THIS is my latest GOOD WITH CATS UPDATE post adding on new dogs recently 'tested'!

This lovely Canine has proven to be 'good' with cats. YET, as always, careful integration is an VERY important key and the personalities also!

I also want to stress that BHRR's Groves & BHRR's Flint being part of this updated 'GOOD WITH CATS UPDATE' post are only mere puppies right now….their 'cat' goodness could well change as they mature.

BHRR's Nessie & BHRR's Treasure are the other two dogs tagged in this specific blog post. This post does not warrant or guarantee that they shall be good with all cats. Please check each animals' specific blog to read about whether or not, they have a 'thumbs up', a 'thumbs down' or an 'unknown' when it comes to cats.

We cat test our dogs as we can. Sean is allergic to cats and most of our own dogs are scared of cats and yet, doing thorough evaluations plus assessments and getting to know the BHRR dogs thoroughly, my knowledge of them and experience with them and gut/instinct have gone a long way in helping to determine if the dogs may or may not be good. Others do remain an 'unknown'.