These are the last photo's and 2 video's that I took of BHRR's Nessie dated from today. RIP you darling girl…… πŸ™

VIDEO #1 BHRR's Nessie Car Ride Into KAH
VIDEO #2 BHRR's Nessie At KAH

BHRR's Nessie Photo's of her on the way in…such a happy dog….in so many ways…. wish I could have repaired her body….too much had happened to her in her past prior to coming to BHRR and, we just could not 'fix' her in the end……just devastated.
NessieAugust20th2014 NessieAugust20th2014.JPG1
BHRR's Nessie at KAH
NessieKAHAugust212014 Nessie3August212014

BHRR's Nessie's body condition on August 21st was superb! However, her leg, was not. πŸ™ Her poor leg drained over her tail and feathers.
NessieAugust2120144 Nessielegaugust21

This is not an easy blog post to type. πŸ™ BHRR's Nessie remained on antibiotics for over 4 months and, her leg/foot appeared to get better yet, could never quite get there and, then, would get worse and, slightly better and worse again. The other leg, responded fantastic and, there have been no further problems. We kept her on an extended period of time per the one Vet as, the cellulitis was being so persistent in resisting treatment yet, the c&s testing showed that the bacterium was to be sensitive to Clavamox and Doxy both.

So, I realised that, I was looking at something far more than chronic and intensive than, aggressive cellulitis. One of her Vets at KAH put her story plus photo's on the VIN(Veterinary Information Network) while I sought further opinions outside of KAH.

Below are lots of photo's from May 13th, July 15th, and July 25th(this visit with another Vet Hospital, Dr. Liston & consult with specialist Dr. Javinsky).

BHRR's Nessie – July 25th, 2014 on our way to see Dr. Liston. Her weight was 80.4 KGs(176.88 pounds). Much better!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

She had a Vet team of 4 at KAH trying to continue to figure out what was happening and, for a new look on things.

Dr. Liston reviewed her miles and miles of files and test results and, there were two things(interestingly enough, those were the exact two things, we found out later that the specialist on the VIN network suggested), he felt it could be. He disagreed from her team at KAH that a biopsy should be done as, he felt that there was virtually nothing to biopsy and, that we were not looking at a skin situation. The specialist on VIN(will have to get their name from the records), did recommend a skin biopsy and, the next step plans with Dr. Liston on July 25th, 2014 was as follows. The specialist was in agreement with Dr. Liston that, we were not looking at a condition of only cellulitis. We were looking at something far more serious and, gave me credit for continuing to try and figure things out for BHRR's Nessie for we have/had done so much for her over the past year and, have given her a great quality filled life. She has been to community education plus awareness events, went to Alcatel-Lucent last December for a lunch hour as part of  and, walks/hikes and, car rides and memory moment experiences etc. Her emotional and medical welfare were being addressed and, her structural obedience really saw her settle into a great dog. She came to work with me more than once to just hang!

Her thyroid testing had shown a level of 18. Quite low normal. One of the things that was presented by both Dr. Liston and the VIN specialist was Thyroid Lymphangitis .and, the other condition was Vasculitis. Both Vets, and Dr. Janvinsky concurred, had the following to impart as to their positioning.

1) As her thyroid was a low normal, detailed thyroid panel on Friday July 25th and, the recommendation was to keep her on her antibiotics until the results came on on the Monday.
2) If her thyroid was normal, then we were most likely looking at Vasculitis and, sadly, in animal medicine, there are no medical surgical options for veinous surgeries to make her better. AND, the rationale behind, this possible prognosis is that before she came to BHRR, she had bloated more than once, had a pexy surgery, had more than one obstruction and, when she was surrendered to us in August of 2013, she had an obstruction and was bloated. All of these bloats takes a huge toll on the heart and circulatory system and, being a giant breed dog, her system was greatly affected. AND, after she was surrendered to BHRR, we suspected that she may have also had Wobblers, we ruled out Addison's plus Cushing's and did receive the diagnosis of Wobblers. This, also greatly affects the circulatory system and, being a giant breed dog, even more so. So, this poor dog was being really whammied. AND, she was approaching age 5, not, being the most healthy or strongest of IW, her system was more sluggish than a younger, more healthy dog, and, being a giant breed dog, she was even more affected with the aging process.

All of us crossed our fingers that she fell into situation #1 and not, situation #2.

The results came in on Monday July 28th, and, sadly, her thyroid was completely normal. πŸ™ One Vet and, two Specialists confirmed that BHRR's Nessie fell into #2 and, that, while the antibiotics were trying their best to control the cellulitis infection, it could no longer completely resolve things this time around. The blood was pooling, and not being able to circulate properly, was a breeding ground of bacteria and, even, in trying to keep her leg/foot shaved and clean, for, when it would 'track' and 'ooze', it was never healing. We were in fact, slowly losing the battle and, the situation was getting worse.

AND, most incredibly through all of this, BHRR's Nessie was happy, no fever AT all, eating, and drinking, and, doing her wobbly bobbly trotting and, being so affectionate. AMAZED were all the Vets involved, which were now 7 on her team, that included two specialists.

As, I listened to all that was being said my way, I knew that I had to keep quality of life prevalent and, it is hard. I have known this IW since she was a young pup. We have spent thousands and thousands of hours and, money and time and love and effort trying to make her world 'right' and, in the end, we were going to lose her. I was frustrated. She had so many medical issues when she was surrendered and, the toll by then on her body, just could not be reversed. As she aged, (AND, to me 5 is middle-age, not old by any means for an IW), her body was having a harder time. πŸ™

I had a tough decision to make and, as, I talked to the Vets, asked more questions and, got their own professional input, it echoed my own thoughts and fears. Stop the antibiotics, keep up with the Deramaxx and, love her for as long as we can. πŸ™ πŸ™ The medications while not, healing her, were doing some good yet, were slowly losing efficacy and, being on the antibiotics for 16+ weeks, was more than long enough. They were causing her to have some diarrhea and, were going to begin to cause damage to her internal organ function.

So, we, plan on giving her day by day loving and, quality of life and, she went back to her perma-foster for a few weeks, for them to say their good-byes also(she had been back with me since March 2014 as, we worked to figure things out for her) and, then come home to me and, I would cross her over. BHRR's Nessie has been back with me since late last week and, I almost let her go on Monday yet, I wanted(selfish perhaps) some more time with her and, for her to be with all her doggie friends for a few more days.

She is schedule to be held in my loving arms and crossed over when I work tomorrow – Thursday August 21st, 2014. It will be one of the longest and, most agonizing days of my life. The BHRR's Nessie that I know and love is not as well as she once was, you can tell that now being off all antibiotics, that she does not feel as good and, is not as energetic or happy. She has spent yesterday and today, laying on her favourite spot on our hill(just as many others before her have done – BHRR's Maggie May for one) watching and, enjoying her friends. She was not as playful as before I sent her back to her perma-foster home yet, you can tell how much she loved being back with all her buds and, us…….

There were so many stories and updates on her blog that I never put in as, we had to go legal per threats made our way by two in-laws(MIL and sister of the MIL) of the real O. of her that signed her over to us, in the presence of a licensed Vet and, had been given options discounts plus payment plans for them to keep her and, were told to think about it and, they took several hours to do so – left the Hospital and, came back. They had made it clear the day she was admitted to KAH, that, they would put her to sleep this time if she had an obstruction, were expecting their first child and, BHRR offered to take her the next AM, when things were not improving for this lovely IW after a night on fluids and, the barium series the next am, showed that things were not motile like they should be.

Yet, while, I did not post a lot on her, throughout her time with BHRR, I took photo's and video and, will fill in more of her journey and amazing life in our Haven program once, my heart lessens in pain.

She would have made a great therapy dog….I am finding myself gasping with air, even typing this blog. πŸ™ πŸ™ Having just let one of my blind/deaf Great Danes go on July 8th, there shall be another raw gaping would blown into my heart and soul tomorrow.

BHRR's Nessie – First four photo's are from May 13th, 2014 – I am the one holding her & next two are from July 15th, 2014
Nessie pics - Message (HTML) _2014-08-20_21-10-13 Nessie pics - Message (HTML) _2014-08-20_21-10-01 Nessie pics - Message (HTML) _2014-08-20_21-09-46 Nessie pics - Message (HTML) _2014-08-20_21-09-22


NessieJuly1512014 NessieJuly152014  

HAPPENING TODAY! Sunday July 13th!!! DO not forget mark your calendars!!! πŸ™‚ RAIN OR SHINE!!!

BHRR ONLY hosts 4 planned Fundraisers a year. This is our 2nd one of 2014.
We know and accept that for the first time ever, that we shall be seeing some showers in 2014. BOO! πŸ™
AND, we are prepared for the weather to make your day a blast! πŸ™‚

AND Microchips, Nails per our protocol plus the Silent Auction & BOW WOW Butchers shall be inside the Hospital.
We have 8 tents with a spare on hand to keep everyone dry for ALL the outside activities! πŸ™‚

Microchips for cats/dogs & Nails for cats, dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits etc! πŸ™‚

Rogers Community Cruiser shall be in attendance 9:30 – 11:30 AM with complimentary coffee/timbits

Dr. Amy Jewiss shall be present from 10 AM – 2 PM to discuss acupuncture and other services she now offers at Kanata Animal Hospital

Daryl of BOW WOW Butchers WILL also be in attendance!

Facebook 'PRE-EVENT' Mini Auction – 7 For 7! – AUCTION ENDED JULY 12th AT 12 NOON EST!

FaceBook Online Auction Album can be found HERE
There are 7 items(in honor of this being our 7th YEAR hosting this one of a kind Fundraiser) AND, shall be hosted for 7 days, that shall be available for bidding as of Saturday July 5th!
*The BHRR Auction will begin at 6:00 AM EST on Saturday July 5th, 2014. Unfortunately, bids submitted prior to this time cannot be considered.
*The BHRR Auction will end at NOON(12) PM EST on Saturday July 12th, 2014.
*All bid prices are in Canadian funds.
*Bids must be done in $2.00 or Greater increments.
*S&H is available on all but one Item – Item #3
Any questions, please do email or call (613) 725-4279

FINAL (Medium)

BHRR's Nessie had all bw come back normal, she still is not battling a fever, her UA was normal and below are two of her five x-rays taken.

Her culture results came back on Friday May 2nd and, as we all thought, her chronic cellulitis was not responding to the cephalexin and the infection that ensured because of that resistance/ not sensitive to the cephalexin.

The culture results indicate that the bad beastie bugs are responsive to the Doxy and the Clav and, so, she remains on both for another 3 weeks at least. I should take a photo of the bill of 480 Doxy x 100 mg (she receives 7 BID) that I just picked up from the pharmacy – it was $350! NOT to mention how many hundreds of dollars her Clavamox of 375 mg of 3 BID costs. She still gets her Deramaxx daily also. 

I will also take a current photo of her poor foot/leg. While her other back leg has a very minor infection, the one leg she has normally had be affected is so sad. πŸ™ Moving forward, for any future bouts of chronic cellulitis, she may have to go straight to the Clav/Doxy combo.

So, thank you to her village for being there for her and, the consideration for even $1 to her Vet care.

Kanata Animal Hospital (613) 836-2848 and they will take Visa, M/C and AMEX over the phone under the account of ‘Birch Haven Rescue’ for ‘Nessie'. They will take Debit or Cash in person at 440 Hazeldean Road in Kanata, Ontario

You can also mail donations via a Bank Draft to:

Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services C/O Gwendilin Boers 2425 Totem Ranch Road West RR#1 Oxford Station, Ontario K0G 1T0

OR email transfer to

OR via PayPal(please use the ‘gift’ option)


BHRR's Nessie's LATEST Angels and Donations to Date: $178.18
*Before PayPal fees
PV Hazeldean Community Education/Awareness Event(50/50 split with BHRR's Ethel)

{1DD647BC-911D-49A0-9DEC-7B6B4F67ED87} (Medium) {107A7FDF-4700-4906-BD7C-6FD2AD21540A} (Medium)
BHRR's Nessie's right back leg – hock and toes x-rays – April 24th, 2014


We are at PV Hazeldean – 457 Hazeldean Road on Saturday May 3rd from 10 AM – 3 PM!

This is s ONLY our second Community Education & Public Awareness Event for 2014 and, we are ONLY doing a total of 4!

MORE Details HERE!

In attendance representing BHRR shall be:

BHRR's Ethel
BHRR's Groves
& I will be bringing my own GD Matrix – I am neutering him on Friday and, so, he is going to be on Gwennie watch!

UPDATE: Below is the lovely board that Bre of PV Stittsville has put together in support of PAWS for BHRR!
Total of PAWS/Event Sales/Donations as of April 30th, 2014 – THANK YOU to all of the supporters: $5,140
*The goal that PV Stittsville has set for the month that includes the April 12/13 activity weekend: $5,000

We shall be bringing: Saturday April 12th, – BHRR's Flint,  BHRR's Noelle and BHRR's Leroy
We shall be bringing: Sunday April 13th – BHRR's Torque, Mr. Bubbles and BHRR's Treasure

AND, the councilor shall be at PV Stittsville for around 11 AM – 12:30 PM along with the paper!

AND, we will be doing doggy tattoos for a $5 donation!
**Blow pens and stencils and non toxic materials to be used


ON Saturday April 12th – BHRR will be at their Store from 10 AM – 3 PM with BHRR Dogs TBD!
ON Sunday April 13th – BHRR will be at their Store from 11 AM – 4 PM with BHRR Dogs TBD!

MARK your calendars! HERE is the poster for PV Stittsville's annual PAWS Event! BHRR was so incredibly touched to have been chosen again in 2014 to be the recipients of this event! πŸ™‚ If anyone wishes to have a copy of this poster to help crosspost and share this event, PLEASE EMAIL

We would be so grateful for all the assistance in getting the word out!

For the whole month of April, PV Stittsville(1250 Stittsville Main), for your kind and giving donation, will have 'PAWS' that your name OR your pet(s) name will be written on and put up in their store in BIG appreciation. Funds from this Event will be used to help pay for BHRR's Purse Puppy, Coach who has been diagnosed at this time with at minimum, a congenital heart condition AND BHRR's Porridge, diagnosed with a nasal tumor.

BHRR shall only be making a maximum of 6 Public Awareness & Community Education appearances in 2014 and this is our first! πŸ™‚ We are booked for four to date, and, one more is in the works! COME on out, visit with us, some of the BIG DAWGS of BHRR and, have some fun! πŸ™‚

BHRR shall be at PV Stittsville on Saturday April 12th(10-3 PM) & Sunday April 13(11-4)!

FOR more details of this MUST ATTEND Event, please visit HERE!

Thanks to BHRR BOD member Barry once again, for hammering out with me this incredible poster! So talented!!! AND, thank you being publicly extended to our much loved extended fam at PV Stittsville for inviting us back again in 2014!!! πŸ™‚

petvaluPAWS2014 (Medium)

BHRR's Nessie's perma-foster home contacted me to say that, her latest battle with cellulitis was not responding well to the Cephalexin prescribed by their Vet. BHRR's Nessie has confirmed chronic cellulitis and has had this medical condition since we brought her into our program.

I drove part-way and the home drove part-way to meet-up, and, when I first saw BHRR's Nessie, it crossed my mind to almost take her right to emerge and not wait until to see my Vets. Her one foot right up to the hock looks truly terrible. πŸ™ Yet, the home had confirmed that she was eating well(IS she ever! She weighed 89.10 kgs/196.02 pounds today!), drinking, normal bm's and urinating fine. She is sleeping great and quite playful. I took her temperature, which was repeated at the Vets'  today and, it was normal.

Most likely, she has developed a resistance to the cephalexin yet, we did take blood, took cultures to send off, the FNA's/slides show lots of cocci, urine and also did x-rays(just to rule out a break/fracture in the foot, toes etc.) and, shaved the area, did half of her nails and, it took very little to sedate her. o.4 ml is what she received of the Dexdormitor(she was drawn up for 3.2 ml) and, then, it took five of us to lift her to do x-rays. She also had a full exam and her heart plus lungs are normal.

At this time, she has been placed on Clavamox 3 x 375 mg BID and, Doxy 100 mg x 7 BID. Giant dog, requires giant meds. We are also giving her Deramaxx and Gabapentin. I also am soaking her feet(her other leg is only very mildly affected) in Germi-stat and, bandaging the bad foot/lower leg.

Will update her blog as I can. Any considerations to her cause, is, as always, so appreciated. Since we first committed to assisting her, so that she would not be pts, her Vet Bills are close to $6,500 and growing and, they shall continue to grow for the rest of her life as she is a permanent resident in our Haven Program and being perma-fostered in a very private location, to keep her safe plus BHRR members, per a post made in September of 2013.

Below are two photo's of her. One from December 24th, 2013 and one from today.

Kanata Animal Hospital (613) 836-2848 and they will take Visa, M/C and AMEX over the phone under the account of ‘Birch Haven Rescue’ for ‘Nessie'. They will take Debit or Cash in person at 440 Hazeldean Road in Kanata, Ontario

You can also mail donations via a Bank Draft to:

Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services C/O Gwendilin Boers 2425 Totem Ranch Road West RR#1 Oxford Station, Ontario K0G 1T0

OR email transfer to

OR via PayPal(please use the ‘gift’ option)


This is also an excellent opportunity to also post a bit more about what BHRR is all about and to impart some community awareness plus public education. BHRR is a special needs Rescue. More than that, we are also a Giant Breed Rescue. All r/q's rescues are out there doing the best that they can, most are all Volunteer, and, their mandates, procedures plus policies are put in place in the best interest of the animals' in their care.

To compare one special needs group to another, or one groups' numbers of adoptions or to say that, 'x' group is always posting happy news(some groups ONLY take in highly adoptable, non behavioural or medical dogs and that is the niche they fill in the community) yet,'y' group always has a dog in need is not looking at what makes a group truly r/q. Are they full vetting(many do not), are they pumping them in and out, are they doing proper behaviour assessments/evaluations, are they doing a very thorough adoption process, are they staying within their resources, are they giving all approved temp foster and adoptive homes info. packages and being there for them….so many points that could be made here.

BHRR also, only does four planned fundraisers a year and attends very few community education/awareness events. We are not out there every weekend, hands out asking or demanding money. We are so appreciative be it a $1 or $10 that comes our way. The rest of the monies raised for our dogs comes out of the pockets of Sean/I. We are not 'dabblers' in rescue. We have been around since 1996 and, do this to help one dog at a time and to do it the right way each and every time.

BHRR's focus is to take in the 'next in need' and that entails many highly unadoptable or harder to adopt dogs and, also we take in very deserving dogs into our Haven Program(Palliative and/or Behavioural) AND, one must also realise that, it is not 'us' turning down people by the thousands. People need to realise that many people do not want a BIG BLACK dog or, a dog with behavioural issues or one with medical reasons and applications are not flowing in like a rain shower. To cast negativity, on any group, without knowing what their mandates are and, their success rates – we were 100% for 10 years of operating, and, now are 99% as we go through year 18 – and, so much more about them, is shameful. There are so many groups and causes out there and, just as not every Breeder is equal, neither are the rescues. Most groups are happy to explain things, yet, they will not defend their programs. BHRR is the same. Should you not believe or support the processes or 'x' or 'y' group, there is sure to be one out there that does meet 'your' standards or lack of them.

BHRR was never founded to adopt high numbers. That is a bonus reward each and every time we do have an approved adoption. We take the 'next in need', always into BHRR – dogs that others will not or cannot assist. Dogs that would have been otherwise destroyed – the BHRR's Emmett's, the BHRR's Promises', the BHRR's Ava Marie's, the BHRR's Nessies', the BHRR's Maverick's, The BHRR's Cosettes', The BHRR's Emma's, The BHRR's Groves', The BHRR's SuzieQ's and on and on. We do not take in puppies often(we have done 8 over the last year+), record for us. Puppies are so much more highly adoptable, even special needs ones. We also do not place puppies up for adoption until they reach a certain age, as we do specialise on the giant breeds. We are always going to have a dog in need, be it a new dog or one that is already in our programs, such as BHRR's Porridge and BHRR's Nessie. In reviewing, the last 6 months of posts on our BHRR FB page, there is almost a 85-90% posting of GREAT and positive news, yet, we also post the 'reality' of rescue and, our group is very much in the trenches or reality of r/q rescue.

We adopted 13 dogs last year, 17 the year before that and the previous three years before that were 6,6, and 6. This year, to date, we have adopted 2 and we have two more under pending. We do not hide our statistics. We are quite proud to say that 362 dogs have been adopted since our inception. We are even prouder to say that we have helped hundreds upon hundreds and hundreds more via our Haven program etc. We are the whole picture, not a piece or part.

Our 2014 Statistics To Date:

2 adoptions – BHRR's Prince Eggo Belfast & BHRR's Torque

2 tragic losses – BHRR's Breen & BHRR's Zara

1 has come into BHRR in 2014 – April 5th with BHRR's Leroy

2 are under pending adoption – BHRR's Reese &, BHRR's Jetta

3 more in our BHRR program, shall be placed up for adoption shortly – BHRR's purse puppies & BHRR's Maverick

Any successful adoption is a two way street. It is relationship building, it is mutual trust and respect and listening and communicating and working together.

At the end of the day, it does not matter if a BHRR dog is adopted. That is not what is most important based upon the reasons as to why BHRR was founded. What I care about is continuing to make each dog the best dog that they can be. We committed to each dog in our program, we are here for life for these dogs, be that with them living in our home, in a perma-foster home or in a forever loving adoptive home. No dog will do without.

Every r/q Rescue can improve. I have said that for 26 years now. Yet, to be part of the 'improvement', it is best to talk and converse with the group directly. Words hurt not myself or Sean or any member of the BHRR BOD. What the words of people riddled with the wrong understanding of the workings of any r/q group, do is hurt the animals in said group that these groups are working so hard to help in the first place. This post is being made not because someone has sent me a note or message. No one has done so. It is being made based upon what is being witnessed out there in the rescue community and, a comment mentioned, while several of us deep in the trenches of r/q rescue had been together and discussing our organizations and the concern we have for what we are witnessing out there in these trenches plus the lack of r/q rescue. At the end of most people's nights, they go to bed and sleep. To those of us that have dedicated our lives to the animals in need, we sleep little to none. So, get out there and help r/q groups, be it BHRR or not. As posted above, there is bound to be a cause for almost every person out there. Yet, to speak about things, you know naught about, remember, it is the very animals' you think you are trying to help by your words, that you, are in fact, really hurting.

IMG_3229 (Medium) photo
BHRR's Nessie – December 24th, 2013 & April 24th, 2014

HERE is the poster for our 3rd ANNUAL BHRR 'Special 1-on-1-Date' With A BHRR Dog Online Auction –
ENDS Thursday April 24th @ 9 PM EST! Details HERE!

  • The BHRR Auction will begin at 6:00 AM EST on Saturday April 12th, 2014.
    Unfortunately, bids submitted prior to this time cannot be considered.
  • The BHRR Auction will end at 9:00 PM EST on Thursday April 24th, 2014.
    The highest bid on an item will be determined based on the time of the email sent as recorded by the time marked by our ISP

Winners to be located in the Ottawa, Kanata, Gatineau, Orleans, Kemptville, Prescott, Brockville, Kingston areas ONLY

THANK you BHRR BOD member Barry AGAIN for this awesome poster!!! So talented!

If anyone would like to help us crosspost this event and share this poster, please EMAIL!

picnic (Medium)

GENTLE REMINDER & UPDATEThis event will NOW also be used to also help BHRR’s Porridge – Rushed into KAH March 19th for when I returned from being out of the country, he was not well. He had dropped 3 KGs(6.6 pounds) – he is down to 74 KGs, had a nasal discharge, flared nostrils, no temp yet, belly breathing and could not breathe with his mouth closed, had not drank anything in over 24 hours, minimal eating, lethargic, swollen lymph nodes and, could not rest on his side(his fav resting spot).

PORRIDGE VET RESULTS TO DATE: Full exam done, lungs sounded ok, did a full blood work up including a heart blood test(awaiting results, we could not use Dormitor(if he did have a heart condition, this would be not in his best interest) to sedate for x-rays and the Torb barely took his anxiety edge off(we were not able to do his nails as he needs the Dorm also to sedate him) and, we could only get the right lat for x-rays yet, the heart on that side look almost completely normal. There was no noticeable bulge or significant enlargement yet, we had to take four shots to get his full chest and lungs just of the one side and the left side could not be completed at this time. We took biopsies of his lymph nodes, heart rate was elevated. The staff there noted how poor his energy level was from his norm ‘must maim with my happy tail and enthusiasm hyper harle happy boy ‘tude’ and while, he did eat some wet canned food, he had a hard time trying to eat anything dry and could only take one dry piece of T/D that was offered to him. The Vet has prescribed Doxy for him 4 tabs BID of the 100 mg IN case it may be infection related yet, he would not be presented ‘classically’ if that were the case. Yet, we are being proactive from all angles.

He went down hill so fast while I was away and, I thank all for monitoring him and I have trusted and do trust that those that were here, did keep his best interest at heart and, did not see fit to bring him in. I was completely ok for hi to go in for peace of mind and, I had been told that he was eating and drinking well and energy level was ok, no nasal discharge and lungs were clear(one person here is a nurse). In discussing him in more depth tonight with some of the wonderful souls that were here, it was noted that a weight loss had been seen, that drinking levels had gone down and energy level had changed. He was apparently fine and completely normal up to late last week and, I arrived home on Tuesday early afternoon. Whatever he has, it is aggressive….. πŸ™

AND, in the 24+ hours that I have been home, his condition from there worsened further and, I jumped in bringing him in ASAP. Even called KAH to change his appointment to an earlier time slot.

Possible diagnosis at this time range from early heart to early lymphoma to early nasal tumor. Good case scenario, an infection of some sort.

AND, here is the PV Stittsville, Nail Trim Event Poster! $15 for grinds/$10 for Trims on Saturday March 22nd from 10 am – 5 pm, and, all money shall benefit BHRR’s Coach, our ‘heart’ boy!

Purse Puppy Coach shall be coming with me after my work shift on March 22nd,Β  – around 2:30 PM to visit and thank all those that will be there AND, he will be doing ‘KUDDLES 4 KASH’ to also help raise some money for his bills. AND, for those that have had the pleasure of hugging this boy, he is DELIGHTFUL! I may also bring BHRR’s Angel Noelle or perhaps BHRR’s Torque! πŸ™‚

On Tuesday March 4th, BHRR’s Purse Puppy’s Coach weight was 14.9 KGs(37.78 pounds)! Since his arrival into Rescue, he has put on 34.28 pounds! πŸ™‚ In just 14 weeks! πŸ™‚

I have a huge blog post to make from this Vet visit and then coming back the next day for emergency x-rays and an ECG (the results were suppose to be back within 24 hours….) and, from there, the next steps for him. I have the report from the one Vet to post and, I have passed along all information and details to PVAR who have the other two puppies and who adopted the mom. At the minimum, it is believed that he has a congenital condition. πŸ™ AND, the chances that HE is the only one in that large litter to have this condition is slim to none.

As I am heading offline for the next week+, blog updates will be to a minimum to none – SORRY! πŸ™ I am going out of the country and later this year, also plan on going back out of the country as I have been invited to Costa Rica and Nicarauga to assist/train/mentor in a spay/neuter clinic and, to work with the strays etc. over there.Β  So, I will post as I can and, thanks to all that follow the blogs!!! πŸ™‚

Now, we just have to have those right matched forever loving homes find all of these great BHRR doggies that are AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! πŸ™‚

Nailtrim (Medium)

Please consider heading to PV Stittsville to participate in our FIRST EVER(Annual or Bi-Annual – not decided as of yet) $5(Five) 4 Food Fundraiser – February 1st to February 28th inclusive!
$1,518.00 DONATED To Date as of February 22nd, 2014!

I want to thank PV Stittsville immensely for being so open and supportive for BHRR to have our unique and creative Fundraiser at their lovely store! All money donated is being used to buy Dog Food from their store. As the generous, kind and extremely thoughtful donations are coming in, the incredible staff at PV Stittsville are using the funds to buy dog food as we are in our food crisis now. Sean has already gone in to pick up what food has been bought to date and, I will be in on Saturday to pick up the next bags that thanks to the community's big hearts, more is continuing to be able to be purchased.

We are hoping that this Fundraiser shall be successful! We are so happy to be showing our own hearts in turn to the store that is making this all possible and to buy all the food we can with the monies that come in. THANK YOU to the village that is surrounding BHRR and, PV Stittsville!!

AND, the 2nd annual PV Stittsville Secret Admirer Sweetheart Knuckle Bones Event is in full swing! 11 have already been purchased to donate to the animals(each BHRR dog has a photo attached to one bone) of BHRR! TY! TY! Be sure to visit PV Stittsville, while BHRR DOGGIES LAST! πŸ™‚
**As OF FEBRUARY 15th, 2014, ALL BHRR DOGGIES HAVE A Secret Admirer Sweetheart Knuckle Bone!**

AND thank you to BHRR BOD member Barry Cole for working with me again on this fabu poster!

feb five for food-3b

Since December 22nd, 2013, Sean & I have been working to renovate our Sunroom. It was time. Though, we have re-painted it twice since we moved in, the tiles that we put in back in 2000 were worn and the room needed aΒ  ‘face lift’ in many ways.

Yet, it is very difficult doing renovations with animals and kids, especially when we installed radiant floor heating and we put it on and, the dogs took over in this cold! LOL

Below is a photo of them enjoying the new tile we laid(porcelain) with the radiant floor heating on. It has been so cold, that, even the Wolfies and Saints and Newfs are loving the floor! Makes it a bit hard to work around them to prime and paint and tile and, install a new door and a new fan and…and…and! I will be glad when it is is all done. IT has been a process. πŸ˜€

Those long legs on the right side are BHRR’s Maverick’s! He is back on January 31st for his latest x-rays to be sent off to Dr. Philibert to review.

BHRR – our ‘work in progress – we call our home ’25-life’ – sunroom – January 2014

OUR FIRST OF 2014* FOOD = LIFE for the animals of BHRR!
PLEASE consider our cause and donate a bag or funds for food! We thank you from our hearts for any consideration!
PLEASE EMAIL IF YOU CAN HELP US with our dog food fund/needs!


LESS than 6 hours to get your chance to bid/win on our first ever ‘Breaking Bills Bake’ Online Auction!
All items will be baked fresh! ENDS tonight(Thursday January 23rd @ 9 PM EST)

We have 32 amazing items up for grabs and this, shall be a yearly Fundraiser for BHRR moving forward!

BAKE SALE ONLINE Auction to assist with BHRR’s Angel Noelle’s(the beaten/abused puppy that was also picked up and thrown and had her one leg/elbow broken and was never treated that required a leg amputation) Vet Bills has begun!
Please consider participating and crossposting. THANK YOU!

She also has a YouCaring Fundraiser page!

BHRR’s Angel Noelle’s β€˜BREAKING BILLS BAKE’ Online Auction Fundraiser
*Items do not need to be baked until the Online Auction is over. πŸ™‚
ONLINE AUCTION: STARTS January 18th, 2014(7 AM EST) & ENDS January 23rd, 2014(9 PM EST) – We have 32 items to date!

Thank you to EACH person who has stepped up to help us with sharing this request for donations for this fundraiser, offering to make an item, sending those very precious notes of support and kindness AND, in believing in this very special ‘angel’! As always, thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU! What a brutal start to 2014, we have had at BHRR. πŸ™ With being in a food crisis, BHRR’s Angel Noelle’s amputation and, BHRR’s Blooms’ gas bloat. πŸ™

All monies raised in this Online Auction shall go towards paying for BHRR’s Angel Noelle’s Bills.

This sweet Rottiex puppy used to live in a crackhouse. She lived a life of constant abuse and, at 12 weeks of age, she was abused, picked up and thrown. Her leg/elbow was broken and left untreated for another 12 weeks. She received no medical treatment during this time as my leg worked to try and heal on its own. I was terrifed and in extreme pain.

On Christmas Eve, an β€˜angel’ contacted Gwen and, asked if Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabiltition(BHRR) could assist. BHRR immediately stepped up and another β€˜angel’ came to her rescue and took her from this very bad place as β€˜because I whimpered in pain’, the Owners wanted me gone ASAP and would have killed me if I had stayed with them.

On Monday January 13th, 2014, her leg was amputated and her bills will be close to $5,000 once all of her rehab is finished. She still has to have post-off follow-ups/exams, vaccines, physiotherapy etc.



Here is a copy of a post that I made on our Birch Haven Facebook Page. For those that are inquiring as to ‘where’ the page went.

As we have many followers that are not on facebook, this is a post that can be ignored. πŸ™‚ For those that do follow us on facebook and, missed this post, here is a copy….

This is the final post as part of the ‘end of year statement’ for the BHRR BOD….that absolute privilege has fallen upon my typing fingers…

So much to say, a Gwennie Novel that would be a Gwennie chapter to truly capture it all!!

It has been an incredible year for BHRR, 13 WOW adoptions, so many faces put to names of lovely folks near and far, friendships plus relationships that have strengthened further and increased those links on that BHRR CHAIN OF SUCCESS, new kind and beautiful faces that have chosen our cause to support and believe in, the miracles of so many that were considered by several to be ‘lost causes’, r/q rescues working side by side making an much bigger positive difference to animals out there in need, the laughs, the smiles, the fun(Yes, r/q rescue can be fun!), the public education and community education events, play dates and play visits, the fundraisers(the crossposting!) the walks/hikes, the animals plus people that have touched us to the core and made our hearts just burst in warmth and happiness, the donations of lifesaving food and, other material items, the financial hand to help pay for much needed bills and more dog food, the driving and the more driving and the more driving, and yes, the hugs!
We thank each you that has been there and we look forward to what we hope promises to be an even better year for all ahead. We are NOTHING without you…..AND, to my BHRR BOD, thank you!

It has been such a hard year in others ways, and we take those important life lessons learned and will work that much more diligently in making better decisions/choices in 2014 and onward….we are focused in letting go of the things that we cannot change and that are unhealthy in the name of r/q rescuing.
We endeavour to practise what we preach, research, stay updated and keep walking the talk!
We have cried and still do cry over those that shall no longer be with us – human and animal and, candles are lit in the most honourable plus respectful silence of those that we can no longer physically touch and talk to and embrace……We miss you and, we are better in the having been touched by you…..

We thank all those that have assisted us in not changing BHRR yet, in continuing to help make it a better version of itself! I stand up and applaud each of you and then, I kneel down in the most humblest of thanks in turn, for I appreciate each and every gesture from a dollar to an encouraging word to helping to do nails or helping me to keep making dogs more well balanced and set-up for success! You may not think you have done much, yet, you have…especially on those dark trench days….

2014 MARKS year #18 for our small r/q Rescue and, that moves me into an announcement that I have been slowly sharing with people over the past few months….

The BHRR BOD has been discussing this for close to a 1 year now….

As of 11:59 PM on Wednesday January 1st, 2014; we shall be unpublishing our page….and, deactivating the BHRR BOD account.

This was not an easy step to take by any means for we understand how key networking and social media is….this page has brought us soooooooooooo much goodness and kindness and, we go into this knowing that we shall find ourselves most likely struggling even more financially and with food needs than we ever have had to date…..13 dogs were adopted in 2013, 17 in 2012 and this page is to be credited with these success stories…..

We are a small group and like many groups, we are Volunteers and lead busy lives outside of r/q rescue and, in frequent discussions with members of the BHRR BOD, the bandwidth is just not there right now for me to keep up the pace of this page plus what so many have originally been attracted plus loved about BHRR, the detailed blogs…that is very much a ‘signature’ BHRR arena and, it has had to take a backseat more often than I would have liked in 2013.

2014, is also year of much excitement(and some stress!) in my own professional and personal life – I will be defending in 2014 in re: to my PhD that I have worked pt on for too many years now…, I am furthering my training to do more work internationally with strays, street dogs and spay/neuter clinics and teaching and being mentored….I have been invited to Costa Rica and Nicaragua and, I will also begin to shadow at other Hospitals to increase my own skill set and education with qualifications plus experience. AND, I also look forward to my time at the ES when I can get there. As a result, I shall also be deleting/deactivating my personal account. Barry, Catalina and Mary will remain our eyes and ears out there in fb land.

My priority has always been to the animals under our authority and being hands on and keeping our success rates unparalled out there….that, shall not change.

It is my sincerest of wishes that by this time next year, we can publish this page again….it has become such a staple to my day and, I look forward to coming back to post of daily tips and questions and quotes and all things BHRR plus beyond to help other groups also network their own events/animals and throw our support into their corner!

I have sincerely enjoyed sharing the ups and the downs as part of our commitment to full disclosure and that, we are only perfect in our imperfections as humans….

So, it is will deepest regret that this shall be my last post on this page for some time……..

The BHRR BOD is still trying to figure out how best put forth our requests for assistance and right now, we shall go back to using the website for postings…so, please do visit uswww.birchhaven.orgΒ for YOU are the real hearts and souls of BHRR, along with the animals…..

May love, happiness and health find their way and stay with you and yours in 2014….that is my wish for you!

Raising my glass to all of you in a toast of my heart to you!

This is Julia and BHRR’s Nessie – December 4th, 2013

@ Alcatel-Lucent. Julia raised $627 for BHRR in just two lunch hours!
Here is her website:
This is the very amazing young lady(10) that raised over $2,200 for LAWS in 2013 and has chosen our small r/q group to support in 2014 with the selling of her absolutely stunning and creative necklaces and zipper pulls plus key chains.
I had the absolute pleasure of spending the lunch hour with her and her mom, aunt, BHRR’s Nessie and Sean…..
She has plans to do a colouring contest – using our beloved RIP BHRR’s Freddy’s photo, is already scheduled to come be at our 7th ANNUAL KAH/BHRR Microchip/Nail Trim & BBQ Event AND, has asked us to go to her school to do public awareness plus community education!
THANK you Julia! Thank you!
Photo: This is Julia and BHRR's Nessie - December 4th, 2013<br /><br /><br /><br />
@ Alcatel-Lucent. Julia raised $627 for BHRR in just two lunch hours!<br /><br /><br /><br />
Here is her website:<br /><br /><br /><br />
This is the very amazing young lady(10) that raised over $2,200 for LAWS in 2013 and has chosen our small r/q group to support in 2014 with the selling of her absolutely stunning and creative necklaces and zipper pulls plus key chains.<br /><br /><br /><br />
I had the absolute pleasure of spending the lunch hour with her and her mom, aunt, BHRR's Nessie and Sean.....<br /><br /><br /><br />
She has plans to do a colouring contest - using our beloved RIP BHRR's Freddy's photo, is already scheduled to come be at our 7th ANNUAL KAH/BHRR Microchip/Nail Trim & BBQ Event AND, has asked us to go to her school to do public awareness plus community education!<br /><br /><br /><br />
THANK you Julia! Thank you!

FROM myself, words truly do fail me with how beautiful these cards are plus the stamps AND Anna’s heart…..Thank you! THANK YOU!

From Anna G-h:

“We are delighted to announce that we have note-cards and matching stamps (domestic permanent) available with all funds donated to Birch Haven to assist in vetting and food costs. Each are 4 for $5. Please let me(Anna) know if you would like to order any. We can mail free of charge once we have received payment for your order. These are blank inside so are perfect for many occasions.”

Anna can be contacted at: OR email HERE.

Payment can be made via PayPal ‘GIFT’ or via email transfer.

Simply stunning! The person in the photo for those that are not aware is Anna’s husband, Peter and the two lovely Danes are Kaitlyn and Kassie. πŸ™‚



This is not a community education or public awareness event YET, I plan on showing up with some of the BHRR doggies to hang and visit AND thank ALL that show up!

NOTE: THERE shall also be $10 NAIL Trims with all proceeds coming to BHRR!

santa paws (Medium)

BHRR’s Nessie has moved to our BHRR Haven Program for the time being.

She has some intermittent swelling happening on and off on one of her back legs and what originally thought was to be an infection to be resolved with antibiotics does not seem to be the case.

More testing and exams will be done.

She is one of 18 Irish Wolfhounds that BHRR has assisted over the last year, 17 were purebreds and 1 mix, BHRR’s Goliath.

BHRR has been rescuing, training and owning Irish Wolfhounds for almost 26 years now. We are the oldest established r/q group out there in our area that has been doing so. Sadly, this is a breed that we are starting to see some serious exploitation with, so please do EMAIL us, if you know of a Wolfie in need. Like all breeds, they are not meant for just anyone.

NEW TOTAL RAISED TO DATE: $1,606.47! NEW TOTAL for her Vet Bills: $5,379.68

Laurie – PayPal took $14.80 in fees

BHRR-8 - Hazel T (Medium)
BHRR’s Nessie – October 13th, 2013 @ PV Stittsville


BHRR does not adopt out during the XMAS season due to our position that it is not in the best interest of any new addition being added during such a busy, exciting and somewhat stressful time for many.

Quite a few other Rescues, Shelters, Pounds etc. have also begun to follow a similar protocol to what we have been doing for so many years.

Our XMAS Shutdown period for this year is from Saturday December 14th, 2013 to Tuesday January 7th 2013 inclusive.

During this time, BHRR is available 24/7 as always for requests for assistance of animals in need.

Thank you for your continued understanding – The BHRR Team

Our 6th ANNUAL 'JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS' Online Auction HAS started! πŸ™‚ We NOW have 87 items posted – LINK BELOW – and more to come daily! This is not a facebook auction. As we have supporters not on fb, we use a wp plug-in app on our home website.

YOU have to go visit daily to see just what is there! πŸ™‚ THANKS to all that have donated so kindly, generously and the animals thank you too! πŸ™‚

The BHRR Auction began at 7:00 AM EST on Saturday November 23rd, 2013.

The BHRR Auction will end at 9:00 PM EST on Thursday December 5th, 2013

From Friday October 18th to Sunday November 3rd, 2013 inclusive, BHRR will not be open for adoptions or the intake of adoption applications.

We do not adopt out around the Halloween season and many others Rescues, shelters, pounds etc. have also begun to follow a similar protocol.

We do not believe it is in the best interest of the animals in our program, especially for dark coloured dogs.

During this time, BHRR is available 24/7 as always for requests for assistance of animals in need.

THIS is my latest GOOD WITH CATS UPDATE post adding on new dogs recently 'tested'!

This lovely Canine has proven to be 'good' with cats. YET, as always, careful integration is an VERY important key and the personalities also!

I also want to stress that BHRR's Groves & BHRR's Flint being part of this updated 'GOOD WITH CATS UPDATE' post are only mere puppies right now….their 'cat' goodness could well change as they mature.

BHRR's Nessie & BHRR's Treasure are the other two dogs tagged in this specific blog post. This post does not warrant or guarantee that they shall be good with all cats. Please check each animals' specific blog to read about whether or not, they have a 'thumbs up', a 'thumbs down' or an 'unknown' when it comes to cats.

We cat test our dogs as we can. Sean is allergic to cats and most of our own dogs are scared of cats and yet, doing thorough evaluations plus assessments and getting to know the BHRR dogs thoroughly, my knowledge of them and experience with them and gut/instinct have gone a long way in helping to determine if the dogs may or may not be good. Others do remain an 'unknown'.

UPDATE: At this time, we will not be posting any more public updates on our BHRR's Nessie.

I am just off the phone with legal and the police after a very threatening conversation made to myself by someone who contacted BHRR re: BHRR's Nessie today. I have also been in touch with the Vet Hospital Management & Vet Team that has been overseeing her top notch vet care.

BHRR's Nessie is being moved even, as, I type this to a very private safe location and her care shall continue to be managed as we mobilize to address this situation as needed.

This dog was going to be pts on August 28th(9 day ago) and we stepped up to assist her, she was legally signed over and she would not be alive today if it were not for the Volunteers of BHRR.

UPDATE: please keep BHRR's Nessie in your thoughts and well wishes!

I am bringing her back to work with me today as she is still having discharge from her nose, she is still more uncomfortable that she really should be at this stage of healing and I do not like her continued lack of energy level…..even for a Wolfie!

5 month old, BHRR's Dobie Doll Reese was to come with me to work today for a re-weigh and her rabies plus to do pre-surgical bw yet, she will stay home and come another time as I really want to have BHRR's Nessie re-checked……


When I had conversed with one of the Vets on Tuesday, the recommendation was to monitor BHRR's Nessie for a couple more days just to give her a chance to progress.

Today, in bringing her in, she is down 3 pounds since Saturday, drinking more than normal, is pot bellied and 2 Vets can witness her pacing, restlessness and desire to want to drink all the time plus that she cannot quite get comfortable.

Both Vets have listened to her lungs and stomach and are concerned that she is making a ton of effort to breathe yet, there is little air flow.

Her incision looks good, she was not painful to palpate and we are just doing more x-rays…..

KEEP those thoughts flowing for her!!!!

Her x-rays still show that she is battling aspiration pneumonia and so, she remains on the Baytril 3x 150 mg SID for that.

We are now doing a resting cortisol for Addison's testing and though, she did not have any indications in her bw done last week, we need to rule it out based upon other signs/symptoms.

We are also going to be giving her some cerenia drops up her nose to try and assist with the inflammation and hopefully, to get the bloody discharge to stop.
She does have WOBBLERS and we will rule out diabetes. πŸ™

NEW TOTAL RAISED TO DATE: $1,081.47 FOR her care!! AND, NEW TOTAL of best healing wishes sent her way to date: PRICELESS!!!


Her Vet Bills for BHRR to date are: $4,790.32 AND we are still rising……

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! So grateful to ALL of you!! Never, would I ask or beg or plead for myself, yet for dogs like Nessie, anything….I have no pride or ego and want to do the very best for her!

UPDATE: It is BHRR WOLFIE Day at KAH – well, not for BunkerDude yet BHRR's Prince Eggo Belfast is hanging with me today – weight is a skinny 65.4 Kgs(143.88 pounds) – for his own Vet visit – thanks again to Joy, Debbie, Jenn & Jon for their invaluable assistance to help get him to me safely!

AND, OMG! THIS is the best news EVER!!!!!! BHRR's Nessie made the 'good' turn at some point in the night AND she is more alert, no more bleeding at this time(the Vets will still keep investigating), ACTUALLY ate a bit of food, had a pee and showed some love!!!

I am JUMPING UP AND DOWN?!! DO YOU SEE ME?!!! PLEASE feel free to jump up and down with me in HAPPINESS!!

Her weight is down to 67.9(149.38 pounds) yet, not surprising….she has a bit of edema going on, temp is back to normal and she is sharing the kisses with all!!!!

THANK YOU SHOUTED out to all of her well wish angels plus to everyone for the much needed donations AND, adding to her rescue angels list are:

Laurie E.

NEW TOTAL RAISED TO DATE: $1,061.47 FOR her care!! AND, NEW TOTAL of best healing wishes sent her way to date: PRICELESS!!!

Her Vet Bills for BHRR to date are: $2,283.11 AND we have yet to add Thursday plus Friday's charges and then Saturday's…..

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! So grateful to ALL of you!! Never, would I ask or beg or plead for myself, yet for dogs like Nessie, anything….I have no pride or ego and want to do the very best for her!

I am sorry that I did not get photos posted last night….I was soooooo tired by the time 3:30 AM rolled around and had to be back at KAH again for 7:30 Am that I just snuggled up to some Wolfie and special guest love and had a snooze!

BHRR's Dyson also has some AMAZING news to share himself!!!

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE! More updates soon!!!

Some photos and a VIDEO of her below.


August301 NessieAugust302
BHRR's Nessie – August 30th, 2013

UPDATE: BHRR's Nessie is listed as 'critically stable' by one of her Vets at this time. She remains on fluids, Baytril plus cefazolin…..

She continues to bleed and it is now a purplish colour.

We will not get the latest of her bw back until tomorrow….

We will get her bills paid off, we have faith….my biggest wish and hope for all of you, is to please pray and think of her…..

It will be another long and worrisome night….

My other pneumonia special guest had their own bw come back and he is not doing as great as we all would like to see right now….he is

I am staying so positive and they continue to lack for nothing and if anyone has any creative emerge fundraiser ideas, please do let me know!!

Thank you to everyone that has been there and keep up those great thoughts plus vibes!!!!!

Will update again as I can….

Good news is that BHRR's Prince Eggo Belfast is now safe in my clutches and thanks to Jenn for the transport help yesterday and to her and Jon for loving on him so well until I could get him today! He is typical Wolfie!!!

AND BHRR's Velvet has been ADOPTED!! Thank you to the visting Catalina for her help in getting this hv done for me!!

AND, I am going to now grab that elusive meal that I have been dreaming about all day and never had time to eat!!


UPDATE: BHRR's Nessie really needs your help…. Please send blessings…..
She is now bleeding bilaterally and throwing clots.
I am off to do x-rays now…will update ASAP.

UPDATE: August 29th @ 12:16 PM:
UPDATE: We are treating her for aspiration pneumonia yet, no explanation for the bleeding at this time. We have added Baytril to her med regime.

I have also brought in two of the dog beds I have in the car to help 'prop' her up to aid her in trying to get comfortable for she wants to lay on her side yet, cannot breathe well.

Two Vets are now on her case investigating the bleeding.

UPDATE: BHRR's Nessie made it through the night and as she had done a lot of vomiting bile during her emergency surgery, she was put on ampicillin (to help against possible aspiration pneumonia developing) and this AM, she is now having frothy blood coming up.
*In conversing with one of her previous O.'s who had me paged at KAH looking for an update, this had happened the last time she had an obstruction surgery when she was in their care last September 2012 and also developed aspiration pneumonia. The Vet team then reviewed her Vet records from that time period from when she was at Alta Vista AH.*

Her lungs sounds just a wee bit crackly and she had a pee. NO bm's yet. TPR will be assessed again shortly.

SHE is not out of any woods yet, and she is at KAH all day for monitoring and care….we are on to the next milestone of the first 24 hours post-op.

ANY consideration of possible donations for her mounting bills can be made direct to Kanata Animal Hospital (613) 836-2848 direct to her account of 'Nessie' under Birch Haven Rescue (613) 725-4279

OR to email transfer to

OR to PayPal 'gift option to

AND, please, please, please keep her in your blessings, thoughts and healing prayers……..

I will take new photos today…..some of her nose are below.

NessieAugust292013 NessieAugust292013.JPG1

UPDATE: So sorry, that it is a wee bit in the making!!
'Nessie' was out of surgery just before 5:30 pm and thank you being extended very much to Dr. Wright of KAH and all my fellow team mates at KAH for being there for her!! We are taking the milestones in hours now….

I have two pre-surgery photos and all of her x-rays – yesterday and today as well to share. I will begin her own blog. To those that have met her to date and have seen the one photo, they will agree that her eyes just shout out to you…..

New total raised to date for her mounting bills are $896.47 AND adding to her AMAZING Guardian ANGELS from my earlier post are:

Bre & her team at PV Stittsville who are going to have a memory paws/nail trim event on September 21st to help raise monies for Nessie
Shirley & Nathan
Genesis Dog Rescue
The Twaddles
AND there was a $20 donation made at KAH between 2-5 pm that the CC nor reception at KAH have a note for and I want to also say thank you to this person who remains anonymous at this time (I know now that this kind soul is Margaret)

Thank you! OMG! I cannot scream out a thank you big enough to each of you!!

When I have the final total of her bills, I shall post on her blog and here yet, we are looking at between $3-4,000 and so, please know that your $1 and $2 donation considerations would mean not such the universe to me yet, help with the gift of life for Nessie!!

AND, I cannot say this enough, all of your words of kindness and thoughtful care are being passed to her, so, they are equally so important!!!

Thank you again!! I am also still slowly working on personally thanking each person for being there for her!!

BHRR's  Reese August 28th – BEFORE her emergency surgery

UPDATE: 'Nessie' is now in emergency surgery and I will update as I can!!

We have had an amazing, filled with warmth $495 donated and every consideration of even a $1 or a $2 would mean so much!! Her bills will be between $3-4,000 and I want to shout out my indebted thanks to her angels so far:

Sarah D.
BHRR's Lady Adele (her mummy too!!)
Karen R.
Karen S.
Andrea G.
Poet's Vision Aussie Rescue

AND just as needed and important are ALL those well wishes, positive vibes and healing energy being sent!!

For those who may not be aware, 'Nessie' is a 4 year old wheaten Irish Wolfhound that is in an urgent situation as she was o/s this AM and has an obstruction and needs immediate assistance.

She did vomit up a sock yet, x-rays (the barium is not passing properly) and per the interpretation specialist Dr. Crews, there is still at least one foreign body still there……

With a PENDING ADOPTION in the works, I have taken her without hesitation into BHRR and have known this IW since she was a mere pup! Her situation is reminiscent of BHRR's Barkley(the Dobie that was o/s with an untreated obstruction) and I have high hopes that 'Nessie' will also be successfully rehabbed.

She has had one surgery last year for an obstruction and has a history of ingesting and I was just typing yesterday on Bunkerdude's photo about the Wolfie at Alta Vista when I had Bunker there last summer and it was Nessie…..

I would never ask for myself, yet, I would do whatever I could for the animals and thank you everyone for everything!!!!!

This sweet Wolfie NEEDS that village to surround her and she is now part of the BHRR family!!!


BHRR has just been signed over an emergency situation Giant – A 4 year old Irish Wolfhound who needs surgery immediately.

She has an untreated obstruction surgery and we are prepping her for emergency surgery this afternoon.

IF anyone could even spare $1, or $2 to help us with her bills, it would be sooooooooo appreciative…..

You can call Kanata Animal Hospital directly at (613) 836-2848 and the name is "Nessie" under the account of "Birch Haven Rescue"

OR PayPal 'Gift'

OR email transfer to

I have 'known' this IW since she was a mere puppy and she deserves this and the home wants the best for her….THIS owner surrender is as difficult as it was to witness BHRR's Bobby's…

AND, JUST as important are well wishes for this Wolfie….she puked up a sock already yet, there is something still obstructing her bowels.

THANK you in advance to anyone that could assist us…..THANK you!