Since December 22nd, 2013, Sean & I have been working to renovate our Sunroom. It was time. Though, we have re-painted it twice since we moved in, the tiles that we put in back in 2000 were worn and the room needed a  ‘face lift’ in many ways.

Yet, it is very difficult doing renovations with animals and kids, especially when we installed radiant floor heating and we put it on and, the dogs took over in this cold! LOL

Below is a photo of them enjoying the new tile we laid(porcelain) with the radiant floor heating on. It has been so cold, that, even the Wolfies and Saints and Newfs are loving the floor! Makes it a bit hard to work around them to prime and paint and tile and, install a new door and a new fan and…and…and! I will be glad when it is is all done. IT has been a process. 😀

Those long legs on the right side are BHRR’s Maverick’s! He is back on January 31st for his latest x-rays to be sent off to Dr. Philibert to review.

BHRR – our ‘work in progress – we call our home ’25-life’ – sunroom – January 2014