Here is BHRR's Veteran's slide story……

Here is a VIDEO of BHRR's Veteran on his way with me to his hv for his possible GD adoption yesterday!

On that note, BHRR's Veteran has been adopted!

I think Atlas would be very happy for his buddy. Another emotional day. Sean said his good-byes this AM before I left and I found it equally hard to say mine.
This boy has put on close to 45 pounds of muscle mass and weight; learned to trust and be playful plus happy and healthy since he was first rescued by ARC and coming to BHRR for this rehab journey.
As he was giving me kisses; I told him how darn proud I was of him; that he has changed and bettered so many lives by all of us having met him and knew him; said he was a gift and one that is to be cherished and I thanked him for being just him; helping to heal Atlas; for taking the other ARC babies under his care; for being one of the best obedience pupils ever and yup….could feel a tear or two brewing….I found it hard to tell him all I felt plus thought yet; I knew he knows for I tell him these things every day!
He was a wee bit worried at the end when it was getting close for me to leave and as we do with all our adoptions, had the home distract him and slipped quietly away…..
I know we shall receive updates and in time; I am sure that his new home will reveal themselves.
ARC thank you again for entrusting such a treasure to BHRR!

BHRR's Veteran is moving under a PENDING ADOPTED status! Will update his blog as we can.

BHRR's Veteran had his special date today! Another glorious weather day and my daughter and I drove to a beautiful conservation area in Kingston, ON to meet up with the winners of his special date! Below is a picture of this amazing couple with hearts like gold!!!

When we got home, in cleaning out the picnic basket; we found a donation for the BHRR animals tucked inside!!! It was an absolute pleasure meeting these two amazing folks and I could have spent hours just chatting!

BHRR's Veteran also was able to visit with a Great Pyr puppy! With all the dogs he saw today; he demonstrated no 'worry' signs of stress at any of them and during the times that I was there; he saw a Great Pyr pup, a Golden Retriever and a lovely black/tan Heinz 57! Apparenlty, there was a lab swimming and other dogs to that he showed only signs of wanting to play! I am proud of you BHRR's Veteran!!!! You are learning to trust more and more and more that all the dogs outside of BHRR are not going to hurt you! 🙂

He has put on 40+ pounds since his arrival to BHRR! LOOKING just FABU big boy! 🙂

Here is a blurb that they posted on our BHRR FB Page of their special date experience from today:

"Some days are just perfect. Everything just works out great….. today was one of those days. We had our date with Veteran. Perfect drive from Toronto to Kingston, Gwen picked the most amazing conservation area. We meet our handsome guy Veteran at the park, and FELL IN LOVE!!!!
Gwen and her great daughter are 2 of the most amazing people you can ever hope to meet. Veteran loves his mom and we had to distract him with treats so she could drive away. We went for a great hike through the trails and saw birds, turtles, swans, frogs you name it.
There was a couple of times my husband – had 10 bucks on me and the dog ending up in the lake. What a great explorer our veteran is. Every time Carl lagged behind Veteran would stop and wait. I was sure this was a sign of bonding – carl is sure it is cause he had the treats in his pocket.
After about an hour walk – we stopped and had lunch… no wait a feast !!!!! Gwen gave us a beautiful real wicker picnic basket – stuffed to the top with lunch. Fruit, sandwiches, chocolate, cheese, crackers, chips, …. the list goes on.
We ate lunch by the lake – snuck a few bits of turkey to Veteran (don’t tell). Never have I seen a dog take his treats so gentle.. so gentle. I have a lab and her idea of gentle is only eating 1 of your fingers. Veteran took the tiniest crumb so softly.
It is absolutely hilarious when you turn around and his head is resting on the picnic table and you notice that he actually has to bend down to do it.
Veteran is so tall you don’t even have to bend to pet him when you are walking. On the walks he kept rubbing his head on my leg. I kept having to stop and hug him and give him scratches. He likes a good chin scratch. When we stopped for pictures you can’t help but just maul him and hug him.
After lunch – we went for another hike on a different trail, with lots of stops for water and treats. Oh… and a poop that I was sure was done by a horse. No I am not kidding. We used 3 regular dog poop bags. It was the only thing Gwen didn’t warm us about.
After that it was time for a snooze under the tree to wait for Gwen. Oh…. there was a moment when we had him stuffed in the car – thinking of ways to make a run for the border with him.
Thank you Gwen for all you do. For taking all this time to bring these beautiful dogs to people like us – so we can enjoy them. I can’t tell you – how great this day has been because of you. We grinned like silly kids all the way home in the car.

May 13th, 2012 – DOESN'T a GD look great 'on' them! 😀
AND as tall as BHRR's Veteran is; they are a model tall family themselves!

VIDEO #2 with BHRR's Rambo, BHRR's Veteran, BHRR's Hamilton the Newf, BHRR's Rain with BHRR's Goliath etc.

In watching this video, I noted that BHRR's Veteran was limping. His back right leg is a bit tender and swollen. He is now on crate rest and Deramaxx and will re-visit the Vet if needed.


BHRR's Goliath with BHRR's Veteran & BHRR's Rambo and one of the toys donated this past Saturday from Kathy's 'Journey For Journey' Fundraiser! 🙂

Our Spring Fundraiser is NOW ON!

1st Annual '1-on-1' Special Date With A BHRR Animal Online Auction.

The BHRR Auction will begin at 6:00 AM EST on Saturday April 14th, 2012.
Unfortunately, bids submitted prior to this time cannot be considered.

The BHRR Auction will end at 9:00 PM EST on Thursday April 26th, 2012.

We are still in the process of adding the 'eligible' BHRR doggies, so please visit our website often! WE HAVE 16 DATES so far made available! Date includes a picnic lunch! 🙂

*For more information on each dog available, please visit their dog blog links under each dog's individual bid item details.*

Thanks Louise for the great poster!

Permission Given To Cross-Post!



That BHRR will be at the NEW Pet Valu located in the Kemptville Colonnade Retail Mall(Hwy 43 & 416 – near the new Timmie's & Canadian Tire!), on Saturday April 14th from 10 AM to 3 PM & then again on Sunday April 15th from 11 AM to 4 PM for their Pet Appreciation weekend!

On Saturday – BHRR's Journey and BHRR's Freeze are going to be in attendance plus I shall be bringing Drift to begin his own 'big world' introduction.

On Sunday – BHRR's Hamilton The Newf & BHRR's Hailey shall be in attendance. This shall be good for BHRR's Hailey to also get her back into the 'big world'!

I shall also be doing microchipping for $40 which includes registration – NO APPOINTMENTS NECESSARY!

Looking forward to a great weekend of public awareness/community education on not just BHRR yet; so many other important topics re: animal welfare plus giving our dogs some more fabu experiences! Maybe, some right matched forever loving homes will meet them and consider submittIng an application to adopt. 🙂

Until the end of day on Tuesday April 10th, Luanne of Rusty Dawg Pet Products is hosting the following FUNDRAISER for BHRR through her Arbonne business.

Here is Luanne's Arbonne ONLINE Fundraiser Facebook Page & you can EMAIL HER!

AND here are the details of this Fundraiser of which Lana Burnley-Waters of Pet-errific who has her own Arbonne business shall match each Fundraising Dollar raised by Luanne to then donate to BHRR!

FROM LUANNE AND REMEMBER TO LET LUANNE know that your order is for the BHRR Fundraiser:

April 1-10, 2012

I am hosting an Online Arbonne Party with a portion of my sales being donated to Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services, a wonderful Giant Canine Breed & Equine rescue group in Ottawa area focusing on those with special needs (!

Arbonne is a Swiss company that is over 30 years old. Their products are non-toxic, botanically based and they have something for everyone, ranging from newborns to senior citizens. I can honestly say Arbonne's products are the best I've ever tried! I have switched all my personal care products to Arbonne & my skin and hair have never looked healthier!

Arbonne products are all Vegan Certified. They do not contain animal products/by-products and they have never & will never test on animals! What a great combination to be able to purchase pure, safe & beneficial products that are truly amazing from an animal friendly company and at the same time supporting a great rescue group 🙂 As an added incentive, if you purchase more than $100 retail during the Party your name will go into a draw to win a product of your choice up to a $60 retail value.

This is your chance to try Arbonne's Ultra-Premium, Swiss formulated products & to also support a wonderful rescue group! The party will be open from April 1, 2012 through to, and including, April 10, 2012 with 10% of all sales being donated to BHRR!

If you sign up as a Preferred Client with a minimum order of $180 (which entitles you to a free product of your choice up to $120 retail value for your first order only), I will donate an additonal $5 to BHRR! As a Preferred Client you get a 20% discount off all your orders plus other specials & monthly promotions that are available only to Preferred Clients. The fee is $35 per year with the renewal fee being only $18! You can read more about being a Preferred Client and all the offers that are available here: (scroll down)

If you sign up as a Consultant with a minimum order of $180 (which entitles you to a free product of your choice up to $120 retail value for your first order only), I will donate an additonal $10 to BHRR! As a Consultant you get a 35% discount off all your orders plus other specials, incentives & monthly promotions that are available only to Consultants. You also earn commission on retail orders placed by personally sponsored Preferred Clients! You can read more about being a Consultant and all the offers that are available here: (scroll down)

For those who live in Ottawa area you can take advantage of the Consolidated Shipping option. I will have all the Ottawa orders shipped to my house and the shipping charges will be split up equally amongst all the orders. It's a great way to save on shipping! In order do this you will need to email your order to me with all your info so that I can input it for you.

For those who live outside of Ottawa, you can place your order directly from my Arbonne website – On the right hand side in the Join Arbonne section, click on "Click Here to become part of Arbonne today!" This takes you to the Arbonne Registration page where you can choose to sign up as a Client (free – no discount), Preferred Client ($35 – 20% discount) or Consultant ($95 – 35% discount). After you register you will be taken to the Shop Online page where you will place your order. After you place your order please email me to let me know that your order is part of BHRR's fundraiser.

If you are already an Arbonne Client you can order as usual through Arbonne's website: If you would like to take advantage of the Consolidated shipping please email your order to me, along with your Arbonne ID, so I can input it for you.

Arbonne is a global company so those in Canada, United States, Australia and the UK can place orders!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. My email address is:

Here's a link to a Note I posted on Facebook if you want to know more about becoming a Consultant –

As an added incentive, if you purchase more than $100 retail during the Party your name will go into a draw to win a product of your choice up to a $60 retail value. Pls help me support BHRR and place an order! I know you will not be disappointed with Arbonne's products! They are the best of the best, seriously. They are formulated under the strictest guidelines so they do not contain any toxic chemicals that are typically found in products at the drug stores etc.

Awhile back, I was contacted by a woman named Kathy Radar. She had recently purchased a new vehicle a ‘Journey’ and she had heard about BHRR’s Journey’s story. She contacted me wanting to do a Fundraiser to ‘Fill Up Her Journey For Journey & BHRR Friends’.

This is one reason why we are hosting a special BHRR ‘EXPERIENCE’ Mini Open House in April; for she shall be coming up to BHRR with her friend to drop off her Journey filled with goodies! I thought it would be lovely for her & her friend to meet others involved with BHRR, pass along their own appreciation for her efforts etc. 🙂

For anyone in the London, ON area that would like to participate; please contact Kathy directly. (519) 452-3009 – She is collecting items right up until April 19th inclusive!!!

Journey for JOURNEY campaign poster – Click Link To View Poster! 🙂


On another note; BHRR’s Journey’s recheck on her tail, new weight check plus tail appointment shall be rescheduled for next weekend – Saturday March 31st, 2012.

Here is a VIDEO of my recent roadtrip to Windsor, ON and back with BHRR's Dana & BHRR's Veteran! I think they both travel great in a car! 🙂 😉

SO proud of them both. I overnighted in Cambridge, ON in a motel due to how nasty the roads were. The compliments on how well behaved, quiet and wonderful they were/are was just so delightful to hear! We were next to a room that had a small barking dog and that Owner never picked up after their dog either and that was very discouraging for it is only going to make hotels/motels NOT want to be petfriendly. 🙁 So thrilled that more people were able to experience just how incredible these Giants are and can be with proper obedience, structure, love, routine, patience and consistency!

Photo below is from Kingston taken March 1st, 2012 on my drive down through almost 30 cms of snow, ice pellets and some hail.

AND I will confirm and emphasis again that BHRR's Veteran is NOT going to be adopted to a home with a or any younger cats – he has proven not safe with cats,10 years or younger for sure a NO-NO. He has had three separate controlled 'test' encounters and maybe as he matures more; but is is not going to be a consideration at this time.


The Panache Pooch 'SHARE YOUR HEART' Fundraiser for BHRR is running from February 1st – February 29th, inclusive! There are now 34 ITEMS available!

25% of all sales of Amanda's collars/leashes currently listed on her Etsy Store shall come to to BHRR!

When you 'SHARE YOUR HEART'; you will be helping animals in need of BHRR!

EMAIL Amanda

All prices are in CDA $. You might have to change your default to CDA $ if need be. 🙂

AND in honour of BHRR BOD member Mary, Amanda & I wish to have this Fundraiser in Carbon's memory. RIP dear boy. YOU will be so deeply missed!

If you would like to see some of the Panache Pooch collars that we have had over the years, please visit HERE!

Crossposting permission given!


BHRR shall be expanding our adoption area as of April 1st, 2012. Our new adoption area shall include Halifax, N.S. plus the immediate surrounding area – within 2 hours of Halifax, N.S.

This is Phase 1 of our 5 year adoption expansion area plan.

In order for homes to be approved to adopt; all of our current thorough adoption criteria must be met.

BHRR's Veteran's HWT is negative! 🙂

BHRR's Veteran weighed 54.8 KGs(120.56 pounds) on Saturday February 18th, 2012. This means that he has put on 29.56 pounds since he first arrived to BHRR and though, he still has more to go; it is coming on nicely!

He had another play date on Saturday (same lovely folks as from December 31st) and went to a place called CocoMutts in Stittesville. I am going to have to head back myself for I have heard that he had a lovely time and that this place is a true gem! 🙂 AND apparently, BHRR's Veteran is a bit of a celebrity for several people recognized him and many marvelled at how well he is doing and wishing him the very best for the future.

To whomever comes along and is his right matched forever loving home; this boy has touched the souls of people all across the globe and the world is going to to want to know who is the lucky family! ARC wants to do a piece on BHRR's Veteran when he is adopted in their 'Furever Fridays' section. So, to those that are considering applying for him; do know; that you shall become equally 'public'. 🙂 SO many are following his blogs closely and as per our promise to each dog that crosses our doors; ONLY the right matched home shall be approved for him. We want successful adoptions and work hard to strive to keep each adoption that we do successful!

He is NOT going to be any person's 'status' symbol nor a guard dog. BHRR does not support homes of those types. He is going to be a very lucky homes most cherished addition to their family and we are committed to ensuring that this happens for him.

If I did not mention it already, BHRR's Veteran got along famously with the lab that was in the home when we did the hv recently PLUS on Saturday, he also met a senior Boxer during this play date(10 or 13 years of age….my memory eludes me right now on which one!) and I even saw a photo of all adorable they were!

He continues to do great with most dogs and there is still a dog here and there(a Senior Golden at KAH stressed him on Saturday yet his tail was wagging as he gave that big deep 'ol' woof) that worries him; yet with the proper introductions and integrations under calm and confident people plus surroudings; he is relaxing. He was fine with the Senior Greyhound at KAH and all the other dogs in the reception plus back area.

I was told just how well mannered plus obedient he was on this play date and that he still likes to SHOP! LOL

THANKS to his play date humans for purchasing him goodies plus a new dog leash! 🙂

I am attaching two photos below from his December 31st, 2012 play date at B&F in Kanata Centrum.

December 31st, 2011 Play Date with BHRR Volunteers
*photos courtesy of L. & A. Benson

BHRR's Veteran shall be having a play date on Saturday February 18th!

I brought him back to BHRR after only being at his temp foster one night for as we did not bring in the GD we had been contacted about(the mother of who owned the GD decided now to keep her; herself); we were able to bring BHRR's Veteran back to BHRR.

Below are three photos taken of our annual XMAS EVE Photo shoot at BHRR.

BHRR's Veteran & Sean – December 24th, 2011

The one thing that I need to update on BHRR's Veteran's blog is that he is EXCELLENT with older cats, yet the young, flighty, busy ones cause him to get a bit excited and has a desire to want to chase. He is learning! 😉

HERE is the CBC Ottawa Morning radio interview with Anna, myself & BHRR’s Journey that was live/aired on Monday February 13th, 2012! It was re-aired at 5:40 AM on Tuesday February 14th, 2012

The belief in Journey is so warming to feel plus see and once again from my own heart; THANK you to each and every one for helping her!!! I am and remain wonderfully overwhelmed and humbled deeply by such gifts of money and material goods given to her cause!

I have spent a good part of my AM answering emails, discussing what BHRR does, how BHRR does what we do, that we operate out of our home and those of our approved temp foster homes, why BHRR is so successful at what we do plus deeply thanking everyone for the continued support!

Education is so key and BHRR’s Journey continues to teach many about forgiveness, trust, giving, acceptance plus determination!

She is scheduled to head back to the Vet at KAH on Friday February 17th for a recheck on that tail, possible vaccines and another fecal! GO JOURNEY GO!

AND Anna, I am still in awe and inspired by your generous and giving soul!!!

I also finally was able to hear the interview myself! 😉

BHRR's Journey's article in The Ottawa Citizen.

A heartfelt touching warm story of a community being brought together by a GD who was in urgent need and how inspirational, beautiful their supportive efforts including those of Anna with her incredible WOW YUMMY Fundraising Biscuit idea to help save this special GD has been!

AND, Journey is bombing along in her rehabilitation and come April, she should be ready to be placed up for adoption!

SO many believed in you Journey and so many LOVE you!!! YOU are worthy, deserving and no less important than any other dog! 🙂

Some errors including that almost $3,000 in private donations have been sent not $1,000 to date; BHRR is not located in Oxford Mills; Journey is a 'she' not a he plus some of the timeline in the story is in error. BUT, a lovely article overall! 🙂


OTTAWA — When she heard the story of Journey – the emaciated Great Dane found on Highway 401 just before Christmas, close to starvation and covered in bite wounds – Anna Gray-Henschel embarked on a journey of her own. She knew she had to do something to help, but she couldn't have imagined that, more than a month later, she would have baked 20,000 dog biscuits to raise money for his care.

As a dog lover, owner of two Great Danes and someone who recently decided to volunteer at rescue shelters, Gray-Henschel came up with the idea of baking some of her own dogs' favourite cheddar cheese and bacon biscuits and selling them to raise money. The idea had worked when her employer, the RCMP, held fundraising campaigns, so why not try to augment her personal donation toward the poor dog's care? Her goal was to bake 100 dozen and sell them for $3 a dozen. She would then donate all $300 of the proceeds to Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation Services in Oxford Mills, where Journey was convalescing.

Several weeks later, that 100 dozen has become 1,667 dozen and she still has orders for 167 dozen more. By day, she's a director general in the RCMP's national security criminal investigations branch, and every evening she bakes for four hours. Weekends she puts in 12-hour days by the oven.

"My husband has been joking about our hydro bill," she said. "But he's not really complaining."

When she's not baking, she's delivering the biscuits. By the time she fills all her orders, she will have raised $5,600 toward the dog's extensive vet bills, which will likely top $8,000 and include at least one more surgery. If the orders keep coming, she'll keep baking, providing shipping (when necessary), delivery and the baking supplies at her own expense. She hopes to raise $6,000 by Valentine's Day.

"It's just one thing and it's not a big deal, but it shows you can have a huge impact if you do your little thing," she said. "It's such a small thing to do to help rehabilitate this beautiful dog. It's hard to believe someone would do this to her."

The response to Journey's story has been amazing, said Gwendilin Boers, an animal behaviour specialist (she's a PhD candidate in the subject) who runs the shelter and works part-time at the Kanata Animal Hospital.

"We were shocked by her condition," Boers said. "We see some terrible things in rescue, but she's one of the worse cases I have seen in my 16 years of running the rescue."

Journey weighed 74 pounds when a Great Dane at her age should weigh between 110 and 115 pounds. She had fleas, pieces of her ear tips missing, open bite wounds all over her body, a broken tail, frostbite, hypothermia, dehydration and round worms. Boers suspects she was abused. "She was in tragic shape, to say the least."

Boers said the community support had been all the more impressive coming, as it did, just after Christmas.

Journey was brought to the rescue one day after she was found by a Good Samaritan in the freezing rain on the highway near Brockville.

"I'm beyond touched," Boers said, adding that people such as Gray-Henschel had eased the worries about how they would be able to pay the extensive vet bills associated with Journey's recovery. In addition to those who have contributed to the biscuits campaign, private donations have totalled more than $1,000.

"Journey has been a Christmas miracle," Boers said. "She has met every obstacle she has had to overcome with grace and good temperament. She's a very loving dog who has brought so many people together in the spirit of giving. Anna's contribution is just wonderfully overwhelming."

Boers thought it would be June before Journey would be ready for adoption, but, given her progress so far – she now weighs close to 100 pounds – she estimates it will be mid-April.

Donations are being accepted through the Kanata Animal Hospital or by email transfer to Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation is accepting donations through PayPal.


BHRR's Holden, BHRR's Hailey and BHRR's Veteran came with me tonight to do a home visit. IT was a great visit for all of them! BHRR's Veteran learnt about cats and stairs and BHRR's Holden learnt about being more comfortable in strange situations and asking more openly for love and BHRR's Hailey; well; what can I say; she was Ms. Princess all the way! Had all fooled that she was a model 'lady'! cheeky

Tomorrow night, BHRR's Dana and BHRR's Holden are going to come with me to do a home visit and looking forward to posting about their own progress and experiences.

EACH time these dogs go out; the great experiences they have; only continues to make them even more well balanced plus well rounded! It is a huge win for them! 🙂 Plus, it is nice to see homes that we visit have the time with these gentle giants and have their own experiences having the interaction with these amazing dogs! 🙂 WIN-WIN all the way!


I dropped off BHRR's Veteran to his temp foster home tonight! He came with me to do a hv and then on my way home from there, I made a visit to leave him at his temp foster home.

This has enabled us to bring direct into BHRR; the GD tomorrow that we have been told is in really poor body condition and has had bloody diarrhea.

AND I can now state that BHRR's Veteran is good with cats. He showed very respectful behavour at the hv yet at his temp foster home, he did demonstrate that he wanted to do some chasing which his temp foster mom promptly 'checked' him and he promptly obeyed. 🙂

In honor of Gwennie, the Founder of BHRR,  all of us are wishing her a most wonderful and special of birthdays today – February 3rd!

As we have done for the last 2 years as a surprise for Gwennie; if you believe in BHRR; enjoy all the blog updates, pictures, open houses, GD hikes, Gwennie novel posts, her educational articles plus links; please make a donation in support of her rescue efforts.

This fundraiser shall run through until 11:59 PM today – Friday February 3rd, 2012

This blog post was made without Gwennie's awareness as we have managed to do in the past and we hope that once again, she shall be pleasantly surprised!

You can help ease her stress and worries somewhat today about always worrying about money for food to help those in need of the BHRR programs. You can help ease her stress and worries somewhat today about coming up with funds for food by either donating a bag of food or making a donation for food to be bought. You can help ease her stress and worries somewhat today about the mounting food bills for BHRR for beside Vet Bills, this is BHRR's biggest expense.

Together let's make that BHRR 'chain of success' for Gwennie even more strong today!

Email transfer to or via PayPal (account OR even bring a bag of food or cash donation to the upcoming BHRR Open House to help BHRR out! As Gwennie states so often, there is no amount too small.

Several of us approached Gwennie again this year to ask what she wanted for her birthday and once again never did she mention anything for herself. Always her family, friends or the animals.

Please do help us make a birthday very special today for a very special lady who operates a very special Rescue by making a food donation to BHRR.

Total Raised to Date$905 + 6 bags of food

Gwennie's BHRR BIRTHDAY Food Believers & Supporters:



Lana & Warren of Pet-errific

Paula & Serge













Here is a VIDEO I took earlier tonight of BHRR's Veteran AKA Peter Pan and BHRR's Veteran! On Bleach's couch. 😉

I am really loving this video thing! 😀

BHRR's Goliath has been developing into the BESTEST dog ever! He is superb!

This blog is a LONG time in the making, I know! My priority is always to continue to be hands on with the dogs in need of BHRR and we have several right now in very big need and I do apologize that my blogs and photos take a 'back seat' during such times. 🙁

Re: BHRR's Veteran; he is doing great! His bff is BHRR's Goliath! A sweetheart that is also awaiting his own forever loving adoptive home still.

They will play so well together and have a lot of fun! He also loves playing with my bluez boyz and my mantle boy these days along with BHRR's Goliath and the 5 of them are a very close group of pals. 🙂

He had a great play date at the end of December and if I do receive any photos from that play date, I shall post some. 🙂

I am going to post three photos below from the community education and awareness event we did at B&F at the beginning of December for their Angel Tree and added quite a few more of those photos to his slideshow.

He is great with kids and his obedience has just come so naturally to him.

The only time I have ever seen him nervous was when we saw a native american walking out of Timmie's one day and by our car and I thought he might actually urinate, he was so worried. I just told him it was 'ok' and he settled down and we continued on our way through the drive through of the bank. Considering where he was taken from, understandable behavour and how I handled it was how he thus responded. He did belong to a drunk person when the 275 dogs were assisted last November by ARC in Quebec in the first nation community and he clearly has memories that still affect him. THIS is the only person I have ever seen him react to and his reaction was fear. Poor thing…..yet, onward and forward we went and he liked the treaties I gave him and the pat plus calming word and settled right back down; trusting that I would not let anything harm him.

His temperament is a very solid and stable one and he continues to reside in harmony with the dogs here and he continues to keep BHRR's Atlas going should BHRR's Atlas have a bad day or moment. GOSH! This dog is amazing!!!

He really is going to make a home a fantabulous addition with his affection, heart and love to give! NOT to mention how handsome of a silver merle GD he is!

December 2nd, 2011 – B&F Community Education & Public Awareness Event





More later today with a blog update and photos! 🙂

BHRR's Veteran came with me to work today and had a re-weigh. I went back through his paperwork and his weight when he first arrived was barely 91 pounds.  The documentation in paperwork was a bit mixed up…, based upon today's weight of 53 KS(116.6 pounds); he has put on 25.6 pounds since he first arrived to BHRR!

Several made comments about how much weight he had put on between his arrival to BHRR and the begining of December and then between December 2nd and today.

He still needs more weight; another 10 or so and he had an AWESOME playdate today!!!

These were his final 'tests'; to see if he was 1) at a decent weight be placed up for adoption 2) a social play date test away from us to see how things went.

Things went great!!!

He will be placed up for adoption next week and we also microchipped him today.

He can go to a home that works pt, ft. flex hours, semi-retired, retires or works from home.

He LOVES all people and the only 'quirk' that he still has that has never been an issue here; is sometimes male black dogs worry him. We effectively correct and quickly/calmly re-assure and re-direct.

His one best friend here at BHRR; is BHRR's Goliath; a big black dog and we think that, because BHRR's Lincoln came into our home and these other black/dark dogs are here; BHRR's Goliath, the three GD black beauties, BHRR's Benjamin etc. and he was just very calmly integrated and also was not feeling the best. He just did not have any time to worry for he was busy getting healthy and then he made all these great friends.

This boy is a heart throb and say good-bye when it is his turn; is going to be a bittersweet moment! 🙂

The couple that took him for a play date today; took him to places like B&F and he apparently; decided that while it was great greeting all the people and sniffing the dogs(played with a small shih for a bit); what he MOST enjoyed was going shopping!!! He came back to KAH with a sizeable doggie bag from not only the treaties the kind people at the store sent his way; but what he had also 'helped' himself too! OMG! THE wee ham!!!

I can well imagine the total glee he had walking in and thinking it was heaven and meant ALL for him! HA! HA!

I cannot thank them enough for taking him on this play date and they have asked to take him again in a few weeks; which if he is not adopted by then; is only going to continue to enrich and balance him out more. 🙂

BHRR's Atlas really missed him though…he was very sad all day when he was gone. A bit depressed actually. Their relationship is truly fascinating…..

We are expecting some lovely photos of his play date and shall post some when they come our way. I also have the ones from his continuing education & public awareness op that was done at B&F Barrhaven in early December plus the traditional XMAS eve ones that I still need to post, so lots to post!!! 🙂

People just fall in love with him whereever he goes!!! The one note I want to make is that while I was in the car to go through the drive-through banking on my way home; a native american in hunting attire and lowered hat; walked our way and BHRR's Veteran became quite worried and stressed and nervous. I quickly corrected/assured and passively ignored and while his body still remained a bit tense, he was less on the alert and stopped his very low deep barks. The voice on this boy is HUGE! Just massive and when he and BHRR's Goliath get to playing, one would think that the house would come down with their vocal skills or that they were set out to kill each other!!!

It is just his play style as many Danes can be!!! 🙂

BHRR's Veteran is going to be having a special treat on December 31st, 2011 for  few hours! HE is going on his first ever PLAY DATE! WAHOO!

I am so excited for him!!! 🙂 AND for the lovely couple going to be spending some special time with him. 🙂



BHRR does not adopt out during the XMAS season due to our position that it is not in the best interest of any new addition being added during such a busy, exciting and somewhat stressful time for many.  Quite a few other Rescues, Shelters, Pounds etc. have also begun to follow a similar protocol to what we have been doing.

Our XMAS Shutdown period for this year is from Saturday December 17th, 2011 to Tuesday January 3rd, 2012 inclusive.

During this time, BHRR is available 24/7 as always for requests for assistance of animals in need.

On January 1, 2011; ARC made a commitment in making 2011 one of compassion. Here is their VIDEO of which BHRR's Veteran and BHRR's Atlas are both featured. THANK YOU to such incredible folks doing such wonderful work!!!

December 1st, 2011 Interview in NS on CTV Atlantic Morning with ARC!

AMAZING work being done by ARC! Just so incredibly 'right' and such a fantastic emphasis put on education being the key to forward moving positive effective change!

BHRR's Atlas & BHRR's Veteran thank you for saving their lives!!! They had a 'reference' at the very beginning – 'Dane' & 'Saint'. 🙂

BHRR's 4TH ANNUAL 'JUST IN TIME' FOR XMAS Online Auction shall begin Saturday November 19th @ 7 AM EST and shall run through until Thursday December 1st @ 9 PM EST.

If anyone has any items they would ike to donate inluding services, gift certificates or gift cards; please EMAIL. We will take donations right up until the day the auction shall end. BHRR only hosts three planned Fundraisers a year and every penny goes back to the animals!

We have many bills coming up for some very special animals including BHRR's Bloom and your support would be so appreciated!

Click on the poster for more information!

PERMISSION TO CROSS-POST and if you would like a poster to put up at your work, local businesses etc., please email us for one!


BHRR's Veteran is DOING amazing!! Below are two photos; one taken after he was here for one week and one taken on November 27th, after he had been here for two weeks.

He is soooooooooooooo affectionate, becoming more confident and playful and as more time goes by, he is becoming 'younger' and younger. I would say that he is closer to 2 years than anything at this time. It is almost as if through time, he is shedding the weight of much worry from his back and shoulders; as cheesy as that may sound.

HE just loves my 16 month old GD Sir Maestro and he is soooooooooooo free with his kisses. He almost will 'hug' you with his head on your shoulder.

His obedience is coming along very nicely. I truly can not get over how gentle he is about taking treats. For a dog so starved and neglected, he is very gentle about taking treats from you and if something falls on the floor, he does not resource.

He has been fully integrated with everyone here other than BHRR's Atlas and they tend to worry each other still. AND he loves to try and 'push' BHRR's Atlas's buttons, knowing that BHRR's Atlas is not so fond of him either. They are soooooooooooo much better around each other yet it still comes across that there is some form of 'history' between them. They sleep in crates near each other, they eat in their crates near each other without any issues yet if one makes any sounds even remotely that could be misconstrued as being anything negative; then the other grumps back. AND BHRR's Veteran LOVES to go up to BHRR's Atlas' crate and 'tease' him which sets off BHRR's Atlas.

BHRR's Veteran has a very deep sound to him and if one did not know him better, one would think that he might be growling but he is all typical GD noises.

He is learning about toys and gosh, rope toys delight him to know end or things that he can toss. The playbows that he makes is so heartwarming.

He still does not quite understand about many things and you have to be careful of flightly movements or hands that come from above wtih items in hand.

I am looking forward in getting a new weight on him yet I do believe that in about three weeks time(our mandate is to keep all animals at BHRR for at least 5 weeks); before placing them up for adoption so that we can really get to know them and learn what type of home is in their best interest.

BHRR's Veteran is just so grateful for the love and attention he is getting and in a way that makes me sad FOR he should have been getting that all along yet that was not what his past held for him.

We are attending a humane education event on Saturday for a few hours and I am thinking of bringing BHRR's Veteran with me. I will see how the rest of this week goes.

BHRR's Veteran had the BEST time at our recent BHRR 'EXPERIENCE' Mini Open House. It was so wonderful for people to see how far he has come in such a short time! He is a very special boy all unto himself and he is going to make his right matched home a most wonderful addition! We do feel that he should go to a home with at least one other right matched personality fit dog, someone experienced with Great Danes is great yet not mandatory; a home that is going to continue to enrich him and be there for him and not only give him love but structure, guidance and consistency with a very patient hand.

BHRR's Veteran November 20th & BHRR's Veteran November 27th, 2011*He loves Sean's earring and will gently nibble it!

NOTE: BHRR's Veteran was being 'known' as 'Kingston' for the short time he was under the expert care of ARC. We changed his name for a couple of reasons – one; we already had a 'Kingston' in our own home. Two; this was around Rememberance Day and that BHRR's Veteran has gone through his own battles/war and bears the scars of his 'time' in the trenches. This could not have been a more perfect choice for him!


To make a quick post to address a comment or two made on the recent photos posted of BHRR's Veteran and BHRR's Atlas on our BHRR FB FAN page. Both of these boys were neutered by the amazing efforts of Animal Rescue Corps(ARC) before they came to BHRR.

The method that the wonderful Vet there chose to use to alter them was using a vasectomy procedure and not neuter them via the actual taking out of their testicles. Yet, you can be assured they were both neutered! Both have gone on antibiotics for when they arrived to BHRR, they both wanted to lick at their incisions/sutures and I have been tending to their surgical sites up to three times daily to make sure they heal properly.

Many times after a dog is neutered; we see it often in Giants; there is a lot of swelling/edema and this will pass.

These dogs would never be placed up for adoption if they were not neutered.

Here is a very well put together  VIDEO of the work that ARC has done for the community in Lac Simon and for all the animals there. It is just shy of 10 minutes long yet so worth the viewing.

My deepest respect plus admiration extends immensely out to ARC and their supporters/volunteers for this historical lifechanging event they have done!

They left 'no one behind', educated and saved SOOOO many lives! I am deeply humbled to have been a small part of this HUGE amazing heartwarming experience! KUDOS to the community for taking a 'take charge' forward approach to finding a better resolution to the overpopulation of animals in their community

Thanks for sharing! BHRR's Veteran and BHRR's Atlas; some of the dogs feature in the above video; are also very grateful to everyone….they have the gift of life as I have said before thanks to ALL of you!

BHRR's Veteran & Atlas with Karla – from ARC saying her good-byes before they head to their rehab journey @ BHRR

From Karla in respect to BHRR's Veteran posted on a photo of him on our BHRR FB FAN PAGE:

"This gorgeous dog has maintained a steadfast spirit despite his former neglect. I will never forget the Animal Rescue Corps truck driving past him and screeching to a halt when we saw his statuesque figure watching us from 30 feet away. I got out of the truck and walked a few feet slowly towards him. As soon as I kneeled down and extended my hand he came bounding happily towards us. He couldn't believe his luck. He rode with me in the back seat (because we couldn't fit him anywhere else!) on his way to safety and eventual to the exuberant embrace of BHRR. He is destined for greatness."

From Karla in respect to BHRR's Atlas posted on a photo of him on our BHRR FB FAN PAGE:

"I remember the first time I saw Atlas on the streets. Animal Rescue Corps couldn't believe the state he was in. We picked up his hunched, crumbling figure, because he just didn't have the energy to walk, and carried him to transport to our emergency shelter. Within a few days of good food, medical care, some r&r and love, he was bounding around with us in the grass. Atlas is going to make a lucky family wonder what they ever did without him".



BHRR's Veteran had a good night.

He has not made a peep in respect to growling, lunging or barking at BHRR's Atlas nor any other dog.

He is eating well yet is now on antibiotics for his neuter incision is slightly infected. I will always remember fondly getting the call from one of the wonderful Volunteers who went to pick him up saying that he and BHRR's Atlas had not yet been neutered. I mentioned that what often can happen is that there is a lot of post-op swelling and the dogs can look very well endowed afterwards. Well, BHRR's Veteran is definitely very swollen and several of his sutures have let go and I am sure that he has done some liking of the area too.

So, he is a 'cone' head and on antibiotics right now. He is taking it all in stride.

In the daylight of Monday, I could see him so much better and his hair is so dry and so lacking in oils. He is missing a lot of hair in many areas too. He needs a bath plus a nail trim and just as with BHRR's Atlas we shall get there.

Just as with BHRR's Atlas, he has had four walkabouts on Monday on his own and has done well. He is weak yet not as weak as BHRR's Atlas and his mental plus emotional state is also better. He tends to not have as much of an 'exhaustion' rest as BHRR's Atlas does.

I feel that he is much closer to 2.5-3 years and am giving things the benefit that as life has treated him so unkindly that he might not even be a bit older. ON the other hand, he could well be closer to 2 and due to it being such a hard life, he looks older. So, we are officially having him listed as 2.5 years of age for now.

For those that have expressed an interest in him, he is not going anywhere for a very long time. We are on his schedule and when/if he is ready to be adopted, he will then be done so. I cannot say for sure that it will be in a month or two months or….or…

He just arrived to BHRR. We are still getting to know him and learning how to best give him what he needs and build him up emotionally and physically. These things cannot be rushed and we won't let them be rushed.

I know that as a 'survivor' this dog is going to have personality and inner strength so when that honeymoon period is over, I am sooooooooo looking forward to experiencing and learning about who is really is inside and how his life experiences have shaped him and yes, even how his genetics will have shaped him to make him 'who' he is today.

Just as with BHRR's Atlas he often can be found in a tight ball with his back to the outside of his crate. If you are with him, he will lay a different way and watch you. He wags his tail more than BHRR's Atlas yet is also quite submissive in many ways.

Below are two photos taken of him. They honestly do not really show how badly his ribs, hips and spine show. He will need a good 35-40 pounds of muscle mass and weight on him.

He is sleeping on a pile of blankets right now and thanks to the generous heart of a special angel an XXL Kuranda bed is headed his way! We shall pile dog beds and blankets on top of that for his joints, elbows and hips plus for pressure sores.

Monetary donations to do bloodwork including a heartworm test, to purchase flea/parasitic/hw preventative meds & food
*One can donate by PayPal or email transfer to or by mailing a bank draft to 'Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services(BHRR) and mailed to:

Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services
c/o Gwendilin Boers
2425 Totem Ranch Road West
RR#1 Oxford Station, Ontario
K0G 1T0

He now has a file set-up at Kanata Animal Hospital (613) 836-2848 and people can donate to the 'Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services' account for him under 'Veteran'

BHRR's Veteran – November 13th, 2011

BHRR's Veteran has settled in beautifully. HE has made not one peep other than a few groans to let us know that he had to go outside. He has not growled, barked or lunged at any of the dogs. He shall not be integrated for some time to be sure that he is not contagious in addition to how he is in a weakened state.

In the daylight, we shall get some good body shots of him yet wanted to clarify to those wondering, he is not a Harlequin yet a silver merle. This is often a colour that bybers promote as 'rare' and 'unique' yet it can come with its share of medical issues including deafness and skin problems.

He was fed a half ration for supper and had a good bowl full of water to drink. His crate is beside one other dog and across from BHRR's Riley.

We have begun a de-worming protocol with him and he shall receive his next Multi Advantage on Tuesday November 22nd and then another one on December 22nd.

His elbows are so red and hot and his coat is very dull and coarse. We shall begin putting raw eggs with shells plus plain yogurt into his meals.

BHRR's Veteran is VERY friendly. He is a bit unsure as to how other people are going to react to him yet my initial assessment is a good stable temperament. We shall see what happens when the honeymoon period ends.

For those looking for wish list items for BHRR's Veteran; here are things that he most needs right now:

1) Costco Dog beds or a Kuranda (XXL) bed  to call his own

2) He needs blankets for cushion. His hair is very thin and nonexistent in places plus he is almost literally a rack of skin/bones.

3) He needs a collar 26" and a leash

4) He will need a winter coat

5) He needs 24" Rawhide bones or Smoked Dino Bones or Smoked Knuckle bones

6) Monetary donations to do bloodwork including a heartworm test, to purchase flea/parasitic/hw preventative meds & food
*One can donate by PayPal or email transfer to or by mailing a bank draft*

He needs about another 40 pounds of weight and muscle mass. The wasting in his hind end is really tragic. Not sure if he has spent quite a bit time tethered for this to be the cause of such wasting, that and the clear lack of proper nutrition.

It is really hard right now to pin down his age as life has treated him most unfairly. He seems like such a 'veteran' in many ways for sure….an 'old' soul yet I think at this time, around 15 months is a good guessestimate. We will see what he is like as he settles and rehabs.

His eyes…I know…back to eyes…BUT they almost haunt you with their sadness and pain revealed in those gorgeous eyes. 🙁

He needs a lot of TLC and patience, time and surprisingly enough, his leash manners are not that bad.

I was not exactly overjoyed to hear that people had him jumping up with his front legs on their shoulders for a number of reasons! 😉 This is not good on his rear end and that is a LOT of dog and he is going to be even more DOG once he is heatlhy and also finishes growing. We do not want Giant Dogs thinking they can jump up on people.

Below is a picture of him taken by his transporters. THANKS again to ARC for entrusting him to us; thanks to Jennifer and Brenda for the vote of confidence in us and thanks to Sherry & Charles for making the drive and meeting up with Sean so that he could bring back to BHRR.

Thanks to ARC for all that they do and for the crate they donated AND for being there for these animals in need. I am just so impressed by your efforts and honoured to be a part of your efforts!!

BHRR's Veteran – November 13th, 2011 -enroute to BHRR
*photo courtesy of C. Barr


What we know to date on the Great Dane – Male, now neutered, body condition given 3/10, sweet/gentle tempered to all to date yet did bark/lunge at the Saint when loading up – could be stress – not overly worried at this time, mole on back biopsied – benign, skin scraped for possible mange(results inconclusive), alopecia areata, vaccinated on Advantage Multi and weight given as 50 KS(110 pounds) and age believe to be about 12-15 months.

We have been passed along the info. that he was once owned by a man and authorities needed to step in to assure the o/s as his body condition and state is so poor. He most likely would not have survived another winter.

BHRR's Veteran – November 7th, 2011 with ARC Hero Karla & November with ARC Hero Patty

As I type this, BHRR's Veteran and BHRR's Atlas are enroute to BHRR!

Deepest gratitude extended again to Jennifer, Brenda, Karla for everything AND deeply indebted to Sherry & Charles for making the drive to Brome, Quebec to the ES to then meet up with Sean to get these two boyz to BHRR.

Both of these special boys have an album on our BHRR FB FAN PAGE and you are welcome to follow their journey from when they were first rescued by by Animal Rescue Corps(ARC). This Album i the link below shall be dedicated to their rehab journey at BHRR.

ARC has also done a video interview today with one of the BHRR Volunteers – Sherry – when they were there to do the pick-up and they have requested to do a 1 monthly follow-up sucess story on the Great Dane (at the time known as BHRR's Veteran).

Animal Rescue Corps(ARC) – Operation Anishnabe Dogs: A Lasting Solution!

Animal Rescue Corps

Operation Anishnabe Dogs: A Lasting Solution! Video

Their Photo Album on the ARC Page 

BHRR was asked to assist with the GD and the Saint – the Saint was picked up as a stray and the Great Dane was an o/d – over 200 animals have been assisted by this historical and moving event!

We are so grateful for the trust that has been extended our way to have this privilege and opportunity to help these two very special boys.

More Information:

"Operation Anishnabe Dogs: Information is being provided in a number of ways: video, updates, press release, photos and more to come. To answer directly some of the common questions: Animal Rescue Corps is here at the official request of the governing council – Conseil de la Nation Anishnabe du Lac Simon. There has been a significant free roaming dog population here for more than 30 years. It …reached a critical point where the suffering among the dog population was massive and a public safety issue for the children and adults of the community. We are providing vaccinations and free sterilization to the claimed dogs and vet care and relocation to placement partners of the unclaimed animals, more information will be provided on the placement partners as soon as it is available. Many dogs have untreated medical conditions, matting and emaciation. All dogs are exposed to the extreme elements here, most with no shelter. There are many dogs living outside that are not appropriate for this climate. ARC is proud to be working with several Canadian groups on this project and our amazing Canadian volunteers. Thanks to ARC’s generous partners and you, our Corps supporters, we are able to bring expertise, equipment, and financial resources to a community that did not possess them – a community that would have resorted to another large “culling” of the dogs, because their previous requests for help with a humane solution had gone unanswered. ARC is here responding to that call for help before the coming winter. We are here because compassion knows no borders. Thanks to our supporters for all the wonderful and supportive comments and feedback."