These are the last photo's and 2 video's that I took of BHRR's Nessie dated from today. RIP you darling girl…… 🙁

VIDEO #1 BHRR's Nessie Car Ride Into KAH
VIDEO #2 BHRR's Nessie At KAH

BHRR's Nessie Photo's of her on the way in…such a happy dog….in so many ways…. wish I could have repaired her body….too much had happened to her in her past prior to coming to BHRR and, we just could not 'fix' her in the end……just devastated.
NessieAugust20th2014 NessieAugust20th2014.JPG1
BHRR's Nessie at KAH
NessieKAHAugust212014 Nessie3August212014

BHRR's Nessie's body condition on August 21st was superb! However, her leg, was not. 🙁 Her poor leg drained over her tail and feathers.
NessieAugust2120144 Nessielegaugust21