BHRR’s Coupe!
 He DID it! With so many amazing, kind, generous, supportive and loving rescue angels, he DID it! He has overcome SO much and throughout it all, he has remained the most amazing temperament of dogs. AND the better he has felt, the happier he has become – if that was even possible! and he is such a doll of a dog!

Health Status: HEALTHY! He will need a home that will continue to ensure that he has Deramaxx and Gabpentin as needed and will remain on his HeartGard Plus year round. He will also need a microfilaria blood test every 6 months.

Type of Home Ideal For Mr. Coupe: He can be in a home that works ft, pt, works from home, is semi-retired or retired etc. He is another versatile BHRR dog!

He will NOT go to a home that seeks to make him fat or obese – yup, one of my biggest pet peeves! He is lean and looks fantastic! His legs will not benefit whatsoever from being fat or even plump.

Personality/Temperament: Loving, affectionate, sweet, social, playful, quietly active, gentle, kind, and if not handled properly – he has the propensity to develop SA behaviours. If allowed, he will pull so he needs someone that will ensure that he continues to mind his wonderful manners that he has learned.

Previous Dog Experience: Previous dog experience is ideal yet not required if that right matched home is set up for success. While it would be lovely to see him in a home with another right matched fit dog; it is not required. It is important that he has a strong doggie network as he needs friends too!

Good With Cats: He has proven to be good with cats – he had two foster homes with cats. Integration is always key!

Good with Pocket Pets: Unknown.

Good with Children: He has been fine with children and we will consider homes that have children 10 and up and no more than 3 children in a home.

Grooming: He is a dream to wash, do nails! He does need to be brushed out regularly and this is a great bonding time between us – along with treats!
Car: He loves his car rides! He has been given so many amazing play dates and experiences that the association with car rides is one of great fun and loving experiences.
Housebroken/Crate Trained: He is housebroken and crate trained.
Obedience: His manners have come a long way. He can still pull if distracted so a properly fitted and comfortable harness is recommended in addition to his martingale.
Activities Suited For Him: He would make an incredible therapy dog. He is calm and such a low maintenance dog.
Loves & Bad Habits: He is a big FLIGHT risk. He will take off and run. A safely fenced in yard and play areas is so important. He has the taste for wandering – had been picked up as a stray.

He loves treats and loves to be around his humans. He is affectionate and loving in his very special way and does not ask to sit on you or climb into your shower! The way his eyes follow me as I go about doing house chores or working on the computer is humbling. His gorgeous eyes are soul reaching and kind. His eyes tell a tale of an extremely tough life. He is a thoughtful thinking kind of dog. He likes to observe things and think them over before making a decision.

He is so much better about asking for loving. He will roll on his side and lift up one leg to get his tummy rubs plus pats.

He was so serious when he first arrived into rescue. Now, he has many moments of just letting himself go to enjoy the experiences found in adventuring. Though, he is 3+ years of age; he now has some puppy moments of sheer joy of life.

Like any dog, he is not perfect. He is perfect in all of his imperfections though! NOT to mention handsome!

Trail walks/hikes – a few kms daily are his jam. He needs to have offleash time and not just leash walking. He can often be found sitting in the highest parts of our hills in our 3+ safely fenced in acreage surveying the land. Many a day, I wish I knew what he was thinking about as he is looks deep in thought.

Anxieties/Worries: He has the ability to develop SA behaviours and we have worked extensively to set him up for success. He has learned to like and love his own company and to know that we are coming home. It is integral that the right matched personality fit home does not spend 24/7 with him. During this pandemic, we still need groceries, we should still go out and walk about the block or two; we should still get in our cars and go for a small drive to

As we have stated for over 25 years now, we will NEVER rush any dogs’ rehabilitation journey, we do not flip dogs and we are not desperate to adopt them out.

We will always place up for adoption the dogs that are able to be adopted and safe haven any others that due to medical and/or behavioural reasons are not able to be placed up for adoption.

We do not take in hundreds of dogs yearly; we only took in 16 dogs in 2020 as it is about helping the next in need of us, giving them top quality care and not about taking in numbers.

After 25+ years; we remain knowing that we cannot please everyone and that means that BHRR is clearly not the rescue to be followed, supported, believed in by everyone. We remain small plus mighty and as we go through this next transitional stage for BHRR; we shall continue to operate with a zero tolerance approach plus providing up and beyond care to the animals.

Our mandates have never changed and they will remain the same as long as we are around; the animals shall always be done right by as our priority.

Our adoption success rates remain second to no other group out there and we are excited to go through 2021!