UPDATE: BHRR’s Coupe began his long journey to Canada early this afternoon and is now tucked in safely at his overnight foster….

Tomorrow, we shall begin the second part of his journey and everyone is watching the weather system closely.

Plan B is to get him to the TO area if we can and overnight him until Monday and then Courtney Reil will make the push to get him to Eagleson Veterinary Clinic by 8 pm and I have an apt. booked to see our Vet for 9 PM on Monday.

Cassy Montgomery – keeping you in the loop too as you and John are his emerge temp fosters!

Cindy Hillaby, Josh Kroezen, Lindsay Kroezen and Bob Levesque plus Hazel Talangbayan – it is going to be a last minute notice if there will be a push to get him here on Sunday so all are asked to remain on standby until late tomorrow night when we will know better re: the weather….

This weather system is being unpredictable right now.

I have the x-rays we asked for in high resolution now and forwarded them on to the Vet at Eagleson who took a look and also sent them to Dr. Philibert, our ortho specialist and he has made his initial diagnosis and wants us to x-ray his other front leg on Monday and submit for review.

We know one thing is for sure, he requires urgent surgery…as to whether that leg has to be amputated will depend on the integrity of the other front leg.

Thank you to so many that have come together to get him here safely. A strong village across two countries are helping to get him to us ASAP.

The word from all that has transported him to date and The amazing Karen Clark, ACO is that he is truly a sweetheart!