BHRR’s Potter is doing great! I am very pleased with his obedience progress and we are now working on that ‘gentle’ command as he can get playing rough! We are still having some ‘bumps’ with the name thing and he is stubborn and I love him so much for his ability to feel totally comfortable in expressing that to me. 😛 He is so much better at the ‘watch me’ command and we are getting there. For a dog that has had very little social teachings/interactions plus obedience, he is rocking! He is also fully housebroken now and not just in my own home! WOOHOO! He is so much like a two year old for if he is not happy(like when he wants to drink out of the water bowl and another dog is there or if he wants on the bed and another dog is where Potter wishes to go); he makes this whiny high pitched sound/bark. 🙄 He is also will show his vocal displeasure now that he cannot 100% roll the ‘bear cub’ around at will! LOL The wee bear cub is getting closer to Potter’s size now and things are on more of a even ground and Potter is having some ‘Napoleon’ syndrome coming out! LOL I have also discovered that Potter loves Nibs Liquorice(THANKS kids!). He will do anything for a small piece!!! AND I have learnt that PPSS is the same. Dogs like Bronson who are ‘texture’ phobes do not. What an interesting little experiment that turned out to be! I would love to see Potter go out on some more playdates, daytrips and playtrips to keep him going on his wonderful social development. I have added a new slide from the September 26th, 2009 Open House and am posting it below for it is simply PRECIOUS! Sean most certainly has been enjoying having these ‘bully’ breeds(AKA Honourary Great Danes) in our home too!  😉

BHRR’s Potter – September 26th, 2009 – BHRR’s Mini Open House
*photo courtesy of C. Desjardins