**URGENT**BHRR's Potter rushed to Liston Animal Hospital this AM – Friday Dec. 10 – Need to raise $500 as 'good' faith deposit

**All monies from our ONLINE AUCTION plus BHRR's Koops' Adoption fee have been going towards BHRR's Storms Bloat Bills & though we know it is XMAS & that we truly have no 'right' asking for help at this time; we are urging with tears in our eyes for you to consider calling LAH directly (613) 591-0966 to donate by M/C or Visa; or PayPal or to email transfer to gwen@birchhaven.org

**Though we know we can have a payment plan, we need to put down something as a 'good' faith deposit.

***PLEASE Keep him in your hearts and thoughts.


I will update as we can…..

Update: December 10th @ 9:00 AM – BHRR's Potter is in for X-Rays, has been put on fluids, antibitotics and his prognosis is not looking optimistic at this time. Talked to KAH as well and they are on 'alert' in case we have to transfer him. His bills could easily be in the thousands and thousands and we will gladly pay every last penny. Will continue to update as I can.

Update: December 10th @ 9:22 AMWaiting on results from X-Rays and also have talked to Alta Vista plus left a message on their internal specialist line re: estimates.

Update: December 10th @ 10:21 AM – BHRR's Potter is in the beginnings of septic shock, high doses of Baytril and fluids are being given, X-Rays were clear other than some fluid in the chest which is believed to have drained from his neck. His kidney and liver levels are also very elevated. His PCV(Packed Cell Volume) was 55. At this time, he shall be staying at LAH until 5:30 PM and we shall re-do bw and I shall be taking home bags of fluid plus an IV pump from KAH and the plan at this time is to bring him home later tonight. He will be monitored at home, round the clock as there are no staff 24/7 at LAH or KAH. He shall not have need to head to an emergency hospital at this time and surgery does not look like it is needed right now but we are well aware that this could change. Prognosis is still not great for him yet better than what it was since we have the results of his X-Rays. I am scheduled to bring him back to LAH for 9:30 AM on Monday for a re-evaluation, a repeat of bw and X-Rays. Keep him in your thoughts and I shall update as I can and thank you extended as well to every one that is considering contributing to his Care at LAH. (613) 591-0966. They will take M/C and Visa over the phone.

Update: December 10th @ 4:12 AM – BHRR's Potter's prognosis is still listed as critical. He is now on two types of heavy doses of antibiotics – Amoxicillin & Baytril and due to his dehydration level plus sepsis; up to 3 times maintenance – 120. I have put Alta Vista on 'alert' that I might need to bring him in at any point during the night and shall also be bringing him back with me to KAH tomorrow for monitoring throughout the day and if we need to go back up to 120 maintenance plus do another PCV and  more X-Rays. The key is that we need him to begin to eat a bit and tomorrow we can begin anti-imflamm(50 mg) SID. I am at home ill today with Mason who is also sick and have been setting up all that Sean brought home to prepare for BHRR's Potter to come home. He did try to get up on his feet as I was talking to the Vet around 4 PM despite having been given lots of hydro. His body temp is very low and heating pads are been used to try and regulate him to a more normal temperature. For anyone wishing to make a donation direct to LAH (613) 591-0966, they are open to 6 PM tonight and open to 2 PM tomorrow plus closed on Sunday. As he shall be coming back to KAH with me tomorrow AM – we are taking it hour by hour; you can also donate direct to Kanata Animal Hospital (613) 836-2848 by Visa or M/C or AMEX. Kanata Animal Hospital is open until 8 PM tonight and then Saturday 8:30 AM  – 4 PM.

Update: December 10th @ 6:33 PM – Sean is on his way home with BHRR's Potter right now. His is more stable yet very groggy from the hydro and praying that we can make each hour a 'good' one and that he will bounce back. Tomorrow AM; we can begin to try and offer him some food, he needs to eat and at 9:30 AM he is scheduled in at KAH for a repeat PCV(Packed Cell Volume) and full CBC, recheck and possible X-Rays. He shall then remain at KAH for the day and come home after my shift ends at 4 PM. Please please please keep him in your thoughts and donations can still be made to LAH (613) 591-0966 as there is still monies outstanding and donations can also be made to KAH (613) 836-2848 for he shall be under their care tomorrow. On Monday, god willing, BHRR's Potter shall still be alive and we are scheduled back at LAH for 9:30 AM for another recheck and more bw – PCV and X-Rays; so donations can continue via LAH or PayPal or to email transfer of gwen@birchhaven.org Today, I feel like one of the most blessed people in the world by the demonstation of kindness from others that truly have given so much of themselves in time, donations, thoughts, supporting words and blessings for BHRR's Potter. We are grateful and indebted to EACH one of you. Special thanks extended to LAH at this time and Dr. McKenna for everything plus their wonderful staff in getting us in so fast and taking such great care of BHRR's Potter. BAKED goodies galore next week headed their way!

Update: December 10th @ 7:13 PM: BHRR's Potter is now home. He is more pink and stable than when he left here this AM yet his breathing is so laboured. Will be monitoring closely and if he deteriotes in any way, I shall head to Alta Vista's 24 hour Emergency Clinic. I have him all hooked up with a maintenance flow x 2 – 80 ml/hour. Though he is groggy on the hydro; his eyes follow myself and Sean. My heart is heavy with such worry and pain over his condition. We are taking it one hour at a time. Sean and I put a new coat of finish down on our floors twice a year and we generally do this before Sean goes to N.B. with the kids(Summer & December) and this December we shall not be doing them for that money about $200 will be put towards BHRR's Potter's Vet Care. Sean and the kids are scheduled to leave around 3 AM on Monday and we will play all of this by ear at this time. Flying solo, it will be hard to give all the animals what they need plus deserve plus BHRR's Potter. I also wish to try and limit my exposure to BHRR's Potter(AS much as I want to do otherwise) as I am riddled with germs from being ill as is Mason at this time. There are no words for each one of you for your kind hearts, generous nature and caring manners…..I shall never be able to repay each of you in turn for all that you are doing for BHRR's Potter. ALL of you are amazing!

Update: December 10th @ 11:50 PM: I have just 'tag teamed' with Sean so that I can spend some time with the rest of our wonderful canines and to check on my sleeping kids. Mason is still not feeling great himself and I am not far behind him in the 'ick' department. We have made the last '4' goals of an hour each yet BHRR's Potter is not faring well at all. 🙁 It has been quite the effort to try and keep his temp regulated. I changed his bag of fluids a couple of hours ago. Though, his gums are pinker than they were this AM, I still find them pale. YET, what melted my heart is that what BHRR's Potter likes to do best is lay his head in your lap and put a least one paw on your(believe we have a picture posted of this from February) and I know that he does not love his face and head touched overly much(past abuse). So, when I stopped petting his shoulder and leg(which he loves BUT not those toes so much! LOL); he actually batted me with his paw and his tail gave one lift and drop. My heart just melted. He did the same for Sean as we transitioned. Next goal, midnight, goal after that 1:00 AM, goal after that 2:00 AM. When I am at KAH tomorrow, we shall pull this line out and put another one in on his other front leg to help minimize swelling to the one leg etc. Sean and I are honestly terrified about his prognosis YET he has fought this far and I have to be real in saying that I am concerned about what his PCV, CBC and X-rays will say tomorrow. Dr. Liston feels that the sooner we can try to get him up and moving the better yet other than pulling himself into a more comfortable position, he has been prone. I know that part of his current discomfort is also related to him most likely having to pee and as he is housebroken, this is causing him distress. Yet, we tried once to see if we could get him up to no avail and that is hard unto itself for he is pain all over and I even had to cut off his collar earlier due to edema. What is most troublesome is his breathing and how it is up and down and Sean and I are prepared at a moment's notice to rush him into Alta Vista Emerg. Please hug all your loved ones tonight and say a special prayer for a very special boy named Potter. We do not know what tomorrow may bring and he might well have seen his last sunrise and set…….

All additional posts on updates on BHRR's Potter shall be made solely on his own blog.

Total Raised to Date: $645.00
Vet Bills to Date: $2,000 and Rising

Potters Angels:

Alex & Karen