When you turn around as you feel you are being ‘watched’…yes, my Salt & Apex may be Deaf/Visually impaired and BHRR’s Sleet Deaf/Blind; YET, nothing is wrong with their noses! 

NOR BHRR’s Nala(Blind/Hearing Impaired) that can be seen under them! LOL

Sean says that the scent training that I do with the dogs makes them highly efficient! LOL They can track me in a snow storm…literally!

This is my view as I am trying to prepare for dinner!

We have one gate anchored into the wall and also an xpen for extra safety for the dogs/humans AND these three monkeys; pushed the x-pen aside and are ‘staring’ at me!

Well, they got my attention and now that I have food in the oven; it was winter wonderland outside play time and treats all around!

That is BHRR’s Coupe’s cute rump on the one side and Miss Nala’s pile of blankets on the other – she likes to stock pile them up in one spot!

On a separate note, yes; our Annual ‘JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS’ online auction was to start yesterday yet, we received late notice that our server was going down for maintenance and that put both emails out of whack too.

So, it will be up and running on Facebook instead for 2020 and I am working on it!

We also are waiting for three more participants from our annual ‘Give It Up’ 4 Autumn and we well understand that things happen and we will post the final total raised over the next couple of days; should we receive more monies or not.

We remain so grateful to whatever comes our way as our bills continue to mount – BHRR’s Devin, himself has now been at the Vet twice in the last week and our doors are officially closed for further intake…..