Update December 12th @ 7:08 PM: Some of BHRR's workup from yesterday – PCV was 55 when presented on Friday, now 40 ie 24 hours on iv fluids, No change in these results post 24 hours- intravenous fluids, baytril and ampicillin. Hydromorphone given as analgesic iv. Red tinged urine- wine like ie not resembling hematuria running the urinalysis. more X-rays done on both chest & also abdomen.

Latest diagnosis is that he has rhabdomyolysis. He is presenting as if he has advanced liver disease yet is not jaundiced. As of today, he is drinking and he is out urinating every 2 hours and the colour is more a concentrated yellow instead of a port wine colour. All day yesterday at KAH and last night until about 7:30 AM today; he was at 155 ml/hour on his pump and I lowered him to 100 this AM. He is walking on his own to go outside and then back inside(we carry him up the stairs) and is drinking every two hours(he has had a few accidents in his sleep) yet he has shown no signs of eating. He is losing weight fast – 27.2 KGs as of yesterday down from being over 30 KS and is looking more anorexic. His respiration level is now at 24 which is down from the 42 from yesterday. I was taking his body temp almost every hour at KAH yesterday and by the time we left; it was 38 degrees and we have done well in maintaining that temp throughout the night and day(two heaters, blankets, towels, comforters, duvets being put into the dryer as well as heating pads/bottles). We are washing duvets/comforters round the clock and he is going through them faster than we can keep up with the demand and we are reaching out to see if anybody out there has any to spare to donate to BHRR's Potter. We will drive to meet you if need be so that you are not inconvenienced in any way. contactbhrr@gmail.com is our email.

In offering him up some canned tuna per a Vets recommendation(something super smelly) – BHRR's Potter reacted to the juice that we used to ensure that his latest antibiotic washed down and his one side of his lip and face swelled up – the side that I had put the syringe of tuna juice in. He has not had any reaction in the past to fish yet we are not going to go down that route again. Due to his clinical state, we did give him Benadryl which his Vet agreed was not a good idea due to the sedation effect it can have in addition to some reports of vomiting and diarrhea in some patients. In talking to one of his Vets(she called and emailed today), she recommended to put honey or corn syrup in his water for his sugar levels. Dried electrolyte powder was also suggested in addition to what he is getting through his IV fluids. Boiled hamburger/rice and canned gastro food to not avail. HE has to eat……he is getting weaker. We are still treating him aggressively for sepsis and he is just so critical.

HE is alive and has surpassed all odds to date….miracle making boy yet again. Keep those thoughts coming and if anyone can spare even $5.00 both LAH (613)591-0966 and KAH (613) 836-2848 will be more than happy to take your call or see you in person. PayPal or email transfer to gwen@birchhaven.org are other options. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

He is back at LAH(Liston Animal Hospital) tomorrow AM for 9:30 AM. Should his liver and kidney levels not have made any change or have increased, Sean plus I will have to make a heartwrenching decision re: his quality of life and that his prognosis shall not be positive. We will not allow him to die from renal system failure, severe cluster seizures, cardiac arrest and just 'waste' away in not eating as a form of any death sentences for him. We love him too much and have tried to do all that we can to give him the best fighting chance possible. Quality of life…..quality of life.

Total Raised to Date: $745.00
Vet Bills to Date: $2,000 and Rising

Potters Angels:

Alex & Karen