UPDATE: BHRR's Nessie made it through the night and as she had done a lot of vomiting bile during her emergency surgery, she was put on ampicillin (to help against possible aspiration pneumonia developing) and this AM, she is now having frothy blood coming up.
*In conversing with one of her previous O.'s who had me paged at KAH looking for an update, this had happened the last time she had an obstruction surgery when she was in their care last September 2012 and also developed aspiration pneumonia. The Vet team then reviewed her Vet records from that time period from when she was at Alta Vista AH.*

Her lungs sounds just a wee bit crackly and she had a pee. NO bm's yet. TPR will be assessed again shortly.

SHE is not out of any woods yet, and she is at KAH all day for monitoring and care….we are on to the next milestone of the first 24 hours post-op.

ANY consideration of possible donations for her mounting bills can be made direct to Kanata Animal Hospital (613) 836-2848 direct to her account of 'Nessie' under Birch Haven Rescue (613) 725-4279

OR to email transfer to gwen@birchhaven.org

OR to PayPal 'gift option to gwen@birchhaven.org

AND, please, please, please keep her in your blessings, thoughts and healing prayers……..

I will take new photos today…..some of her nose are below.

NessieAugust292013 NessieAugust292013.JPG1