BHRR’s Booker aka Mr. Squishie 

Some things are just meant to be and this home-visit was as close to perfect as could be.

Emotional for all involved and BHRR’s Booker chose his forever loving adoptive mama. How it should always be…we may speak for the dogs yet we only say out loud what they are clearly expressing and he is now home! 

Kinsley, that you could love as fiercely as you do and be brave plus strong enough to let Mr. Squishie go makes me so proud of you. You are right when you said at the home-visit that so many of those you adore and those that adore you have left – most recently The Bakers Dozen of BHRR’s Sprocket, BHRR’s Carlsberg and now BHRR’s Booker. Your heart is huge and your compassion even more so.

Your selflessness to let these cherished animals go makes me love you all the more.  Today was very hard on you and your tears were shared by every single one of us today at that home-visit. I know there is so much happiness in those tears too for you only want what is best for each dog yet I know that today was extremely difficult.

You are so correct when you said that there shall never me another Squishie and you have helped make him that incredibly special pup that he is now. Thank you for that! 

Thank you and to so many others that stepped up in his time of need to help us help him!

We always wish that all home-visits could flow this easily and thank you to BHRR’s Booker’s new forever loving adoptive mama for going through the detailed adoption process and opening up your home to us today. Thank you for your time and openly welcoming kind presence!

As mentioned to this home, they are as close to perfect as we could have ever wished for this fabu DDB.

We are going to miss you something terrible and the tears flowed freely upon our walk back to our car with Lucie yet we must think to ourselves that we have not lost BHRR’s Booker, we have in fact gained an amazing soul that we are thrilled to have as our newest BHRR family member! 

This is not good-bye Mr. Squishie, this is the beginning of a beautiful new chapter in your life…..many many many new chapters!

Thank you again Lucie for being with us today to do this home-visit, your caring support for Kinsley and now Kinsley and I are working our way slowly home….

For me on a side note – I am proud of myself for driving by the CN Tower!  Holy! This country gal does not know how city folk do it with all of the traffic and construction and speeding and people and….and….. 

Good Morning!

Mr. Squishie had a good night! A bit restless yet ate his supper and breakfast great and has settled in well at the hotel. Very proud of you! 

We are off shortly to do the home-visit and I know so many of us are filled with deep and mixed emotions as we all adore The Books….yet please be assured that unless this is the right matched personality fit for him, he will not be adopted. 

Good Sunday AM to everyone!

Mr. Squishie is doing well. He has been a bit unsure with the hotel so we have gone up to several groups of people at the hotel, asking if they would not mind giving him treats and spending some time talking and being around him and when BHRR’s Booker was ready, give him some loving gentle touches.

Very proud of Mr. Squishie and so thankful to so many – three separate groups and one person came back to see us later and brought their wife – I heard she was jealous that she had not gotten the chance to meet him! – to talk and love on Mr. Squishie! They used to own an EM just like our sweet RIP Guinness.  There are truly so many wonderful people in the world!

Thank you to all that helped us set him up for success and demonstrated patience and understanding and so much kindness!

He is now crashed out on Kinsley’s bed and I am not ‘noticing’ it at all…  As this could well be the last night the two of them have together, let them be as close together as can be. 

From our hotel room to all of our friends, family and supporters good night wishes being sent!

We will update as we can!

AND we are here!!

Someone is being quite watchful over ‘his’ kid with the people around and needing some gentle reminders that this is not necessary. 

Tomorrow, from here – only place close enough that had a room available to take a large breed dog – we will make the remainder (just under 1 hour) drive to do the home-visit!

Pit Stop!

Port Hope!

Mr. Squishie & his kid!! 

AND we are on our way!! 

Tomorrow is the home-visit for Mr. Squishie’s possible approved adoption. We will update once we arrive to our hotel!

What a glorious day for a drive!

I picked up this handsome dude this AM from his OVERNIGHT special picnic snack Date. 

I heard that he did really well…excellent manners and so loved all the teenage girls he met….no surprise there! 

After picking him up, I headed over to KAH to get a current weight on him. I suspected that he weighed around 75 pounds and he is 75.24 pounds! He is lean, muscled and can never be allowed to become overweight. With that back leg having been broken prior to Rescue, we do not want it further comprised.

After KAH we went over to PV Stittsville to visit and he got treats, wanted to become friends with the cat and got to love on and be loved on by a female Weim. 

We also made a $25 donation on behalf of an anonymous angel to PV Stittsville’s heart warming PAW Appreciation efforts.  They are collecting donations until May 5th! 

It is going to be so important to Mr. Squishie’s future approved right matched forever adoptive home to make sure he is continually socialised to keep him developing into the best dog he can be. 

Now, we are on our way home! Someone is pooped!

Testamonial From The Home That Had The Date – Thanks Dawn & Family!

“he was a dream guest. Loved everyone he met on his walks and has excellent leash manners. Thor is also exhausted but a good exhausted. He will be an excellent addition to the right home.”

Mr. Squishie was dropped off for his special OVERNIGHT picnic play date around 6:15 pm.

I hear that he is being a good boy in demonstrating his excellent leash manners and respecting the ‘no couch’ rule. 

I also heard that he has brought out the ‘puppy’ in the homes own handsome dog! 

Kinsley misses her boy yet he is in great hands! 

Have a good night BHRR’s Booker! 

PS: Thanks for all of the drool & hair in my car! LOL


This gorgeous DDB is heading off later today for his own special OVERNIGHT picnic play date!

Mr. Squishie!

This year we had 16 dates won in our annual one of a kind incredibly unique BHRR Doggie Date Auction. Tonight is the 2nd of those dates and this fundraiser is so much fun plus gives these amazing BHRR doggies additional positive experiences that continue to help them become even more well balanced and rounded. 

On Sunday May 6th, the home-visit for BHRR’s Booker’s possible approved adoption shall be happening and we will post an update as we can!

BHRR’s Bookers’ HV for a possible approved adoption is Sunday May 6th. 

We will post an update as we can.

Mr. Squishie (BHRR’s Booker) is moving under a Pending Adoption!
6 month old DDB

We shall update things as we can.

Mr. Squishie!
6 month old DDB

He says it has been a really wonderfully busy day and time to go to bed….he can barely keep his eyes open!

Being this cute is hard! 

He remains AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION to that right matched personality fit home!

He has an extremely detailed blog and all of our adoption processes, policies and procedures can be found on our home website, including an application for those that then feel they may qualify to adopt him.

From our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, good night wishes being sent!


BHRR’s Booker AKA Mr. Squishie! (5.5 month old DDB)

For those who see this handsome young man now and compare him to the video I posted of him & his back left leg during his intensive rehab at BHRR, they remain in awe of how ‘normal’ he has become! 

This boy has made miraculous progress according to his Ortho Specialist Team! Simply miraculous. 

AND now that his leg is as almost like new again and he is fully vetted, neutered, microchipped, de-wormed, on proper flea/tick & heartworm preventive plus has had bloodwork etc. all completed….he is ready!

Ready to make his special announcement!

This fine handsome young man can go to a home that works full-time, part-time, from home, is semi-retired or is retired. Another versatile BHRR dog!

He can go to a home that has no children or a home that has children aged 8 or up. No young children for him as they still make him scared.

He loves dogs and people and even cats – though cats do not always love him. He needs to be reminded at times to be gentle around them and for a 5.5 month old pup, he has done exceptionally well!

He loves being around his humans…laying by my computer or sitting on my feet yet he is not an in your face pup. He has his independent side for sure! AND a mind all of his own! 

We would love to see him in a home that already has a right match personality fit dog in it, yet would consider a home where he would be the only dog as long as he has a strong doggie social network for he loves his friends….he just loves them!

He is crate and house trained and his manners are almost perfection…..almost! Obedience is fabu and travels wonderfully in the car.

A dream to wash, do nails and clean ears and still has some worry with the soft rubber curry brush but once I begin, he relaxes and enjoys the massaging. 

He is so social, playful, low maintenance on the activity level yet loves and needs his walks and strolls – not a huge runner – more of a trotter when he is motivated! He needs a home that is not over the top social and active yet one that does like the outdoors and will continue to expose him to public places and people and things with great experiences. He has not yet hit the stranger danger phase and we want to minimise any strain to him from that natural development part of growing up by continuing on this great path he is on.

He loves his outdoor fun and loves his comfort of home too! A home that is calmly socially active in their home too would be fabu for him.

He is such a fantastic puppy and needs a home that shall not consciously or unconsciously enable the few, yet they are still there, displays of nervousness behaviour he can demonstrate….for example – school buses. AND how the home handles this in acting is how he shall react. Treat it as no big deal and a calming word and/or touch, then passively ignoring will be the set up for success he needs!

This boy is a flirt, an adorable manipulator, so smart – I have taught him things like ‘front feet up’ – and thrives on being properly mentally and physically stimulated.

He snores, drools and sheds and that right match personality fit home is going to not care and will be prepared!

He will not be a big boy and that is wonderful for his back left leg will benefit from that and a home will have to be cognisant about keeping him lean. Almost all the DDB’s that I see are not just fat yet obese and this is so wrong. That would ruin this pup. He has overcome so much with that leg.

He does not need a breed specific experienced home. He needs a responsible home -all dogs do! – that at least understands his breed. We will consider first time dog owner homes if it is that right matched personality fit home.

AND we know he is popular so we ask that people that may be interested in him to please read his extremely thorough blog and our adoption policies to see if they may qualify to be approved to adopt him. 

Mr. Squishie, what can I say?! What a thrill you are and a blast you are and an honour it has been. The last three plus months have seen you truly take a miraculous journey and Kinsley and I shall miss you something fierce when it is your time to leave us! 

Thank you to Liz Bradley again for her photography skills and to Aaron Maracle plus Cherie Barnes Maracle in helping to puppy love wrangle at this professional photo shoot.

These two unbelievably handsome young puppy dudes had their professional photo shoot on Friday March 23rd!

BHRR’s Booker (5.5 months) & BHRR’s Sawyer (9 months).

In the one photo, Mr. Squishie is falling asleep sitting up! He does that often! 

Thank you to Aaron Maracle & Cherie Barnes Maracle for the extra hands and to Liz Bradley for her time plus talent again!

The weather was gorgeous and the boyz blew their sessions out of the water! Great photo shoot for them both and their manners were almost impeccable. Once again, I am bursting with such pride over their progress to date. 

Once I receive their professional pictures, both will be ready to make their own special announcements.

We know both are popular and we continue to stress that we shall only approve right match personality fit homes. Their blogs are detailed and we will post even more re: the homes we are seeking for them during their special announcements. 

Thank you to Aaron & Cherie for the two blankets and their auction items also!! Our biggest fundraiser of the year is coming up July 8th – traditionally also Canada’s largest microchip Clinic – and these items are so appreciated for our silent auction part of that day! 

Happy gorgeous Sunday to everyone!

AND this is him after I went to do a load of laundry……basking in some sun rays and drool marks already drying on the couch too! 

Mr. Squishie is healing well after his neuter plus two deciduous teeth extractions.

He did react negatively to the Gabapentin so we stuck to Deramaxx only after that.

Today is a big day for him and BHRR’s Sawyer as they shall be getting their professional photo’s done! Thanks again to Cherie for offering to help puppy wrangle!

Tonight, BHRR’s Calla is at KAH for a re-weigh, exam, boosters and to prepare for her own spay plus microchip.

This is BHRR’s Bookers face when he was told ‘no couch’. His right matched personality fit home is going to have to have a strong constitution to resist such a face….wee handsome manipulative adorable squishie he is! 

To update, we only have 13 spots left for our June BHRR ‘EXPERIENCE’ Mini Open House and from our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, good Friday wishes being sent!

Someone is waking up post op! 

So freakin’ adorable he is….

AND BHRR’s Booker(Mr. Squishie) is almost all prepped & ready to go for his neuter! 

He has some loose deciduous teeth that they shall also take out while he is under. 

He is just so handsome no matter what picture is taken of him! 

Mr. Squishie has now been successfully dropped off for a Take 2 for his de-twinkling & microchip! 

Weight: 25.7 kg(57.54 pounds)

On the 23rd, he and BHRR’s Sawyer shall then have their professional photo shoot – Thanks Cherie Barnes Maracle for offering to puppy wrangle! 

Happy Friday!

UPDATE: Mr. Squishie’s Neuter/Microchip Apt. has been rescheduled to Friday. 

After his surgeon did two other procedures today – they have been sick – they asked me if it would be ok to move his surgery. 

Absolutely! So, BHRR’s Booker is going to be de-twinkled on Friday instead. 

AND he gets to hang out with all of the lovelies at KAH today! 

Feel better wishes being sent out…..

Mr. Squishie!

His face when he was gently ‘reminded’ that tomorrow was his own de-twinkling and microchipping day!  

His professional photo shoot was to have been the 9th of March yet due to two recent human losses to The Boerskins Family, this had to be rescheduled.

He is now scheduled along with BHRR’s Sawyer for March 23rd.

ISO: An Approved Volunteer to lend a hand that day – MUST be strong as BHRR’s Sawyer can still be a puller – Location: Nepean, Time: 2 PM. Please email if you can assist with puppy wrangling for 2 pups that day! 
*Please do not post your kind offer here*

Once he heals, he should be ready to make his own special announcement!

He shall literally be a $4,000 dog by the time he has been successfully rehabbed and we are still accepting donations to help pay for his mounting bills – tomorrow will be another $350+.

He is worth every dime and donations can be made direct to Kanata Animal Hospital:



Via Email Transfer:


Via PayPal to

From our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, good-night wishes being sent!

Donated To Date: $2,166.50

Mr. Squishie!
March 2018

His face when he was being told it is ‘nail trim time’ and that he is NOT suppose to be on the new couches!  

His face is so full of expression…..

He has his professional photo shoot on Friday the 9th and then on the 14th, he shall be de-twinkled plus microchipped.

Hopefully by March 28th, he may be ready to make his own special announcement! 

Mr. Squishie was at the Vet on Monday February 26th!

He is now 21.4kg(47.08 pounds) and will soon be 5 months of age. 

This is his face after the other dogs told him what ‘de-twinkling’ was.  

BHRR’s Booker is now healthy to be neutered(de-twinkled) and he is scheduled for March 14th. We will microchip at that time too. 

His pre-op bw was done on Monday night and all has come back normal! 

He is also scheduled for his professional photo shoot on March 9th! 

If all goes well, within the next month, he will be ready to make his own special announcement! 

This is one amazing special pup that has a huge hold on my heart and I know was also in his bff’s own heart….BHRR’s Carlsberg and vice versa… 

We know some things already yet all will be posted on his adoption availability announcement. 

Two examples:

1) He will not go to a home with children under the age of 8 or to homes planning/wanting children. Infants, toddlers and small children terrify him. 

They do not make him feel 100% comfortable, safe or relaxed. He is deeply stressed. 

2) With all of the rehab done on his back left leg, he will also not be approved to go to a home that is super active. That would ruin him.

BHRR’s Booker
February 18th, 2018

He had his second special Date!

This date was won by a sweet person in our annual ‘JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS’ Online Auction. They wished to have the date organised after January 25th and when that time came, they no longer felt in a position to have this Date and asked if it could be gifted to another with our permission. 

We then reached out to said person they wanted to donate this date to! What a beautiful gesture made by the first home! 

The home gifted this date chose Mr. Squishie as their date of choice and also invited Kinsley, myself and Sir-Bounce-A-Lots to spend the day/early evening with them.  We came armed with food, snacks, drinks and dogs! AND the home also so deliciously made their famous meatballs & rice.

There was no lack of amazing things to eat or to talk about or dogs to love on for this home also has two dogs of their own. Truly, an amazing time spent….

What a beautiful day it was! As people are aware we are an all Volunteer group and I am in these Rescue trenches 24/7. Sunday was a delightful treat to share good food with good company and wonderful dogs! Thanks for inviting us! 

Here are some pictures I took from this special Play date yesterday! BHRR’s Booker is looking at me and clearly saying ‘the no couch rule does not apply today Gwennie’ 

Thank you to this lovely home for a great day and further great experiences for Mr. Squishie! 

Today is Family Day and in observation of such and that my family gets extreme little quality family time, we are doing….well….special family things! 

We hope all of our friends, family & supporters are having an equally fabu day!

Mr. Squishie!
February 17th, 2018

He had his first play date away from me today! 

This was a special picnic snack play DAY date that was won in our recent auction. 

THANK you to the wonderful home that won this date and for giving him a truly amazing day!

THANK you also for the toys for him! SO generous and loving!

I heard he had a really fabu day!! 

AND I am a broken record I know yet this is why we have our extremely popular program for it is essential and so important to have our dogs get into the right hands of others helping to make them the most well rounded and balanced dogs possible!

AND tomorrow he is on another special DAY Date! More about that then…..

AND we have a BHRR dog ready to make his special announcement tomorrow and we have some EVENT news to share too! 

I also need to share an update on The Bakers Dozen of BHRR’s Murray’s latest Vet Visit. 

This photo was taken after I picked up Kinsley and before he was safely tethered in the back again….he needed to say HELLO first! 

From our home to all of our friends, family & supporters….warmest good night wishes being sent!

We wish to SHOUT out the best and biggest thanks to so many that made our Sweetheart SPA event ‘pawsitively’ wonderful and so successful! 

DRUMROLL: $813 Raised! – $103 was from Empties!

Thank you to Bre of Pet Valu Stittsville in hosting us on Sunday and to her really lovely staff in being so patient with the BHRR invasion of dogs and humans! 

We want to thank our fabu BHRR Approved Volunteers who gave up a Sunday to spend it with us and with BHRR’s Booker & The Bakers Dozen of BHRR’s Murray! Aaron, Cherie, Gracie, Margaret and Doogie plus Sean & Kinsley, I remain really grateful for your support.

Thank you to every fabu dog and their human(s) that came out to visit us! At one point we had a line-up of incredible dogs waiting for us to pamper them! Thank you everyone for your amazing patience as we worked to give each and every gorgeous animal individual love and attention….their humans too! 

The smooching that went on, the roses that were given out – should have bought more as 24 were gone in a flash! – the baking was equally popular – Kendra I still think that your baking is a work of art!  – AND the tears that flowed….

This was a very emotional day for quite a few of us. The Bakers Dozen of BHRR’s Carlsberg should have been there….and while his brother BHRR’s Murray, our puppy strangles pup – more on his own latest vet visit last night – rocked the day making me immensely proud – it was also such a heart wrenching day too. Thank you to so many kind and caring folks for the ‘gentle kicks, punches & hugs’ of support.  I remain so raw over his loss.

For those who have not yet seen the memorial movie or post I made February 7th, here is THE MOVIE LINK

Thank you to Jan B. who won our famous BHRR raffle basket & donated it back to BHRR. 

Thank you to Pauline for donating a doggie wheelchair to help us with a future BHRR doggie in need of one. 

Thank you to Doogie in making lunch for the Volunteers and staff at Pet Valu Stittsville. 

Thank you to those that donated their Empties – we still have to bring them back and will add them to the final total raised. 

Thank you to Jan H. & Jenny for donating new age appropriate toys for The Bakers Dozen and two toy storage bins. We were running very low on toys. 

Thank you to Margaret for the donating of future auction items that she bought in Florida – for our upcoming 11th Annual Microchip Clinic. 

Thank you to all of the BHRR Alumni adopters and doggies that came out – it always warms my heart and BHRR’s LT, I cannot believe that we are coming up on 10 years in June since your own meant to be approved adoption. We continue to work hard to dispel so many wrong beliefs and myths that Danes only live to age 7. This does our breed a huge disservice.

Too much in wrong information remains out there re: life expectancy, what constitutes proper diet, weight and exercise plus not all Vets should be seeing the giants so many of us adore. Giants are not like other size or breeds of dogs and as such need to be fed, exercised and vetted appropriately. That is why events like Sunday are so great….they provide a necessary and much needed invaluable opportunity to publicly educate and create the correct awareness re: Giants. Almost 30 years and thousands upon thousands of Giants we have been deeply involved with and our work shall never end.

AND as a small personable special needs strongly focused Rescue, we work extra hard to demonstrate to others how normal they are and how precious they are as beloved and cherished family members. No animal or person is perfect and we are all perfect in our imperfections!

AND if I am forgetting anything, that error is completely mine and please do forgive me. I was not operating at my absolute best on Sunday for a number of reasons and yesterday was equally stressful. 

The money raised will make another dent into what we owe in Vet Bills and we remain deeply thankful to so many for assisting us in helping those in need of our specialised programs. As people know, we have not taken in an Animal since 2017 for we must remain about the high standard of quality of our programs to each and every dog in our care.

When we can, we will re-open for intake and again help the next in need of BHRR. We cannot nor will not compromise on what each and every animal needs.

Some have been asking about our next event and at this time, we do not have anything concrete planned for March. We will be doing one more Flash Auction item and then have our annual BHRR date auction coming up in April etc. 

My GD Salt, Mr. Squishie & BHRR’s Potter
February 10th, 2018

Mr. Squishie is getting his beauty rest for tomorrow!

This is my final post of my night as we are in big preparation for tomorrow for our Sweetheart SPA Event at Pet Valu Stittsville!

Mr. Squishie and The Bakers Dozen of BHRR’s Furry Murray shall be on hand to love on our visitors!

They are doing pooch smooch sessions on the famous BHRR Red carpet!

We are also doing dog washes, ear cleanings and nails! Doogie will be on hand with feathers for you or your pet!

We will have some baked goodies for sale – we are baking up a storm right now! – some merchandise for sale and have one of the BHRR famous raffle baskets up for grabs!

For those coming out tomorrow and they have Empties or Canadian Tire $ they would like to donate…we are collecting!

The weather promises to be great in the AM yet in the afternoon, not so pleasant so just as a heads up to those planning on attending. 

AND for those asking, my Salt who has always been there for all the dogs….has stepped up BIG time to help Mr. Squishie after he lost his bff of The Bakers Dozen BHRR’s Carlsberg and so has BHRR’s Potter. 

AND for those who know this ‘tudy boxer, they KNOW that this is huge…..he has taken this DDB puppy under his paw…both of them have.

AND BHRR’s Furry Murray has stepped up hugely in being one of BHRR’s Bookers’ besties when it comes to playing as has Salt. 

From our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, the warmest of good-night wishes being sent!



BHRR’s Booker
February 4th, 2018!

He wishes to thank ALL of our BHRR supporters, fans, friends plus family for all of the assistance given to make our 5th Annual ‘Breaking Bills Bake Online’ Auction our most successful year yet! 

In 2018; TOTAL RAISED $1,203.00 on 54 amazing items!

My fingers are trembling and tears are in my eyes in just typing that grand total!

For the moment, this has taken an enormous amount of weight off of our shoulders for while the bills shall continue to mount, we cannot thank everyone enough for your kindness, caring hearts and generous natures in helping!

THANKS to so many, we have been able to pay off what we currently owed at both Alta Vista Animal Hospital AND Liston Animal Hospital! 

I sincerely do aologize for the delay in posting this final total as I had to do gentle follow-ups on some items….

THANK you from my heart also to each winner that rounded up or donated extra funds! So heart-warming….

Just a gentle reminder that we are at Pet Valu Stittsville on 
Sunday February 11th from 10 AM – 4 PM for our exciting Sweetheart SPA Fundraiser!

This will be our first public awareness event / community eduation event since 2017!

More details in the poster in this thread yet we are doing nail trims – cats/dogs/exotics, dog washes and ear cleanings for $10

Dee Dick shall be on hand for a $5 donation to take photo’s on the Red Carpet for our famous Pooch Smooch Sessions or to put feathers in human or canine friends hair!

We will have some baked goodies and other merchandise for sale too!

We will also have one of our famous BHRR Raffle Baskets up for grabs plus we will be collecting Canadian Tire Money plus Empties that day.

This is Gwennie!

Many of you may not know this face for she is always hiding from the lime-light.

Today is a very special day for today is Gwennie’s Birthday! 

If it were not for this truly amazing woman, BHRR would not exist and thousands upon thousands of animals/people would not have been helped over the past 22+ years.

The truly broken physically and/or behaviourally…Danes, Giants and Honourary that have been saved thanks to her. Dogs & Horses that many others would not or could not help. 98% of the dogs that come to Gwen are special needs for this was her mandate for BHRR and are often the dogs’ last chance at having a future. AND Gwennie delivers. She gives these dogs the best of everything.

Many friendships would never have been formed if it were not for this great woman either.

She has not only brought many dogs and people together, she is the glue that keeps those links on her BHRR Chain of Success so strong and stable.

She is often giving credit to others, even when it should come to her….content to stay in the background and let others be the focus of attention. Humble, generous, thoughtful and caring, nothing Gwennie would not do for anyone she felt was worthy.

Loyal to a fault and though trust is hard earned, once earned it is steadfast and solid. Break that trust and that is a whole different story! 

Where Gwennie does not take a back seat is when it comes to the animals and people in need. She has no hesitation in standing up for what is right, takes a zero tolerance approach and will go toe to toe in any situation that there is a need.

She has never once waivered in her vision over the past 22+ years for BHRR and has kept BHRR being a highly reputable, responsible and quality filled rescue. No animal lacks for anything and corners are never cut and she has kept BHRR small, personable with having second to none success rates.

She creates miracles every day…..many have born witness to this. She has never shied away from the difficult, heart wrenching and financially demanding animals in need. Even knowing that her heart will be ripped to shreds again and again, Gwennie continues to find strength and heart to save the next in need of her.

These animals are treated like cherished family members and anyone that visits BHRR has seen firsthand how the dogs follow and look for Gwennie. People can see how they look at Gwennie, the trust, the mutual respect, the love that they have. It is a beautiful and humbling thing to witness as these animals learn to be dogs and blossom plus grow under her care.

Time and time again, Gwennie has worked magic and has successfully rehabbed dogs to either be placed up for adoption or kept safe in BHRR’s Haven Program. She has given life to so many, great life.

Gwennie does without to ensure that the animals get everything…the big joke is how Gwennie does not even own a winter coat or boots!

It would be lovely if we could come together as her village and community and donate some funds to help Gwennie continue the extremely important work that she does.

**Email Transfer or PayPal:**

Do also join us in wishing her a wonderful day as we celebrate her!

HAPPY Birthday Gwennie! 

Your Loving BHRR Family/Team

**$410 Donated To Date**

Mr. Squishie! (3.5 months old)
January 30th, 2018

On our way into Liston Animal Hospital for his latest recheck, re-weigh and boosters.

He now weighs 15.7 kgs(34.54 Pounds) and is still quite lean and we continue to work on slowly getting the muscle mass and weight on him. With his healing back broken leg, being lean is in his best interest yet we all would like to now see some more pounds put on. 

His Vet was really impressed with how far that leg has come along since he was last seen and having to pull the cast off so we could focus on the ankle. Many may remember the video I took the day his latest cast came off.

I have been doing three times daily small sessions of massage, thermal therapy, ROM and flexion exercises at home and his Vet is so pleased with his progress! 

He says that BHRR’s Booker’s leg is now about 80% healed and he is extremely happy with the muscle tone and symmetry between both of his back legs now. 

That back leg shall never be perfect yet Dr. Liston feels that the integrity shall continue to come with strength, time and he will be as close to normal as possible!

Dr. Liston says that his healing is way ahead of where he felt he would be at this time and yay! 

We still have a ways to go yet step by step we are getting there! 

Isn’t he so freakin’ handsome!! 

Just a reminder: For those wishing to meet him, he shall be at Pet Valu Stittsville February 11th at our Sweetheart Spa Event from 10 AM – 4 PM giving out roses and smooches as part of our famous red carpet sessions!

Donated To Date: $1,916.50 

Our 5th ANNUAL ‘Breaking Bills Bake Online’ Auction is NOW Closed!

THANK you to all of the generous and loving donators for their contributions to our unique and creative Fundraiser!

THANK you to everyone that kindly bid, shared and also otherwise wonderfully supported our Event!

I shall be in touch OVER the next 72 hours with all of the winners to confirm their auction items per the master logged auction list as stamped/documented by the wp software.

Please be patient as I co-ordinate everything! 

We are feeling so much in blessings and appreciation tonight… a time that has brought deep despair and grief this past week, tonight, we feel the support of our village strongly surrounding us.

There shall never ever be the right words to express to everyone how much that has meant. 

My GD Salt is crashed out from all of the excitement while Mr. Squishie is taking everything in stride as per his style! 

From our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, the warmest of good-night wishes are being sent.

My last post of my night!

Mr. Squishie News!

My GD Salt(Almost 3) and Mr. Squishie(14 weeks)!

BHRR’s Booker wants to shout out a HUGE thanks to Doogie and her friends plus family! 

Doogie had asked for people to possibly consider making a donation to his cause in honour of her upcoming Birthday. 

To date: $125 has come to BHRR for Mr. Squishie’s mounting Vet Bills. So heartwarming! 

BHRR’s Booker is back at LAH on September 30th for his next exam, repeat x-rays and re-weigh plus boosters!. 

I have been doing ROM and flexion exercises at home on that ankle along with massage and some conditioning exercise etc. 

Thank you Doogie for choosing BHRR to support and what a wonderful soul that I am privileged to share my own Birthday with! 

From our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, good night wishes are being sent!



BHRR’s Bookers latest x-ray

BHRR’s Booker VIDEO – 3 month old DDB with a back broken leg(Tibia & Fibula Affected) 
January 16th, 2018 This is a short video taken after his latest cast was removed today. 

Unfortunately, this is his leg….
*He leg was broken December 8th @ 8 weeks of age
*He was not seen by a Vet until the 9th so proper treatment was not immediately given
*He had then been put in a temporary cast that had not been properly placed
*Then the cast had not been changed weekly, with assessments/x-Rays NOR was surgery given to repair the leg 
*By time we were asked to assist arriving to BHRR December 23rd and we got him in immediately to see our own Vet & Specialist Team, surgery was no longer considered the best option. 
*So, weekly Vet visits, regular x-rays and cast changes were being done
*From his first Vet Visit here on December 27th, concern was had over his ankle due to the improper placement of the first cast plus lack of weekly x-Rays & cast replacements being done. Corrections were made to all future weekly cast placements under our care to work to ensure proper healing was happening
*January 16th’s x-rays indicate that his leg continues to heal slowly and well where the breaks are. However, the integrity to that ankle is still compromised. 
*Though, his breaks are not fully healed, we need to shift the focus to his ankle and the recommendations have been to keep a cast off for the next two weeks and work on rehabilitation with the ankle and working on him planting his foot/leg into a normal walking/standing position
*He also remains having swollen toes that with removal of the cast the hope is that the swelling may successfully resolveHe has a long journey still ahead of him.

Donations to his care can be made via email transfer to or via PayPal to or direct to Liston Animal Hospital 613-591-0966

I will post a pic of his latest x-ray in his album and on his blog.

Donated To Date: $1,761.50


Last post of my night and due to popular demand….we will post another Mr. Squishie pic! 

This photo was taken Friday January 12th by Elizabeth at Alta Vista Animal Hospital during BHRR’s Carlsbergs’ rehab session. Great photo! Thank you again Elizabeth, Anne & Mike for helping me out that day! 

BHRR’s Booker is back at Liston Animal Hospital on Tuesday and for those wanting to meet him, he will be a guest of honour at our special ‘Sweetheart Spa’ Event on Sunday February 11th at Pet Valu Stittsville. 

Additionally, having had not one, not two yet three people either post on our Facebook page or reach out to members of the BHRR BOD, offering to make a donation if we would then ensure that we put this pup into their own home, we would like to publicly state the following:

BHRR does not operate in such a substandard manner. We have an extremely thorough adoption screening process. It is also concerning that people would only consider making a donation ‘if’ they got BHRR’s Booker in exchange.

We only place per right match personality fits to our dogs that are determined to be adoptable. They also do not go up for adoption until they are successfully rehabilitated and assessed as being adoptable. 

All of our adoption processes, policies and procedures can be found on our website and he has a wonderfully detailed blog that people can follow his journey at BHRR! 

From our home to all of our friends, family & supporters, good night wishes being sent!

Today we went to visit a possible new rehab location for The Bakers Dozen – BHRR’s Carlsberg to frequent along with his bff and motivator Mr. Squishie BHRR’s Booker.

BHRR’s Carlsberg’s last intensive rehab session at Alta Vista Animal Hospitals Specialty Services shall be on the 19th as his fabu and much adored rehab angel Nancy is going on maternity leave.

We will be seeing Dr. Chauvet, his incredible Neurologist on the 19th as well for his latest re-evaluation/assessment.

So, today we headed off to visit a new place on Carling and to have them meet us/BHRR’s Carlsberg etc. Nancy Couillard thank you immensely again from our hearts for being there with us today! 

The plan is to do another 15 intensive rehab sessions to start and we are looking at $1,000 to do so. Whatever our FCE puppy needs to give him the best opportunity at a ‘new’ normal for quality of life, we are committed in doing. He has been going three times a week to date and without hesitation I make the three hour roundtrip drive (in good traffic/weather – much longer otherwise) to make sure BHRR’s Carlsberg gets to these extremely important and necessary appointments. 

I am also only working one day a week at the Hospital and am not taking on new behavioural clients to make sure BHRR’s Carlsberg’s 24/7 care and appointments are met. In turn, the loss of income means on our personal pockets less that we can financially give to his bills. BHRR is mostly funded personally from Sean/I. We receive no corporate, provincial or government support.

So, we remain asking people to please consider donating their Empties to his cause and all monies raised from our upcoming annual ‘Breaking Bills Bake’ Online Auction shall be divided up between his and BHRR’s Bookers Vet Bills.

If anyone may consider making a human or doggie goodie for our Bake Auction, please do email Items do not have to be made until the auction is over and all winners shall be put in touch with the donators. 

We shall also be doing a small flash online auction and both puppies will be at Pet Valu Stittsville on Sunday February 11th as part of our special ‘Sweetheart Spa’ event! We are just awaiting the poster from Gracie to share all of the details. 

Donations to their bills can also be made:

Email transfer:




BHRR’s Carlsberg – Direct to Alta Vista Animal Hospital

BHRR’s Booker – Direct to Liston Animal Hospital 613-691-0966

These photo’s were taken on Friday January 12th at Alta Vista Animal Hospital. BHRR’s Carlsberg had just finished his underwater treadmill session and Nancy was getting ready to do his laser treatment.

BHRR’s Booker is never far from his bff!  These two puppies bonded fiercely and fast and are an extremely rare true complementary bonded pair. 

Just three weeks apart in age.

My last post of my night and we will make it a Mr. Squishie post!

He is back at Liston Animal Hospital on January 16th for his next re-exam, repeat x-rays, a re-weigh and a re-casting of his back broken leg.

AND I do not think he ever takes a bad picture! 

This is him on Monday January 8th at Alta Vista Animal Hospital ‘helping’ his bff The Bakers Dozen – BHRR’s Carlsberg at one of his intensive rehab sessions…..

We are working in the background on a couple of Fundraisers to help with their mounting Vet Bills….stay tuned! 

From our home to all of our friends, family & supporters, good night wishes being sent!

RE: his temperament to date: 

He is a ‘man with vision and on a mission!’ In his mind he has places to go, mountains to conquer, things to discover, people to see and mostly in his books it is more like dogs to visit! 

When he does settle down to snuggle….it is a piece of heaven. Trying to keep him quiet is a feat…and we work very hard at it!

Donations can be made via:

Email Transfer to:


Via PayPal to


Direct to Liston Animal Hospital 613-591-0966

Donated To Date: $1,599


The Bakers Dozen BHRR’s Carlsberg & BHRR’s Booker
January 11th @ Alta Vista Animal Hospital’s Speciality Services for BHRR’s Carlsberg’s session today.

No ONE can motivate BHRR’s Carlsberg the way that Kinsley & his bff BHRR’s Booker can! 
Thank you again Aaron Maracle for being with us today! The extra hands and loving on these two amazing puppies is so appreciative!

The second photo is of The BFFS!

Nancy is trying to do the laser treatment on BHRR’s Carlsberg after his underwater treadmill work and BHRR’s Booker says, ‘ok, you will just have to work around me as I am not leaving my buddy!.’ 

ISO: Human and/or Doggie Treatie Bakers!
Our 5th ANNUAL ‘Breaking Bills Bake Online’ Auction is coming up fast! Starts Saturday January 20th!
Last year we had 67 incredibly donated yummy items and $1,158 was raised to help Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson! ??
Monies raised in our 2018 extremely unique & 1-of-a-kind annual event shall be divided up between BHRR’s Booker(DDB Puppy with the back broken leg) & our FCE Puppy, The Bakers Dozen of BHRR’s Carlsberg. ?
If anyone may consider donating an item or more of either a Canine and/or Human baked goodie – does not need to be made until after the fundraiser is over – so is fresh! – please do EMAIL
We only host five planned fundraisers a year and this is our first one of 2018.
Thank you deeply from our hearts if you may consider their worthy causes to support!
More details re: our amazing fundraiser can be found in this LINK.

Another photo from Monday. As BHRR’s Carlsberg was receiving laser treatment after his underwater treadmill session – hence the towels, this is where his bff plunked himself down….right by his side! 

The Bakers Dozen of BHRR’s Carlsberg(FCE Puppy) & BHRR’s Booker(Broken Back Left Leg)
Best FrIends!

This photo is from today at BHRR’s Carlsberg’s latest intensive Rehab Session at Alta Vista Animal Hospital’s Specialty Services. As BHRR’s Carlsberg was getting his e-muscle stimulation on his hind end, BHRR’s Booker came right over and laid down close to him.

Mr. Squishie looks out for his bud, BHRR’s Carlsberg and every chance he got he was right by his side…..and Monsieur Carlsberg is encouraged, motivated and reassured by his bff. 

Thank you again Aaron Maracle for coming out today and for the extra hands, the love and support given! It meant a lot!

May we ask that people please please please consider donating your Empties for their causes!

Also Still ISO: a BHRR approved Volunteer to help on Wednesday January 17th from 10:45 AM – 12:45 PM to help me carry items in for BHRR’s Carlsberg’s session that day and to help cheer him on!

From our home to all of our friends, family & supporters, good night wishes being sent!

Underwater Treadmill VIDEO

BHRR’s Booker AKA ‘The Squishie’.

How he spent the -40 C degree weather today while Mama Gwennie had to brave the frigid temps to work!

He is practically melted into the Costco Dog Bed!

Please consider donating your Empties for him & BHRR’s Carlsberg. 

Monetary donations can be made:

Email Transfer:




Direct To Liston Animal Hospital – 613-591-0966

From our home to all of our friends, family & supporters, good night and stay warm wishes are being sent….

BHRR’s Booker
January 4th, 2018

At Liston Animal Hospital after his re-exam, boosters and in having a new cast/splint put on. He weighed 11 kgs(24.2 pounds)

GREAT photo Becca! Took us awhile to get it! LOL

He is back on the 16th of January for repeat x-rays, a new cast/splint and re-assessment. His x-rays shall be reviewed by Dr. Liston and also Dr. Philibert(Orth Specialist). 

Donations can be made via:

Email Transfer to:


Via PayPal to


Direct to Liston Animal Hospital 613-591-0966

Donated To Date: $1,599

BHRR’s Booker!
January 4th, 2018

On our way to LAH for his next recheck, possible vaccines and to have a new cast/splint put on.

YUP! Kinsley seriously put him in a pink collar! 

Donations can be made via:

Email Transfer to:


Via PayPal to


Direct to Liston Animal Hospital 613-591-0966

Happy New Year!

BHRR’s Booker, DDB Monkey looks like he had a busy New Year and is now having a nice nap! 

Please do consider donating your Holiday Empties to help him & The Bakers Dozen of BHRR’s Carlsberg, our FCE Puppy! 

BHRR’s Booker is back at LAH for a cast change & exam on January 4th. 

BHRR’s Carlsberg is back at Alta Vista Specialty Services for his intensive rehab Wednesday, Thursday & Friday this week. 

Donations for BHRR’s Booker Care can be made:

Via Email Transfer to


Via PayPal to


Direct to Liston Animal Hospital 613-591-0966

One Estimate Given: $3,500-$4,000

Donated To Date: $1,590

As we head into New Years Eve, here is Sean’s end of year statement.

Sean is Co-Founder and a BHRR BOD Member of BHRR. This photo is of him and BHRR’s Daffodil from our traditional XMAS Even Photo shoot – December 24th, 2017! She remains Available For Adoption!

In Sean’s Words:

‘Here we are again – at the end of another year. Time to reflect on the great, the good, the bad and the ugly and set our sights on the year to come.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t specifically take this opportunity to thank everyone who has made a positive contribution to BHRR. I couldn’t possibly name everyone – but you certainly know who you are!

The contributions you’ve made through time and effort, vet bills, food, auction donations, cleaning supplies, transport, etc. is precisely what allows us to do what we do! We are a community – and stronger because of it. I offer my most heartfelt thank-you to all of you. I count our interactions with all of you as part of the highlight reel.

So many wonderful people have come into our lives.

Together we’ve done a lot of great things in 2017. There are so many BHRR dogs in forever loving homes, there have been successful events for awareness, education and fundraising. One of the most significant and recent successes for this year is The Bakers Dozen and demonstrates perfectly how everyone came together as strong links on the BHRR “CHAIN OF SUCCESS’ when needed.

This was a huge outpouring of support!

It blows my mind to contemplate the amount of puppy formula that was donated and consumed! This would not have been achievable without the enormous outpouring of support given. Seriously – the amount of formula we went through would make several mortgage payments look like chump change!

And the ugly…… I’m not generally one to dwell on the negative – but I think it is important to acknowledge and address what I feel is a growing and unfortunate trend. Let’s address something that is very real yet seldom openly discussed.

A trend not just with us, but across the internet, business and personal interactions all around. Over the past several years, we’ve seen an increasing amount of destructive and abusive interactions.

This year we were subjected to a new low – as at least one person out there already knows – BHRR was subject to a malicious attack. In the end, we were proven/validated to be operating a stellar, highly responsible, excellent and much needed organization for the animals. As this was not based in fact or naive ignorance, they received a cautionary warning and we are now investigating possible further legal venues.

However, our initial response from the actions of this vindictive individual was a ‘Wow – never saw that one coming…’

We have hosted regular BHRR events here – 6 a year for over 2 decades – for people’s benefit and for the animal’s of BHRR.

We open up our home to the scrutiny of strangers and, we have done so gladly, and, openly for we have nothing to hide………..

We commit to giving up what could be very precious, valuable coveted family time for the sake of our guests. We feel it is so important for people to witness firsthand what we do and, why we do it and, that we are not like ‘every’ other group or org. out there…..

We have even had people from approved Volunteers, the curious, the interested, stay here overnight, for days and even weeks at a time.

We have always remained full of disclosure and have shared the ups, the downs, the good, the bad and the ugly with all of our followers, supporters, friends and family.

But to the individual responsible for a baseless complaint – thank you so much for putting our family on edge and under the microscope. I can’t tell you how much we appreciated the surprise and shock instead of an open dialogue with anyone who may have had questions or concerns.

So much better to lob a hand grenade from the bushes and run away. This doesn’t feel constructive, or motivated by the best interests of the animals – this feels very personal and malicious. We are very proud of what we’ve done with our lives – can you say the same?

While I’m also not prone to extolling our own efforts – we have dedicated almost 22 years of our life to the protection of animals, particularly the special needs dogs and the giant breeds – those least likely to be picked up by high turnover rescues. Animals others cannot or will not assist. 99% of those we help are the truly medical and/or behaviourally broken, We are small, personal and dedicated. We’re not trying to be dramatic when we say this – even those who know us have absolutely no idea the level of personal commitment and sacrifice this has taken from our family. The sheer amount of physical work, the hours night and day, the successes and the heartbreaks.

Responsible/quality rescue is 24/7. We do not ‘dabble’ in rescue, only do the ‘fun’ things, hang out, visit and then get to go home to relax and enjoy 9 hours of restful sleep. The stress, lack of sleep, financial drain and complete lack of freedom for something as simple as a family vacation – or even a movie or dinner night out is our lives day in and day out and we have done this gladly! The cyberbullying endured, the tens of thousands of pounds of food transported and stacked. Hydro bills – OVER $1,100/ month and enough laundry – up to 12 loads daily – to choke a laundry mat.

We’re not looking for the thanks, the praise, the accolades, or parades in our honor. We do this for the dogs, not the recognition or for any ‘pats on the back’.

At the same time, we have grown even less tolerant of the abuse, the hand grenades thrown from the sidelines, the armchair quarterbacks who find it so easy to second guess and criticize – to judge, without ever actually seeking to understand or becoming involved.

Cyberbullying is a very real problem and after much research and conversations held with cyberbullying experts, professors and lawyers, note that regardless of the occupation, paid or volunteer, everyone has the right to work in an environment free from personal threat, free from worry about emotional and/or physical harm and the right to not be bullied. This is punishable by law.

Social media is an amazing thing, it is also an awful thing that so many spanning across a vast amount of businesses, non-profits, other professional venues and personal arena’s have been enduring some level/form of bullying.

Those who want to blame, point fingers instead of learn and understand, shame on you. Those who want to take shortcuts and then foist their problems on us, shame on you. Those who want to be coddled and told they are doing everything properly when in fact they are the issue, not the animal, shame on you. Those who are turned down for an adoption and respond by spewing accusations, sour grapes and names, shame on you. Since our inception in 1996, we have retained a zero tolerance approach with the amount of nonsense, armchair quarterbacks and negativity endured.

Setting our sights on the year(s) to come – what’s next for Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services? Same wonderful people – same Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services – same strong rescue mission. Absolutely nothing will change 
overnight – we will continue to do what we have always done. We continue to help the next dog in need – we continue to place adoptable dogs into their right matched forever homes and we continue to provide a safe haven for those animals that need us.

Over the coming years – we will gradually transition to our long held vision of more of a haven program (which is already a large part of what we do). We will always focus on the giant breeds and canines/horses with special needs. These are the ones that need us – these are the ones we feel we can provide the greatest benefit to with our education, experience, knowledge and heart.

As of January 2018, one of our changes shall be to our adoption area’s covered – we will adopt up to an including the Barrie and Cambridge, Ontario area’s from our location and into Quebec, we will cover up to the Montreal area. We will still rescue all across the world.

Over the next year, will also be implementing an ‘Advisory Round Table Board’ of like-minded BHRR approved Volunteers in addition to our BHRR BOD Team.

We will be adding two more BHRR approved Volunteers to our Community Education Liaison Member Team too.

I look forward to working with all of our supporters in 2018 – let us do as many wonderful things this coming year together as we were able to accomplish in 2017!

BHRR Co-Founder
BHRR BOD Team Member’

BHRR’s Booker! 
December 27th, 2017

He had a busy day today!

We were off to Liston Animal Hospital for repeat x-rays and an exam and his back leg was re-splinted/re-casted.

He weighed 9.4 kgs(20.68 pounds) and while still quite skinny, much better than when he first arrived December 23rd.

The splint/cast that had been placed on his leg on December 9th – was never changed weekly before he arrived in our care – was noted to have not been in the right position and also as a growing puppy, some concern over it.

Once removed, we were so fortunate not to find any pressure sores or other bandage/splint complications.

His ankle joint is quite stiff from the wrong placement of the splint and Dr. Liston with massage and manipulation was able to get it to bend. BHRR’s Booker was so brave!

Repeat x-rays were done and due to the original splint, the alignment of his bones were not perfectly straight and as a result, he has some ‘bowing’ in that leg. There is clear calcification going on as the bones are healing and he may always have some permanent bowing in that leg.

X-rays are now sent off to Dr. Philibert, the ortho specialist to review.

Dr. Liston said that if we had gotten this puppy right when the break had happened – December 8th – a much better surgical candidate he would have been – screws/plates etc. AND we knew this already – yet with us not getting him until we did, we shall have to wait and see what Dr. Philibert says.

Being young is in his big benefit and for now in our care we will be re-splinting/casting on a regular schedule!

After we left LAH – we left them a thank you card and some famous homemade Boerskins Cinnamon Buns, we headed to KAH for a fun visit and thanks Allison again for the nail trim and to also drop off cinnamon buns to our wonderful friends there! ??

He had such a great experience! When he first arrived to BHRR, he was nervous of people and since his arrival we have been having people hold and squish and love on him!

In this picture, he is helping Becca, who works at LAH and is awesomeness personified, make his next appointment! He will be going in weekly for progress exams, re-splinting/casting and to be spoiled! ?

I am so grateful to so many that stand by our dogs and are so open to holding, petting, talking to them, offering them treats and helping us to make these dogs the best dogs they can be! We work hard to make them as well rounded and balanced as possible! We cannot do what we do without such strong links on our ‘CHAIN OF SUCCESS’! ??

Donated To Date: $1,390

Donations can be made via:

Email Transfer:




Direct to Liston Animal Hospital 613-591-0966

BHRR’s Booker is already ‘watchful’ over his best bud, BHRR’s Carlsberg. Neither can be with the ‘big dawgs’ – even the remaining Bakers Dozen are too much for BHRR’s Carlsberg right now. They play so well together despite BHRR’s Carlsberg inability to walk.

They nap and share toys and water and food and both are so mentally happy/stimulated to have each other. Being together is so healthy for both of them! 

Both have been with my own outstanding GD Salt yet Salt is amazing with all dogs and has helped ‘raise’ his share of dogs! 

These two pups are so special and we will make sure both are done right by….my heart is so in love with them both as I take these medical journey’s with them…..they are both gifts and both deserve the best chance possible at having the happiest and fullest of quality of lives!

Kinsley & BHRR’s Booker
December 24th, 2017

Donated To Date: $1,340
One Estimate: $3,500 – $4,000

*SNEAK Peek at our annual traditional Xmas Eve Photo Shoot with the Doggies!*

From our home to all of our friends, family & supporters, we wish EACH of you a safe, happy, healthy and truly most wonderful XMAS Holiday Season and New Year!

May Santa spoil each of you rotten!

BHRR’s Booker is settling in and while quite skinny, with the broken leg, he is in great condition overall!

As we battle horrible roads, traffic and weather, this is BHRR’s Booker! 

 What is most important is that he is now safe and shall be properly taken care of.

 What is most important is that he is now safe and shall be properly taken care of.

Got him!

First photo is with him & one of his transport angels Kathy & the second is now on our way home!!

Roads are brutal, the weather sucks, it is cold out yet our hearts are so warmed that so many are helping us pull together a Christmas miracle for this wee squishie! 

Tears in my eyes that one more can be saved…..

Donations can be made:

Email transfer to


PayPal to


Direct to Liston Animal Hospital 

Wee squishie is travelling well per Kathy! 

Roads are brutal….

401 has long sections in both directions just backed up….

Kathy/Terry are equally battling brutal weather/traffic.

BHRR’s Booker – the 10 week old DDB with the broken back left leg is ON his way!

The weather is not the best…slow driving with freezing rain and I am on my way shortly to meet up with his lovely transport angels of Kathy/Terry!

They were the same angels that transported our first rescue of 2017 & are now helping to transport our last rescue of 2017! 

Donated To Date: $1,190
One Estimate: $3,500-$4,000

Donations can be made via:

Email Transfer:




Direct to Liston Animal Hospital 613-591-0966
He is scheduled to see Dr. Liston on December 27th

X-Rays of broken back left leg taken December 9th, 2017 prior to surrender this week to BHRR. Tibia & Fibula affected

Arrival to BHRR: December 23rd, 2017

Donations can be made:

1) Email Transfer:




Direct to Liston Animal Hospital 613-591-0966

One Estimate Given: $3,500-$4,000


MEET BHRR’s Booker!
A 9 week old Dogue de Bordeaux Puppy 
Born October 7th, 2017

A Vet Hospital highly recommended our Rescue Program for this wee dude has a broken back leg – Tibia & Fibula. 

He needed his own XMAS Miracle.

His ETA to BHRR is Saturday December 23rd.

He is already scheduled to see Dr. Liston on Wednesday December 27th for an assessment and referal to Dr. Philibert, ortho specialist extraordinaire to get things moving….

His leg was broken December 8th so time is of the absolute urgency.

Thank you to all of his angels to date that have donated to help us assist him.

One estimate was $3,500 – $4,000

He needs the BHRR Village to surround him….. 

TO the anonymous angel that made a $500 generous, wonderfully overwhelming and loving donation direct to Liston Animal Hospital, you have my most humble thanks….you have touched our hearts, incredibly so. 

Donations to his care can be made via:

Email Transfer:


PayPal to (please use friend & family option)


Direct to Liston Animal Hospital

Thank you on behalf on what we have been told is a truly sweet, precious wee DDB!



BHRR’s ??? 
Needs a name!
9 weeks old (Born October 7th, 2017) 
Male, Dogue de Bordeaux

BHRR came highly recommended by the Vet Hospital he was seen at and after Sean & I dialogued, BHRR will also become this wee dude’s XMAS Miracle.

You see he has a broken leg – broke over a week ago – tibia & fibula and needs our immediate assistance… 

A really kind angel has been taking care of him since his leg broke.

Thank you to Rachel Ng in offering to be his special XMAS Angel Secret Santa & to Kathy Rader-Cahill/Terry for being his caring Transport Angels as we move efficiently behind the scenes to make the necessary arrangements. 

BHRR was founded as a Great Dane/Giant Breed Rescue that focuses strongly on the special needs and this wee pup needs medical attention/surgery immediately in order for us to have the best chance of saving that leg. If it is not possible to save the leg, it will be amputated and like all of our fabu tripods, he will go on to live an amazing painfree quality filled life. 

I know we are heading fast into XMAS and we hope that he will have a village surround him in his time of huge need and be the XMAS Miracle he needs…..

One quote was $3,500-$4,000

Donations can be made:

1) Email Transfer to

2) PayPal to (friend & family option)

3) As of tomorrow, he shall have an account set up at Liston Animal Hospital 613-591-0966 – ‘No Name’ and mention Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services

4) Please consider keeping your Empties this Holiday Season to donate to BHRR to help him too! 

This is a stock photo of a 2 month old DDB!

I think our DDB Lion Kings would be happy to see us help this DDB….