BHRR’s Sambuca (10+ years) is almost 1 week post-bloat and still defying the odds! 

His Vet Team is astounded by his progress, calling it almost miraculous and have felt that the 24/7 dedicated care we have been giving has been instrumental to his post bloat success to date.

As I told BHRR’s Sambuca’s Vet Team, it is not me – as much as he has chosen me as his human!, or Sean… is BHRR’s Sambuca himself that deserves all of the credit! 

He has taken his meds without complaint, he has got up when encouraged to take small strolls, after almost 48 hours he has begun to eat his small meals when offered every 3 hours, he has continued to drink when asked, he has continued to fight the good fight when I told him how much he was loved and that he has so many more beautiful experiences that I want him to have! So many more caring hands to touch him and to spoil him to experience. 

His prognosis is more than just cautiously optimistic, it is a positive feeling of the expectation that he will keep moving forward! 

Can you see me jumping?! Can you see me saying ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’? Can you feel my relief and my joy?!

BHRR’s Sambuca, I always knew you were amazing… you are a superhero to me! 

You keep proving the naysayers wrong! You are worthy! You are deserving! You are loved!

Tonight, I shall go to bed for the first time in almost a week and be able to actually sleep….to really rest…..

Tomorrow night BHRR’s Sambuca is hoping to offer up some items as part of a flash auction to help with his bills. Stay tuned! 

From our home & on behalf of BHRR’s Sambuca to all of our friends, family & supporters…..we are wishing all a Good Night!