BHRR’s Coupe!
ADOPTED: February 20th, 2021
Mr. Coupe, so much to say, so many emotions, so hard to even express how I feel right now….
Suffice to say, you MORE than did it…you blew it way out of the park!
That you went to a home that had adopted from us previously and wished to adopt only from us again; touches us even more.
I could tell from that first video sent my way of you when I reached out asking this wonderful rescue angel if they had a dog in need that we could assist; that you were beyond special.
AND you have proven to so many how incredibly amazing you are inside and out.
Handsome, smart, a real ham, a charmer, a flirt too! You are a thrivor!
To all those that have been touched by your gentle soul, to have had you look deep into their souls with your warm, soulful stunning brown eyes; they will all agree just how unbelievably incredible you are.
There has always been an ‘intangible’ element about you, an aura….you make people feel happy and relaxed and they fill up with calmness plus smiles.
The stories you could tell of your journey prior to rescue and we know that those stories would bring many a tear to our eyes. Yet, from the moment you arrived; we did not look back, neither did you.
We worked hard towards giving you the future of happiness and health that you deserve.
You were surrounded by a community plus village that was strong and supportive and believed in you just as much as we do. We are eternally grateful to each and every rescue angel that came together to get you to BHRR safely, that emergency temp fostered you, that gave of themselves in time for play dates and play visits when you were ready, that donated to your extensive Vet bills – that we remain paying off and shall be doing so for some time to come and that is ok for you are deserving, this is why BHRR exists to help animals like you!
Parting ways today was hard; yet; also so heartwarming…..doing right by the dogs includes adopting out those that no longer need us. We remain never desperate, we remain never flipping dogs or rushing adoptions and we remain full of disclosure.
We are NEVER going to approve an adoption on a dog before they are ready. That is NOT r/q rescue AND we are never going to approve an adoption on a dog that is not that right matched personality fit home.
We know that we will see you again. We know that this is not good-bye forever; this is until we meet again and we know that your future is one of such joy, fun, potential and love.
We know that you shall continue to thrive and not lack for anything.
Thank you Sean for coming to do this home-visit with me.
This was also an emotional home-visit as this is the first as we slowly transition over the next ~8 years or so.
We have now completed adoption #426…not many to a lot of groups; yet, to our group that almost each and every dog is a special needs one; it is wonderful. This approved adoption was almost like the beginning of a truly hard to put into words journey. The impact and enormity of this reality as we move forward; is raw……….and thank you Mr. Coupe for being a big awesome part of BHRR’s legacy. Thank you to all of the kind, caring folks that not only understand yet, appreciate that doing r/q rescue is not easy and that we must do right by the dogs.

Mr. Coupe, giving you one final tummy rub, one last ear scratch plus a smooch on the muzzle; telling you how much I love you and will miss you and how proud of you; filled me with big smiles, even if some of them became a bit wobbly…..

You are now ‘home’ Mr. Coupe.

Today is a very special day! For a very special dog!

Now that the COVID restrictions have been opening up, we are able to proceed with doing home-visits again.

BHRR’s Coupe’s home-visit is today for a possible approved adoption!!

We will update as we can….


On Saturday, BHRR’s Coupe had his play date from an auction item winning and he had a blast!
Thank you SO much Elaine Giles & fam for giving him yet, another great adventure!!!
He remains under a PENDING ADOPTION and we will update as we can.
He is a real gem of a dog! Just a doll!
Thank you Elaine for this great picture of him on his play date! 

My last post of my night – Busy day over here!

BHRR’s Coupe(NewfX) is moving under a PENDING ADOPTION!

We shall update as we can!

From our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, the warmest of good night wishes are being sent!

Another picture of him as he is just so darn photogenic!

BHRR’s Coupe!
 He DID it! With so many amazing, kind, generous, supportive and loving rescue angels, he DID it! He has overcome SO much and throughout it all, he has remained the most amazing temperament of dogs. AND the better he has felt, the happier he has become – if that was even possible! and he is such a doll of a dog!

Health Status: HEALTHY! He will need a home that will continue to ensure that he has Deramaxx and Gabpentin as needed and will remain on his HeartGard Plus year round. He will also need a microfilaria blood test every 6 months.

Type of Home Ideal For Mr. Coupe: He can be in a home that works ft, pt, works from home, is semi-retired or retired etc. He is another versatile BHRR dog!

He will NOT go to a home that seeks to make him fat or obese – yup, one of my biggest pet peeves! He is lean and looks fantastic! His legs will not benefit whatsoever from being fat or even plump.

Personality/Temperament: Loving, affectionate, sweet, social, playful, quietly active, gentle, kind, and if not handled properly – he has the propensity to develop SA behaviours. If allowed, he will pull so he needs someone that will ensure that he continues to mind his wonderful manners that he has learned.

Previous Dog Experience: Previous dog experience is ideal yet not required if that right matched home is set up for success. While it would be lovely to see him in a home with another right matched fit dog; it is not required. It is important that he has a strong doggie network as he needs friends too!

Good With Cats: He has proven to be good with cats – he had two foster homes with cats. Integration is always key!

Good with Pocket Pets: Unknown.

Good with Children: He has been fine with children and we will consider homes that have children 10 and up and no more than 3 children in a home.

Grooming: He is a dream to wash, do nails! He does need to be brushed out regularly and this is a great bonding time between us – along with treats!
Car: He loves his car rides! He has been given so many amazing play dates and experiences that the association with car rides is one of great fun and loving experiences.
Housebroken/Crate Trained: He is housebroken and crate trained.
Obedience: His manners have come a long way. He can still pull if distracted so a properly fitted and comfortable harness is recommended in addition to his martingale.
Activities Suited For Him: He would make an incredible therapy dog. He is calm and such a low maintenance dog.
Loves & Bad Habits: He is a big FLIGHT risk. He will take off and run. A safely fenced in yard and play areas is so important. He has the taste for wandering – had been picked up as a stray.

He loves treats and loves to be around his humans. He is affectionate and loving in his very special way and does not ask to sit on you or climb into your shower! The way his eyes follow me as I go about doing house chores or working on the computer is humbling. His gorgeous eyes are soul reaching and kind. His eyes tell a tale of an extremely tough life. He is a thoughtful thinking kind of dog. He likes to observe things and think them over before making a decision.

He is so much better about asking for loving. He will roll on his side and lift up one leg to get his tummy rubs plus pats.

He was so serious when he first arrived into rescue. Now, he has many moments of just letting himself go to enjoy the experiences found in adventuring. Though, he is 3+ years of age; he now has some puppy moments of sheer joy of life.

Like any dog, he is not perfect. He is perfect in all of his imperfections though! NOT to mention handsome!

Trail walks/hikes – a few kms daily are his jam. He needs to have offleash time and not just leash walking. He can often be found sitting in the highest parts of our hills in our 3+ safely fenced in acreage surveying the land. Many a day, I wish I knew what he was thinking about as he is looks deep in thought.

Anxieties/Worries: He has the ability to develop SA behaviours and we have worked extensively to set him up for success. He has learned to like and love his own company and to know that we are coming home. It is integral that the right matched personality fit home does not spend 24/7 with him. During this pandemic, we still need groceries, we should still go out and walk about the block or two; we should still get in our cars and go for a small drive to

As we have stated for over 25 years now, we will NEVER rush any dogs’ rehabilitation journey, we do not flip dogs and we are not desperate to adopt them out.

We will always place up for adoption the dogs that are able to be adopted and safe haven any others that due to medical and/or behavioural reasons are not able to be placed up for adoption.

We do not take in hundreds of dogs yearly; we only took in 16 dogs in 2020 as it is about helping the next in need of us, giving them top quality care and not about taking in numbers.

After 25+ years; we remain knowing that we cannot please everyone and that means that BHRR is clearly not the rescue to be followed, supported, believed in by everyone. We remain small plus mighty and as we go through this next transitional stage for BHRR; we shall continue to operate with a zero tolerance approach plus providing up and beyond care to the animals.

Our mandates have never changed and they will remain the same as long as we are around; the animals shall always be done right by as our priority.

Our adoption success rates remain second to no other group out there and we are excited to go through 2021! 


BHRR’s Coupe was at the Vet today for his annual – vaccines and to have a recheck on those new front legs of his!

Since he first arrived to BHRR, just shy of 1 year ago; he has had 3 surgeries – fb plus pexy, dental and bilateral elbow arthroscopic surgery; we also found no less than 2 bullets in him, was found out to be heartworm positive; had a deep penetrating leg wound, was diagnosed with un united anconeal process, ruled out fungal osteomyletitis plus blasto and the list goes on……AND through all of his treatments plus surgeries, he has been a gem of a dog!

He has learned manners and muscled/toned up and the healthier he became, the stronger he got, the happier and friendler he also became. AND for those who met this dog at the beginning of his journey would have stated that he was one mighty fine and happy dog then! He is over the moon happy now. He is playful and so affectionate and though, shall always have a slight permanent limp – golfball sizes of bone chips/fragments were taken out from his leg surgeries December 1st – nothing is holding him back!

He weighed a very consistent 39.7 kgs(87.34 pounds) and looks marvelous!

He was given a thumbs up today at his Vet Visit at EVC and it was so nice for the Vet that did his first surgery on February 6th, 2020 to be the one to see him again today!

Mr. Coupe shall soon be ready to make his own special announcement.

Karen Boyd and Jane Smith- he has done so well and I cannot thank you both again for all you did to help get him safely to us! Karen, I am so glad I reached out to you to see if you had a dog in need that we could possibly assist with! He has been magnificent and it has been an honour to work with you/Sam/Jane once more.

Courtney Reil – thank you for emerge temp fostering him in TO and then driving him to EVC!

Cassy Montgomery – Thank you and John for also taking such great care of him too!

Thank you to everyone that gave him special play dates and play visits – Elaine Giles, Ashley Deon, Melanie Moore etc. during his extensive rehabilitation journey with BHRR.

Thank you ALSO to all of the rescue angels that donated to help us pay for his enormous Vet Bills!

We are very excited for his future and even Mr. Symba did not mind at all sharing his Mr. Bear Stuffie with Mr. Coupe!

Today, we removed BHRR’s Coupe’s staples and he is doing wonderfully!

Come January, he will be coming up due for his annual and a recheck and from there, he will be ready to make his own special announcement!

It has been a long journey Mr. Coupe yet, you have been incredible and you are going to make a great home a great addition!

BHRR’s Coupe!
Enjoying his own ‘feel good’ drugs!
He is doing very well post op from his diagnosis of bilateral elbow ununited anconeal process with secondary osteoarthritis and then Dr. Philibert did arthroscopy of both elbows and removal of the anconeus processes.
Those shaved legs on him make him look positively adorable! 
He will be back in two weeks for his recheck and staple removal.
I have just added another 12 WOW Items to our 13th Annual ‘JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS’ Online Auction!
From Bombay items, hair clippers, pet playpen, an Arbonne item to pawprnt garden/path stones, a year supply of custom handmade soap and SO much more have been added just now! ?
We now have 100 incredible items up for grabs! 
We have handmade dog collars, BBQ items, kitchen goodies, shower item, a gift basket, handmade wallet, pendant, exercise equipment, jams/salsa, chocolate, cinnamon buns, king duvet, 2 & 3 plys face masks, a photography session, a custom stitch portrait, Starbucks, Tupperware, a wallet, a special one-on-one date with BHRR’s Symba, homemade fudge, jewellery, nail trims, Pampered Chef items, Tupperware items, COVID-19 Boxes/Pail, Doggy Treats/Toy Tote, a George Foreman item and a LOT more!
Items will be added daily and if you have anything that you may like to donated; please do email
**This is our last Fundraiser of 2020 and COVID-19 has greatly impacted our fundraising efforts for 2020 and we are at a very REAL serious risk of having to permanently close our doors.***
We have been in operation since 1996 and are the local Great Dane/Giant Breed rescue whose strong focus are the special needs.
*The BHRR Auction will start NOW and shall end at 9:00 PM EST on Thursday December 3rd, 2020.

BHRR’s Coupe’s Invoice

As we continue to believe in full accountability and transparency, here is Mr. Coupe’s invoice from his ortho surgeries today at Liston Animal Hospital.

Per Dr. Philibert, his ortho specialist:

“His diagnosis was bilateral elbow ununited anconeal process with secondary osteoarthritis. Dr. Philibert did arthroscopy of both elbows and removal of the anconeus processes.”

They removed golf ball size bone fragments and chips from both elbows. POOR dude.

He is going to feel so much better.

I am now hunkered down for overnight duty with my newest patient, Mr. Coupe and will post an update tomorrow…

He will be in for a recheck and staple removal in 2 weeks time and come January, he will have his annual and in 8 weeks time from today, if all goes well; he will have his own special announcement to make!

The rehabilitation journey has been long and he has needed two major surgeries since he arrived; treated for HW, has two bullets inside of him that the specialists say is best left alone AND through it all he has been the nicest, sweetest amazing boy!

We also did his nails and had his ears cleaned while he was in surgery.

Unfortunately, no surgical pictures this time around! Meant to ask!!!

UPDATE: he is now out of surgery…..they will call when he is waking up!
Thank you to the rescue angels that donated to his bills! 
We are now ONLY $450 short!

BHRR’s Coupe(NewfX)


**As it was still dark when I left to drop him off, no photo from this AM taken. This is one from October.**

Today, he was dropped off to have his own long awaited – has been waiting since March – yet, COVID-19 had other plans…. – for his bilateral elbow arthroscopic ortho surgeries and possible bone debridement with Dr. Philibert.

I have also asked to have his nails and his ears cleaned while he is under anesthesia.

I know that we have been sounding like that horrible broken record on a loop yet, the animals continue to need their BHRR Village plus community.

As only a few know; I had to resign from my own Career position in October and this has also had a huge devastating impact upon our rescue efforts for BHRR has been mostly funded out of our own pockets.

We are still short about $750 for his bills. 

Donations can be made direct to Liston Animal Hospital

OR via PayPal to

OR via email transfer to
*we just need to know the password

AND if anyone may consider our cause to support, we have ever mounting bills, the newest with BHRR’s Oslo being admitted for cluster seizure activity yesterday(he has had four) and BHRR’s Coupe is now at Liston Animal Hospital for his own ortho surgeries; we have our 13th annual ‘JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS’ Online Auction in full swing:

This is our last Fundraiser of 2020 and COVID-19 has greatly impacted our fundraising efforts for 2020 and we are at a very REAL serious risk of having to permanently close our doors.***

We have been in operation since 1996 and are the local Great Dane/Giant Breed rescue whose strong focus are the special needs.

*The BHRR Auction shall end at 9:00 PM EST on Thursday December 3rd, 2020.



When you turn around as you feel you are being ‘watched’…yes, my Salt & Apex may be Deaf/Visually impaired and BHRR’s Sleet Deaf/Blind; YET, nothing is wrong with their noses! 

NOR BHRR’s Nala(Blind/Hearing Impaired) that can be seen under them! LOL

Sean says that the scent training that I do with the dogs makes them highly efficient! LOL They can track me in a snow storm…literally!

This is my view as I am trying to prepare for dinner!

We have one gate anchored into the wall and also an xpen for extra safety for the dogs/humans AND these three monkeys; pushed the x-pen aside and are ‘staring’ at me!

Well, they got my attention and now that I have food in the oven; it was winter wonderland outside play time and treats all around!

That is BHRR’s Coupe’s cute rump on the one side and Miss Nala’s pile of blankets on the other – she likes to stock pile them up in one spot!

On a separate note, yes; our Annual ‘JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS’ online auction was to start yesterday yet, we received late notice that our server was going down for maintenance and that put both emails out of whack too.

So, it will be up and running on Facebook instead for 2020 and I am working on it!

We also are waiting for three more participants from our annual ‘Give It Up’ 4 Autumn and we well understand that things happen and we will post the final total raised over the next couple of days; should we receive more monies or not.

We remain so grateful to whatever comes our way as our bills continue to mount – BHRR’s Devin, himself has now been at the Vet twice in the last week and our doors are officially closed for further intake…..

My last post of my night!

Time for folks to think about what they plan on giving up for 14 days in our 9th Annual ‘Give it up 4 Autumn’ Fundraiser! 

Starts Thursday November 5th and we already have 4 people signed up to date! Be creative! Some people have even done a swear jar in the past putting money each time they or someone in their office swears and then donating the monies raised at the end of the 14 days.

All money raised shall go towards helping BHRR’s Symba and BHRR’s Coupe!

More details in the poster and please do email if you would like to be part of our 9th annual event!

Here are the blog links to BHRR’s Symba:

AND for BHRR’s Coupe

For those who wish to consider making a financial donation to their worthy causes, you can do so via PayPal or via email transfer to OR you can do so directly to Liston Animal Hospital 613-591-0966

We have many many many thousands of dollars to raise and we are now set back even further as sadly, BHRR’s Oslo has needed emergency care today…..

From our home to all of our friends, family & supporters, the best of good night wishes are being sent!


BHRR’s Symba!

Someone is not caring that it is Halloween and is not even fazed by all of the sounds from the Horror Movie playing!
AND yes, the Jumbo stuffie is still his fav thing ever!

AND, on his plus BHRR’s Coupe’s behalf, we want to thank ALL of their fans, supporters plus believers for the material and financial donations made to date as we prepare for their upcoming Ortho surgeries with Dr. Philibert.

We are still short $3,000 for BHRR’s Symba’s own surgery and as many have noted we are attempting to do some flash auctions.

AND we are STILL in need of the following – listed below – in preparation for their surgeries if anyone may consider their worthy causes to support.

BHRR’s Coupe(Newfx) is scheduled – FINALLY- thanks COVID-19! – for his bone debridement and bilateral elbow arthroscopic surgery December 1st. He is also the sweet boy that we shockingly discovered no less than 2 x 9 mm bullets in him – one being in his chest – when we did x-rays plus he had to have an emergency enterotomy surgery. In addition, we have been treating him for heartworm.

BHRR’s Symba(Bull Mastiff) – pictured here – is scheduled for his TPLO surgery on November 18th.

We urgently need the below items to assist with their post-op recoveries.

1) Pinesol or Lysol
2) XL Costco Dog Beds
3) Towels
4) Paper Towels – not the scratchy/rough brown kind
5) Sleeping bags/Comforters/Duvets
6. Fabric Softener
7) Dryer Sheets
8) Donations for ongoing flash online auctions to help raise the many thousands upon thousands needed for these surgeries.
9) We need to put down 50% upon surgery drop-off and any consideration for financial donations can be made direct to Liston Animal Hospital 613-596-0966 – they both have accounts there
via PayPal to
via email transfer to
*we just need to know the password
10) Flannel Sheets – Double or Queen

Thanks as always from our hearts for any consideration to their very worthy causes – both dogs are magnificent!

As many know we have our monitored donation shed on our lane-way at the road by our mailbox and any kind items can be dropped off in it!

If you are not able to drop off at Oxford Station, please do email us to make alternative arrangements.

My last post of my night!

We are in URGENT need of the following to prepare for not one but two major surgeries for two of our amazing BHRR dogs!

BHRR’s Coupe(Newfx) pictured below is scheduled – FINALLY- thanks COVID-19!  – for his bone debridement and bilateral elbow arthroscopic surgery December 1st. He is also the sweet boy that we shockingly discovered no less than 2 x 9 mm bullets in him – one being in his chest – when we did x-rays plus he had to have an emergency Enterotomy surgery. In addition, we have been treating him for heartworm.

BHRR’s Symba(Bull Mastiff) is scheduled for his TPLO surgery on November 18th.

We urgently need the below items to assist with their post-op recoveries.

1) Pinesol or Lysol
2) XL Costco Dog Beds
3) Towels including hand towels
4) Paper Towels – not the scratchy/rough brown kind
5) Sleeping bags/Comforters/Duvets
6) Pillows – Twin/Double/Queen or King
7) Laundry Soap
8. Fabric Softener
9) Dryer Sheets
10) Donations for our upcoming flash online auction to help raise the many thousands upon thousands needed for these surgeries.
11) Financial Donations: We need to put down 50% upon surgery drop-off. Donations can be made direct to Liston Animal Hospital 613-596-0966 OR
via PayPal to OR
via email transfer to
*we just need to know the password
12) Flannel Sheets – Double or Queen

Thanks as always from our hearts for any consideration to their very worthy causes – both dogs are magnificent! 

As many know we have our monitored donation shed on our lane-way at the road by our mailbox and any kind items can be dropped off in it!

AND from our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, the warmest of good night wishes are being sent!

The Dogs rainy day plans! 
October 13th, 2020


Unfortunately, we find ourselves having to address the below issues once again. Every few years it seems we must re-visit this despite being very clear on our website, Facebook and Petfinder as to how we operate.

This last 24 hours we have had not one yet, two extremely unpleasant moments.

Let us be extremely clear that if people continue to disrespect what is openly stated; we will involve legal and take the necessary action(s).

Our camera’s are running.

1) we are a foster based rescue that operates out of our home and our approved fosters. NOWHERE does it state that you can just drop by, visit or ‘get’ a dog because you want one.

It is NOT even ok to leave a voice message as a ‘courtesy heads up’ that you are on your way or will be on your way shortly to our PRIVATE property which is our home.

We would never do this to you; so do not expect it to be ok to do it to us. We get so little quality family time as it is and your blatant disregard for being mindful of our family time is not going to be tolerated.

We have a very thorough adoption process which is and has been posted over and over and over again in the last shy of 25 years.

All of the steps to be considered for a BHRR approved adoption is found on our websites and even in the application. We have done our job to have the information there. It is now up to you to read and follow the instructions.

We have posted many times over that only completed applications shall be considered/reviewed. We are NOT going to respond to ANY inquiries sent via email, text, voice message, Petfinder or Facebook. This is and has been posted many times over. So Stop. Spamming via email, text, phone, and/or Petfinder is not going to receive a response. They will be deleted and if you continue, marked as spam/junk/blocked.  It is equally NOT acceptable for you to come uninvited; to our home, private property with or without any completed application in hand.

As we also post, if a dog is listed on Petfinder, on our Website or on Facebook page as being ‘Available For Adoption’, YES, that dog is still available. We directly state that we work to keep everything up to date.

We have equally posted many times over that we are not going to make exceptions to our adoption contract, processes, policies and procedures.

2) the steps to surrender a dog is also openly stated on our website.

Do NOT leave a message and then only a couple of hours later show up at our home expecting us to drop everything and put your request above all of the other needy dogs that are equally ‘urgent’.

This is our home. This is private property.

AND do not say to one of us that you left many emails or voice messages re: said dog when we communicate closely with each other and know that this is a lie.

YOU are making our work more difficult that it ever should be and trust me, operating a highly r/q Rescue is damn hard.

BHRR is not about you; it is about the animals and please allow us to do our jobs; our non paying, 24/7, 365 days a year jobs.

We have been doing this since 1996; know what we are doing, are the experts in what we do from rescue to transport, to rehabilitation to adoption, from feeding to vetting, to training to behavioural modification and so much more.

If you want to adopt; please follow the process. If you have a dog in need; please follow the process.

The Boerskins

Someone is having an AMAZING play date!

BHRR’s Coupe – NewfX

This wonderful home won a Day play date in our annual online date auction with BHRR’s Rain, one of our Haven Saints – almost 10 now! – yet, with the onset of cooler weather; her arthritis was acting up.

So, we offered up a date with another BHRR doggie and BHRR’s Coupe is having the time of his life! This home was once one of his emergency temp fosters. 

They are now going to love on him overnight to assist our home as we tend to a personal matter and then will drop him off at my work tomorrow.

He has even had a trip to the Pet Store for treats plus extra loving!

BHRR’s Coupe is a very popular cherished BHRR Dog – this is his THIRD Play Date from our online auction!!!

I have booked x-rays tomorrow as I want to see how his legs and elbows are doing for due to his emergency exploratory; he could not have his leg bone debridement and bilateral arthroscopic surgery on his elbows.

Then COVID-19 hit and that put everything on hold further.

Once I have those x-rays I will send them off to his ortho specialist to see what Dr. Philibert has to say in re: to if he may still need bone debridement surgery – he has been on his antibiotic regime – along with his elbows; so that we can plan accordingly for his future!!

If he is still with us come January; he will then need his next Heartworm/Tickborne disease test as he tested positive for Heartworm after we stepped up to assist him. From there, we then did a microfilaria test to determine what treatment would be best for him. As he did not have any microfilaria, he was placed on monthly HG.

This boy is incredible!!! Just incredible!! 

He is going to make a lucky home that most unbelievably amazing of additions when he is ready to make his own special announcement.

Have a great night Mr. Coupe!

Another pic!

BHRR’s Coupe!

He had his second special play date from our unique creative 9th annual online auction – this one was an overnight play date on August 23rd. 

From the home who won this amazing time with him:

‘Thank you so much for the opportunity of our overnight date with Coupe!! We had lots of fun – two shorter walks (3rd drowned out by rain), time in the backyard, Coupe was unfazed by our cat Wiley but he loves squirrels, there were belly rubs and ear scratches and cuddles, and loads of love. He was very well behaved and we miss him already.’

Thank you to this caring home for giving him this wonderful experience!!

This handsome love had his special DAY play date today!

BHRR’s Coupe!

I was told how amazing he was and he really is!! 

He has an OVERNIGHT Play Date coming up soon too.

Lucky amazing boy! You deserve to be spoiled and cherished!!

Thank you to Elaine and her family for winning this date in our recent 9th annual online auction and giving him such a wonderful experience! 

Happy Friday!

In pulling out our fireplace insert to sweep and clean, we are doing some renovations – yes, power is off! – BHRR’s Coupe (NewfX) decides this was a great area to lay down in! 

We remain patient in re: to getting his front leg surgeries done – he is considered ‘stable’ at this time and as such, is not listed as being urgent like so many other animals under the care of his ortho specialist so, we remain in a holding pattern NO thanks to COVID-19.

He is absolutely magnificent and is going to make a dream of a family member addition to a truly lucky home when he is ready to make his own special announcement!

My final post of my night!

All of the winners of our flash online auction have now been notified via posts in the album, so please check the item(s) that you bid on! 

Additionally, with spring, it brings mud and it means lots and lots and lots more of daily laundry and in this picture; we are down many dogs beds as we work both of our washers nonstop to get them constantly cleaned!

For those not yet aware, BHRR’s Coupe – seen in this picture -is also now bunking in with The Boerskins and has settled in beautifully. He is such a low maintenance chill dude! 

With COVID-19 on the minds and conversations of so many, we sincerely hope that everyone is doing as well as can be expected during these uncertain and worrisome times.

Per a previous post made, The Boerskins are in self-isolation as Sean was away in SF and while he can work from home; I sadly; cannot and no work means no income and we deeply can empathise with everyone that is in the same situation. The Boerskins are all doing well overall and we are keeping the world in our hearts and best thoughts……

I do know that I find it hard not working as I know how busy my fellow veterinary team members have been at EVC and I wish I could be there assisting them.

From our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, good night wishes are being sent and please do remember that, if, we can do anything to assist you during your own time of need; please never hesitate to reach out……as a community we must be there for each other, united and keeping that social distancing so that we can flatten the curve.

BHRR’s Coupe – NewfX
March 10th, 2020

He had his Dental and did fabu! Despite having some worn and chipped teeth, his Vet found that via a great mouth exam plus in taking/reviewing all of his Dental x-rays that no extractions were needed at this time! The roots are strong plus healthy! YAY!

He had an excellent teeth cleaning thanks to his former emerge foster Mama and was loved on by all of my fellow staff members!

He is famous at EVC! 

While he was under, he had another good nail trim and when he was in post-op recovered; he had his anal glands done. The left was empty yet, his right was quite full. He will feel even better now!

This was BHRR’s Coupe’s second surgery and we await his ortho specialists directives as to when he will have his bilateral arthoscopic and bone debridement surgeries on his front legs.

His bills continue to mount for in addition to these surgeries; he remains being treated for Heartworm and on strong antibiotics for his deep penetrating bone infections in both front legs.

Re: the two bullets that we found in him – he may have more as his whole body has not been x-rayed; they remain a ‘wait and see’ and are not the top priorities at this time.

For everyone that has met this handsome boy to date; you will understand just how worthy plus deserving he is of all of the support in the world!

To those that have donated to his cause to date; THANK YOU! To those that have sent well wishes; THANK you!

To those wanting to support his cause; you can continue to make donations directly to his Vet Bills at Eagleson Veterinary Clinic – over the phone due to the current COVID-19 precautions having been implemented 613-383-8381

OR via PayPal to

OR via email transfer to
*Please let us know the password that you use!

OR you can make a bid in our current flash online auction!!! The link to the album of 37 amazing items is HERE and gentle reminder that this flash online auction ends tonight – Thursday March 18th @ 9 PM EST.

BHRR’s Coupe

We met with Dr. Philibert on February 14th and sadly, yet, honestly, it is truly in BHRR’s Coupe’s best interest that he will not have his bone debridement and removal of the anconeal process and elbow arthroscopy to assess the rest of the joint surgery that had originally been scheduled on February 21st.

We need him to heal and get stronger from this surgery and therefore, he will remain on the strong antibiotics of the Clindamycin for the next 9 weeks. He will continue on his pain medication and NSAID regime too.

At that time, Dr. Philibert will do the removal of the anconeal process and elbow arthroscopy to assess the rest of the joint on not one yet both front legs. 🙁 Dr. Philibert will determine at that time if he shall also have the bone debridement surgery and will repeat x-rays. It will depend how the deep penetrating bone infection is doing.

Per Dr. Philibert and what we have posted before, BHRR’s Coupe also has a lesion in his other leg along with arthritis.

So, the rehabilitation journey for Mr. Coupe continues and shall for some time to come.

We also need to do a Dental as he has broken/cracked teeth from his days of trying to survive as a stray and eating what he could find.

The good news is that he is now 40.3 kgs(88.66 pounds!) thanks to Shauna Stewart and her partner Billy! They have been emerge fostering him for us when he could be released from the Hospital. He was going to their home overnight and spending his day at EVC. Shauna works with me at Eagleson as a Vet Tech. THANK YOU to her for offering to step up to provide excellent post op care for him which enabled me to work on a cruelty case situation! 

As many can attest, he is AMAZING! Just a dream of a dog!

Here is his online fundraiser that Sean created! Now, that we have the final confirmation that he will still have further surgeries YET now surgery on both front legs plus a dental, the bills will continue to rise……

We are continuing to work on fundraising ideas for him as two leg surgeries and a dental with extractions is going to bring his current bills up even many many many thousands of dollars higher…AND that is not even addressing the two bullets we found in him to date…as his whole body has not been x-rayed, he may have more….

Caring For Coupe Facebook Fundraiser!
(Please click on the above to make a lifesaving donation!)
Mr. Coupe is an ~3 year old NewfX.

As many know, the giants have my heart, the special needs even more so!

He comes from a really terrible past – a stray that was picked up. Skinny, hit by a car and upon doing further investigation, he was determined to be heartworm positive, had a deep penetrating bone infection – actinomyces canis 1+ and we also discovered no less than two bullets in him. 🙁

Amputation is not an option for the one leg as he also has a lesion plus arthritis in his other leg. His ortho specialist recommended a bone debridement surgery and also discussed doing removal of the anconeal process and elbow arthroscopy to assess the rest of the joint to greatly improve his mobility.

Surgery was scheduled for February 21st.

Unfortunately, this past week, he presented to Eagleson Veterinary Hospital with vomiting, was bringing up brown liquid, was unsettled and refusing to eat.

Further x-rays, a barium series plus an ultrasound indicated that exploratory surgery was required as the concern was raised that a possible Foreign Body or masses within his intestines could be the cause.

Emergency surgery discovered that he had two sizeable pieces of material connected via a long string stemming from his colon to his small intestine.

He has spent three nights at the Hospital and today is his fourth day.

Hoping that other animal loving people may consider his cause to support to make a donation towards his mounting Vet Bills. He did not ask for all that happened to him. He is the sweetest, most loving, gentle, calm and wonderful of boys.

Thank you in advance from our hearts for any assistance, even $5! and for also keeping him in your best thoughts!

BHRR’s Coupe(NewfX)

Post-op incision site

I also pexied him at the same time.

He had a brutal foreign body – two large pieces of material – is it stuffie, blanket, who knows what – yet, they were connected together throughout his colon and lower intestines by a very long thread – that was what the ultrasound was picking up as being bunched up loops in his intestines as possible masses.
*picture of one of the pieces below*

He had a stomach tube placed in during his surgery to remove all of the nasty stomach contents as his stomach motility had come to a stand still.

We remain incredibly touched by all of the well wishes sent his way and equally touched by all of the life saving donations sent to date towards his ever mounting Vet bills.

I was paid today and put down another $500 on to his account and right now, we have covered just under 50% of this surgery. It will easily be over $3,000 between the surgery/critical care. He was on his third day/night at EVC today, 2nd night post op.

If anyone may consider even $5 to his cause, you can donate direct to Eagleson Veterinary Clinic 613-383-8381

OR via PayPal to

OR via Email Transfer to

We are continuing to work on fundraising options for him and are immensely humbled by all support shown!

We are now getting in touch with his ortho specialist, Dr. Philibert to obtain his own professional thoughts for on February 21st, BHRR’s Coupe was to have his bone debridement surgery along with removal of the anconeal process and elbow arthroscopy to assess the rest of the joint.

Dr. Philibert shall not have another opening to around June and it breaks our hearts to have to see BHRR’s Coupe wait yet, if that is what is in his best interest, it is what we shall do.

BHRR’s Coupe is now in emergency surgery.

X-ways this AM and again this afternoon revealed no movement of the barium.

An abdominal ultrasound then done indicated that he may have some possible masses or be a possible foreign body and he had swollen lymph nodes.

Thank you to everyone that has kept him in their thoughts and also to all that have made lifesaving donations to date to his cause.

Donations can continue to be made direct to Eagleson Veterinary Clinic 613-383-8381

OR via PayPal to

OR via email transfer to

Every bit helps and his bills are running into many thousands of dollars since his rescue. AND he is worth every nickel!! 

He has stolen the hearts of so many at my work.

Will update as I can…..

UPDATE: BHRR’s Coupe will remain in the Hospital at Eagleson Veterinary Hospital overnight. 

The barium is moving very slowly and his wonderful Vet will be repeating the x-rays tomorrow AM and afternoon and go from there. 

THANK you to everyone that has made a lifesaving donation today!

We have $695 raised to date for him!

Donations can continue to be sent direct to Eagleson Veterinary Hospital – 613-383-8381

OR via PayPal to

OR via email transfer to

Tomorrow, we shall also know more re: his leg debridement surgery scheduled for the 21st of February and if that will be a ‘go’ based upon what is currently happening with him.

AND please keep this sweet precious boy in your thoughts…..


BHRR’s Coupe(Newfx) is currently at Eagleson Veterinary Clinic. 

BHRR’s Coupe was rushed into Eagleson Veterinary Clinic last night. He had vomited no less than 5 times, was then bringing up brown liquid and was uncomfortable/unsettled.

We did x-rays as bloat was the big concern and while he did have gas in his stomach and colon plus was filled with stool, bloat was not occurring at that time.

Two of his x-rays looked like something may be going on with his lungs and so we repeated further x-rays to rule out anything going on with his lungs.

It was discussed that perhaps the extremely strong antibiotics he is on for that brutal bone infection was a possible cause and added to the Forti Flora he was getting, Sulcrate was dispensed to help coat his stomach and he was given a cerenia injection to help with his nausea.

Unfortunately, per his Foster Mama, this AM he was not better and in fact worse and remained not eating, nauseous, subdued, has not had a bowel movement, was uncomfortable and he was rushed back in.

More x-rays were taken and the gas pattern and stool were still there. 

Eagleson has now admitted him and we are doing a barium series study as the next step. He will have repeat x-rays around 4 pm and again at 8 pm.

He is in big need of your best thoughts and if anyone has even $5 to spare towards his ever mounting vet bills – he was already scheduled for his bone debridement surgery with Dr. Philibert on February 21st & that may have to be postponed – we would be so so so appreciative.

Donations can be made direct to Eagleson Veterinary Clinic 613-383-8381

OR via PayPal to

OR via email transfer to

It would mean the world to us!!

AND if you cannot spare anything financially, may we please ask for best thoughts and wishes for him and also for his Foster Mama as she is equally as worried as we all are!

BHRR’s Coupe, you were to be that simple ‘hit by car’ and we now know that you have no less than two bullets in your body, are heartworm positive, have a horrible deep bone infection etc., and it breaks my heart that in your short life to date, you have had to endure so much.

Yet, throughout it all, you have been the sweetest and most affectionate boy!

Thank you to everyone for the consideration to his cause. We have had to temporarily close our doors to intake as BHRR’s Coupe needs all of our available resources sent his way for we will never compromise on the high standard of care each and every BHRR dog needs and deserves. 

The biggest thank you’s are once more being sent out to my fellow work colleague and dear friend Trina for staying to do x-rays with me etc. AND also to Dr. Ammar for coming in immediately when I called him. I work with some really amazing people! 

THIS came on my radar last night!

Nicki is making handmade bracelets to benefit our Giant Breed Rescue & Rehabilitation Programs!

100% comes to BHRR and she is doing this indefinitely!

HOW creative, thoughtful and generous is this?! 

I already bought mine!

CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS & to purchase yours:


“This bracelet is to support the Ottawa Birch Haven giant dog breed Rescue and Rehabilitation centre. (BHRR).

The unakite beads are a stone that is believed to help with feelings of abandonment and separation issues – very fitting as a representation for dogs that have lost their homes for various reasons. The cost of feeding, medicating, and housing giant breed dogs is much higher than rescues for smaller breeds so every little bit helps.

Paw print charm is made of brass”

My last post of my night!

BHRR’s Coupe! (Newf/Labx)
January 26th, 2020

I hear from his amazing foster Mama that he is adjusting wonderfully to the snow and loves being a Canadian! 😀

Latest Update: His culture is now back for Blasto and he is negative! Good news is so lovely to hear!

With his lung x-rays being clear, fungal pneumonia has also been ruled out!

We also have a surgery date for the bone debridement of that leg – his ortho specialist Dr. Philibert will be doing this surgery at Eagleson Veterinary Clinic on February 21st.

He needs time for the new antibiotics to work their magic – has been moved to Clavaseptin & Clindamycin as the culture that came back on that leg is a severe bone infection of actinomyces canis 1+. This is believed to have come from a deep penetrating dog bite wound. His neck and body are covered in scabs. 🙁

As he developed yet, another draining track on that leg, in addition to finally getting the culture back, the move to the new and stronger antibiotics is slowly working their own magic.

As per a previous post, we cannot amputate this leg as his other leg also has a lesion plus has arthritis present.

The two bullets – we know that he has at least two – big surprise found when we did further x-rays, one in his chest and one in his side – will have to wait for now. The priority is his leg AND for the person who emailed us to say that another bullet should be sent his way, shame on you!

Without even meeting him, you would chose to sentence him to death and by a really brutal method.

BHRR stands for stepping up for the underdogs, the specials needs, the really broken and if you would just take a minute to meet him, he would tell you in his own way how deserving he is and that he was a victim to others cruelty, neglect and abuse.

He is an innocent life that others failed.

Thank you also to his fantastic foster family, for being with him right up until his surgery. At that time, he will come to my own home for rehabilitation.

His Vet bills will easily reach $5,000+ and NO he is not a ‘cash cow’. He is a dog that has been deeply wronged and every penny raised goes direct to him.

We remain treating him for Heartworm too.

You can donate via PayPal to

OR via Email Transfer to

OR direct to Eagleson Veterinary Clinic (613) 383-8381

Even after surgery, he will remain on the strong antibiotics per his ortho specialist for many many many months. He is also on Deramaxx(NSAID)

AND, please do consider voting for BHRR in this amazing Mission Pawsible voting contest to be a recipient of funds from their Valentine Online Auction as we truly need the support to raise all of the much needed funds for him! 

AND we still have two amazing BHRR doggies hoping for a “Secret Valentine”, BHRR’s Rain & BHRR’s Sleet. – FILLED Thanks Carol & BHRR’s Penelope!

From our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, good night wishes are being sent out!

BHRR’s Coupe
January 13th, 2020
Getting more x-rays

BHRR’s Coupe’s left front elbow and leg

BHRR’s Coupe
~3 year old NewfX

This is him having more x-rays taken.

Yes, that is blood on the table from that leg. 

The experts are still discussing his case and everyone is waiting anxiously for the results of the culture done on that leg for one of his vets plus one expert believes that the infection stems out from his bone and the ortho expert also believes that this is possibly ‘fungal osteomyletitis’ which has a poor prognosis.

That his lymph nodes are swollen and that his wounds are where they are, he believes that it is likely connected to a proliferative and lytic lesion of the ulna.

Yes, BHRR’s Coupe also has had serious trauma to that leg/elbow that was never treated plus the congenital condition of un united anconeal process, while not completely ruled out now, his one ortho specialist is now even more focused on the fungal osteomyletitis as being a further cause to what is happening. Osteosarcoma remains on the table too.

That leg and elbow is seriously ten shades of messed up….

We all try to continue to wait patiently for the culture results for the specialists and his Vet team to figure out where to go from here…

He is also being treated for Heartworm and is on NSAIDs – Deramaxx plus antibiotics. He has been dewormed once and will be again next week.

AND his foster Mama says that he is the big sweetheart that everyone has said he has been from Tenn ALL the way to his transport to us!

His emerge temp foster home for two nights in the TO area while we had to hunker him down due to bad weather, and I did witness this myself – has proven to also be good with birds and three x 2 week old mini toy poodle puppies!

This boy is deserving of all that others never gave to him in his life to date and please do consider his cause to support…..his body tells the very sad and tragic tale of so much harm done to him. 

However long we can give him, we are hoping it to be one of years and years, yet, may be a lot shorter than that; AND we need to ensure that it is a life of absolute quality and the best in care. We will never see a dog suffer and to all that have met this boy to date, they have fallen madly head over heels in love with him.

His has an account at Eagleson Veterinary Clinic
613-383-8381 and they will take donations, even over the phone for his mounting bills

OR via PayPal to

OR via email transfer to

He is our first rescue of 2020 and he really needs the BHRR village to surround him with love!

Thanks to Cassy for buying him an XL Costco dog bed and I had a Wiggle Bumz Martingale collar at home for him to use until we can get him one of his very own from Wiggle Bumz!

AND, to all of those attending our Custom Sign Night at Don Cherry’s in Kanata tomorrow night, if you have any Empties to donate and/or Canadian Tire money, we would deeply embrace them!

THANK you from my heart to our amazing BHRR family for stepping up and buying the remaining tickets required for this event to be a go…..

THANK you also again to Aaron for offering to make one of his delicious home made apple crumble pies AND the Boerskins will have a Bakers Dozen of our famous homemade cinnamon buns up for grabs in our draws.

Humbled beyond words to all that have stepped up to make this event happen!

BHRR’s Coupe’s bills are now close to $2,000 and thank you in advance for even considering to donate $5 to his cause!

Giant Breed dogs come with Giant bills……

AND please do keep him in your thoughts….one of the bullets is not harming him at this time, yet, the other in his chest is going to need further investigation and most likely surgical intervention.

We did more x-rays late tonight after BHRR’s Coupe arrived and will share more re: his situation soon – also, want to get his two ortho specialists expert opinions yet, wanted to share this surprise finding x-ray.

We felt a lump on his side and when we did the x-rays of his chest etc., we found not one but two bullets. What we thought was a lump is in fact one of the two bullets her has in his body….

Poor guy….he is as sweet as everyone has said he is and Cassy Montgomery, thank you SO much for hunkering down for the long haul while we sedated him to get all the views needed…..

Courtney Reil, thank you once more for emerge temp fostering him for two nights and for driving him that final push to us! GREAT to see you again!

Per his emerge temp foster Mama for the next two nights – ‘He is such a good boy, settled right in and is now napping away.’


BHRR’s Coupe began the second day of his journey to us bright and early this AM.

We have been very privileged to assist Karen Clark & Sam with a number of dogs from Tenn over the years including BHRR’s Gentle Jake, BHRR’s Steam and BHRR’s Silly Tilly.

He is travelling amazingly well which is no surprise as his temperament is beyond sweet, even with that leg.

He continues to heavily limp on that leg and all of the rescue transport angels are taking extreme care to make sure he is moved from one vehicle to the other carefully.

In case Cindy HillabyJosh KroezenLindsay KroezenBob Levesque & Hazel Talangbayan, you did not see the updated post I made, we are moving to a Plan B and he will be hunkering down with Courtney Reil once he arrives to her area late tonight in Canada.

She shall then drive him to direct Eagleson on Monday whereby Cassy Montgomery / John, I am confirming that I have a 9 PM apt., already booked for him.

Per Dr. Philibert, our ortho specialist, it is imperative that we also get x-rays of his other front leg to determine what urgent surgery BHRR’s Coupe shall require based upon his other front legs integrity.

Soon, sweet boy….soon! Two more sleepies and to all on the road today, travel safe!

AND they are making the push to the border now!

Soon to be a Canadian BHRR’s Coupe! In about 1.5-2 hours!

Small Giant for sure to fit in that crate! Almost 85 pounds of love.

Going strong, a huge hit with all transporting him! 

UPDATE: BHRR’s Coupe began his long journey to Canada early this afternoon and is now tucked in safely at his overnight foster….

Tomorrow, we shall begin the second part of his journey and everyone is watching the weather system closely.

Plan B is to get him to the TO area if we can and overnight him until Monday and then Courtney Reil will make the push to get him to Eagleson Veterinary Clinic by 8 pm and I have an apt. booked to see our Vet for 9 PM on Monday.

Cassy Montgomery – keeping you in the loop too as you and John are his emerge temp fosters!

Cindy Hillaby, Josh Kroezen, Lindsay Kroezen and Bob Levesque plus Hazel Talangbayan – it is going to be a last minute notice if there will be a push to get him here on Sunday so all are asked to remain on standby until late tomorrow night when we will know better re: the weather….

This weather system is being unpredictable right now.

I have the x-rays we asked for in high resolution now and forwarded them on to the Vet at Eagleson who took a look and also sent them to Dr. Philibert, our ortho specialist and he has made his initial diagnosis and wants us to x-ray his other front leg on Monday and submit for review.

We know one thing is for sure, he requires urgent surgery…as to whether that leg has to be amputated will depend on the integrity of the other front leg.

Thank you to so many that have come together to get him here safely. A strong village across two countries are helping to get him to us ASAP.

The word from all that has transported him to date and The amazing Karen Clark, ACO is that he is truly a sweetheart!

BHRR’s Coupe
Male, Newf/LabX (that is the belief right now!)
Age – ~3 (will have a better idea once he arrives)
Was picked up as a stray after being hit by a car
Weight: 78.4 pounds – so a small boy

ETA: Being worked on

Said to be super sweet, good with dogs

If anyone wishes to emerge temp foster this fine young man; let us know!

Look at that face!

Male, NewfX(possibly with lab)
~2-3 years of age
Weight: Just under 79 pounds, so a small giant.

He is the next in urgent need of us and our first intake of 2020. He is a stray that was a Hit By Car. 

We are awaiting the results of x-rays at this time. I want to be sure that nothing is broken or fractured and needs immediate Vet attention where he currently is prior to moving him. He does have a small laceration on the left front leg and has quite the limp. Hoping that he is just stiff/sore.

Will post more as we can.

ETA: Sunday January 12th.

He is going to need the BHRR village to surround him with love and support.

We are calling him BHRR’s Coupe – yes, we have had a BHRR’s Koop and this is a play on the word ‘car’.

He already has a file set up at Eagleson Veterinary Clinic and we will post more re: his bills as we get them from where he is presently and from where he will be treated in the future, at Eagleson.

So, at this time, other than being in a big need of his very own collar plus an XL Costco Dog Bed, we are asking our amazing community to hold off with specific financial donations.

I can say that his bills shall most likely be extensive yet, we want people to know what they are donating to and promise to update as we can.

Please do send him your most caring thoughts and wish him safe travels!