Today we went to visit a possible new rehab location for The Bakers Dozen – BHRR’s Carlsberg to frequent along with his bff and motivator Mr. Squishie BHRR’s Booker.

BHRR’s Carlsberg’s last intensive rehab session at Alta Vista Animal Hospitals Specialty Services shall be on the 19th as his fabu and much adored rehab angel Nancy is going on maternity leave.

We will be seeing Dr. Chauvet, his incredible Neurologist on the 19th as well for his latest re-evaluation/assessment.

So, today we headed off to visit a new place on Carling and to have them meet us/BHRR’s Carlsberg etc. Nancy Couillard thank you immensely again from our hearts for being there with us today! 

The plan is to do another 15 intensive rehab sessions to start and we are looking at $1,000 to do so. Whatever our FCE puppy needs to give him the best opportunity at a ‘new’ normal for quality of life, we are committed in doing. He has been going three times a week to date and without hesitation I make the three hour roundtrip drive (in good traffic/weather – much longer otherwise) to make sure BHRR’s Carlsberg gets to these extremely important and necessary appointments. 

I am also only working one day a week at the Hospital and am not taking on new behavioural clients to make sure BHRR’s Carlsberg’s 24/7 care and appointments are met. In turn, the loss of income means on our personal pockets less that we can financially give to his bills. BHRR is mostly funded personally from Sean/I. We receive no corporate, provincial or government support.

So, we remain asking people to please consider donating their Empties to his cause and all monies raised from our upcoming annual ‘Breaking Bills Bake’ Online Auction shall be divided up between his and BHRR’s Bookers Vet Bills.

If anyone may consider making a human or doggie goodie for our Bake Auction, please do email Items do not have to be made until the auction is over and all winners shall be put in touch with the donators. 

We shall also be doing a small flash online auction and both puppies will be at Pet Valu Stittsville on Sunday February 11th as part of our special ‘Sweetheart Spa’ event! We are just awaiting the poster from Gracie to share all of the details. 

Donations to their bills can also be made:

Email transfer:




BHRR’s Carlsberg – Direct to Alta Vista Animal Hospital

BHRR’s Booker – Direct to Liston Animal Hospital 613-691-0966

These photo’s were taken on Friday January 12th at Alta Vista Animal Hospital. BHRR’s Carlsberg had just finished his underwater treadmill session and Nancy was getting ready to do his laser treatment.

BHRR’s Booker is never far from his bff!  These two puppies bonded fiercely and fast and are an extremely rare true complementary bonded pair. 

Just three weeks apart in age.