Mr. Squishie! (3.5 months old)
January 30th, 2018

On our way into Liston Animal Hospital for his latest recheck, re-weigh and boosters.

He now weighs 15.7 kgs(34.54 Pounds) and is still quite lean and we continue to work on slowly getting the muscle mass and weight on him. With his healing back broken leg, being lean is in his best interest yet we all would like to now see some more pounds put on. 

His Vet was really impressed with how far that leg has come along since he was last seen and having to pull the cast off so we could focus on the ankle. Many may remember the video I took the day his latest cast came off.

I have been doing three times daily small sessions of massage, thermal therapy, ROM and flexion exercises at home and his Vet is so pleased with his progress! 

He says that BHRR’s Booker’s leg is now about 80% healed and he is extremely happy with the muscle tone and symmetry between both of his back legs now. 

That back leg shall never be perfect yet Dr. Liston feels that the integrity shall continue to come with strength, time and he will be as close to normal as possible!

Dr. Liston says that his healing is way ahead of where he felt he would be at this time and yay! 

We still have a ways to go yet step by step we are getting there! 

Isn’t he so freakin’ handsome!! 

Just a reminder: For those wishing to meet him, he shall be at Pet Valu Stittsville February 11th at our Sweetheart Spa Event from 10 AM – 4 PM giving out roses and smooches as part of our famous red carpet sessions!

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