BHRR’s Sambuca is now dropped off at Liston Animal Hospital! He weighed 64.5 kgs this AM.

We were able to put down a most touching total of $775 as a good faith surgery deposit thanks to his positively outstanding and supportive Comfort Angel Network. $100 was already wonderfully anonymously on his account at Liston Animal Hospital and others in his fabu village came together to see another $675 donated! Picture is of the grand total of $775 on his account at Liston Animal Hospital.

Once we have his final bill post surgery, we will post that too.

I am heading back out later to purchase more wet canned food for him. He is going through 24 cans a day all by himself! Hopefully, once his mouth heals, he can eat more kibble – he is eating about a cup a day total right now mixed into the canned….when we did his bloodwork upon arrival into rescue, whatever canned he was eating prior to coming into BHRR had his chloesterol levels super high. 🙁

If anyone else would consider his cause, you can donate direct to Liston Animal Hospital – Rebecca would be so happy to assist you – 613-591-0966

OR you can donate via email transfer to

OR you can donate via PayPal (friends & family option) to

Please keep him in your well wishes….he was confused & a bit worried when I dropped him off this AM yet I know he is in excellent hands!

Will post pics of his new mouth post op when I can snag some! I also asked if his nails could be trimmed as I last did them April 13th when he had his first urgent emergency surgery for that mass removal plus neither.

A photo from our drive in! He is such a good boy….handsome too!

Going to be a long day……