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Signing off early tonight! Has been a busy & glorious day here AND tomorrow BHRR’s Latte plus Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson are having their professional photo shoots!

Soon, BHRR’s Latte will have her own special announcement to make!

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For now, I leave our dear family, friends and BHRR fans the following picture and a big deep appreciative thanks is being extended again to all of BHRR’s Sambuca’s Comfort Angels….donations to his urgent emergency surgery on Thursday can be made direct to Kanata Animal Hospital 613-836-2848 under his name under the Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services(BHRR) account or via email transfer to or via PayPal to Thank you for making it possible for this sweet ol’ gent to have a future free of the suffering he is currently experiencing with that horrIble huge mass and his painful mouth/teeth. ?Even $5 would mean so much…..thank you!

Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson would approve of this photo! Monkey see, Monkey do!

BHRR’s Sambuca took several tries to get up, but he did it and has sunk deep into the softness of the one couch and is snoring….I mean sleeping!

When he has his urgent/emergency surgery on Thursday, I will trim back those long nasty nails….a true fine gent this 10 year old man is!

Other than, Jackson teaching him fast about ignoring the no couch rules, BHRR’s Sambuca is a model in excellent behaviour….for now!

Goodnight from our home to all of you…..sweet dreams……

BHRR’s Sambuca’s Comfort Angels:
Alex & Karen – Collar, 2 Costco Dog Beds & Towels + Donation Direct to KAH
Lucie -*PayPal took $11.90 in fees
Mrs. Milne