We wish to SHOUT out the best and biggest thanks to so many that made our Sweetheart SPA event ‘pawsitively’ wonderful and so successful! 

DRUMROLL: $813 Raised! – $103 was from Empties!

Thank you to Bre of Pet Valu Stittsville in hosting us on Sunday and to her really lovely staff in being so patient with the BHRR invasion of dogs and humans! 

We want to thank our fabu BHRR Approved Volunteers who gave up a Sunday to spend it with us and with BHRR’s Booker & The Bakers Dozen of BHRR’s Murray! Aaron, Cherie, Gracie, Margaret and Doogie plus Sean & Kinsley, I remain really grateful for your support.

Thank you to every fabu dog and their human(s) that came out to visit us! At one point we had a line-up of incredible dogs waiting for us to pamper them! Thank you everyone for your amazing patience as we worked to give each and every gorgeous animal individual love and attention….their humans too! 

The smooching that went on, the roses that were given out – should have bought more as 24 were gone in a flash! – the baking was equally popular – Kendra I still think that your baking is a work of art!  – AND the tears that flowed….

This was a very emotional day for quite a few of us. The Bakers Dozen of BHRR’s Carlsberg should have been there….and while his brother BHRR’s Murray, our puppy strangles pup – more on his own latest vet visit last night – rocked the day making me immensely proud – it was also such a heart wrenching day too. Thank you to so many kind and caring folks for the ‘gentle kicks, punches & hugs’ of support.  I remain so raw over his loss.

For those who have not yet seen the memorial movie or post I made February 7th, here is THE MOVIE LINK

Thank you to Jan B. who won our famous BHRR raffle basket & donated it back to BHRR. 

Thank you to Pauline for donating a doggie wheelchair to help us with a future BHRR doggie in need of one. 

Thank you to Doogie in making lunch for the Volunteers and staff at Pet Valu Stittsville. 

Thank you to those that donated their Empties – we still have to bring them back and will add them to the final total raised. 

Thank you to Jan H. & Jenny for donating new age appropriate toys for The Bakers Dozen and two toy storage bins. We were running very low on toys. 

Thank you to Margaret for the donating of future auction items that she bought in Florida – for our upcoming 11th Annual Microchip Clinic. 

Thank you to all of the BHRR Alumni adopters and doggies that came out – it always warms my heart and BHRR’s LT, I cannot believe that we are coming up on 10 years in June since your own meant to be approved adoption. We continue to work hard to dispel so many wrong beliefs and myths that Danes only live to age 7. This does our breed a huge disservice.

Too much in wrong information remains out there re: life expectancy, what constitutes proper diet, weight and exercise plus not all Vets should be seeing the giants so many of us adore. Giants are not like other size or breeds of dogs and as such need to be fed, exercised and vetted appropriately. That is why events like Sunday are so great….they provide a necessary and much needed invaluable opportunity to publicly educate and create the correct awareness re: Giants. Almost 30 years and thousands upon thousands of Giants we have been deeply involved with and our work shall never end.

AND as a small personable special needs strongly focused Rescue, we work extra hard to demonstrate to others how normal they are and how precious they are as beloved and cherished family members. No animal or person is perfect and we are all perfect in our imperfections!

AND if I am forgetting anything, that error is completely mine and please do forgive me. I was not operating at my absolute best on Sunday for a number of reasons and yesterday was equally stressful. 

The money raised will make another dent into what we owe in Vet Bills and we remain deeply thankful to so many for assisting us in helping those in need of our specialised programs. As people know, we have not taken in an Animal since 2017 for we must remain about the high standard of quality of our programs to each and every dog in our care.

When we can, we will re-open for intake and again help the next in need of BHRR. We cannot nor will not compromise on what each and every animal needs.

Some have been asking about our next event and at this time, we do not have anything concrete planned for March. We will be doing one more Flash Auction item and then have our annual BHRR date auction coming up in April etc.