BHRR’s Booker AKA Mr. Squishie! (5.5 month old DDB)

For those who see this handsome young man now and compare him to the video I posted of him & his back left leg during his intensive rehab at BHRR, they remain in awe of how ‘normal’ he has become! 

This boy has made miraculous progress according to his Ortho Specialist Team! Simply miraculous. 

AND now that his leg is as almost like new again and he is fully vetted, neutered, microchipped, de-wormed, on proper flea/tick & heartworm preventive plus has had bloodwork etc. all completed….he is ready!

Ready to make his special announcement!

This fine handsome young man can go to a home that works full-time, part-time, from home, is semi-retired or is retired. Another versatile BHRR dog!

He can go to a home that has no children or a home that has children aged 8 or up. No young children for him as they still make him scared.

He loves dogs and people and even cats – though cats do not always love him. He needs to be reminded at times to be gentle around them and for a 5.5 month old pup, he has done exceptionally well!

He loves being around his humans…laying by my computer or sitting on my feet yet he is not an in your face pup. He has his independent side for sure! AND a mind all of his own! 

We would love to see him in a home that already has a right match personality fit dog in it, yet would consider a home where he would be the only dog as long as he has a strong doggie social network for he loves his friends….he just loves them!

He is crate and house trained and his manners are almost perfection…..almost! Obedience is fabu and travels wonderfully in the car.

A dream to wash, do nails and clean ears and still has some worry with the soft rubber curry brush but once I begin, he relaxes and enjoys the massaging. 

He is so social, playful, low maintenance on the activity level yet loves and needs his walks and strolls – not a huge runner – more of a trotter when he is motivated! He needs a home that is not over the top social and active yet one that does like the outdoors and will continue to expose him to public places and people and things with great experiences. He has not yet hit the stranger danger phase and we want to minimise any strain to him from that natural development part of growing up by continuing on this great path he is on.

He loves his outdoor fun and loves his comfort of home too! A home that is calmly socially active in their home too would be fabu for him.

He is such a fantastic puppy and needs a home that shall not consciously or unconsciously enable the few, yet they are still there, displays of nervousness behaviour he can demonstrate….for example – school buses. AND how the home handles this in acting is how he shall react. Treat it as no big deal and a calming word and/or touch, then passively ignoring will be the set up for success he needs!

This boy is a flirt, an adorable manipulator, so smart – I have taught him things like ‘front feet up’ – and thrives on being properly mentally and physically stimulated.

He snores, drools and sheds and that right match personality fit home is going to not care and will be prepared!

He will not be a big boy and that is wonderful for his back left leg will benefit from that and a home will have to be cognisant about keeping him lean. Almost all the DDB’s that I see are not just fat yet obese and this is so wrong. That would ruin this pup. He has overcome so much with that leg.

He does not need a breed specific experienced home. He needs a responsible home -all dogs do! – that at least understands his breed. We will consider first time dog owner homes if it is that right matched personality fit home.

AND we know he is popular so we ask that people that may be interested in him to please read his extremely thorough blog and our adoption policies to see if they may qualify to be approved to adopt him. 

Mr. Squishie, what can I say?! What a thrill you are and a blast you are and an honour it has been. The last three plus months have seen you truly take a miraculous journey and Kinsley and I shall miss you something fierce when it is your time to leave us! 

Thank you to Liz Bradley again for her photography skills and to Aaron Maracle plus Cherie Barnes Maracle in helping to puppy love wrangle at this professional photo shoot.