My last post of my night and we will make it a Mr. Squishie post!

He is back at Liston Animal Hospital on January 16th for his next re-exam, repeat x-rays, a re-weigh and a re-casting of his back broken leg.

AND I do not think he ever takes a bad picture! 

This is him on Monday January 8th at Alta Vista Animal Hospital ‘helping’ his bff The Bakers Dozen – BHRR’s Carlsberg at one of his intensive rehab sessions…..

We are working in the background on a couple of Fundraisers to help with their mounting Vet Bills….stay tuned! 

From our home to all of our friends, family & supporters, good night wishes being sent!

RE: his temperament to date: 

He is a ‘man with vision and on a mission!’ In his mind he has places to go, mountains to conquer, things to discover, people to see and mostly in his books it is more like dogs to visit! 

When he does settle down to snuggle….it is a piece of heaven. Trying to keep him quiet is a feat…and we work very hard at it!

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