BHRR’s Sambuca is ready to make his special announcement!

He is now Available For Adoption!

You have done amazing BHRR’s Sambuca since your arrival into Rescue.

You had a terrible huge mass removed, were neutered, had to undergo a second surgery to remove 22 teeth, beat bloat and you are inspirational to so many!

Though your body bears the wear and tear of your ten plus years of age, in other ways looking at you, you are mighty fine for a 10+ year old gent. 

Strong, healthy, active and have all of your wits about you as the expression goes.

You bring wisdom, kindness, gentleness and so much affection to the lives you have touched.

You have honoured me immensely in choosing me as your human and I know you think that you still need me yet I keep assuring you that you do not.

You are ready…ready to be loved, enjoyed, spoiled and treated like the amazing soul you are by a right matched forever loving home! One of your very own. A home that shall continue with all the proper preventive/proactive vet care we have been doing, giving you the right nutrition and a nice stroll or two daily plus so much love! 

Something you clearly did not get your fair share of in your past….yet, we look forward now. Never backwards.

You can go to a home that works full-time, part-time, is retired, or is semi-retired as you are so versatile.

You can go to a home with another right matched canine companion or be adopted as an only dog.

You have been fine with cats, travel great in a car – need some help at times getting in yet no biggie, love going to new places and what you love best is tons of soft bedding with the fireplace on or laying in the warm(not hot) sun on a cushy dog bed soaking up the beautiful rays. Things that seem so simple and taken granted by others are things that bring you the biggest joy.

You love late nights and later mornings!  Rainy days are for snoozing and cuddling and breakfast in bed.

BHRR’s Sambuca, our time together has meant so much to me and has been so special and even if your right matched forever loving home does not find you, you are most welcome to lay your head in my home. You are a big part of my heart.

Adore you….

AND you are going to make someone laugh and smile for underneathe that gentleman charm is a monkey with a mind all of his own and love you for that too!

So proud of you!

Thanks Liz Bradley for the stunning photo’s again!