UPDATE: BHRR's Nessie is listed as 'critically stable' by one of her Vets at this time. She remains on fluids, Baytril plus cefazolin…..

She continues to bleed and it is now a purplish colour.

We will not get the latest of her bw back until tomorrow….

We will get her bills paid off, we have faith….my biggest wish and hope for all of you, is to please pray and think of her…..

It will be another long and worrisome night….

My other pneumonia special guest had their own bw come back and he is not doing as great as we all would like to see right now….he is

I am staying so positive and they continue to lack for nothing and if anyone has any creative emerge fundraiser ideas, please do let me know!!

Thank you to everyone that has been there and keep up those great thoughts plus vibes!!!!!

Will update again as I can….

Good news is that BHRR's Prince Eggo Belfast is now safe in my clutches and thanks to Jenn for the transport help yesterday and to her and Jon for loving on him so well until I could get him today! He is typical Wolfie!!!

AND BHRR's Velvet has been ADOPTED!! Thank you to the visting Catalina for her help in getting this hv done for me!!

AND, I am going to now grab that elusive meal that I have been dreaming about all day and never had time to eat!!