Bailey’s fudge, kitchen towels, 3 x gorgeous The Crazy Dog House Key Chains plus a See Sawyer Run Web Master Harness!

Thank you’s extended once more FROM our hearts to Kimberly, Jan & Uta for their lovely donations!

To learn more and to bid on any of the wonderful gems up for grabs, you have to visit the Auction!

**NOTE: PLEASE note the pick up area(s) for any items you may be interested in. NOT all items can be shipped!**

For anyone that may have an item to donate, please do email It is not too late to consider our cause. All monies raised shall go to the emaciated/severely neglected GD BHRR’s Char!

We remain so devastated that we could not save BHRR’s Bane yet are hoping that you may continue to consider supporting our rescue efforts so that we can help BHRR’s Char.



BHRR does not adopt out during the XMAS season due to our position that it is not in the best interest of any new addition being added during such a busy, exciting and somewhat stressful time for many.

Quite a few other Rescues, Shelters, Pounds etc. have also begun to follow a similar protocol to what we have been doing for over 2 decades.

Our XMAS Shut down period for this year is from Thursday December 13th, 2018 to Thursday January 3rd, 2019 inclusive.

Any applications received during this time will be processed/reviewed as of Friday January 4th, 2019!

As always during this time, BHRR is available 24/7 for requests for assistance of animals in need. We shall also network accordingly for, as the local Great Dane/Giant Breed Rescue since 1996, the welfare of the animals are our top priority. We do not wish to see any animal end up in a disreputable place of which sadly there are far too many out there.

Thank you for your continued understanding – The BHRR Team

This December 24th, 2017 picture is of Mason & his Dane, Dynamo(Cookie Dough Dynamo) 


We have made the decision that we shall not be proceeding further with this particular applicant. We need to ensure that any dog that is placed in a home is that right matched personality fit and we do not feel this home is meant for him. 

BHRR’s Sawyer(Saint/Pyr) is moving under a PENDING ADOPTION!

We will update as we can.

BHRR’s Rain(Haven Dog) with BHRR’s Sawyer(AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION) & Aurora(She turns 15 this year!) 

This photo is one I took when I went to pick up BHRR’s Sawyer from his Overnight Play Date! 

This amazing home has now fostered 6 dogs to date for BHRR and we remain so grateful to them! BHRR’s Rain is loving them as her perma-foster Family! 

BHRR’s Sawyer(Saint/Pyr) remains Available For Adoption to that right match personality first home! 

Thank you SO much to Bruce & Holly for all that they do for the animals of BHRR AS we could not do what we do so successfully without our fabu approved temp, emerge & perma-foster homes! 

The Bakers Dozen of BHRR’s Poppy was ADOPTED today. 

This was a particularly emotional one for me yet I managed to not shed one tear at the home! 

This litter and I went through so much since they were born in September 2017 and I had a really long battle to fight to save this wee girl and she has thrived! 

She chose the home….BHRR’s Sawyer was just not interested and was quite uncomfortable which is not his norm and that is completely ok. He got confidence from BHRR’s Poppy and by the end of the visit was more interactive and his own right match fit personality home is out there! 

BHRR’s Poppy loved their 11 year old son and was totally fine with their cat. 

I want to thank this really lovely home for being so patient as we went through the detailed adoption process and for their hospitality in opening up their house to us today. Thank you for considering a BHRR dog to adopt!

Thank you to Aaron & Cherie for assisting at this home-visit – BHRR’s Sawyer was excited to see you again Cherie! 

I go home with so much happiness in my heart….some sadness too as my time with the gorgeous inside and out BHRR’s Poppy has ended yet this is what I worked so hard to give her…a future in a wonderful approved adoptive home! 

While she may look more Dane in the pic – she is very much also Wolfie with her wonderful hair and tail! 

Good Sunday AM!

AND we are on now our way to do the home-visit to see if one of these two incredible BHRR pups may be a possible right match personality fit.

The Bakers Dozen of BHRR’s Poppy – sporting her ‘poppy’ collar by Onepawtwopaw thanks also to Annette – and BHRR’s Sawyer. 

BHRR’s Sawyer(Saint/Pyr) had a great overnight picnic play date.

Tomorrow he and BHRR’s Poppy are coming with me to do a home-visit to see if one of them may be a right match personality fit for an application received.

We shall update as we can!

AND here is a Testimonial From The Home That Had The Play Date::

“Sawyer was a great car traveller for the drive.
He met 3 cats and was respectful of all. He got along great with BHRR’s Rain and our senior lab. He enjoyed the large backyard and exploring.
In the morning he did amazing with 3 strangers coming in to do house repairs. He wasn’t even phased with the noise and front door opening.
A great date for sure!!”

BHRR’s Sawyer is on his special picnic OVERNIGHT play date tonight!

This year we have 16 dates and as he is one of two dogs that could be a possible right match personality fit for a home, that we are doing a visit with on Sunday, he is having his date tonight. 

I hear that the BHRR Saint that is being perma-fostered by this lovely home LOVES him! WHAT is not to love?!

BHRR’s Sawyer – Saint Bernard/Great Pyr
Born: June 11th, 2017(9 months of age)
AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! He is ready! He is more than ready for that right matched forever loving home to find him. A home that believes strongly in a positive balanced approach to training and ‘walks the talk’.

This boy needs his structure, obedience, consistency, routine and clear open communication so that he can continue to thrive. 

He is no longer confused and not sure what is expected of him and his anxiety is virtually non existent as he lacks for nothing in anything that he needs which includes so much love. His SA level was quite high when he first arrived. 

He does not need a home that is going to get caught up in his looks, he needs a home that understands both the Saint and the Pyr temperament.

He is so affectionate, playful, kind and a big goof YET he is also strong minded, both independent and dependent in different ways and he needs that right matched forever loving home that is not going to be punitive, harsh or forceful. 

He needs a home that is going to stick to the rules and not waiver and then set him up for failure making him unsure and then have him trying to step up to take the role of a postive balanced leader. 

While we are not requiring specific breed experience for him, we want an extremely experienced dog home for him. 

We would love to see him in a home with at least one other right matched personality fit dog for he loves other dogs and is built for endurance.  We may consider an only dog home if everything else is the right fit. 

He is socially active and loves his outdoor time and when it is time for settling down inside, he is content to cuddle and snuggle and be merry. 

He is a happy, healthy and beautiful puppy. 

He requires a home that shall be dedicated to his grooming needs to maintain that gorgeous coat he has. 

He can scale 6 foot brick walls without any hesitation so a properly, safely and securely fenced in yard is a must. 

We do not find him high energy or high maintenance and that home meant for him shall not find the same.

He has been fine around traffic from school and city buses to garbage trucks and bikes and more. 

He is curious and outgoing and we have worked so hard on him also feeling comfortable travelling in a car – gets in and out without any issues now! He loves car rides now! 

A home that works away from home or at home, ft, pt, semi-retired, retired are all good fits as we have set him up for success. He is another versatile BHRR dog in this way. 

How he is around cats is unknown. 

He is wonderful to wash and brush and do nails and clean ears. Less is more with him…..he is not to be man handled, no dog should be.

His leash manners have improved 150% since he first arrived and he is very much a growing giant breed puppy still. Patience and a sense of humour go far with this character!

His rehab progress has just flowed so smoothly. He is eager to please, gets excited to see me when I come home, is crate trained and very gentle with treats.

A home that does not mind DROOL is a must! For he can drool – mostly when he is excited or stressed.

We would be fine considering a home with no more than 2 children age 10+ OR a home without children is equally wonderful. 

This boy has truly been an absolute pleasure to have in our progam and his personality is as large as the world, he is just that amazing……

There is not one MEAN bone in this stunning young man’s body and I am so excited for his future. 

You did it BHRR’s Sawyer! You did it!!!! I love you so freakin’ much!

Thank you again to Liz Bradley for her incredible talent and time in taking the fabu pictures and to Aaron Maracle & Cherie Barnes Maracle for the extra hands at his and BHRR’s Booker’s professional photo session March 23rd!


These two unbelievably handsome young puppy dudes had their professional photo shoot on Friday March 23rd!

BHRR’s Booker (5.5 months) & BHRR’s Sawyer (9 months).

In the one photo, Mr. Squishie is falling asleep sitting up! He does that often! 

Thank you to Aaron Maracle & Cherie Barnes Maracle for the extra hands and to Liz Bradley for her time plus talent again!

The weather was gorgeous and the boyz blew their sessions out of the water! Great photo shoot for them both and their manners were almost impeccable. Once again, I am bursting with such pride over their progress to date. 

Once I receive their professional pictures, both will be ready to make their own special announcements.

We know both are popular and we continue to stress that we shall only approve right match personality fit homes. Their blogs are detailed and we will post even more re: the homes we are seeking for them during their special announcements. 

Thank you to Aaron & Cherie for the two blankets and their auction items also!! Our biggest fundraiser of the year is coming up July 8th – traditionally also Canada’s largest microchip Clinic – and these items are so appreciated for our silent auction part of that day! 

Happy gorgeous Sunday to everyone!

This big lug of love was de-twinkled & microchipped this AM and I have been told that he was up and ready to go shortly afterwards!

BHRR’s Sawyer(Saint/Pyr)!

I heard he did so well – was a total bull in the china shop and hilarious and also such a good boy! 

He is slowly improving on his manners and truly there is not a mean bone in his body. He just lacked training and proper house rule structure and we are slowly getting there!

He is such a character, a strong minded one yet a total affectionate sometimes drooling fluff ball at the same time.

He really is a ham and such a handsome boy.

Today, he weighed 47.4 kgs(104.28 pounds). He will be 9 months old on the 11th. A lot of growing/maturing left to do for this fine young man!

He is having his own professional photo shoot on March 23rd and shortly after that – around early April – he should be ready to make his own special announcement!

Under the right calm, comfortable and positive balanced confident hands with his continued obedience and manners, he is going to thrive and be such an asset to that right match personality fit forever loving home and surrounding community. His SA has been well managed during his time with us to date and is almost non existent for we have made him feel safe, given him clear open communication on expectations plus have provided him with structure, consistency and routine.

In that right home, he shall flourish!

He has loved every dog he has met to date, been very curious yet respectful to cats – does wish to chase them and with people while a bit unsure and aloof at first to some, the offering of a yummy treat quickly warms him up and he has become a fast drooling friend to many! 

Loving my time with this big personality young man!

I must shout out the warmest of thanks to Kanata Animal Hospital for not only taking this picture yet for taking such amazing care of him and so many of our other dogs over the past shy of 14 years! 

BHRR’s Sawyer was at the Vet tonight.

He weighed a nice and slim/lean 45.8 kg(100.76 pounds) at 8 months of age. 

He did fantastic meeting everyone and was a good boy for his pre-op bloodwork including testing for Heartworm plus Tickborne Diseases. 

He had a thorough exam and was given a thumbs up to be scheduled for his neuter – which shall be March 8th!

He will be microchipped at that time and given a good nail trim. 

He is now on Bravecto for fleas/ticks preventative and also being proactively/preventatively de-wormed. 

His leash manners are a heck of a lot better than when he first arrived February 22nd and his car ride to the Vet tonight was AMAZING! 

He really has come a LONG way in such a short time and as per my one post, that is not all because of me…my Bakers Dozen Pups have been teaching him so MUCH! 

He is letting me groom him and we are getting lots of loose hair, drool mats etc. out of him and I was even able to give him a small bath today…MASSIVE progress. 

He wanted to toss his weight around a bit when his Vet checked his ears, yet he settled down well and the Vet had a good look at his ears. 

Heart/lungs all wonderful and everyone remarked on what a handsome boy he is! AND he is! 

I ordered a DNA kit for fun last week yet in person, you can truly see the Pyr in him…so, I am going to stick with Saint/Pyr for now as the obvious choices for him per his previous homes’ documention. At the end of the day, it truly does not matter….for the right matched personality fit home, it shall not matter either. 

He is going to need a home – once he is ready for adoption – that is experienced, and for all of our dogs takes a positive balanced approach to good manners/obedience. 

Cannot state it enough…consistency, structure, routine and clear open communication is so intregral to any dog’s set up for success story. 

He also will need a home that does not mind drool for he is a drooling monster! 

As he was never properly allowed to run and did not obtain enough exercise – emotional and physical, especially off-leash – in his previous home, within less of 24 hours of being in our our home, he had scaled our brick wall and just wanted to run and run he did! When he was done racing and zipping plus zooming, he was so happy! 

The reality for people to know is that he can scale 6 foot walls without any effort! 

I GOT Him!

Thank you sent out to Holly again for meeting me to help make the transfer go so smoothly!

This photo is also one sent my way from the Home as it was pitch black when I arrived. 

I asked the home to confirm his Breed mix for he did not look like a Saint/Shep and he is in fact a Saint/Pyr. 

The one O. said Shep in error. 

This 8 month old boy has huge anxiety issues….

The home mentioned that he was not good in the car and in fact around cars at all and he was certainly stressed in the car. I gave him a calming word and then passively ignored and he settled down well other than a moment or two here and there of a whine or a bark on our 1 hour drive home. 

I even made a point of just going through a drive thru in Kemptville and by then, he was content to just look quietly around and received praise for being a good boy and then passively ignored again. 

The home mentioned that he stresses out around strangers and that they have not walked him much. 

He does lack serious manners and proper social communication skills. Like all dogs, they need a positively balanced, structured and consistent environment with clear open communcation of the expectations being asked of them. He is confused and has been running the home. The one person did say that he does not listen well to them at all and only a bit better to the other. AND most certainly, he has also been putting himself above the two children in the home. 

He clearly has ‘had’ his way for some time and I did not need to see a picture to know that he had been allowed ‘high value’ item privileges and that all stops now. Yet, I do have a picture of him not just on their couch yet laying completely on top of one of their kids and not in a cuddling manner either. 

All of that ended the moment we left….he is now in a new world…mine and as much as I will be teaching/guiding him….who is going to teach him the most is my Bakers Dozen Pups. They are going to teach him SO much about proper behaviour and communication. 

He is a strong minded, strong willed, full of personality, a true character, a smart plus loyal boy and inside I know there is a mushball of a wee lost giant pup – still a strong boy yet a vulnerable one – that needs to find his way back on course…..

Tomorrow is a brand new day for a brand new beginning….

From our home to all of our friends, families and supporters, warm good-night wishes being sent!

BHRR’s Sawyer – He now has a name!

8 month old Male SaintX
Born June 11th, 2017 


HE is uber handsome!

He will be our first Rescue of 2018 and is the next in need of us.

Reason For Surrendering:
“He lacks manners/obedience, is nipping at the 2 children in the home – one has CP, plays too rough and requires too much attention.”

They are not in a position to give him what he needs and want to do right by him.

As we have stated many times in the past, BHRR is not here to judge….we are here to assist and we ask that our supporters, followers and fans also do the same.

This home wanted what was best for this boy and their family and are doing everything right in having reached out to BHRR for assistance.

Please join us in supporting them as this was not an easy decision for them.

ETA to BHRR: February 22nd