UPDATE: 'Nessie' is now in emergency surgery and I will update as I can!!

We have had an amazing, filled with warmth $495 donated and every consideration of even a $1 or a $2 would mean so much!! Her bills will be between $3-4,000 and I want to shout out my indebted thanks to her angels so far:

Sarah D.
BHRR's Lady Adele (her mummy too!!)
Karen R.
Karen S.
Andrea G.
Poet's Vision Aussie Rescue

AND just as needed and important are ALL those well wishes, positive vibes and healing energy being sent!!

For those who may not be aware, 'Nessie' is a 4 year old wheaten Irish Wolfhound that is in an urgent situation as she was o/s this AM and has an obstruction and needs immediate assistance.

She did vomit up a sock yet, x-rays (the barium is not passing properly) and per the interpretation specialist Dr. Crews, there is still at least one foreign body still there……

With a PENDING ADOPTION in the works, I have taken her without hesitation into BHRR and have known this IW since she was a mere pup! Her situation is reminiscent of BHRR's Barkley(the Dobie that was o/s with an untreated obstruction) and I have high hopes that 'Nessie' will also be successfully rehabbed.

She has had one surgery last year for an obstruction and has a history of ingesting and I was just typing yesterday on Bunkerdude's photo about the Wolfie at Alta Vista when I had Bunker there last summer and it was Nessie…..

I would never ask for myself, yet, I would do whatever I could for the animals and thank you everyone for everything!!!!!

This sweet Wolfie NEEDS that village to surround her and she is now part of the BHRR family!!!