Pictures of the left side of BHRR’s Sambuca’s mouth. In 28 years of rescue I have never seen a whole mouth look this bad. The same for his Vet surgeon today in her ~30 years of being a Vet.

We knew they were bad when I got him in first thing on Monday yet this… this is truly horrific.

It was not safe for him to have his mouth addressed today in addition to his mass removal/neuter.

He has several loose teeth right now and will need those extracted at minimum plus a cleaning yet until the dental surgeon gets a good exam on his mouth plus they will do dental x-rays, we shall not know how many teeth need to go…..and what the overall treatment plan may be…..I am pretty sure a lot more antibiotics are on the agenda too.

All I know is that this is bad, deeply painful for him, smells awful and we are going to consult a dental expert for advise plus recommendations as we take that next step for him.

This poor dog….no animal should suffer….this just breaks my heart.

This poor dog…….