OK! I will add one more photo below of BHRR’s Potter from February 17th, 2010 for now! This photo is also in his slideshow. He is one of the most photogenic pooches ever!!!!! He and BHRR`s Barkley are also fast friends and I have to be careful about their interactions for they want to play and that is not good for BHRR`s Barkley right now. It has been many many many months since his `quirk` has reared up and recently when I was going to put the kids on the bus and he did not wish to go into the house; I had to go and grab a leash and put it on his collar to bring him outside for he was not going to go quietly by me just taking his collar. GOOBER! AND to clarify again, BHRR`s Potter is a deaf white with brindle boxer with natural ears and tail. He is not an ABD or a Pitx etc. AND he has me completely enraptured with the Boxer breed just as BHRR`s Jaxson had me in complete adoration of the ABD breed!

BHRR`s Potter – February 17th, 2010