I have finally added a picture slideshow for BHRR’s Potter! Slides # 1 – 6 are from July 13th, 2009 and Slides #7 & #8 are from July 14th, 2009. Once I ‘catch’ up, it will be time to add new and current photos! 😛 He has put on about 15 pounds to date and still has a ways to go yet is looking so much better, especially with his muscle development. 🙂 His new best friend is BHRR’s Kingston and gosh, at night; they are like two wee vampires; waking up and going on a ‘frenzy’! HOLY! LOL Calm and quite good during the day yet as soon as evening hits; WATCH out world! 😉 I think Potter just loves having someone smaller than him around BUT not for too long for the weight that I got on Kingston today was 21.4 pounds! 😛 Several other people have been able to witness first hand; the behavoural quirks that I have been referencing and it is much more understood by others ‘why’ BHRR’s Potter shall remain as part of our Haven program at this time. AND the number one word that everyone seems to come up with to describe Potter is the same one that Sean plus myself use….NEAT! LOL He truly is a neat character and we love him, flaws and all for no one is perfect(but we are working on getting him as close to that as possible!  😉 )  and he is a product of his breeding and past environment NOT by his choice. Once more people can understand this; they can hopefully; see Potter for ‘all’ that he is and not just parts or pieces; for all together; he makes up this NEAT boy!