BHRR’s Coupe!
ADOPTED: February 20th, 2021
Mr. Coupe, so much to say, so many emotions, so hard to even express how I feel right now….
Suffice to say, you MORE than did it…you blew it way out of the park!
That you went to a home that had adopted from us previously and wished to adopt only from us again; touches us even more.
I could tell from that first video sent my way of you when I reached out asking this wonderful rescue angel if they had a dog in need that we could assist; that you were beyond special.
AND you have proven to so many how incredibly amazing you are inside and out.
Handsome, smart, a real ham, a charmer, a flirt too! You are a thrivor!
To all those that have been touched by your gentle soul, to have had you look deep into their souls with your warm, soulful stunning brown eyes; they will all agree just how unbelievably incredible you are.
There has always been an ‘intangible’ element about you, an aura….you make people feel happy and relaxed and they fill up with calmness plus smiles.
The stories you could tell of your journey prior to rescue and we know that those stories would bring many a tear to our eyes. Yet, from the moment you arrived; we did not look back, neither did you.
We worked hard towards giving you the future of happiness and health that you deserve.
You were surrounded by a community plus village that was strong and supportive and believed in you just as much as we do. We are eternally grateful to each and every rescue angel that came together to get you to BHRR safely, that emergency temp fostered you, that gave of themselves in time for play dates and play visits when you were ready, that donated to your extensive Vet bills – that we remain paying off and shall be doing so for some time to come and that is ok for you are deserving, this is why BHRR exists to help animals like you!
Parting ways today was hard; yet; also so heartwarming…..doing right by the dogs includes adopting out those that no longer need us. We remain never desperate, we remain never flipping dogs or rushing adoptions and we remain full of disclosure.
We are NEVER going to approve an adoption on a dog before they are ready. That is NOT r/q rescue AND we are never going to approve an adoption on a dog that is not that right matched personality fit home.
We know that we will see you again. We know that this is not good-bye forever; this is until we meet again and we know that your future is one of such joy, fun, potential and love.
We know that you shall continue to thrive and not lack for anything.
Thank you Sean for coming to do this home-visit with me.
This was also an emotional home-visit as this is the first as we slowly transition over the next ~8 years or so.
We have now completed adoption #426…not many to a lot of groups; yet, to our group that almost each and every dog is a special needs one; it is wonderful. This approved adoption was almost like the beginning of a truly hard to put into words journey. The impact and enormity of this reality as we move forward; is raw……….and thank you Mr. Coupe for being a big awesome part of BHRR’s legacy. Thank you to all of the kind, caring folks that not only understand yet, appreciate that doing r/q rescue is not easy and that we must do right by the dogs.

Mr. Coupe, giving you one final tummy rub, one last ear scratch plus a smooch on the muzzle; telling you how much I love you and will miss you and how proud of you; filled me with big smiles, even if some of them became a bit wobbly…..

You are now ‘home’ Mr. Coupe.