BHRR’s Booker VIDEO – 3 month old DDB with a back broken leg(Tibia & Fibula Affected) 
January 16th, 2018 This is a short video taken after his latest cast was removed today. 

Unfortunately, this is his leg….
*He leg was broken December 8th @ 8 weeks of age
*He was not seen by a Vet until the 9th so proper treatment was not immediately given
*He had then been put in a temporary cast that had not been properly placed
*Then the cast had not been changed weekly, with assessments/x-Rays NOR was surgery given to repair the leg 
*By time we were asked to assist arriving to BHRR December 23rd and we got him in immediately to see our own Vet & Specialist Team, surgery was no longer considered the best option. 
*So, weekly Vet visits, regular x-rays and cast changes were being done
*From his first Vet Visit here on December 27th, concern was had over his ankle due to the improper placement of the first cast plus lack of weekly x-Rays & cast replacements being done. Corrections were made to all future weekly cast placements under our care to work to ensure proper healing was happening
*January 16th’s x-rays indicate that his leg continues to heal slowly and well where the breaks are. However, the integrity to that ankle is still compromised. 
*Though, his breaks are not fully healed, we need to shift the focus to his ankle and the recommendations have been to keep a cast off for the next two weeks and work on rehabilitation with the ankle and working on him planting his foot/leg into a normal walking/standing position
*He also remains having swollen toes that with removal of the cast the hope is that the swelling may successfully resolveHe has a long journey still ahead of him.

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I will post a pic of his latest x-ray in his album and on his blog.

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