AND, BHRR’s Riot is now with his new forever loving ‘mom’. Proud of me and of him!

I did not even sniffle(saved that for later!) and BHRR’s Riot showed impeccable manners with no barking for attention, laid down nicely and, minded his leash manners ‘ok’ considering a stranger, yet will not be for long was walking him.

Here is a video of BHRR’s Riot and one of his bff’s forever, one of my own Great Danes ‘Salt’, one last play and a good-bye for them both……….

One must never say never and perhaps one day their paths shall cross again….we can always hope.

Both of them have the same ‘mental/emotional’ age right now!

Already so much more quiet and calm at home and missing the big excitement known as BHRR’s Riot! Dogs like him make people better owners, trainers and behavioural experts and thank you Riot for letting me experience and learn from all your gifts during your time with us.

BHRR’s Riot with my Salt(Deaf & Visually Impaired GD) VIDEO

AND we are on our way……..shortly!
Today is the day, BHRR’s Riot goes to his new forever loving adoptive home!
Another BIG, and I mean BIG personality that shall be dearly missed.
This once catatonic terrified anorexic boy is no more! Social vocal playful goofy puppy brain all the way for him!!
Going to miss you BHRR’s Riot. I am going to miss your big amazing heart that gets bigger every day and, your zest for life, the way you cross your front legs and can appear to be so regal(yet, we all know the real goober you actually are!), your ‘telling me off’ if I am too slow making your food, your bouncing, and prancing(gosh, you have gorgeous movement – you practically float across the ground), your willing to take a mile with anyone who does not make you mind your manners as they are laughing too hard at your antics.
I am going to miss your always so happy, affectionate, never a half measure type of guy attitude towards life.
May you continue to flourish and blossom in the direction you need to go and, may your gorgeous spirit never be broken – just harnessed in the right ways!
Love you, adore you and yup, the tears are going to flow……
BHRR’s Riot is the fourth of my fosters to be adopted in July and each one has left their own inspirational heart-warming stamp upon my heart and soul………


BHRR’s Riot has moved to an ADOPTED status!
Our third approved adoption over the last 8 days. Wonderful!! 
He shall be going to his right matched forever loving home at the end of the month as the home gets ready for his arrival.
Thank you SO much Bruce for helping to do this hv with me!
Thank you again Tammie for this amazing Dane and thank you Karen again for helping to transport to BHRR for us to successfully rehab and then adopt to that right matched forever loving home!
This once catatonic terrified Great Dane is no longer!!! 
Congrats to all! He is going to be a huge personality missed in our home!! Incredible dog……nothing is half measure for this handsome blue Great Dane. Lives life to the fullest!! He is so affectionate, playful and even a bit of a monkey!


AND we are on our way!
To BHRR’s Riot’s home-visit for a possible approved adoption! 
Keep all in your best wishes!
Will update as we can!


HERE is the poster! To our 8th Annual KAH/BHRR Microchip/Nail Trim & BBQ Fundraiser being hosted at Kanata Animal Hospital on Sunday July 12th from 8 AM – 4 PM.
*No Appointments necessary
*Dogs/Cats need to be minimally 8 weeks to be microchipped
*Bake table
*Silent Auction
*Face-Painting & MORE!

microchop2015 (Medium)


BHRR’s Riot (Blue Male GD) is moving under a PENDING ADOPTION!
Please keep him in your best wishes and thoughts!
We are hoping to announce several more great news announcements soon! 

We did not do an approved adoption last night.

Two members of the home were a really good match fit for BHRR’s Riot. The third member, is clearly not comfortable around dogs and, that is not in the best interest of BHRR’s Riot nor the home to consider placing a dog into that environment.

He has proven that he is cat safe for the home has three cats and, they batted at his paws, walked past him, teased him and, he was such an amazing boy! If they had wanted to play, he would have been all for it! Just needs to be gently reminded to be gentle.

Very proud of him!


Please keep BHRR’s Riot in your best wishes!
Tonight, is his home-visit for a possible Approved Adoption!
Yet, even if this is not the right matched fit for him, he will have had another wonderful experience continuing to make him the best dog he can be, in balance plus soundness.
Thank you Margaret for helping me to do this home-visit tonight also!

BHRR’s Riot is moving under a PENDING ADOPTION! We will update his blog as we can.

AND, so brings Day 2 of the PV Stittsville PAW Event!
Another stunning weather day is here and, BHRR’s Riot(who was with us yesterday) is standing attention with flipped ear at PV showing people the way!
*Thanks to the Maracle Family for the photo!*
He garnered lots of interest yesterday, well, all three wonderful BHRR doggies did, so, perhaps an application may come his way.
Come join us today for nail trims, microchips, ear cleaning, make a donation to have a PAW placed up with honor on the wall at PV, we have balloon pops, cotton candy, popcorn, draws, a raffle basket that includes pounds and pounds of dog treats, merchandise for sale, our famous red carpet pooch smooch sessions AND, to visit the BIG Dawgs of BHRR and us too!
We would love to visit and speak with you!
We are at PV Stittsville from 11 AM – 4 PM!
PV awesome staff, the BHRR family invasion is almost on the road to hang with you again!


How to describe Day 1 of the amazing PAW weekend at PV Stittsville?!
WOW, Incredible, Humbling, Touching, Outstanding, Beautiful and, Special?! Just a few words…….
The weather was absolutely glorious! The people and animals were beyond lovely and, here is just one of our most wonderful of guests that came out to visit with us today!
BHRR’s Herbie-licious, the Love Bug, BHRR’s Riot and BHRR’s Angel Noelle were the BHRR Guests of Honour today!
There were just so many powerful, emotional, great moments of my day!
Putting faces to names, meeting and talking ‘dogs’ and, ‘BHRR’ and, ‘r/q Rescue’ and, promoting responsible dog ownership etc. was a huge important part of our public awareness day.
People’s hearts were as kind as their hands and, PV Stittsville, YOU sure know how to host an event!
We felt so welcomed and, there was always an extra hand to hold a BHRR doggie so, I could do nails or microchips or ear cleaning etc.
To the Volunteers that came to lend hands and, knowledge and love and understanding and patience and, explain why a group like BHRR is needed and, why we exist, THANK YOU!
To give up such a gorgeous Saturday to spend it with the BIG Dawgs of BHRR, means the world to me! Those strong links on that BHRR “CHAIN OF SUCCESS’
This is our first community education event for 2015, we have not been out since November of 2014, and, to say that we are looking forward to tomorrow with excitement, is putting it lightly!
What a grand day……just grand……
I am going to rest well tonight….my heart is so warmed……just so warmed by all!
The BHRR doggies coming tomorrow are: BHRR’s Salem, BHRR’s Herbie-licious, The Love Bug(by popular demand!) and, I am going to bring my Skor. She has not been out since February to an event, and, this shall be really great for the miracle seizure GD pup!
Both photo’s below are courtesy of The Maracle Family and, are of BHRR’s Angel Noelle

DSC04374 DSC04401 (Medium)

Microchips $40 includes registration – for cats, dogs – minimum age is 8 weeks
Nails $10
Ear Cleaning 410

Saturday: BHRR Dogs Attending: BHRR’s Herbie-licious, The Love Bug, BHRR’s Angel Noelle and BHRR’s Riot
Sunday: BHRR’s Dogs Attending: BHRR’s Salem, BHRR’s Liberty and possibly BHRR’s Hercules – the third dog is not yet 100% determined.

petvaluPAWS2015 (Medium)

BHRR’s Riot(male blue GD) says he is also ready to make his special announcement!
He is great with dogs of all shapes and sizes, people he also adores – from kids to seniors, his manners are almost perfect as a gentleman, travels great in a car, friendly, social, outgoing and, a really personality filled ‘riot’.
This was the GD that was terrified and catatonic and, a proper evaluation was not able to be done by the shelter. He had a really terrible bronchial infection and, was skinny.
NOT any longer! He has been successfully rehabbed and, he is going to steal so many hearts for he has most certainly stolen mine!
He is going to make a home a positively WOW addition!!!
Congratulations you silly, smiling making, clown boy!

Here is a Testimonial from the family that he visited for a play visit on March 7th, when we picked up The Lord Stafford from his own special picnic date.

“This guy is a wonderful Blue. Had the honor of having the fellow stop by for a quick visit. After quickly exploring the house, Mr. Riot took some time to pay attention to our pug/JRT mix Sally. Wrestling soon began and we quickly ushered them out to our backyard. Riot was very gentle with Sally and listened when asked to mind his manners. Sally, on the other hand, held nothing back and tugged at his ears and everything in reach to keep the play going. Ever the gentleman, Riot maintained his gentle play (patience of saint). They both settled down to explore the yard, looking like Yogi and Boo Boo going off on adventure. You would never know that this outgoing, curious fellow was once terrified and catatonic. It was a real joy to have him visit and play with our fur baby.”

Someone else, BHRR’s Riot, one of our handsome blue Great Danes in rescue, has some extremely exciting news to share later tonight!!
The photo below is of BHRR’s Riot and one of his new besties – Sally, the pug/JRT!
He says please stayed tuned!

05 (1)

Someone is hanging at KAH today for a recheck! BHRR’s Riot! How he prefers to drink.
He is up another 5.72 pounds! So, he now weighs 45.4 KGS(99.88 pounds). He still needs another 15 or so, for his current age/body conformation and, it will come.
Today, we did a manicure/pedicure, microchipped him and, he will receive his DAPP Booster plus Rabies.
Then, in about another week or so, he will have a very special announcement to make!
The Vet loves the muscle tone and mass that he has developed, especially in his hind end.  She also loved how his blue coat is becoming more and more healthy plus soft.
His obedience is doing wonderfully and, he is another BHRR dog that is going to make one lucky right matched forever loving home A FABU addition!! Adore him!!!

11041752_810455912354575_7382737618151627237_n IMG_6680

Introducing BHRR's Riot – OMG! He is lovely!! His personality is not one of terror or being catatonic at all. He is a goofy, pushy, no manners, loveable, happy tail whacking, affectionate, barky hunk of love! 🙂
He weighed just over 42 KGs and, though, he is quite skinny, border emaciated and, he will fill out in time. Proper nutrition, exercise and keeping him growing nice and slow will assist.
He has a slightly raw right back foot and, we did a thorough exam and normal temp, lungs are clear and, as he is doing some snot flinging plus coughing, he will remain on Doxy for at least another week. He does not have pneumonia at this time.
His coat needs a good washing and grooming as it has dander plus dead hair yet, he is almost quite silver in areas on his body. Not a true steel blue GD.
He had a manicure plus pedicure and, he is playful, mouthy, jumps and, is almost borderline rude with his lack of manners. He will bark for negative seeking attention behaviour also.
Welcome to Gwennie's Boot Camp!
I would say around 12 months of age and, he does have some tartar on those teeth. Nothing that is urgent to address while at BHRR.
Karen said that loud noises tended to set him off with some barking also.
I can already tell that he is going to be a riot!!
When he is healthy, we will do his vaccines.
This boy is 100% awesome already and, in five weeks or so, he should have no issues making his special announcement!
Welcome to BHRR MR. Xl
Thank you again Karen!! You are a transporter angel!!

In the second photo, you can see his hip bones more than you like and, the lighting / his blue coat does not show just how ribby he is yet, as mentioned above, a bit skinny, yet, no longer anorexic like he was at the shelter and, not emaciated. 🙂


GENTLE Reminder:
BHRR's Gretta's angels have been working quietly plus hard behind the scenes on a special Fundraiser event to help raise some much needed monies to help her with the bills from her cruciate repair surgery and rehab journey.
Thanks is appreciatively extended to Pet Valu – Manotick for helping us, AND, for hosting this event on Sunday February 15th, 2015 from 10 AM – 4 PM
This is the 'Grooming For Gretta – Sweetheart Spa' Fundraiser!
No APPOINTMENTS necessary!
BHRR is still ISO: two more approved BHRR Volunteers willing and open to helping lend a hand that day! 
This is not a community education or public awareness event for BHRR yet, we will have some merchandise for sale such as our signature leash sleeves plus magnets. smile emoticon
Please email
THANKS once again MUST be shouted out to BHRR BOD member B. Cole for such an amazing poster!

sweetheart spa (Medium)

On February 4th, I received the following:
'I have another Dane in need too. The Dane has wicked kennel cough but healthy other than that. Very stressed and skittish, no aggression but not for adoption….he was really stressed, lots of freezing, but no aggression noted..'

We stepped up and, he is scheduled to arrive February 10th, 2015. Worried about pneumonia. He is on Doxy at the shelter right now. Though, the photo does not show it, the shelter vet has him also listed as anorexic.