Unfortunately, the hearts and home of BHRR took another huge loss recently. 🙁

We have been trying to figure out for 11 straight long and worrisome days what has been going on with BHRR's Rambo and to help him.

His hotspots returned, his energy level went right down, he began to eat poorly and his coat was become less glossy and smooth. His eyes would not focus right all the time and his pupils were become quite dilated and uneven. His behavour was also becoming more cranky and you could tell he just did not feel well. He would whimper and whine off an on.

Sadly, all our testing and efforts could not save him. 🙁

He began to become very unpredictable with his behavour towards humans and other dogs and was sliding downhill fast. He was just not well.

A necropsy has revealed a brain tumour. 🙁

BHRR has had many successes this year and they make our hearts feel so warm and wonderful yet; it is those that we are unable to save that haunts me nightly. This is the really tough part of rescue. 🙁

I really really really really enjoyed this boy! He was an obedience superstar and was just glowing plus shining under all the structure and consistency of routine and loving guidance.

His personality was larger than life and he was soooooooooooooo good and smart and stunning!!!

My heart is ripped…..just ripped.

Thank you LAH for all that you did for him and us………….

RIP dear sweet BHRR's Rambo.

BHRR's Rambo – August 2012

COME ON OUT TO SEE US THIS SATURDAY AUGUST 11th @ the Critter Jungle in Ottawa, Ontario!

RAIN OR SHINE! We shall be there! So, bring your dirty dawg and we shall wash plus towel dry for you!

We shall also have some items for sale to help raise much needed funds for the animals in need of BHRR.

AND it looks like the rain is going to be there BUT so shall we! 🙂 We are all going to be wet anyway! 😉

Our 5th Annual BHRR/KAH MIcrochip/Nail Trim & BBQ Fundraiser being held at Kanata Animal Hospital from 8 AM – 4 PM (NO appointments necessary) is coming up fast!

If you would like a copy of this stunning poster to crosspost via email or post up at work, your local training facility, petstore, etc., please EMAIL

This is BHRR's biggest Fundraiser of every year!

Thank you being extended to Shirley again for such a fabulous poster!!!! Thank you so much once more for working with me on this!! 🙂

Please 'click' on the poster for more details/information! 🙂

AND to stay updated on the latest developments, join our BHRR Facebook EVENT PAGE!

BHRR's Rambo is now AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! 🙂 YAY! He has healed nicely from his hot spots and is doing great!!!! 🙂

He is no longer that emotionally and mentally very confused and messed up boy! He is a HAM! AND he has the photo to prove that he can be silly and full of fun and playful!

This Dobie would make an excellent obedidence partner! When he gets overly excited, I put him into a sit, get him to focus at looking at me; and he settles right down.

He is a high maintenance dog; one meant for an active(YET not too active home for that would just overload him) home; no young children(less than 11),  a home that is going to keep him mentally plus physically stimulated. He would be great in a home that works from home, works pt, or even full time. He is that versatile! 🙂

He will give you his heart in loyalty and commitment once you earn his trust. HE is not to be manhandled and we do not advocate anything other than positive reinforcement. This boy had no idea how to be a dog when he first arrived. He was just so messed up….. 🙁

He is calmer, more relaxed, less tense as he understands what is expected of him with clear and open positive communicative commands associated with his name.

He is so eager to please and wants to love…..

AND any home must understand that he still LOVES to talk with his empty food bowl! 😉

BHRR's Rambo – June 29th, 2012

I brought BHRR's Rambo to work with me on Monday June 11th instead of the Saturday. He was FABU supreme! NOT one peep as he hung out in the back and his new weight was 35.6 Kgs(77.88 pounds!). He was a wee bit off centre on the scale and I believe his weight is even closer to 80 pounds now. HE looks GREAT!

We had wanted to place him up for adoption once we obtained a new weight and if it was close to where I want to see him; yet; he is battling heat spots right now.

We did some skin scrapings and there were no mites present to indicate demodectic mange and we also discussed possible allergies. Yet, he seems to have developed some hot spots and wanted to lick at them and though, they had been healing – one on either side of his rump and one on his one inner thigh – the Vet believes he needed an extra boost to help him and so added some antibiotics – Cephalexin 500 mg – 1.5 tablets BID for 14 days.

Soooooooooooo, he shall not be placed up for adoption until he is at the end of his course of antibiotics AND if he has no other conditions that have develop that need treatment.

He also managed to crack two of his nails on his right front foot and the antibiotics will help with that too!

What a sweet young man! He was a bit worried with his exam; yet; I fed him treats; the Vet did their thing and I only had to restrain him for the skin scrapings and even then, he rested mostly on my knee and did not put up a fuss.

GOOD boy! 🙂

This is one great dog and he will just flouish in that right matched home meant JUST for him! 🙂 One that is not going to manhandle him; yet; treat him with respect and understanding patience in a firm, calm, guiding manner that will settle him and not create any anxiety or stress. He did not indicate one time that he may mouth and I am so PROUD of him! He wagged that wee stub of his tail NONSTOP today!

HE is soooooooooooo much more relaxed, less tense and just an affectionate boy! 🙂



Here is a VIDEO of BHRR's Rambo, BHRR's Rose, BHRR's Petal, BHRR's Gretta, BHRR's Jetta, BHRR's Goliath, BHRR's Freedom, JS, Drift, Guinnessand BHRR's Bloom from Sunday June 10th, 2012!

BHRR's Rambo is headed to the Vet with me on Saturday for a new weight!

If that weight is anywhere near where I think it may be and where I want it to be; this boy shall be ready to be placed up for adoption!

HE has so thrived here at BHRR. He is no longer that super confused and emotionally messed up boy. He is a high energy, toy crazy, tug of rope, playful, affectionate and loving sweetie!

Do not get me wrong; he is a strong minded boy and any home of his is going to have to understand that if he is fearful; you have to take his collar in one way(gentle, passively reassuring) and if he is acting 'tudeman; take his collar in another way(positive, firm yet gentle and calmly confident). YOU have to know the difference with how he is communicating wit you! YOU cannot manhandle him and as we always say; BHRR does not support nor will have our dogs in homes that believe in any form of punitive or harshly corrective methods.

He walks nicely(still can pull and tug) on a flat buckle collar, is very responsive to commands, eager to please, very talkative(still loves to have conversations with his food bowl once it is empty), continues to share the water bowl very well, is fully integrated with all the dogs here; is not a dominant sort at all with the males here(once he learnt to be more like a dog; instead of trying to control all that was around him in the face of such instability in his past before coming to BHRR; he has settled right in). He is such a handsome smaller male and while he still plays quite rough; he has been learning self-control with the power of his play and mouth.

This boy in the right situation will be a fear biter out of sheer feelings of having to be defensive to try and protect himself. NO question. He is never to ever be set-up for failure that he would feel like he had to be that way. He has had so much stress in his short life; that it has taken much time to get him to destress, relax, enjoy life and not be so tense. He is a real class clown and character and one has to pay close attention to his nonverbal cues; to note when he may feel uncomfortable; which these days; is not with much and usually involves correcting him for counter surfing or garbage raiding or running off with the kids clothes or towels or yup; good ol' paper towel roles thanks to BHRR's Dana! SHE wuvs him! LOL You tell him in a clearly open communicative manner 'No Rambo' or 'No Garbage Rambo' etc. and if you have to go get him as he is a young dog, in training and growing/maturing and testing; then you take his collar positively, never threateningly and you do not drag or pull or force him. AND you have to be careful still about the eye contact during moments like this. YOU do not stare him down. That just intimidates him and worries him. You look 'at' him' and catch his eyes; yet you do not stare.

This boy is finally learning that we are the leaders, we are going to take care of him, we are going to protect him and his job is to be a happy, affectionate, playful, wanting to please(AND boy! DOES he ever want to please! An obedience dog he can be!) dog. Just that simple.

He has learnt that he shall be fed and on time and with enough food, that we are not going to allow him to push other dogs around(gooberhead when he first arrived!) and that we are also not going to allow other dogs to want to push him around…..right Brick? 😉

He has dominant tendencies and we have worked hard to ensure that his confidence is properly shaped and directed and is totally responding. I am so impressed with him!

He is a vocal one and one could mistakenly think he is being aggressive when he is just talking and expressing his feelings.

He will ONLY be adopted to a very experienced dog home; Doberman experience wonderful yet not necessary(his last home before coming to BHRR was suppose to be a Doberman experience home; yet; BHRR's Rambo was allowed to grab at his leash and collar when it was being put on and that was a set-up for failure – excitement issues).

He can go to a home with older children, cats are unknown, another right matched personality fit dog or dogs are great(he gets along with both males and females), a home that works full time or parttime or from home or semi retired or retires are all possible. A home that is active yet; not so packed full of activities that he becomes over stimulated and loses focus and the self-control slips.

He is so versatile in so many ways in respect to the type of home for him. On the other hand; only the right matched personality fit home shall do!


VIDEO #2 with BHRR's Rambo, BHRR's Veteran, BHRR's Hamilton the Newf, BHRR's Rain with BHRR's Goliath etc.

In watching this video, I noted that BHRR's Veteran was limping. His back right leg is a bit tender and swollen. He is now on crate rest and Deramaxx and will re-visit the Vet if needed.


BHRR's Goliath with BHRR's Veteran & BHRR's Rambo and one of the toys donated this past Saturday from Kathy's 'Journey For Journey' Fundraiser! 🙂

Our Spring Fundraiser is NOW ON!

1st Annual '1-on-1' Special Date With A BHRR Animal Online Auction.

The BHRR Auction will begin at 6:00 AM EST on Saturday April 14th, 2012.
Unfortunately, bids submitted prior to this time cannot be considered.

The BHRR Auction will end at 9:00 PM EST on Thursday April 26th, 2012.

We are still in the process of adding the 'eligible' BHRR doggies, so please visit our website often! WE HAVE 16 DATES so far made available! Date includes a picnic lunch! 🙂

*For more information on each dog available, please visit their dog blog links under each dog's individual bid item details.*


Thanks Louise for the great poster!

Permission Given To Cross-Post!


BHRR's Rambo was at the Vet on Thursday April 5th.

Since he arrived to BHRR; he has been doing some straining to poop and I wanted to have a thorough exam etc. done on him.

That AM, was the worst he had to date in straining. 40 minutes of trying to poop, then diarrhea both in and out of the car twice and also a vomit as he was so stressed from trying to poop and we ended up moving our Vet appointment as we were not going to be making the first one and I felt so bad for him.

I also brought in a fecal sample to be tested and he came back for Giarrdia the parasite and ELISA positive. So, he has been on Panacur for 5 days and as of this Thursday, shall begin his next 5 day treatment and from there, re-test his fecal.

He was also put on Metronidazole – on a weaning schedule and went from 2 BID to 2 SID and was suppose to move down to a lower dose to wean off but the diarrhea came back and this is even after putting him on a new food.

He weighed a skinny 30.3 KGs(66.66 pounds). I had the Vet take a good look at his chin too and she agreed, puppy acne with a cut(that we now know was from a fence before he was transported). We have continued to ensure that it is clean and dry.

He was sooooooooooo obedient and good at the Hospital though! He listened so well and yes, he is a small male GD that is never going to be huge with eastie westie front feet(left more than the right) BUT he is going to be a gem of a boy addition to that right matched home. He is no longer that confused, not sure and therefore pushy somewhat dominant boy. OH, he is confident all right and not shy to people or dogs; yet; he is understanding better how to interact with humans and dogs alike and he is settling into a really well mannered properly socially directed boy.

He is utd on vaccines and his microchip was added to his file. According to the information sent our way, he turned 1 in February. JUST a baby that has had so much bouncing in his short life to date. 🙁

I will be bringing him back in for a new weight and re-exam within the next week.

He has been fully integrated with everyone here other than BHRR's Atlas and some of my own that have been away showing.

NICE boy! He is thriving under structure, routine and a firm yet loving obedient routine.


That BHRR will be at the NEW Pet Valu located in the Kemptville Colonnade Retail Mall(Hwy 43 & 416 – near the new Timmie's & Canadian Tire!), on Saturday April 14th from 10 AM to 3 PM & then again on Sunday April 15th from 11 AM to 4 PM for their Pet Appreciation weekend!

On Saturday – BHRR's Journey and BHRR's Freeze are going to be in attendance plus I shall be bringing Drift to begin his own 'big world' introduction.

On Sunday – BHRR's Hamilton The Newf & BHRR's Hailey shall be in attendance. This shall be good for BHRR's Hailey to also get her back into the 'big world'!

I shall also be doing microchipping for $40 which includes registration – NO APPOINTMENTS NECESSARY!

Looking forward to a great weekend of public awareness/community education on not just BHRR yet; so many other important topics re: animal welfare plus giving our dogs some more fabu experiences! Maybe, some right matched forever loving homes will meet them and consider submittIng an application to adopt. 🙂

Until the end of day on Tuesday April 10th, Luanne of Rusty Dawg Pet Products is hosting the following FUNDRAISER for BHRR through her Arbonne business.

Here is Luanne's Arbonne ONLINE Fundraiser Facebook Page & you can EMAIL HER!

AND here are the details of this Fundraiser of which Lana Burnley-Waters of Pet-errific who has her own Arbonne business shall match each Fundraising Dollar raised by Luanne to then donate to BHRR!

FROM LUANNE AND REMEMBER TO LET LUANNE know that your order is for the BHRR Fundraiser:

April 1-10, 2012

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This is your chance to try Arbonne's Ultra-Premium, Swiss formulated products & to also support a wonderful rescue group! The party will be open from April 1, 2012 through to, and including, April 10, 2012 with 10% of all sales being donated to BHRR!

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Today, I was able to get a really great look under BHRR's Rambo's chin and clean it up nicely. He does have some puppy acne yet he has a cut there. Later today, I then receieved a nice email from one of the transporters who sent along the following; which explains the cut. BHRR's Rambo is now on some antibiotics for that chin.

Hello: I was one of the first persons to drive Rambo to Chatham from Windsor along with Cindy, Rambo cut his chin on a fence minutes before we picked him up. When I got him the staff peson was cleaning his chin where he jumped on her and hit the fence. She had blood on her jacket and when I asked her what happened she said Rambo jumped up on her and hit the fence she was sitting next to and cut his chin. The Wehs staff cleaned his chin and then within minutes we picked him up. Hopefully the cut didn't become infected so soon. Thank you for taking this great dog and as I read your blog about him he sure is in good hands. 

He is also a HUGE crate escapee! So, he has three carabeeners on his crate now! Today, he had a lot of offleash time in the fenced in yard and has been successfully integrated with most of the dogs here. He had a grand time playing with BHRR's Gretta, BHRR's Rain & BHRR's Potter. 🙂

Here is a VIDEO #1!
Here is VIDEO #2!
Here is VIDEO #3!

AND only twice today, did he leap and jump to grab that leash direct from my hand and arm. He is getting the message, that this is not appropriate.

BHRR's Rambo arrived yesterday and is settling in well. He travelled GREAT and was so very lovingly donated a KONG plus a homemade tug rope! 🙂

I have including several photos taken of him from yesterday and here is a short VIDEO!

He really needs weight, have to check out that dry skin plus he has a brewing infection on his chin(puppy acne?). He is a nice smaller male black/tan Doberman. He needs about 20 pounds of muscle mass/weight at this time for me to feel comfortable with where he should be at this age/bone structure/conformation. He has a short 'junkyard' crop and has one tiny piece of one ear missing.

For those that have been already inquiring about him, we have been responding back as we can and just to post here for all to read; our mandates are that each new arrival to BHRR must be with us for a minimum of 4-5 weeks. This enables us to fully Vet, assess/.evaluate and begin a structured obedience program.

Apparently, Rambo was a local star recently in SWO as he was featured in a local newspaper and the inquries in him have been slowly flowing in. At BHRR, we just would like for the public to know that BHRR's Rambo shall be placed up for adoption, when he is ready and we are not in any rush to put him in just any home. As with every dog at BHRR; we want to do 'right' by each and every one of them and BHRR's Rambo is no different.

We have been entrusted with his welbeing and we take that trust very seriously.

Regular posts and photos plus videos as we can shall be posted as time permits.

To learn more about BHRR's adoption process and procedures plus mandates; please visit HERE.

He is a powerful young very handsome male doberman with a strong mind and will of his own. I do not want to see that broken yet rather have him focused plus channeled with that spirit in proper venues. He really likes to jump when he gets excited and will grab at things; be it his leash, your sleeve or arm. We stay calm and firmly tell him 'no, jump', 'no, pull' and 'no, mouth' and then passively ignore him. We do not want to create negative seeking attention behavours. YOU cannot get him worked up for that just feeds his desire to be very mouth on and this is where I can clearly see that someone was mouthed by him. He is very easily excitable and as we work on getting his energy levels met with proper excerise; we are also working on keeping his mind also stimulated with proper focus and thinking tasks. He is a very smart boy with very intelligent gorgeous eyes(YUP! More amazing eyes! LOL) and he is not hesitant about letting you know that he wants to bulldoze his way around.

He has proven housebroken and loves to play and 'talk' to his food bowl! AS if to say 'what are you doing being empty already!'. I have yet to hear the 'Dobie Whine'….so, much to look forward to! LOL

BHRR's Rambo with Rich & asleep as I drive back to BHRR – March 31st, 2012

Awhile back, I was contacted by a woman named Kathy Radar. She had recently purchased a new vehicle a ‘Journey’ and she had heard about BHRR’s Journey’s story. She contacted me wanting to do a Fundraiser to ‘Fill Up Her Journey For Journey & BHRR Friends’.

This is one reason why we are hosting a special BHRR ‘EXPERIENCE’ Mini Open House in April; for she shall be coming up to BHRR with her friend to drop off her Journey filled with goodies! I thought it would be lovely for her & her friend to meet others involved with BHRR, pass along their own appreciation for her efforts etc. 🙂

For anyone in the London, ON area that would like to participate; please contact Kathy directly. (519) 452-3009 – She is collecting items right up until April 19th inclusive!!!

Journey for JOURNEY campaign poster – Click Link To View Poster! 🙂


On another note; BHRR’s Journey’s recheck on her tail, new weight check plus tail appointment shall be rescheduled for next weekend – Saturday March 31st, 2012.

BHRR's Rambo – 1 year old male black/tan Dobie

His Story –
Rambo is a 12 month old, neutered male. He was originally surrendered to the shelter on December 9th, 2011 because he got too big and they could not afford to keep him. He showed in the shelter as a typical active young Doberman. Jumpy, rough, will tug his leash if he is bored and mouths.
He was adopted twice by the shelter and twice came back. Once was for counter surfing(O. went to correct him with hand raised over his head) and the second time(February 1st) was for his mouthing(went to grab collar as it was being put on and ended up mouthing the O.'s thumb).

COMING TO BHRR weekend of March 31st