BHRR’s Waffle – ~ 2.5 years of age –
Suddenly passed away January 2nd, 2016

2016 was to be a better year…..

I am in complete shock writing this post…..

She had been a beautiful part of BHRR since August 29th, 2015. She passed all her Vet exams etc. with thumbs up, rehabbed beautifully at BHRR, put on much needed weight, learned manners and had become a HUGE fav at BHRR. When she was ready, she was placed up for adoption on November 12th, 2015.

She was so funny, affectionate when in ‘Bloodhound’ mode, developed confidence with walking on floors(So proud of her!!), could drool along with the best of any dog!, and, was so gorgeous inside and out…..

While Mason and I were on our way to drop off BHRR’s Baby Kaos to his overnight play date, I received a call from Sean.

I knew from his tone, something bad had happened. I fought down the panic and listened…..

BHRR’s Waffle was out running – she was not bumped, tripped by another dog, did not trip on anything and she suddenly went head over heels going down one of the smaller hills and Sean was right there.

She was dead………

We are doing a necropsy. She was an extremely fit, healthy and happy dog.

The whole time I was with the home that was having the play date with Baby Kaos, I was fighting down the gasping pain and trying to breathe. Before Mason and I even went into this home, we both looked at each other and gave a quick hug of comfort to one another……

I had even brought BHRR’s wee Flame to meet their daughters and to thank one of them as that young lady – Maddie and her friends had raised much in donations(previous post made on this beautiful story) to help BHRR’s GD Mama Eve etc.

I went to the Vet’s that are doing the necropsy on BHRR’s Waffle and said my good-byes. Once the necropsy is done, she will be brought home and laid to rest.

I am in shock……she was so precious, loved her big character personality SO freakin’ much. She loved laying under our bench in the sunroom and we even moved her Costco dog bed under there for her….now, that spot is empty with such a big presence missing….

I am at a loss for further words at this time……totally broken is one of the feelings I feel….

She is an angel now…….a stunning angel….

BHRR’s Waffle
December 24th, 2015

IMG_4418 (Medium) IMG_4419 (Medium)


BHRR does not adopt out during the XMAS season due to our position that it is not in the best interest of any new addition being added during such a busy, exciting and somewhat stressful time for many.

Quite a few other Rescues, Shelters, Pounds etc. have also begun to follow a similar protocol to what we have been doing for so many years.

Our XMAS Shut down period for this year is from Thursday December 17th, 2015 to Tuesday January 5th, 2016 inclusive.

Any applications received during this time will be processed/reviewed on Wednesday January 6th, 2016!

During this time, BHRR is available 24/7 as always for requests for assistance of animals in need and will do intake.

Thank you for your continued understanding – The BHRR Team

BHRR’s 8th ANNUAL ‘JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS’ Online Auction has now begun!

Runs through to Thursday December 3rd @ 8 PM EST!

Over 50 items listed to date and some more to come!

Please consider helping us help BHRR’s Mavie!

If anyone has any items that they would like to donate, please do email FOR we would be so appreciative. We only host 5 planned Fundraisers a year and BHRR’s Mavie is going to deeply benefit from all money raised in this auction.

He has his surgery scheduled to remove that left front leg implant on Tuesday November 24th with his wonderful ortho specialist. He had a sudden rejection/infection to that left implant recently and now that the Baytril(almost $600 for 16 days worth of treatment) has worked its magic on the infection, he is ‘good to go’ for surgery!

BHRR’s Waffle – Bloodhound/Great Pyr

She is ready to make her special announcement!

This dog has made immense progress during her time at BHRR.

She came to BHRR with serious social issues with other dogs and now lives in complete harmony will all the dogs here!

She will require a home that will do careful integration with strange dogs for the feeling of not being in control and safe makes her stressed.

If you just let her take her time to ‘warm’ up, relax and feel things out, she is totally wonderful with strange dogs.

Her first reaction to feeling worried, is to keep her distance, yet, if a dog ‘pushes’ the issue, she will communicate that she is not comfortable.

With patience, consistency, and with a calming word/touch, she settles quite well.

She can go to a home as an only dog or with a right matched personality fit dog. She enjoys the company of other dogs and can be quite playful…a bit rough at times and has to be reminded of her manners.

She is loving plus goofy to all humans when she is in her ‘bloodhound’ mode. When she decides to be a Pyr, she is more aloof, independent and will make people work for her attention. Have to love her honesty!

She has come a long way also with her comfort level on floors that are wood over being tile. Very proud of her for conquering that fear!

She is 100% housebroken, unknown with how she is with cats, can go to a home that works full-time, part-time, from home, semi-retired, retired etc.

She has also come miles with her obedience and leash manners. She can still pull when she loses focus yet, that is getting better and better.

She is both crate trained and has proven 100% trustworthy in our home.

This does not stop her from taking advantage of an opportunity if one presents itself! The honest thief! Very rare and far between.

She is a gorgeous girl, loyal and vocal at times to express her feelings of ‘yay, you are home!’ or ‘YES! DINNER time!’ 

I could look into her eyes forever…really gorgeous…..

Pictures are never really going to capture how magnificent she looks yet, Melissa, you should did a fabu job! Thank you again for this amazing photo’s of her!

BHRR’s Waffle! YOU did it! Now, for that right matched forever loving home to find you!

Please consider sharing her photo so that others may find her and perhaps, one of those people may end up being her forever loving right home!

IMGP2720 (Medium)IMGP2681 (Medium)

IMGP2701 (Medium) (2) IMGP2678 (Medium)

BHRR’s Waffle and BHRR’s Skye had their prof photo shoot this AM.

Thank you to Wendi for the extra hands and this was our first time having photo’s with Melissa. Nice to meet you! Elizabeth, who has done all our rescue pawtraits to date, is now on maternity leave, expecting her first baby in November and congratulations again!

It was a glorious sunny morning to have these photo’s taken and BHRR’s Waffle, you have shown just how close you are now in being ready to make your special announcement!

Relaxed, playful, affectionate, ‘ok’ to go with Wendi while I had BHRR’s Skye’s own photo’s done and, even took treats from strangers! You shall always require careful integration with strange dogs yet, nothing wrong with that!! My heart is bursting with such happiness over your rehab journey!! s Your photo’s are going to be a hoot to see!

BHRR’s Skye, you are light years away from the extremely fearful and reactive dog that arrived to us. You are no longer as confused, scared, defensive plus stressed with quite a few humans and dogs… came out of my car connecting with Wendi like you had known her for some time.  Just like at the Hospital yesterday, with all staff plus dogs, you were calm and accepting and wagging your tail with Wendi.

I was a bit concerned about being in such a public area (first time taking photo’s here!) yet, there was a quiet section that we could take photo’s and BHRR’s Skye, I wish you could tell us why you were so worried about the photographer at first….she had not even used her camera yet and from the moment she saw Melissa, BHRR’s Skye was ‘woofy’ and ‘barky’.

However, by the end of the photo session, one gorgeous Neo was sitting, focused and attentive to Melissa, taking treats from her and making it hard for Melissa to get far enough away to take good photo’s!

Time… need more time of which I have so much to give you, patience, that continued obedience and structure and consistency…..yet, you shall get there BHRR’s Skye. Look where you once were?! When you are ready, you will let me know….Even your anxiety in the car(singing me a song!) was less than yesterday and you laid down and were content to soak up the rays of sunshine streaming in from the windows.  You never could have done what you are doing now with your level of learned comfort, security and happiness when you first arrived and so freakin’ proud of you!! Your photo’s are going to reveal a dog that once was so lost that is now finding her way along a path of so much promise!!

Thank you Wendi and Melissa for taking time out of their own busy day and spending a bit of time with these beauties this AM. You have given them more positive experiences and touches with caring hands and that keeps them moving forward on their great plus wonderful path of rehab!

Time to now get one excited little girl prepared for Halloween!!

Happy Halloween everyone!! Be safe!!


BHRR’s Skye(Neo) and BHRR’s Waffle(Bloodhound/Great Pyr) had their final vet visits today! If all comes back well with the remaining bloodwork I am doing, they will be ready to make their special announcements in a couple more weeks for they are both still working on social skills and obedience also with those leash manners.

Yet, both of them ROCKED their Vet visits!

BHRR’s Skye has anxiety in the car and BHRR’s Waffle does not and BHRR’s Waffle has anxiety in a run and BHRR‘s Skye does not as much and so having them together was really good today for the one showed the other it was ‘ok’ 

BHRR’s Waffle weighed a lean muscled 36.7 Kgs and could use a bit more weight still.

BHRR’s Skye weighed a wee bit plump 48.4 Kgs and I was already cutting her back a bit on her food…..

Both are now chipped and had a good day at KAH!

Tomorrow, they are getting their professional photo’s done in prep for their big announcements when they are ready!!

I am beyond proud of both of these girls! They were excellent with all people they met and no issues with any dogs they met. Both have overcome a lot of fear issues, with both humans and dogs and made excellent choices today!!

I was so thrilled to see how much their tails wagged and that they were quite relaxed etc….

BHRR’s Skye says it is time to go home now! It has been a long day for me and them!


It SOON shall be time! You have been asking and patiently waiting…..get your thinking caps on! 

It shall soon be time to sign-up for our 4th(FOURTH) ANNUAL GIVE it ‘UP’ 4 Autumn Event!

The deserving BHRR doggie in 2015 to benefit from this one-of-a-kind unique Fundraiser is BHRR’s Baby Kaos. Past years have seen BHRR’s Lord Stafford, BHRR’s Breen and of course, BHRR’s Autumn benefit from the kindness of others!

This Fundraiser shall run from Tuesday November 3rd, 2015 @ 12:01 AM to Tuesday November 17th, 2015 @ 11:59 PM.

WHAT will you consider to ‘give up’ for 14 days to help BHRR’s Baby Kaos?’

Please do EMAIL us with what you are ‘giving up’ to participate! We hope you may join us in ‘giving something up’ to help raise monies for BHRR’s Baby Kaos!

In the past some have given up treats or coffee and put that money away to donate, others are giving up what the money they would have spent on lessons such as riding or tennis(or putting the equivalent in a jar to donate!) AND, others have put in their jar, donations for cravings that they have – chocolate, cigarettes etc. Feel free to be creative!

More information to be found on the poster below and here is the link with all the details!

Thank you Barry for this outstanding poster!

give it up for autumn - 2015 (Medium)

Come VISIT us at PV Stittsville(1250 Main Street, Stittsville) for some HOWL-O-Ween Fun!

Saturday October 24th 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM & 
Sunday October 25th 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Dog Baths $15, 
Nails $10, 
Ear Cleaning $10, 
Microchips $40 including registration – Cats/Dogs must be minimally 8 weeks of age
Merchandise for Sale! 
Visit some of the ‘big dawgs’ of BHRR! Dogs TBA
*No Appointments necessary! 

**BHRR is still in search of a few approved Volunteers to lend a hand Saturday and/or Sunday! Please email if you can help!**

All monies raised shall go towards paying off our current accumulated Vet Bills for amazing deserving dogs like BHRR’s Kaos, BHRR’s Raven and just this past week BHRR’s Porridge.

howlween (Medium)


From Monday October 19th to Monday November 2nd, 2015 inclusive, BHRR will not be open for adoptions or the intake of adoption applications.

We do not adopt out around the Halloween season and many others Rescues, shelters, pounds etc. have also begun to follow a similar protocol.


We do not believe it is in the best interest of the animals in our program, especially for dark coloured dogs.

During this time, BHRR is available 24/7 as always for requests for assistance of animals in need.

AND, here is an update on one of our other BHRR dogs currently under rehabilitation.

This is BHRR’s Waffle! She is our Great Pyr/Bloodhoundx! Stunning gal!

She has equally been doing well. She no longer wants to ‘eat’ other dogs. Integration has been careful plus slow with lots of structure, consistency plus obedience. She is a bit of a bossy bit of goods at times and wants to play and do things on her terms yet, she is learning to compromise. 

She has a good solid circle set-up for success friends now that include BHRR’s Skye, BHRR’s Maple – who are two other quite strong females, BHRR’s baby Kaos, my Salt, my Multi Ch. Bronson, my Bunker, BHRR’s Lion King Pumbaa, BHRR’s Dune, BHRR’s Potter, BHRR’s Ethel, BHRR’s Porridge and BHRR’s Ani to date……

So, TONS of progress being made and she will continue to get better and better!

She is terrified of the hardwood floors. She does well on the porcelain tile and it has been a patient work in progress to try and build up her comfort level, the poor thing…..

She is not the best of eaters and that has also been a work in progress.

She is crate trained plus is also 100% trustworthy in our sunroom when we go out. Her leash manners are slowly getting better…man, were they brutal!

She is quite vocal and we have been working on that we do not need to ‘talk’ as much as she is doing. 

She is so pretty… times, extremely affectionate and at other times, aloof and Ms. Independent.

Those ears of hers….soft as can be…….

She is a long way herself from being placed up for adoption yet, she also will get there and we will be so happy for her when she is ready to make her own special announcement!

She will need an experienced home and one filled with patience.

She has tons of potential and this journey with her has been a wondrous one to date!

This photo is a bit blurry yet, her standing still as she loves to explore outside is asking for a lot right now! LOL

Img_9059 IMG_9062

NOTICE: BHRR shall be closed from today to Wednesday September 23rd, inclusive. Our facebook page shall also be unpublished during that time for thanks to an incredible angel dream team network of our solid top notch beautiful strong village and community, we are making a dream come true for an extremely special young lady.

Any adoption applications that come in during this time shall be processed in the order they arrive upon the re-opening of BHRR.

ONLY urgent requests for assistance shall be replied to as we are here 24/7 to help the Danes and other Giants in need! All non urgent matters will be addressed upon the re-opening of BHRR.

Requests can be emailed to or or text to 613-725-4279 or calls can be made to the same number.

For any offers of items for our September 26th Annual Dine With THE BHRR DOGGIES Event, – looking for brochures, pens, pencils, key chains, promo materials for 40 Loot bags – AND more auction items, please do email We would be beyond grateful for any consideration to our cause.

We are a small group and host very few planned fundraisers a year and would embrace any gift certificates or other items for human, animal – cat, dog, horse, bird etc. – with such sincere gratitude plus appreciation. Thank you from our hearts in advance!

We are also going to stop our unique 2016 BHRR calendar sales at this time. If you have not yet ordered yours, we shall see if we have any left when we re-open to be purchased.

I leave all with this great photo of BHRR’s Salem below from her special picnic play date with the Maracle family! Thank you for the photo!


Got her! The newest addition to BHRR!

A very late start to her transport this AM yet, she is in my hands!

She is a Bloodhound/Pyrx, about 90 plus pounds – needs muscle mass and is anxious which is understandable…..

We are calling her BHRR’s Waffle – great name suggestion Margaret!

Welcome to BHRR!

11896067_899811850085647_6850884587568918716_n (1)

BHRR’s ???? Needs a name!
**Edited to add that we are aware of what she had been called at one point and she shall have a new name for a new beginning.**
It is official, BHRR is bringing her in! 
ETA Weekend of August 29th, 2015
This lovely lady is a 2 year old Brindle with white Bloodhound/Great PyrX. She was owner surrendered to the shelter and then was adopted by a farmer who then returned her as his other dog was beating her up. 
She is good with people, dogs and is submissive and very sweet. Weight at shelter was 92 pounds.
She is not trained and has a ‘barking’ problem at the shelter as she is bored. 
So thankful that we can assist her………just so thankful…….

7707_SADIE Bloodhound Great Pyr mix altered female_92 lbs SURRENDER

This Saturday!

Global Pet Foods – Hintonburg very kindly asked if we would do one of our popular mini microchip clinics at their location and we shall be at their lovely location

Saturday August 22nd from 10 am – 4 pm!
*No appointments necessary

*Microchips $40 includes registration
*Nails $10
*Ear Cleaning $10
*Face Painting and Feathers by the ever talented and kind Dee Dick
*Famous Pooch Smooch Red Carpet Sessions $5
*Merchandise from sale
*Some baked goodies

We are still ISO: Three approved BHRR Volunteers to help out this day! Please email if interested!

THANK you Global Pet Foods – Hintonburg for this great opportunity to see more cats/dogs(minimum 8 weeks of age) microchipped!

All monies raised shall go to BHRR’s Kaos’ mounting Vet Bills. He is the 6 week old Great Dane puppy that we were asked to assist that has a growth plate fracture and a knee concern.

AND here is the event page to join!