BHRR’s Sambuca bloated Wednesday night. 

I have a 100% success rate catching bloat fast.

Sadly, the success of survival from bloat and/or tort is not as high, not even remotely close to 100%. 

Being a 10+ year old gent, his vascular system is just not as strong as a much younger dog.

He is up and moving and drinking. 

I am now so happy to say that he finally had a small bite to eat. 

I did not post earlier as I did not want anyone thinking I was begging for yet more donations for him. His Comfort Angels have done so much for him and we still do not know what the outcome shall be. It is still too early.

It is important to us for people to know about his updates and when we felt the time was right, we are now sharing.

Somehow, we will get his bills paid off. Things somehow always seem to work out and I have faith and trust. 

He is worth every dime and nickel spent on his wellbeing. He should have been taken care of properly since he was born yet he was not and it is our place to make sure he is now done right by. 

AND when I see his tail wag for me and he lifts his head up to look at me as he recovers, I know he is feeling better and also staying positive…..