On Friday January 21st, while Sean/I were watching BHRR's Potter outside doing a little playing(more just standing and doing some mouth wrestling as his back and neck are still quite stiff) with a couple of the dogs; he made a bit of  a cry and layed down. He did not desire to get up. In concern,  Sean carried him inside and we looked him all over. We saw a bit of swelling surrounding his stump and penis/ groin area yet no marks which we knew we would not find anyway as we were both right there watching things and there was no rough play grabbing etc. to BHRR's Potter whatsover by any of the other dogs. He was also not bumped nor did any dog run into him.

We took him into the Hospital and the Vet diagnosed BHRR's Potter with 'latent' or delayed trauma exhibition. They feel that all the deep trauma that was inside of BHRR's Potter from when he was attacked(livers/kidneys) is now just starting to come out. We were told that the playing etc. that he did do was not a factor for BHRR's Potter has been doing some mouth playing with other dogs and also has trotted himself in the fenced in yard without previous concern as he was healing from his attack back in December. We also drained another 5 cc's from his seroma and I picked up more Amoxicillin on Saturday from LAH for him.

Below are two pictures from Sunday January 23rd of his stump and groin area. The bruising began to come out in full force as of the Saturday. The Vet assures us that as long as BHRR's Potter is eating, drinking, his last urine results came back normal, pooping fine; no fever , vomiting etc.; that he will be ok. If for any reason, it will be necessary, we shall do an ultrasound, more X-Rays and the Vet said extreme would be an exporatory. 🙁

His Vet Bills are extensive and to us, plus so many; BHRR's Potter worth is priceless and we can only hope that people shall consider to donate. BHRR is not in a great financial position(YET we shall continue helping with your support) to assist more dogs as our total bills at this time is almost $10,000. Please consider making a donation.

We also would like to extend an invitation to people that are thinking about helping BHRR's Potter or even BHRR; to contact us about attending our next BHRR 'EXPERIENCE' Mini Open House in February so that dogs like BHRR's Potter can express to you themselves what it would mean to have your support. I do not think I could ever be as passionate as the dogs themselves when people meet them and see just how important their donations are in their lives. Your donations make a difference and that difference can and does mean LIFE. That truly is a great 'gift' and even $5.00 is not too little and if you have already donated, and would like to do so again; we are humbly thankful and BHRR's Potter would probably bestow upon you some kisses(I tend to be the ONLY one that he is stingy with and makes *me* work for them! LOL) of eternal gratitude.

Please do continue to him in your thoughts and donations can still be made to KAH (Kanata Animal Hospital) by calling (613) 836-2848 or by PayPal or by email transfer to gwen@birchhaven.org

KAH will take Visa, M/C and AMEX over the phone and will then mail you a receipt.

Total Raised to Date: $1,120
Vet Bills to Date: $3,300 and Rising
Remaining OWING on Bills at Kanata Animal Hospital: $984.54

Potters Angels:

Alex & Karen
Dan & Isabelle

BHRR's Potter – Stump/Groin Area & inside leg of his stump – January 23rd, 2011