As it is almost 2:45 AM, I was thinking of falling into bed for a few yet then, I decided to give the doggies a treat before bed and now I JUST had to post this update on BHRR’s Potter. Potter has been with us for a month and slowly yet surely, I have been gaining not just his trust but I have finally been earning some of Potters’ respect. You truly have to prove yourself to Potter as being worthy and this is not done by force or punishment. It is done with patience, time, consistency, love, training and more time and more patience and more training and more consistency and more love. Potter has mastered many hand signal commands such as ‘come’, ‘lie down’, ‘move over’, ‘off’, ‘good’, ‘no’, ‘gentle’ etc. yet he has refused to ‘sit’ and even to acknowledge the name of ‘Potter’. However; just awhile ago; Potter ‘sat’ without any hesitation! THAT is huge! I could also tell by his face and his eyes, that he did not want a ‘big’ deal made but I still patted him, praised him, showed such happy body language yet held off on the giant squeezing hug plus kiss. 😉 He also earned that treat! NOW, on to the name thing. GOOD boy Potter! He truly is such a neat boy!