BHRR’s Potter was 54.12 pounds(24.6 KGs) at the Vet’s last Wednesday and the Vet confirmed that he does have a bit of eye infection and mild entropion, with the right eye being the worst. His HWT has come back negative and I am awaiting the results of his bw plus fecal. I am moving Potter to the Haven Dog program at this time until we learn more about his hips/hind end. His housebreaking took a huge turn for the worse on Thursday yet we seem to be back on track and he is ‘getting’ it. He has also managed to dismantle and fold completely the same crate again(after we thought we had things all figured….) and I came home from the shows today(CONGRATS again to TAIN for taking WD/BOW today!); he was happy as a lark cuddled on my bed with Dyce and Dragon with crate completely dismantled plus folded up…. 🙄 We do not attempt to feed him in a crate any longer for he just will barely eat. He is eating much better from a small stool and has no resourcing towards humans or dogs. He is also very gentle about taking treats from our hands. He is truly a really neat little boy! He is still scheduled to be neutered this Wednesday and I have finished up his first round of de-worming. His best friends continue to be the ‘three P’s’ – PPSS, Porridge and Parker! He just had to figure out how to ‘work’ around Mr. Parkers’ wicked paws! LOL