Today, I was able to get a really great look under BHRR's Rambo's chin and clean it up nicely. He does have some puppy acne yet he has a cut there. Later today, I then receieved a nice email from one of the transporters who sent along the following; which explains the cut. BHRR's Rambo is now on some antibiotics for that chin.

Hello: I was one of the first persons to drive Rambo to Chatham from Windsor along with Cindy, Rambo cut his chin on a fence minutes before we picked him up. When I got him the staff peson was cleaning his chin where he jumped on her and hit the fence. She had blood on her jacket and when I asked her what happened she said Rambo jumped up on her and hit the fence she was sitting next to and cut his chin. The Wehs staff cleaned his chin and then within minutes we picked him up. Hopefully the cut didn't become infected so soon. Thank you for taking this great dog and as I read your blog about him he sure is in good hands. 

He is also a HUGE crate escapee! So, he has three carabeeners on his crate now! Today, he had a lot of offleash time in the fenced in yard and has been successfully integrated with most of the dogs here. He had a grand time playing with BHRR's Gretta, BHRR's Rain & BHRR's Potter. 🙂

Here is a VIDEO #1!
Here is VIDEO #2!
Here is VIDEO #3!

AND only twice today, did he leap and jump to grab that leash direct from my hand and arm. He is getting the message, that this is not appropriate.