BHRR’s Potter had a fairly good night on Friday. He had his first shot of Hydromorphone at 9:50 PM(that last hour was pretty tough on him) and then another shot at almost 3:00 AM on Saturday. At 7:30 AM, he was still not up on his feet; so I took the E-Collar off to get him up and that was the trick! He was up and ready to go outside, had a huge pee, a poop, drank a bit of water and ate a small amount. The one thing that Dr. Liston mentioned that he did this time was that as he was tying off the nerves etc., he shot them with a local anaesthetic to help Potter. The only thing was his almost 40 degree temp. The trauma of the lep ampuation could have caused this yet most likely the histamine being released from the MCT and I called Dr. Liston and it was decided to put him on Benadrly 50 MG BID(he had been given a Benadryl injection for 60 mg during his surgery) for the next 3 days. His Saturday was understandably fitful and he ate a bit more and drank some and continued to pee well. It is taking him a bit, understandably to find his ‘balance’ to go to the bathroom. Sunday saw him still quite uncomfortable and beginning to wish to ‘get’ at the bandage that the Vet had put on his stump and on Sunday night, we removed the bandage(The Vet said when I went to take him home that if Potter got the bandage off within an hour or so post surgery or we took it off within 3 days, all was fine). I am going to be calling the Vet Hospital today to give them an update and to also discuss other pain options for between the Deramaxx and the Duragesic patch, Potter is still very much in some pain. We have now made it past the post – op, 12 hour, 24 hour and 48 hour milestones and we forge forward in making it past the 72 hour milestone right now. Thanks so much to everyone that has donated to date AND we only have $815.00 left to raise by Friday November 27th, 2009 to pay off this bill. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider helping us to continue helping Potter along his path to healing. Below is a picture of Potter from November 22nd, shortly after we took his bandage off. HE has been so amazing in allowing me to clean the area etc. It is a lot less swollen than it was and after another very up and down night(from Saturday onward; he did not wish to stay with Sean in the ‘triage’ zone we had set-up) on my bed; we are up and at it for, hopefully an even better Monday for him! There is not one person out there that would not be hardpressed to feel such depth of emotion for Potter as he heals over his amputation. Statistics give him a high probability of having another MCT develop and please keep him in your thoughts, blessings and consider helping him. I will also be discussing with the Vet about chemo/radiation. I wish to additional thank his newest angels for donating a special soft bed and some treats etc. to his Potter’s Path. He really enjoyed getting out to have a wee visit with all of you last night!

BHRR’s Potter – November 22nd, 2009 – 48 hours after leg amputation