My final post of my night!

All of the winners of our flash online auction have now been notified via posts in the album, so please check the item(s) that you bid on! 

Additionally, with spring, it brings mud and it means lots and lots and lots more of daily laundry and in this picture; we are down many dogs beds as we work both of our washers nonstop to get them constantly cleaned!

For those not yet aware, BHRR’s Coupe – seen in this picture -is also now bunking in with The Boerskins and has settled in beautifully. He is such a low maintenance chill dude! 

With COVID-19 on the minds and conversations of so many, we sincerely hope that everyone is doing as well as can be expected during these uncertain and worrisome times.

Per a previous post made, The Boerskins are in self-isolation as Sean was away in SF and while he can work from home; I sadly; cannot and no work means no income and we deeply can empathise with everyone that is in the same situation. The Boerskins are all doing well overall and we are keeping the world in our hearts and best thoughts……

I do know that I find it hard not working as I know how busy my fellow veterinary team members have been at EVC and I wish I could be there assisting them.

From our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, good night wishes are being sent and please do remember that, if, we can do anything to assist you during your own time of need; please never hesitate to reach out……as a community we must be there for each other, united and keeping that social distancing so that we can flatten the curve.

THIS came on my radar last night!

Nicki is making handmade bracelets to benefit our Giant Breed Rescue & Rehabilitation Programs!

100% comes to BHRR and she is doing this indefinitely!

HOW creative, thoughtful and generous is this?! 

I already bought mine!

CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS & to purchase yours:


“This bracelet is to support the Ottawa Birch Haven giant dog breed Rescue and Rehabilitation centre. (BHRR).

The unakite beads are a stone that is believed to help with feelings of abandonment and separation issues – very fitting as a representation for dogs that have lost their homes for various reasons. The cost of feeding, medicating, and housing giant breed dogs is much higher than rescues for smaller breeds so every little bit helps.

Paw print charm is made of brass”


BHRR does not adopt out during the XMAS season due to our position that it is not in the best interest of any new addition being added during such a busy, exciting and somewhat stressful time for many.

Quite a few other Rescues, Shelters, Pounds etc. have also begun to follow a similar protocol to what we have been doing for almost 25 years.

Our XMAS Shut down period for this year is from Friday December 20th, 2019 to Friday January 3rd, 2020 inclusive.

Any applications received during this time will be processed/reviewed as of Saturday January 4th, 2020!

As always during this time, BHRR is available 24/7 for requests for assistance of animals in need. We shall also network accordingly for, as the local Great Dane/Giant Breed Rescue since 1996, the welfare of the animals are our top priority. We do not wish to see any animal end up in a disreputable place of which sadly there are far too many out there.

Thank you for your continued understanding – The BHRR Team

BHRR’s Winter Wonderland
November 11th, 2019

As always, they thrive best with consistency, structure and routine and are ‘on alert’ waiting patiently for Kinsley to come home from school. That time of day!

THAT we are currently receiving 15+cms of snow and it is a snow day, does not cross their minds!

AND there is always one or two that march to their own drum – Summit (Deaf/Blind) & Salt (Deaf/Visually Impaired) are the only SMART ones, realising that Kinsley is actually in the house and are facing the house! 

Nothing wrong with their noses and they have excelled with their scent training!  Summit & Salt win in knowing exactly where Kinsley is!

A great day for fun filled snow play and now all are crashed out by the fireplaces having nice snoozes!

BHRR’S Meadows face! 
(Heavily blanketed Harlequin)


For those who do not remember, she is the Mama to the three blind/deaf mice and the fight was equally long and hard to save her. Sadly, I still cannot get the home to let the dad go(a white special needs Dane himself). I will not give up even though the hope gets slimmer by each passing day….

BHRR’S Meadow does not seem to be impressed by one of my Texans(Zero – deaf/visually impaired) not using the gate the proper way!

BHRR’s Bell(Deaf/Blind on her left side) is also seen in this photo! She is now part of our Haven program.

My Zero seems most interested in the yummy smells being emitted from the kitchen as we prepare for our family Thanksgiving dinner here. 

Whatever you are doing today, may it be a safe, happy and healthy day for all…..from our home to all of yours Happy Thanksgiving!

BHRR’s Meadow! 
~18 months of age

Getting ‘still’ shots of this now uber happy full of zest for life girl is hard! 

While she still can be a bit shy/uncertain in new surroundings/people, give her a few moments and her desire to want to make friends, be curious and get loved on comes out…..

AND the longer you are around her, her bubbly sweet, kind, gentle, calm, beautiful personality just shines.

She is such a goofy gal…..and loves her walks/hikes and being with her humans!

The way that she will lift her head and look at me, humbles me immensely. It has been a real privilege bearing witness to her coming into her own, developing confidence, learning to love herself and helping her develop into this truly stunning soul!

She can go to a home that works pt, ft, from home, semi-retired, retired etc. Another versatile BHRR dog.

She is wonderful to wash plus do nails!

We do not wish to see her in a home with children under the age of 12. A home with children 10 or 11, that are mature, may be considered for that right matched forever loving home.

Fast flighty movements can initially spook her a bit so calm and steady is the way to go! A million times better that she once was and she will continue to get better and better.

A far cry from the life in a pen that she once was in, this girl is living the life now and we want her to go that right matched forever loving home that is quietly social – not over the top yet has small groups of people over and visits friends/family from time to time. 

We do not want her in a home that are strict home-bodies as that will not continue to show her that the world can be her big amazing oyster full of the best experiences and loving hands.

So, a home that is balanced. Not one that are social butterflies yet not a home that are hermits either. 

She can be the only dog in a home or a home that has a right matched pesonality fit dog is equally wonderful. It is most important for her to have a strong social doggie social friend network. We need friends, so does she!

She is great in the car and crate trained plus 100% housebroken. 

She is amazing and for those that are not aware she is the Mama to my 3 blind/deaf mice, the Dane Trio. 

Sean says that if there was a dog that he would want to keep, it would be her. 

For a girl that had little to no exposure to men prior to coming to BHRR, she is fabu!

Though, my heart remains saddened that the home that has the Dane Trio’s Dad still will not let him go….I am happy that this lovely Miss will no longer be having babies – babies having babies is not right – and can be cherished as she is meant to be for the rest of her life.

AND as always, should her right matched personality fit home not come along, she is living an awesome life with us and that is OK by us!

Miss Meadow, I am incredibly proud of you and all that you have accomplished and you shall be yet another dear BHRR dog that we will sorely miss!

AND for anyone that is interested in her, please do read her extremely detailed blog and our adoption processes, procedures plus policies. 

Should you then believe that you may be that right matched personality fit home meant for her; you would be most welcome to submit an application to the members of the BHRR BOD to consider. 

CONGRATS to you Miss Meadow!

Gwennie shall kill me for posting yet, this is just one candid picture among several taken over the years that demonstrate just how special this woman is to many!

That includes people as well as animals. Gwennie you are dearly loved, respected and valued.

I know you are hurting right now Gwennie, yet, know that you are amazing, inspirational, generous to a fault, dedicated, selfless, humble, brilliant, full of integrity and a whole hell of a lot more not to mention you remain my hero…. 

Here is the THREAD for all of the wonderful posts and likes/loves for The Gwennie!


These two beauties – BHRR’s Meadow & BHRR’s Volt are very excited to share some news!

It has touched my heart immensely with how far these two incredible dogs have come in not just their physical yet their emotional and behavioural rehabilitation.

I have spent over 14 years working on my formal education – and continue to take courses – to help dogs like these and I am beyond proud of them and so many others that we have been incredibly fortunate to have assisted since our inception in 1996.

May 1st, 2019
ALL I wanted was to do a weekly clean/purge of the fridge prior to making dinner….brought the garbage can in and thought that I could throw a load of laundry in before I started….

Had the kitchen free and clear and came back to this….Salt even grabbed a blanket and dragged it in to lay on! 

Had a few (8) supervisors overseeing my work!

Talk about ‘laying down on the job’ though! 

From our home to all of our friends, family plus supporters warmest good night wishes being sent!

BHRR’s Miss Meadow
Rescued Mama to my rescued three blind/deaf mice
April 24th, 2019 – on our way back into KAH today


As I was shopping for the family groceries yesterday afternoon, Sean called me to say that Meadow was suddenly actively bleeding from her privates.

Per Sean, there were not any signs of trauma and if, Sean says a dog is actively bleeding, I am going to move fast.

I immediately abandoned my cart of groceries and asked Sean to pack her up and meet me in Kemptville.

I called KAH and an appointment was made. I passed along what I knew to date from Sean.

Sean met me in Kemptville, we loaded her up into my car and on my way to KAH, I called them and updated re: her status.

Mentioned that she was passing massive blood clots and that I was taking her in through the side door as she was covered in blood.

Arrived to KAH and I shall be forever grateful to Dr. Ashdown, Cailey and to my *blood* partner Nadine who spent ages helping me to clean up after Miss Meadow…..the blood was everywhere and I mean everywhere..splattered and splashed and pooled and smudged.

Miss Meadow was throwing clots 5-7 cms in diameter and the amount of frank blood that was coming from her vulva was alarming.

Miss Meadow had not had any trauma, she was not exposed to any rodenticide on our property – neighbours do use yet her exposure to it was remote, we do not have her exposed to any intact males and she had been spayed elsewhere 13 days prior. Her spay incision was also nicely healed by this time.

She was having acute m3 vulval hemorrhage and every few minutes passing these huge blood clots.

No evidence of free abdominal fluid/hemorrhage seen on a brief ultrasound, PCV normal, bloodwork normal, elevated HR/BP – understandable.

She was placed on IVF and much discussion was had as to whether she should be transferred immediately to emerge – may need an exploratory.

Over the next couple of hours the bleeding slowed down once we got her into a run and quiet and the fairly probable cause of her hemorrhaging was narrowed down to a complication from her spay done elsewhere 13 days prior.

Possible erosion of uterine stump vessels or uterine stump ligature issue – so, complication from recent spay most likely the cause.

She ended up coming home on IV fluids as by the time 8:20 PM rolled around, the bleeding had pretty much completely subsided and though she had a clot protruding from her vulva, she was not passing any more clots.

The plan was that if she began to actively bleed again, we were heading straight to emergency.

She had a good night on fluids, drank, ate some small amounts of food & we were back first thing this AM.Temperature remained normal.

If there was limited improvement an emergency exploratory would have been done today at KAH or even at the Emerge Hospital.

PCV was repeated this AM and was normal and her personality while not quite back to normal, was getting back there…..

We wanted to keep her on IV fluids today at KAH yet she had other ideas…she pulled it right out from underneathe her bandages!

I am SOOOOOOOO grateful to her Vet Team at KAH for being there for her and I. So, a very special shout out to Dr. Ashdown, Cailey and Nadine. I could not have had her in better hands and as always you were amazing to work with!

AND she remains being closely monitored and should anything deteriorate, we will be into the Hospital or Emerge in a blink of an eye…..

What is so miraculous about this is that we were informed that these kinds of complications rarely resolve without surgical intervention and so we are all staying positive that she will not have to have surgery…..she is doing amazingly well. 

I also much thank the anonymous donor who took a HUGE financial pressure strain off of me by making an incredibly generous and loving donation….you are truly a life saver.

While I have so much to do – lost last night, was up all night with Miss Meadow, worked an extremely long day, had to get those groceries to feed the family and the list goes on and on….tonight, I am calling it quits early, going to snuggle this beautiful gem of a dog that has come so far in her time with us and going to hold close to my chest that an angel was watching over her….

From my home to all of our friends, family and supporters, good night wishes being sent…..

As Nadine and I began to clean up one area & an example of the blood clots she was passing.

This is BHRR’s Meadow at KAH yesterday….those eyes….one day they will not be filled with so much worry……

BHRR’s Miss Meadow!

Today, at KAH, she weighed a fairly solid – some wiggling going on – understandable due to her level of anxiety 51.8 kgs(113.96 pounds). That she even went up on to the scale was a wonderful thing.

She is out of shape and lacks muscle tone yet that will come!

She did not have the best of nights, neither did The Boerskins yet we are used to that with a new rescue like her in the home. As her Vet said today, dogs like her ‘is not our first rodeo.’

I always tell my adoptive plus temp fosters in addition to my behavioural clients that as bad as the first night is, the second night is always worse and then there is that light at the end of the tunnel – you just have to hunker down and keep up the ‘tough love’ of passively ignoring and get into the house routine ASAP.

You cannot feel sorry for these dogs….you may want to cry on the inside, yet you cannot on the outside. You need to do right by them. You do not wish to create or enable SA behaviours and we start from the get go about teaching her to like herself and that it is important for her to have her alone time.

AND while today, I questioned a thing or two that happened at work, I do not ever question why I founded BHRR and why I am still doing this 23+ years later.

I only have to look at her and all the others like her over the years to know why I am still doing this.

I am extremely proud of her and as explained to one person today, a wagging tail does not mean that a dog is happy.

A low tail wag or a tail between the legs wag is not the sign of a dog that is 100% comfortable or happy. They are anxious, unsure and fearful. It is a communication sign to be cognizant of and to act appropriately.

Where the success was had in seeing that small low tail wag, is that her tail went from curled up to her belly and lowered as she began to feel a bit more confident and secure.

She remained panting and paced. These remain signs of a dog that is not 100% comfortable with what is going on.

She did eventually lick up some treats too. That was good!

She went from barking at all people to by the time I left, not barking at anyone. Yet, she did bark off and on in her run and that was very present throughout last night.

She has gone through a lot of change over the last 24 hours and this is a lot of stimuli she is being exposed too – car rides, people, dogs, sounds, sights and smells she has never had before.

She does not like getting into the car as that stresses her out – another understandable thing. However, in leaving the Hospital after work, it was just her and me and she did eventually put her front end in the car on her own and I hoisted up her back end. She is always tethered for safety.

She had a good exam – her Vet believes that she is not pregnant from examining her – yet, this is not 100%. We have moved forward with her bloodwork – what a good girl she was! – to do a pre-op plus her tickborne disease and heartworm testing.

I am waiting for her to give me a fecal sample to test. She has not had a bm since she has arrived yet with her minimal eating, not surprising. She is drinking better and better though!

Her Vet took her heart rate at two different times and it had greatly come down as she was becoming less tense.

Her ears were fine and her mouth will be looked at closely at a future Vet visit. There was no need to stress her out any further than necessary to get what was really pressing to be done today.

She began her vaccine protocol – rabies will be done later – and we will start de-worming her plus place her on flea/tick meds.

The earliest we could get her booked in for a spay – for if she ‘is’ pregnant, it would be super early – is April 3rd. I called LAH and their earliest is April 5th with Dr. Liston, so April 3rd at KAH it is!

This post is not a discussion as to if it is or is not right to be spaying a dog if they are pregnant. This Dane had babies when she was 10 months of age. Babies should not be having babies.

AND she is not going to be having any more babies if at all possible. There are so many dogs already in the world that need homes and many dogs are being put to sleep daily as there are not enough homes, that we do not need to be deliberately bringing into this world even more puppies.

AND in this case, we already know that any babies would be at big risk of being high special needs – the five that survived the last litter she had are all special needs – the three that I have are extremely special needs. The other five died from what had been told to us. Dad is a white Great Dane special needs himself.

This is a picture I captured of her today when leaving the Hospital.

Baby steps young lady….You will be just fine in time and as I said to some of the lovelies I work with, when we go back, you will be much more of an sassy goofy baby! It is in there, I already see glimpses. Your daughter is very much in your splitting personality image!


BHRR’s Meadow
March 17th, 2019

Sadly, my day did not yield what I hoped it would…..

After over 2 months of working so hard to investigate, research and then locate the Mama and as a result finding the Dad…then trying to get the parents of The Dane Trio Pups – whole story on how I found them on the Puppies blogs – with constant cancellations and re-scheduling, today was to be the ‘new’ day that I was to get both Danes.

I made the three hour drive and waited….and waited and waited some more. I kept their emerge temp foster homes updated and shared my anxiety and worries the more time ticked on by and still no Danes.

After almost 1.5 hours, no responses to my texts, calls or emails, I was getting ready to leave and then a vehicle finally pulled up. Like many o/s, the home did not want me to go to their place of residence and desired to meet in a gas station parking lot.

Yet, there was only one Dane inside, not two. 

The Mama was inside, yet not the Dad(special needs white male). 

I was told that in a couple of weeks, they would meet up for me to get the male.

This is the female – 15 month old heavily blanketed harle and extremely terrified. Undersocialised and I was also told upon pick-up that she did not like men. She has had very limited exposure to them.

We are calling her BHRR’s Meadow.

She came with a choke chain knotted on a lead and I asked the O. to place this martingale on her. It is a Wiggle Bumz collar that was won by Annette S. who then donated it so generously to BHRR. I then asked the O. to hook up my leash to the martingale, help get her into my car and distract her so I could tether her up for her safety….and mine.

She is SO scared and I spent the whole time on our long drive home, alternating between praising her for being such a good plus pretty girl, passively ignoring her and telling her that she will be ok.

By the time I got her home, I was able to remove the choke and knotted leash. I would like to shorten up the martingale a bit more yet I have invaded her space more than enough for now and she has tolerated things as well as can be expected so, it can wait another day.

I have tried to find out when her last heat was and if there was a chance she was pregnant again or if she is in a false pregnancy. I was not given any response to assist me in that area. She was housed with the intact male……

As scared as she is of me, she is ten times more of Sean and Mason.

This pic is one that Sean took when we got home – I was now her ‘safe person’ and she leaned into me and looked at me for guidance yet only barely in her absolute fear.

Her tail can be seen tucked up and this was before it reached her belly as that is where she wrapped it up tightly to.

I reached out to who was to be her lovely emerge temp foster Mama and we always have to take what information comes our way with a grain of salt and mentioned that perhaps we should switch up who goes to their home as this girl is going to need a lot of extensive rehabilitation.

She barks a lot with her stress and the one dog that seems to be ‘soothing’ her from a distance is BHRR’s Connery.

She is a long way away from being integrated with anyone….

Tomorrow, I will take her to work with me so that we can begin her vetting protocol and see if we can better rule out any possible pregnancy.

As soon as I saw her, I could see BHRR’s Sleet in her face and already I can see that Mama and daughter share some obvious similar temperament/behaviour traits.

We will post more as we know more and do promise to keep everyone updated re: the Dad – we did hear that he is blind yet, he mostly likely is deaf too. I worry about what health issues he has.

Today, was just not the day I had hoped it would be….I am distressed that I did not get both Danes yet I remain steadfast that BHRR’s Falco(the name that we are giving the Dad) will be safe with us in a matter of weeks too.


Also, a gentle reminder that our latest Flash Auction ends Tuesday March 19th @ 9 PM EST. HERE IS THE LINK!