Tonight’s “Smellers” & party gatherers as Gwennie makes dinner! 

BHRR’s Nala(Blind/Hearing Impaired), Summit, Apex & BHRR’s Sleet.

Summit & BHRR’s Sleet are Deaf/Blind & Apex is Deaf/Visually Impaired.

This is my view tonight as I am trying to prepare dinner!

We have one gate anchored into the wall and also an xpen for extra safety for the dogs/humans AND these four monkeys; pushed the x-pen aside – again! – and are ‘staring’ at me!

That is also BHRR’s Bell(Blind/Deaf on left side) in the back by the table with the donations that I am currently sorting – THANKS to the generosity of rescue angels! So, please excuse the mess. 

Once again, you can also see Miss Nala’s pile of blankets/dog bed on the other side – she likes to stock pile them up in one spot!

Our 13th Annual ‘JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS’ online auction started yesterday AND here is the link:

We currently have 27 WOW items up for grabs and more items shall be added daily!

Auction ends Thursday December 3rd @ 9 PM EST.

Please help us to keep our doors open!

We remain so grateful to whatever comes our way as our bills continue to mount – BHRR’s Devin, himself has now been at the Vet twice in the last week and our doors are officially closed and we are fighting hard to to not have to permanently close our doors….

When you turn around as you feel you are being ‘watched’…yes, my Salt & Apex may be Deaf/Visually impaired and BHRR’s Sleet Deaf/Blind; YET, nothing is wrong with their noses! 

NOR BHRR’s Nala(Blind/Hearing Impaired) that can be seen under them! LOL

Sean says that the scent training that I do with the dogs makes them highly efficient! LOL They can track me in a snow storm…literally!

This is my view as I am trying to prepare for dinner!

We have one gate anchored into the wall and also an xpen for extra safety for the dogs/humans AND these three monkeys; pushed the x-pen aside and are ‘staring’ at me!

Well, they got my attention and now that I have food in the oven; it was winter wonderland outside play time and treats all around!

That is BHRR’s Coupe’s cute rump on the one side and Miss Nala’s pile of blankets on the other – she likes to stock pile them up in one spot!

On a separate note, yes; our Annual ‘JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS’ online auction was to start yesterday yet, we received late notice that our server was going down for maintenance and that put both emails out of whack too.

So, it will be up and running on Facebook instead for 2020 and I am working on it!

We also are waiting for three more participants from our annual ‘Give It Up’ 4 Autumn and we well understand that things happen and we will post the final total raised over the next couple of days; should we receive more monies or not.

We remain so grateful to whatever comes our way as our bills continue to mount – BHRR’s Devin, himself has now been at the Vet twice in the last week and our doors are officially closed for further intake…..

BHRR’s Nala
~15 month old Bulldog/BoxerX
Severely visually impaired and is also hearing impaired. We will investigate further her hearing impairment as she was listening ok when spoken to in a distinct clear much louder tone.
She is the dog that was picked up as a stray and ended up being a rescue transfer to BHRR from another group.
Today she was seen by the Vet.
She was 61.6 pounds(28 kgs).
She was given her Lepto and Lyme vaccines – boosters will be in 4 weeks – as she had already been given her Bord, Rabies and DHPP prior to coming into our Rescue.
We did some bloodwork to test for prior heartworm and tickborne disease exposure and the results are negative!
She will be de-wormed and she will be placed on flea/tick/HW meds.
She was SUPER friendly with everyone, curious about the dogs that she saw and demonstrated her bull in a china shop lack of manners!
The Vet examined her and his expert positioning on that back right leg that prior Vet Records sent our way before she arrived into Rescue had indicated that her back right leg was slightly abrnormal – is that this is a genetic conformity issue and she is perfectly fine. She was not painful on it, does not limp and it is just turned out slightly – a bit eastie westie as we say!
Once again, it was super lovely to visit with / see some of my former and truly fav work colleagues and thank you for embracing me, literally! 
Miss Nala will be back for her boosters in about 4 weeks time and from there, if all goes well; she should be ready to make her own special announcement!
Thank you also to Leanne/Cameron for meeting up with me to drop off some auction items for our 12th Annual “JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS” Online Auction that will start next weekend!
Thank you also to Cassy/BHRR’s Devin for also meeting me at the Vet and for dropping off some auction items too!
AND last but not least, thank you to Jaqueline for emerge temp fostering Miss Nala for the past week.

BHRR’s Nala
The blind/hearing impaired BulldogX (BoxerX?) came into BHRR’s care yesterday as a rescue transfer and has been settling in beautifully with her own amazing temp foster Home. 

Whatever breed combinations she is, she is 100% gorgeous!

Her prior vet records stated the there was something not normal about one of her back legs and we will investigate further.

Deepest thanks extended to her foster home for taking great care of her and for the lovely pics! 

Not Yet Available For Adoption!


This is *Nala*

She was picked up as a stray – BulldogX(Possibly Bulldog/Boxer) is her most likely breed mix….was also listed in various places as a BoxerX and a MastiffX yet, she is super small and very bulldog like and that seems to be the consensus!

No matter what she is 100% adorable!

She is blind and hearing impaired – she does hear some & has an abnormal back right leg per the paperwork

She is housebroken, vaccinated, microchipped, spayed, had two cherry eye surgeries – the one eye is not normal

She lacks manners and currently is in foster care with another Rescue that is seeking to transfer her to BHRR.

Stated to be very friendly with people and has been playful and social with the dogs she has been introduced to. Have seen a video of her and a boxer having a blast.

Paperworks says she is about 2 yet, in seeing pics plus a video, I find that very hard to believe. She is all puppy…maybe 12-15 months?!

ETA being worked on and thank you to Jacqueline once again for stepping up to be her emerge temp foster!

She and BHRR’s Dean both still need special Secret Santa’s if anyone is willing to spoil them this XMAS!


My last post of my night!

Time for folks to think about what they plan on giving up for 14 days in our 9th Annual ‘Give it up 4 Autumn’ Fundraiser! 

Starts Thursday November 5th and we already have 4 people signed up to date! Be creative! Some people have even done a swear jar in the past putting money each time they or someone in their office swears and then donating the monies raised at the end of the 14 days.

All money raised shall go towards helping BHRR’s Symba and BHRR’s Coupe!

More details in the poster and please do email if you would like to be part of our 9th annual event!

Here are the blog links to BHRR’s Symba:

AND for BHRR’s Coupe

For those who wish to consider making a financial donation to their worthy causes, you can do so via PayPal or via email transfer to OR you can do so directly to Liston Animal Hospital 613-591-0966

We have many many many thousands of dollars to raise and we are now set back even further as sadly, BHRR’s Oslo has needed emergency care today…..

From our home to all of our friends, family & supporters, the best of good night wishes are being sent!