UPDATE: So sorry, that it is a wee bit in the making!!
'Nessie' was out of surgery just before 5:30 pm and thank you being extended very much to Dr. Wright of KAH and all my fellow team mates at KAH for being there for her!! We are taking the milestones in hours now….

I have two pre-surgery photos and all of her x-rays – yesterday and today as well to share. I will begin her own blog. To those that have met her to date and have seen the one photo, they will agree that her eyes just shout out to you…..

New total raised to date for her mounting bills are $896.47 AND adding to her AMAZING Guardian ANGELS from my earlier post are:

Bre & her team at PV Stittsville who are going to have a memory paws/nail trim event on September 21st to help raise monies for Nessie
Shirley & Nathan
Genesis Dog Rescue
The Twaddles
AND there was a $20 donation made at KAH between 2-5 pm that the CC nor reception at KAH have a note for and I want to also say thank you to this person who remains anonymous at this time (I know now that this kind soul is Margaret)

Thank you! OMG! I cannot scream out a thank you big enough to each of you!!

When I have the final total of her bills, I shall post on her blog and here yet, we are looking at between $3-4,000 and so, please know that your $1 and $2 donation considerations would mean not such the universe to me yet, help with the gift of life for Nessie!!

AND, I cannot say this enough, all of your words of kindness and thoughtful care are being passed to her, so, they are equally so important!!!

Thank you again!! I am also still slowly working on personally thanking each person for being there for her!!

BHRR's  Reese August 28th – BEFORE her emergency surgery