Two updates to post re: BHRR dogs yet I am going to start with a thumbs up update first!

Who does not love good news?!

Everyone’s fav ol’ gent, 10+ year old BHRR’s Sambuca came to hang out at work today and had his next recheck.

While still 3 kgs off his pre-bloat weight, he is putting all of the lost weight back on slow and steady.  He was up almost 2.5 kg since his bloat.

I cleaned his ears and he had a manicure/pedicure and got a thumbs up on his recheck!!

So, he was ready to have his vaccines and Hello Kibble, here we come! Will start to slowly integrate high quality kibble into his diet along with his 24 cans per day and slowly work towards a more even split between the two.

It will greatly help with the already building up of tartar on his teeth from when he had a detailed dental cleaning plus had 22 teeth removed. He still has halitosis yet nothing like he once did.

This boy truly is a piece of heaven and thank you to all of his Comfort Angels again for believing in him and the work we do at BHRR!

This is a photo of him hanging out at reception tonight.  Always a big hit no matter where he goes. Such a handsome gentleman.