BHRR’s Sambuca – Almost 10.5 years of age

Passed away peacefully in his sleep August 23rd and I still cannot bring myself to type a proper honourable memorial for him…. 

For now, some Gwennie words and photo’s shared from his blog of a most inspirational, outstanding special boy….

In the time that he came into rescue, he went from head down, weak in the hind and scared – of feet and raised voices in particular to head up, telling me exactly how he felt with the best sounds ever, developing strength and muscle tone that he could run and race! We would do 2 x 1.5 km walks daily and he loved those walks…he loved them best wth my own 10 plus year old Dane and Wolfie by his side…he would trot and prance!

He went from not being able to poop without pain and avoiding going to the bathroom to comfort and ease once that horrible mass was removed.

He went from having the worst teeth his Vet and dental surgeon plus myself had ever see in our combined 56 plus years around rescue and bad teeth to once he had 22 removed, a great dental cleaning and months of antibiotics being able to eat more than just wet yet almost exclusively high quality kibble.

BHRR’s Sambuca did not have a mean bone in body. He was so quiet – until he saw me coming home! – and stoic and had an almost defeated look about him when he first arrived to being so happy and healthy and fit and asking for love plus knowing he was so worthy…..

Why he chose me as his human, I shall never know yet what an honour and privilege it was to have such a gift of him giving me such love and trust and saucy ‘tude!

Having not had time to grieve the loss on August 11th of my own amazing Double Digit Dane fabu boy – and I have not yet shared my boys tragic loss with many nor can do his own deserving tribute yet – as I have been so busy getting the Saint Ladies healthy again….now I have even more grief and pain tearing through my heart plus soul with BHRR’s Sambuca’s own loss….  Both you and my boy shared so many of the most noblest of gentleman qualities ever existed and neither one of you are now around for me to hold any longer, talk to, love on and to have you gently paw at me to keep rubbing your chest when I stop etc…..

BHRR’s Sambuca – choosing just one photo to honour you is not possible……it is not fitting for such an awesome boy.

I will post several in your facdebook thread and I decided on this picture (already is in your blog) for this post for you found the biggest pleasure out of the simplest of things that so many others take for granted…prior to rescue you had so limited time outside over the past 18 months at least….extreme little to none in fact that just being able to bask in the warm rays of the welcoming sun brought you so much joy. ?You and I would sit for as long as you wanted to in beautiful companionable silence…no words or sounds were ever necessary….

Car rides became a delight and you would become almost indignant when I went to assist you getting in for once you became strong and healthy, you loved your independence.  So proud you were of so many things you could now do and I was proud of you and so happy for you!

You would come to work and brought much peace to the hearts of others at the Hospital.

I knew you and My Wolfie Brogan were so sad when my Big Blue Bronson tragically died and you are both in heaven for I do have to believe there is one and one day I will see you both again….and, as I say always when we have a loss… for now, I will meet and see you in my dreams….

May I one day be able to do a tribute worthy of the truly superb Dane you are…..for now, my tears blurr my eyes and sobs threatened to pour forth from my soul as I am deeply and immensely shattered over losing two of the most WOW dogs ever….

As Mason said, ‘ one in a million’ for my own 10+ year old Dane Bronson and for you and so, we really did win the lottery having both of you grace our lives….

Thank you BHRR’s Sambuca for your gifts, your sense of humour, your slightly defiant bouncy ham movements when you wanted to go one way and the Boerskins wanted to go another! 

Thank you for the laughter and the enrichment you have given to my home….though our time together is measured not in years but months, that precious time proved that it did not matter how long we had known you…that love was instant and solid and is forever….

RIP Sammy AKA Sam-Sam…..

Thank you to all of his beautiful comfort angels in giving him such quality of life for the time he did have left. I can assure all that he lived each day as if it was his last….and passed away peacefully sleeping by my side……


Reminder! We are at Global Pet Foods – Hintonburg on Sunday August 27th!

From 11-4 pm!
BHRR’s Sambuca will be on hand to sincerely thank all of the Visitors for what has been done to assist him in becoming happy & healthy! ??

Kayla shall be doing Nail Trims and we will also have ear cleanings plus some merchandise for sale!

We shall be collecting Empties and Canadian Tire $ that day too!

BHRR’s Sambuca, the 10+ year old inspirational and uber handsome boy and us are so appreciative to so many for standing by his side!

Thank you to Gail for the beautiful poster!

Tonight’s good night wishes are from BHRR’s Sambuca! 10+ years old and 100% awesomeness!

We went for almost a km stroll tonight with Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson along with my Wolfie Brogan and own 10+ year old Dane Bronson. While it was no longer scorching hot and very pleasant temps, the deer flies plus mosquitoes were out in full force and all of us are sporting some bad bites….you can see on Sambuca’s ear and near his one eye where the deer flies found him delicious. 

He remains Available For Adoption and is now having a well deserved post stroll nap!

Gentle Reminder that he shall be at Global Pet Foods – Hintonburg on Sunday August 27th to thank all of his visitors for everything done for him. 

Good night to all of our friends, family & supporters!


his handsome boy is sending this evenings good night wishes!

BHRR’s Sambuca(10+ years old) and Available For Adoption!

Still putting his pre-bloat weight back on and doing great! 

This is his face when I asked him if he was ready for dinner! The second photo is of him off to get dinner….much purpose in his stride! AND look at the strength plus muscle in his hind end now! 

Good night from our home to all of our friends, family & supporters!

PS: he shall be at Global Pet Foods – Hintonburg on Sunday August 27th from 11-4 pm to thank all Visitors for everything that was done to help him become healthy and happy! 


BHRR’s Sambuca is ready to make his special announcement!

He is now Available For Adoption!

You have done amazing BHRR’s Sambuca since your arrival into Rescue.

You had a terrible huge mass removed, were neutered, had to undergo a second surgery to remove 22 teeth, beat bloat and you are inspirational to so many!

Though your body bears the wear and tear of your ten plus years of age, in other ways looking at you, you are mighty fine for a 10+ year old gent. 

Strong, healthy, active and have all of your wits about you as the expression goes.

You bring wisdom, kindness, gentleness and so much affection to the lives you have touched.

You have honoured me immensely in choosing me as your human and I know you think that you still need me yet I keep assuring you that you do not.

You are ready…ready to be loved, enjoyed, spoiled and treated like the amazing soul you are by a right matched forever loving home! One of your very own. A home that shall continue with all the proper preventive/proactive vet care we have been doing, giving you the right nutrition and a nice stroll or two daily plus so much love! 

Something you clearly did not get your fair share of in your past….yet, we look forward now. Never backwards.

You can go to a home that works full-time, part-time, is retired, or is semi-retired as you are so versatile.

You can go to a home with another right matched canine companion or be adopted as an only dog.

You have been fine with cats, travel great in a car – need some help at times getting in yet no biggie, love going to new places and what you love best is tons of soft bedding with the fireplace on or laying in the warm(not hot) sun on a cushy dog bed soaking up the beautiful rays. Things that seem so simple and taken granted by others are things that bring you the biggest joy.

You love late nights and later mornings!  Rainy days are for snoozing and cuddling and breakfast in bed.

BHRR’s Sambuca, our time together has meant so much to me and has been so special and even if your right matched forever loving home does not find you, you are most welcome to lay your head in my home. You are a big part of my heart.

Adore you….

AND you are going to make someone laugh and smile for underneathe that gentleman charm is a monkey with a mind all of his own and love you for that too!

So proud of you!

Thanks Liz Bradley for the stunning photo’s again!

This is how BHRR’s Sambuca feels about early rainy Saturday mornings!  Best to just stay in bed he thinks!!

He has a special announcement to make later today…..once he is ready to get up and face the day! 

Sunday July 9th @ Pet Valu Stittsville – Our 10th Annual Microchip/Nail Trim & BBQ Fundraiser AND So Much More!
*No appointments necessary

2017 marks our 10th year of hosting this exciting event!

BHRR has been precedent setting in the community in seeing more cats & dogs microchipped to give them the best chance possible to get home should they be lost or stolen.

More information in link above and in poster!

Two updates to post re: BHRR dogs yet I am going to start with a thumbs up update first!

Who does not love good news?!

Everyone’s fav ol’ gent, 10+ year old BHRR’s Sambuca came to hang out at work today and had his next recheck.

While still 3 kgs off his pre-bloat weight, he is putting all of the lost weight back on slow and steady.  He was up almost 2.5 kg since his bloat.

I cleaned his ears and he had a manicure/pedicure and got a thumbs up on his recheck!!

So, he was ready to have his vaccines and Hello Kibble, here we come! Will start to slowly integrate high quality kibble into his diet along with his 24 cans per day and slowly work towards a more even split between the two.

It will greatly help with the already building up of tartar on his teeth from when he had a detailed dental cleaning plus had 22 teeth removed. He still has halitosis yet nothing like he once did.

This boy truly is a piece of heaven and thank you to all of his Comfort Angels again for believing in him and the work we do at BHRR!

This is a photo of him hanging out at reception tonight.  Always a big hit no matter where he goes. Such a handsome gentleman.


Someone is up and about, enjoying the sunshine by having a small stroll.

BHRR’s Sambuca(10+ years old) with my own now older gent Big Blue Bronson(turns 10 years old June 11th).

Love these fine gentlemen!

We are working on the flash auction now and we will have ~20 dog beds up for grabs! All monies raised will go towards BHRR’s Sambuca’s bloat bills….

BHRR’s Sambuca (10+ years) is almost 1 week post-bloat and still defying the odds! 

His Vet Team is astounded by his progress, calling it almost miraculous and have felt that the 24/7 dedicated care we have been giving has been instrumental to his post bloat success to date.

As I told BHRR’s Sambuca’s Vet Team, it is not me – as much as he has chosen me as his human!, or Sean… is BHRR’s Sambuca himself that deserves all of the credit! 

He has taken his meds without complaint, he has got up when encouraged to take small strolls, after almost 48 hours he has begun to eat his small meals when offered every 3 hours, he has continued to drink when asked, he has continued to fight the good fight when I told him how much he was loved and that he has so many more beautiful experiences that I want him to have! So many more caring hands to touch him and to spoil him to experience. 

His prognosis is more than just cautiously optimistic, it is a positive feeling of the expectation that he will keep moving forward! 

Can you see me jumping?! Can you see me saying ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’? Can you feel my relief and my joy?!

BHRR’s Sambuca, I always knew you were amazing… you are a superhero to me! 

You keep proving the naysayers wrong! You are worthy! You are deserving! You are loved!

Tonight, I shall go to bed for the first time in almost a week and be able to actually sleep….to really rest…..

Tomorrow night BHRR’s Sambuca is hoping to offer up some items as part of a flash auction to help with his bills. Stay tuned! 

From our home & on behalf of BHRR’s Sambuca to all of our friends, family & supporters…..we are wishing all a Good Night!


UPDATE: Some have requested a separate post for BHRR’s Sambuca’s current status.

As per a previous post, he bloated Wednesday night.

At the present, he is eating and drinking small amounts every 2.5 hours and is urinating well. He had his first bowel movement late last night since his bloat. He can get up and while somewhat wobbly, gets a tiny bit of walking every few hours too.

He was making steady improvement throughout yesterday plus early evening and then he had a set back late last night with him back to bringing up more white foam.

He is on meds to help with nausea & pain.

He has had as good as of night as could be expected and today while I as working, Sean was with him and BHRR’s Sambuca first refused to eat/drink for Sean. Yet, around 9:30 AM, he decided that it was ok and has since had two more small amounts of food and drank some.

I am now home and he has had a bit more water to drink and he is far more alert and even more happy to see me than he was when I arrived home last night after BHRR’s Navy’s Vet Appointment. Yay!

While this improvement is positive and great to witness, his age of 10+ years is not to his benefit, having a poorer vascular system than a much younger dog. We remain optimistic!

Yet, he has more than beaten the odds to date and he is stronger than he once was!

For those ‘chiding’ me saying I should have posted asking for donations, thank you deeply for caring yet I do stand by the post I did make that I do not want anyone to feel that we were always begging for donations for him.  His Comfort Angels have done so much for him to date and I am humbled by that support. 

Additionally, to those who pointed out that I should be leaving it up to people to decide for themselves if they want to donate or not; I have heard you!  Soooooo……

Here is the information if anyone does wish to donate to his continued care. Anyone who has ever had to deal with a bloat, well understands the several thousands of dollars it can cost.

He is presently under the care of Kanata Animal Hospital:
They will take credit card over the phone or debit/credit card & cash in person. He has his own account there under ‘Sambuca’, under the Birch Haven Rescue Account.

via email transfer to

via PayPal to

Yet, never do I want anyone feeling obligated or pressured to make a donation.

BHRR does not receive any corporate or government funding nor do we have any sponsors and BHRR operates mainly from the pockets of Sean & I.

BHRR’s Sambuca says that well wishes are equally important and thanks all of his Angel Network for the love…..

BHRR’s Sambuca bloated Wednesday night. 

I have a 100% success rate catching bloat fast.

Sadly, the success of survival from bloat and/or tort is not as high, not even remotely close to 100%. 

Being a 10+ year old gent, his vascular system is just not as strong as a much younger dog.

He is up and moving and drinking. 

I am now so happy to say that he finally had a small bite to eat. 

I did not post earlier as I did not want anyone thinking I was begging for yet more donations for him. His Comfort Angels have done so much for him and we still do not know what the outcome shall be. It is still too early.

It is important to us for people to know about his updates and when we felt the time was right, we are now sharing.

Somehow, we will get his bills paid off. Things somehow always seem to work out and I have faith and trust. 

He is worth every dime and nickel spent on his wellbeing. He should have been taken care of properly since he was born yet he was not and it is our place to make sure he is now done right by. 

AND when I see his tail wag for me and he lifts his head up to look at me as he recovers, I know he is feeling better and also staying positive…..

BHRR’s Sambuca on a small stroll tonight. He really is thankful! He will have a recheck exam over the next 10 days and hoping for good news on that stubborn infection on the one side of his mouth.

I took some of BHRR’s Sambuca by the patio furniture at the ponds and the mosquitoes were positively brutal! He and I were out of there in a flash!

I will stick with either the lawn or pool patio furniture for photo taking & hanging out for no27w! LOL

2 Tickets to our creative, unique and one of a kind annual ‘Dine with the BHRR Doggies’ Event

Date: Saturday September 23rd, 2017
Time: 5:30 onward 
Location: BHRR

We had someone recently contact us who bought their tickets last October for 2017’s Event that now can no longer attend.

This is always a SOLD OUT Event and we only sell a limited number of tickets to maximise the personal blast of a time awesome experience for our guests! We have many of our attendees that come back year after year to what is truly a big signature special BHRR Fundraiser. 

To learn more about our annual ‘Dine with the BHRR Doggies’ Fundraiser, please visit the link and if you would like to purchase these 2 tickets $85/pair, please do email

BHRR’s Sambuca is excited for whomever purchases these tickets and gets to visit plus dine where he and so many other deserving dogs have had their rehabilitation & call ‘Home’.

100% of the money raised to the animals’ in need of our specialised programs.

BHRR’s Sambuca hopes everyone has had a wonderful, safe, happy plus healthy holiday long weekend!

The Boerskins took yesterday plus today to spend some much needed, rare plus highly coveted family time together and getting a lot of spring stuff done on the property. Tomorrow all of us are back at this crazy thing called beyond busy life again! 

BHRR’s Sambuca is enjoying freshly washed sheets and what is his fav dog blanket! 

He is now sporting the collar that was donated by his Transport Angels of Alex & Karen and tomorrow he has his professional photo shoot along with BHRR’s Black Diamond. She is then off to her temp foster home until July 3rd and we will re-evaluate her progress at that time. She is ready for this next step in her rehab journey and we are excited for her to have this adventure in the hands of another. It will be an adjustment for her to start yet in order for us to help these dogs be the best they can be, we need them to also be handled and loved by others to assist in helping them be as well rounded plus balanced as possible. 

BHRR’s Sambuca remains on his Antirobe meds battling that infection on the one side of his mouth yet he is doing so well overall. The rainy weather is causing his arthritis to be more active yet when it was sunny, my Salt – adore that dog….he does so much to help the other dogs – and he were running and playing in the 3+ fenced in acreage.

Quality of life always….. 

Good night from our home to all of our friends, family & supporters!

Gracie found a couple of great spots to scratch/massage on BHRR’s Sambuca while we were at Pet Valu Hazeldean yesterday. 

He loves the area under his chin to be softly caressed.


BHRR’s Sambuca says ‘Come closer…..he has something to say!’
*Yes, he has dried canned food on his face.

He wants to thank Marg and her lovely staff at Pet Valu Hazeldean for their hospitality and gracious hosting of us every May & November! This was our last community education/public awareness event until November.

BHRR’s Sambuca wants to thank all of our visitors that came out for dog washes and their understanding for the dog wash stations were closed, in need of repairs. Thank you to those that so sweetly plus generously made a donation anyway!

Thank you to Gracie, Margaret, Kinsley & Sean for being on hand today to help out! Gracie, you made a great masseuse for BHRR’s Sambuca and throughout the day, while he still watched for me when I had to leave for nails and/or ears, he became more content to lay with you.  Always great plus important to get the dogs into the hands of others as we go through their rehab journeys!

Thank you to all the visitors that came out to see us….well, mostly to see BHRR’s Sambuca!  He brought smiles to the faces of many and also his share of tears to others as they wanted to meet the dog that pulled so many together, so fast and with such strength in the belief that he deserved to have the best quality filled life as any other dog out there, despite being 10 years of age.  Age is but a number and he made people believe in him in his own special way!! He is so gentle and precious.

We feel incredibly blessed to have the village we do and $269.05 was raised today!

That money shall be used towards the two medical Danes arriving tomorrow:

1) Approximately 9 year old female Merle Mantle with a C-Section Infection
2) Approximately 3/4 year old male Blue with a back right hip issue
* Both were believed to be surrendered from the same home

Once I know more re: them, I shall post.

Thank you so much to all for making today so lovely and from our home to our friends, family & supporters Good Night!

Plus Go Sens Go!

AND we are at Pet Valu Hazeldean today to 4 pm!!

BHRR’s Sambuca is also hanging out with us!!

BHRR’s Sambuca says ‘While at the Vet Office, it is all about the animals being comfortable as they wait!’

I think KAH needs a bigger bench seat though….

He had his recheck from his May 4th, 22 teeth removal and sadly, as I thought…he is still battling an infection on the one side of his mouth.  So many teeth needing to be removed, makes him have a lot of ‘pockets’ trying to heal and food plus hair are getting stuck. Not all the holes could be sutured…..

AND as his mouth was truly horrible to begin with, not surprising in a way to know he is still fighting off infection.

His weight was down another 5 pounds.  He is now 61.1 kgs. We will try and get him to eat even more canned food. We cannot move as mentioned in another post to kibble or even softened kibble for him at this time for a number of reasons.

So, as he is battling infection, he is going to continue on the antirobe and when I went to pick up the called in prescription, it was not there. I had been told by the Hospital that the pharmacy had some and the rest would be ordered. Then, I was told when I arrived that it was on back order and they would have to call around and find more for him. The Vet wants him on for another 14 days.

So, tomorrow I will go back to the pharmacy.

We microchipped him tonight and he had a thorough cleaning of both ears. Just waxy debris.

As his system is not healthy as of yet, no vaccines for him. We will have him back in 2 weeks time for another recheck and go from there.

He is scheduled for his professional photo shoot for May 23rd and I will just hold on to the photo’s for when he is ready to make that special announcement.

Temperature, heart and lungs all normal and his remaining teeth were admired by many as they are so clean and nice looking now after his long dental.

He is such a love……

Guess who?!

BHRR’s Sambuca!

Age is but a number and he runs and bounces plus is happy and getting healthier every day! He is slightly older than my own soon to be 10 year old Dane, Bronson and both are so active and full of life.

I can only hope that when I am his age that I am just like him!

Yes, he has some arthritis, yes, he has old age neuro issues in his hind end, especially on the left back leg yet, WOW! Not much is holding him back with the muscle mass and tone he is now building up.

As he feels better too, he is stronger and able to do longer walks and is incredibly playful with me….the affection he shows me is WOW!

He makes my heart sing and my soul ring with so many smiles!

We are still in urgent need of canned wet food for him – Merrick & FROMM are two types he is currently eating. He eats 24 cans a day as he heals from his May 4th surgery of having 22 teeth removed.

That horrible mass that was removed April 13th is like it never happened and he can now poop without any issues! No more discomfort or hindrance.

Comfort Angels THANK you again for standing by him and believing in our efforts at BHRR as we think dogs like him in need are so worthy!

He really is a slice of heaven….the way he looks at me, I feel that he can see deep inside me and is privy to all of my deepest feelings…..humbling and makes one feel vulnerable yet also strong for I am being gifted with a precious gift that is him!

From our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, good-night and GO SENS GO!

*Paypal did take $11.90 in fees*

BHRR’s Sambuca’s Comfort Angels:
Alex & Karen – Collar, 2 Costco Dog Beds & Towels + Donation Direct to KAH
Jan B.
Lucie -*PayPal took $11.90 in fees
Cindy + A Donation to help buy Canned Dog Food
Mrs. Milne
Karen M.
Margaret G.
Unique Custom Design Boutique
Judy J. + Donation of 18 Cans of Dog Food
Pam S. 
Kim T.
Angela S.
Gail H.
Micheline M. of Ottawa Help Fur Kids
Gwen B.
Anni Y.

BHRR’s Sambuca wishes all a good-night and is thinking of everyone affected by the flooding….we are also watching our two spring fed ponds closely over here…

Tomorrow after a session at CHEO with our daughter, I will be back out again myself to help with whatever needs to be done to help those affected by the floods…..

We must stand together, united in this time of need of others…..

SHOUT out of thanks being sent to Pet Valu Stittsville for the food donations AND also to Cindy who bought a bag of food plus donated funds that allowed me to buy 60 cans of wet for BHRR’s Sambuca today!

He goes through 24 cans each day and this gives us 2.5 more days of canned food for him!

So grateful!!

He is healing slowly from the removal of 22 of his teeth….yet, already a difference noted in him. He is eating much better, and is even looking for food now….

He has a long way to go before we can offer him up softened kibble mixed with wet yet I remain incredibly humbled plus touched by all of his Comfort Angels that made his two urgent surgeries possible…..thank you….so thankful.

I cannot wait for him to be healthy enough to thank people in person also….

If anyone would like to contribute to his cause, he has Vet Bills still outstanding at both Kanata Animal Hospital 613-836-2848 and Liston Animal Hospital 613-591-0966

OR Email Transfer to

OR PayPal to

OR cans of high quality wet canned food would be so appreciated for him!

AND he is now resting more comfortably….yes, that is fresh blood smeared on his leg from his mouth. I will clean him up tomorrow….he has had enough done to him today…..

AND after a long day Sean is now home with BHRR’s Sambuca!

He was out of surgery around noon yet his Vet wished to keep him longer for like his surgery on April 13th for his huge mass/neuter, he took a long time to recover.

I am not one for exaggerating and when I said his mouth was bad, it really was atrocious ….adult dogs have 42 teeth…..BHRR’s Sambuca had to have 22 removed!

Just over 50% of his teeth had to come out. To me, to have a dog left in such pain with all of that pus and infection for as long as he had prior to coming into rescue, is truly awful.

My heart breaks for how much agony he was living in for so long.

22 horrible teeth had to be removed, not all of the holes could be stitched and just as with his mass removal, he bled profusely. His remaining teeth were then cleaned up.

This poor dog to have lived this way……

Yet, I keep looking forward. He is now home, and each day going forward will be better and better.

Sean has a copy of his bill and we owe a remainder of $209.80 more on his bills at Liston Animal Hospital.

AND we still owe $697.39 at Kanata Animal Hospital from his urgent/emergency mass removal plus neuter.

Donations can be made direct to either Liston Animal Hospital 613-591-0966

OR Kanata Animal Hospital 613-836-2848

OR via email transfer to

OR via PayPal to

AND we need many many many cans of high quality wet food for him too!

This photo is of him all tucked in…..yup on a couch and the Gwennie ‘no couch’ rule is being overlooked for now….after having a small drink of water.

As soon as he saw me when Sean arrived home….I was out the door in a flash and BHRR’s Sambuca was out of the truck, all wobbly bobbly but pulling Sean and making it clear he was coming with me.

Simone, your handmade special made with love blanket has him all nice plus cozy! ?There is so much heart and healing power in your blanket….from Sean’s rare Cancer surgery for his retro peritoneal liposarcoma to my acute pancreatitis and then resulting surgery to helping Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson through his eye enucleation and now dear sweet 10 year old Sambuca.

Love this dog… everything about him and as happy/healthy as he was becoming here, he is going to be even more happier now and healthier plus stronger and may he have years experiencing the true joys plus pleasures that life holds!

A diagram of the teeth BHRR’s Sambuca had removed.

From our home to all of our friends and family plus supporters THANK You….good night, sleep well and GO Sens Go!


BHRR’s Sambuca is now dropped off at Liston Animal Hospital! He weighed 64.5 kgs this AM.

We were able to put down a most touching total of $775 as a good faith surgery deposit thanks to his positively outstanding and supportive Comfort Angel Network. $100 was already wonderfully anonymously on his account at Liston Animal Hospital and others in his fabu village came together to see another $675 donated! Picture is of the grand total of $775 on his account at Liston Animal Hospital.

Once we have his final bill post surgery, we will post that too.

I am heading back out later to purchase more wet canned food for him. He is going through 24 cans a day all by himself! Hopefully, once his mouth heals, he can eat more kibble – he is eating about a cup a day total right now mixed into the canned….when we did his bloodwork upon arrival into rescue, whatever canned he was eating prior to coming into BHRR had his chloesterol levels super high. 🙁

If anyone else would consider his cause, you can donate direct to Liston Animal Hospital – Rebecca would be so happy to assist you – 613-591-0966

OR you can donate via email transfer to

OR you can donate via PayPal (friends & family option) to

Please keep him in your well wishes….he was confused & a bit worried when I dropped him off this AM yet I know he is in excellent hands!

Will post pics of his new mouth post op when I can snag some! I also asked if his nails could be trimmed as I last did them April 13th when he had his first urgent emergency surgery for that mass removal plus neither.

A photo from our drive in! He is such a good boy….handsome too!

Going to be a long day……

BHRR’s Sambuca thanks all of our Comfort Angel helping his cause.

****$125 Still Needed****
BHRR’s Sambuca UPDATE!

Here is a photo of this handsome gent soaking up the sun/fresh air the day after his urgent/emergency mass removal surgery on April 13th. It took until the 14th before I could get his temp back up into the normal range….the glorious sunshine greatly assisted with that!

He had not been outside to enjoy the sunshine from what I have been told in many months prior to his rescue.

We then waited patiently for his histiopathology report to come in from the sample part of the mass that submitted.

On April 19th, his Vet called to pass along the ever so relieving news that this is a Benign Perianal Adenoma!!! Full report in thread…..

So this meant that we could then move on that awful smelling mouth/black teeth for him! Yay! Yes! Yes!!

So on Tuesday April 25th, we were off to Liston Animal Hospital to get a professional opinion on BHRR’s Sambuca’s mouth. We went in prepared to hear ‘no, sorry nothing can be done’ or that the Vet was not comfortable instead we were asked what were our expectations ‘if’ a surgery was done.

I said what I have always said….I want to give BHRR’s Sambuca the best quality filled life possible and that he has to be in terrible pain right now. Will re-post a pic of his left side of his mouth below. I said I did not have any expectations, only hope that we can do better for BHRR’s Sambuca than what he has been given to date in life and that if he needed extractions, a detailed cleaning and that if only a partial treatment could be done for him that would improve his life, then that is what I wish. I said I defer to the experts, the Vets and if no one was comfortable proceeding, we understood and would proceed accordingly.

The Vet took a good look at his mouth and if it were even possible, his right side is even worse than his left. 🙁 His Vet said that he has a ton of pus, several obviously loose teeth and they would have to get tons of tartar off first before really seeing what else needs to be done.

I felt the tears choking the back of my throat as I asked, ‘so, you think you can do something to help him?’ and the Vet replied yes, and until they get in there, not sure how many teeth needed to come out etc. I was told it was a ‘hot mess’ yet BHRR’s Sambuca can have significant relief from pain and improvement in quality of life with this big dental procedure.

We are now scheduled for surgery for Thursday May 4th as we needed to give him time to recover from his mass removal – a whole new back end without that terrible painful mass now gone and he can poop without trouble now! – and also heal from his neuter.

I also asked if the Vet could check out his hind end, especially on the left as he knuckles over and it stays that way for an extended period of time. It is old age neuro issues setting in and his right back leg responds well went bent under yet his left leg takes some time to respond. The joys of getting older…

He bounces and jumps playful around me and yes, as he has developed more muscle tone and mass, he can run….he has chosen me as his human/person and the happiness he expresses when he sees me, makes my heart flutter!

Vet Bills UPDATE:
Remaining owed at Kanata Animal Hospital: $697.39

Not sure how much his Bills shall be at Liston Animal Hospital yet we are trying to pull together a $500 surgery deposit for him. Dentals are not cheap….especially what he needs.

We know….we have no right to ask for a helping hand as no dog is more deserving than another out there yet, I know I need to ask for at the age of 10, his past humans failed him. I have made him a promise that we shall not fail him.

Already in his time with us, he is happier, healthier, stronger and he has so much to give in love plus heart…..

Who wanted a 10 year old Dane…..well, BHRR did….he is an incredible dog…he is no more deserving than any other dog in need….yet, as a dog in need himself, we would be grateful for even a $5 consideration….

Donations can be made direct to:
Liston Animal Hospital – 613-591-0966 and he has an account there under ‘Sambuca’


Via PayPal to


Via Email Transfer to

Sorry for the Gwennie Novel…my time has not been my own this past 10 days.

Thank you to ALL of his Comfort Angels to date that helped make his first urgent/emergency surgery happen & for helping us to make his second surgery possible!

*Paypal did take $11.90 in fees*

BHRR’s Sambuca’s Comfort Angels:
Alex & Karen – Collar, 2 Costco Dog Beds & Towels + Donation Direct to KAH
Jan B.
Lucie -*PayPal took $11.90 in fees
Cindy + A Donation to help buy Canned Dog Food
Mrs. Milne
Karen M.
Margaret G.
Unique Custom Design Boutique
Judy J. + Donation of 18 Cans of Dog Food
Pam S. 
Kim T.
Angela S.
Gail H.
Micheline M. of Ottawa Help Fur Kids
Gwen B.

His histiopathology report from his first urgent/emergency surgery to remove that large mass.


Gail & Maira – BHRR’s Sambuca says he loves that you both have ‘money’ jars started for him! He is worthy of a bid war!!

UPDATE: BHRR’s Sambuca’s surgery began at 3 pm and he was out about half an hour ago.

He is such an awesome dog!

He was quick to sedate and slow to wake up……and is now recovering with both hugger and iv fluid warmer on as his temp is low. It is now up to 35.5 degrees yet still low.

Everything went well. That mass was super vascular, holy! So many bleeders. About 1/3 of it will be sent off to pathology. While his surgeon was in the general area, he was also neutered…

Once he was sedated, it could be determined that it was not growing from his rectrum. However, it sure did interfere with his ability to have bowel movements the poor soul.

We did nails and I got one ear cleaned and will do the other when he is on his other side.

We will remain on Anitrobe every 12 hours for another 7 days and continue his daily Deramaxx regime of 150 mg once daily.

In today’s surgery, BHRR’s Sambuca’s mouth/teeth could not be touched to attempt any dental work. The pictures in the thread show just how bad they are – this is only the left side of his mouth. His right is equally brutal.

The worry is that the bacteria that would be released into his system from any dental procedure would be disastrous when he is already under for a mass removal/neuter. He will see a surgeon who specialises in dental issues. This poor dog’s breath is truly horrible and that pain he must be feeling.

Yet, only so much could be done today with the neuter and mass removal. We cannot compromise his welbeing for the sake of trying to get everything done in one surgery. We will find ways to raise the monies for his second surgery and make the second surgery possible for him!

As he recovers and we wait to get the pathology back on the mass, we will figure out the next best steps for him for that mouth.

To say that we are grateful to so many for being his Comfort Angels is putting it mildly. I am deeply appreciative and thankful more than anything for you are helping to give him the life he should have always had… free of pain and one full of quality!!

He is such a wonderful boy!!



BHRR’s Sambuca’s ‘new’ tail! It is wrapped up to help prevent fecal matter getting on it to avoid infection.

Pictures of the left side of BHRR’s Sambuca’s mouth. In 28 years of rescue I have never seen a whole mouth look this bad. The same for his Vet surgeon today in her ~30 years of being a Vet.

We knew they were bad when I got him in first thing on Monday yet this… this is truly horrific.

It was not safe for him to have his mouth addressed today in addition to his mass removal/neuter.

He has several loose teeth right now and will need those extracted at minimum plus a cleaning yet until the dental surgeon gets a good exam on his mouth plus they will do dental x-rays, we shall not know how many teeth need to go…..and what the overall treatment plan may be…..I am pretty sure a lot more antibiotics are on the agenda too.

All I know is that this is bad, deeply painful for him, smells awful and we are going to consult a dental expert for advise plus recommendations as we take that next step for him.

This poor dog….no animal should suffer….this just breaks my heart.

This poor dog…….

BHRR’s Sambuca getting ready for surgery and his mass.

*Paypal did take $11.90 in fees*

BHRR’s Sambuca’s Comfort Angels:
Alex & Karen – Collar, 2 Costco Dog Beds & Towels + Donation Direct to KAH
Lucie -*PayPal took $11.90 in fees
Mrs. Milne
Karen M.
Margaret G.
Unique Custom Design Boutique

BHRR’s Sambuca and I are off shortly for his urgent surgery at KAH.

I will post updates as I can. Please keep this fine gent in your best wishes and thoughts!

Donations to his urgent emergency surgery can also be made direct to Kanata Animal Hospital 613-836-2848 under his name under the Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services(BHRR) account

or via email transfer to

or via PayPal to

Thank you TO all of his Comfort Angels that have surrounded him with so much love to date!

Thank you very much for helping us to give him a future free of the suffering he is currently experiencing with that horrible huge mass and his painful mouth/teeth.

Even $5 would mean so much…..thank you!

*Paypal did take $11.90 in fees*

Signing off early tonight! Has been a busy & glorious day here AND tomorrow BHRR’s Latte plus Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson are having their professional photo shoots!

Soon, BHRR’s Latte will have her own special announcement to make!

Please do not forget about our one of a kind unique and creative 6th Annual BHRR Doggie Date Auction going on until April 20th @ 9 pm EST! Link below…..…/auction-bhrr-dates

For now, I leave our dear family, friends and BHRR fans the following picture and a big deep appreciative thanks is being extended again to all of BHRR’s Sambuca’s Comfort Angels….donations to his urgent emergency surgery on Thursday can be made direct to Kanata Animal Hospital 613-836-2848 under his name under the Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services(BHRR) account or via email transfer to or via PayPal to Thank you for making it possible for this sweet ol’ gent to have a future free of the suffering he is currently experiencing with that horrIble huge mass and his painful mouth/teeth. ?Even $5 would mean so much…..thank you!

Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson would approve of this photo! Monkey see, Monkey do!

BHRR’s Sambuca took several tries to get up, but he did it and has sunk deep into the softness of the one couch and is snoring….I mean sleeping!

When he has his urgent/emergency surgery on Thursday, I will trim back those long nasty nails….a true fine gent this 10 year old man is!

Other than, Jackson teaching him fast about ignoring the no couch rules, BHRR’s Sambuca is a model in excellent behaviour….for now!

Goodnight from our home to all of you…..sweet dreams……

BHRR’s Sambuca’s Comfort Angels:
Alex & Karen – Collar, 2 Costco Dog Beds & Towels + Donation Direct to KAH
Lucie -*PayPal took $11.90 in fees
Mrs. Milne

*Paypal did take $11.90 in fees*

This was my response on our fb page when someone thanked me for helping him.

I think he is equally helping me…..all dogs teach me things, give me gifts, life lessons plus reminders and in his case…he has the special ability to make one feel at peace, an almost healing feeling…..that what matters the most is what is happening right now, in front of you…that do not sweat the things one cannot change, find enjoyment in as many things as possible. He has the beautiful aura of calmness about him. You feel yourself taking pause, tsking a deep breath and feeling better when you did not even know you needed to feel better! 🙂 He makes me smile.

He is not in a rush. He is already telling me & giving me that excellent reminder to slow down, smell the spring air, feel the spring grass between ones toes, take pleasure in all the beautiful things spring can bring, the sights, the smells, the sun rays with the sunroof open and car rides! We took the scenic route home yesterday just soaking up the gorgeous day plus experience!

He looks at me and I am reminded that we only have one life… it to the fullest, no regrets.

This boy is a gem and this rehab journey with him is going to be a long one to get him healthier and he is ready and I am right by his side.

I cannot wait for people to meet him. They are going to come away after being around him having felt touched….magic…he is so wise and going to share so much wisdom with so many!!

Yup! He is helping me too!

BHRR’s Sambuca’s Comfort Angels:
Alex & Karen – Collar, 2 Costco Dog Beds & Towels + Donation Direct to KAH
Lucie -*PayPal took $11.90 in fees

My last post of my night is short and ever so sweet…..well, Gwennie Novel Style short! 😉

When I came inside from doing poop patrol and other chores tonight, I looked over and BHRR’s Sambuca stood up(not a fast or easy feat with his current lack of muscle mass/tone and arthritis) and he looked right at me with those amazing eyes of his….

Soft, wistful, still a bit confused and nervous yet, he was looking at me with his head up…..he has been half mast with his head since he arrived yesterday….

Well, as I took a step towards him, his head went up higher and I began to hear the sound of a soft *thump*….another step and another soft *thump* and so the pattern went until I was right near him and guess what he was doing for the very first time?!!!?

He was very slowly, and not a full all heart in tail wag yet he was wagging his tail for me!!! Not a lot yet more than enough to make my heart flip and flop and yup….I looked deep into those stunning eyes and was ‘gone’….sunk.

While I loved him from the moment we were asked to help him, sight unseen, no idea what he looked like, no idea what his personality was like for none of it mattered, we are here to help the next in need of us, when I first saw him in the photo Alex & Karen sent my way after they picked him up….my heart began to patter and when I met him for the first time in Kingston my heart began to thud….his personality is incredibly precious.

At work today, while we poked and prodded and he was so brave and tolerant yet had to be in pain as he was examined and a plan formed on how best to proceed plus treat him, my heart began to pump harder….he was so amazing. Just a truly special boy.

In the car on the way home, my sunroof open(a must for me in any car!) and the sun streaming in and seeing him then stretch out on his side, sigh with contentment and put his four feet way up on my back seat, my heart began to race seeing his sheer joy of a simple pleasure he has not had in a heck of a long time, if ever?….being able to lay in the warmth of sun!

Yet, after the thumps of his tail and seeing him lift his head up, search me out and look at me, not around me or in my general area but at me….well, my heart thudded with so much more love and he has my number!! Gladly so! 😀 He is a charmer, with a mind of his own yet a true gent overall and uber dignified and I am so so so so happy we were asked to help him. I cannot wait to see all the layers that make him, him….I just feel there has to also be a monkey side in there somewhere…I really do!

I cannot take away his past yet with the help plus love of his Comfort Angels, I can promise him a much better today, an even better tomorrow and while no one knows how his urgent emergency surgery shall go on Thursday or what the histiopathology report will say, I can promise him that he will lack for nothing. I can promise that he shall only know kindness, love, as many sunbeams and car rides as he wants and that he will be given as many great experiences plus moments that the world has to offer….quality my dear man….tons and tons of quality living and loving is to be yours!

*Paypal did take $11.90 in fees*

Goodnight from BHRR’s Sambuca to all of you!!


BHRR’s Sambuca came to work with me today as it was a priority for him to be seen, the poor old man.

He weighed 64.5 kgs(141.90 pounds) and his heart plus lungs sound good.

His temperature is normal which is so surprising as his mouth is the worst that I have ever seen in almost 28 years of rescuing and also in his Vets almost 30 years of experience. Almost all of his teeth that he still has are black, broken/chipped and his gums….bloody. The smell is just atrocious.

That huge mass on his hind end (photo again posted in thread) was investigated and what a amazing boy. The pain he has to be in from his mouth and that mass.

We did a needle biopsy on another much smaller lump on his penis. It is a sebaceous cyst.

This 10 year old gorgeous boy needs some serious love…..

We are doing pre-op bloodwork – including Heartworm and Tickborne disease testing. He is going on antibiotics – Antirobe 300 mg BID – for his mouth and his mass in preparation for his urgent emergency surgery now scheduled for Thursday. He shall remain on antibiotics post-op too.

We began de-worming him last night and he will start Heartworm/flea/tick preventative also.

When he gives me a fresh stool sample, we will also run that through the lab.

In our opinion, just because he is an older gent does not mean that he does not deserve to have a life of dignity and quality plus one free of this awful pain he is in. Breaks my heart.

He is such a sweet boy…so sweet. He is going to steal many people’s hearts, he is just that precious….

He is also going on 150 mg of Deramaxx daily to assist in making him more comfortable.

What BHRR’s Sambuca really needs are Angels of Comfort….his Vet bills today were over $400 and he is heading into urgent surgery on Thursday. While he has this large mass removed and sent to histio, and his surgeon is in the same general area, they will neuter him.

If anyone would please consider helping BHRR’s Sambuca, they can donate directly on to his bills at Kanata Animal Hospital – 613-836-2848 and he has an account under ‘Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services(BHRR)’ under his name *Sambuca*.

OR people can donate via email transfer

OR via PayPal to

Thank you in advance for any consideration to his very worthy cause…..his bills will be in the thousands….

BHRR’s Sambuca’s Comfort Angels:
Alex & Karen – Collar, 2 Costco Dog Beds & Towels
Lucie -*PayPal took $11.90 in fees

Got him! On our way home.

Thanks for the visit Alex & Karen, the donations of towels and two Costco dog beds and for driving him! Gorgeous day to have met up with you both….

Plus, thank you for the stunning collar for him!

I was told this home had him 6-9 months and this home told Alex & Karen they had him about a year.

I shall be bringing him into work with me tomorrow for a full work-up and to address the large mass(pic in the other post) he has. His mouth also smells horrible, the poor dog.

Welcome to BHRR Sambuca!

AND he is on his way!

BHRR’s Sambuca, the 10+ year old Harle Male Dane.

Alex & Karen have been on the road since ~9:30 AM and I am well on my way to meet up with them in Kingston. Photo courtesy of Alex & Karen. 🙂

I have been told he is nervous and is quiet yet doing ok.

Drive safe and thank you SO much again for picking him up and helping to get him closer to me….

Cannot wait to meet him…..

Will post more as I can.

*Sambuca* – 10+ year old Harlequin Male Great Dane
**Do not have an actual photo to share**

As is the case in rescue, there are always so many more dogs in need over spots in rescue.

As mentioned to BHRR’s Limericks forever adoptive home yesterday, her approved adoption will allow us to assist another in need and this boy is the next in need of BHRR.

This is what I was told:

Sambuca’s original owner died – Sambuca was used for breeding – and Sambuca was posted all over Facebook about 9 months ago as the parents whom his Owner lived with, in their 80’s were not in a position to care for Sambuca.

A friend of a friend of the now deceased Owner stepped up to take Sambuca and has had him for about 9 months.

I was contacted by a recommendation made to this new Owner by one of the wonderful Humane Societies in the SWO area that we have assisted throughout the many years.

This home has moved to a new place and it does not have a fenced in yard. With the Owner having M.S., they are not able to walk him and he will not go outside without her and is not getting the exercise and stimulation he needs.

He has also begun to urinate all over their carpets(their other home did not have carpets), his dog bed plus the dog bed of their other dog, a female standard poodle.

When asked if we could assist Sambuca, there was no hesitation. There are always groups to step up to take the puppies and the already healthy out there….our focus is to be there for the ‘underdogs’! The sick, the injured, the senior, the palliative, the deaf and/or blind, the neuro, the behavioural etc. We are here for the next in need of us regardless of age, sex or colour.

Sambuca shall be only the 5th dog we have been able to assist in 2017 and we remain about quality, not quantity.

Sambuca’s ETA April 9th, 2017